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Birdman! Do You Want Respeck or Respect?

Birdman! Do You Want Respeck or Respect?

By Khalil Amani

Oh the fuckery in hip-hop! So ya boy Birdman aka Baby aka Man-Kisser came on the The Breakfast Club for the shortest interview ever—a whopping two minutes and change! We don’t know what caused him to get his Fruit-of-The-Loom panties in a bunch, but he came to that show with bad intentions!

With goons in tow, Birdman proceeded to beef with all three hosts—Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and the ever-so-sweet Angela Yee who caught a lyrical fade from K Michelle a few weeks ago.

Birdman deserves “Donkey of the Day!” If Charlamagne doesn’t bestow this prestigious award upon Birdman, I’m calling Illuminati Headquarters! Birdman wants RESPECK! Hey! That’s what he said! Fuck the “T!” Put a “K” on that bitch! “Respeck” is some deep-rooted you-know-what-I’m-talumbout kinda verbiage—presumably, straight from Nah’lins.

Baby was on some rah-rah ish, clearly out to scare and intimidate the hosts, but Charlamagne wasn’t havin’ none of it! The confrontation starts off air, but Charlamagne made Baby repeat his threatening language on air and on camera. Baby came to fight (supposedly).

Now I’ve met and stood next to both of these men. Mano-A-Mano, Charlamagne would stomp a mud-hole in Baby’s 5’6” out-of-shape old ass! Radio host may he be, but Charlamagne is from the mean streets of North Cackalacka and has done some street shit even though he politely and respectfully challenges Baby’s ghetto brashness asking, “Did you pull up on Ross that way or Trick Daddy? I’m the radio guy! Don’t act tough with the radio guy!” Slam-dunk!

Fucked up pic of me & Baby. I'm 5'7"

I do seem to remember that fuck-boy 40 Glocc & goons "pulling up" on Baby's caravan in L.A. and none save the bodyguard got out of the vehicle and stepped to 40 Cock. Ah!  (40 Glock is a bitch nigga too for taking The Game to court over a fade, but anywhoo...) Here's the video of big bad Birdman staying put in that van. Pull up!!!! LOL!

With one fell-swoop, Charlamagne ethered Baby! LOL. Straightway, Baby and his goons beat a hasty retreat up outta there. With nothing left to say but, “Are y’all finish or are y’all done?”—the only thing Baby could muster up after trying to mince words with a wordsmith. Hey Baby! Those are the same questions—I believe!

And speaking of Baby’s gangsterism—you’re beefin’ with a woman—Angela Yee? Smh. Dawg. Why are you catching feelings over harmless radio jock banter? You really are on some egotistical-smellin’-ya-own-piss ish! You want respect? Well, first learn how to say the damned word! Fuck is respeck? Do you want some "respect on your name" or "some respeck on your name?" Today you took an “L.” Bye-Bye boy! (A long plane ride back to The Big Easy!)

Listen to this fuckery!

Khalil Amani, blogger.

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