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Boosie’s Cartoonish Rant Against “The Gays.”

Boosie’s Cartoonish Rant Against “The Gays.

By Khalil Amani

First things first! I’m-a need Lil Boosie Badazz to holla at Andre 3000 about that verse on the remix of “Walk It Out”“Even Jesus had 12 disciples on the level/trigga/whateva!” Tell 3-Stacks that I know he read my book and copped the lyric from my book. (Yes! I met Andre 3000 on 7-22-2002  Smokin' Aces tour in Denver and gave him my book, “Ghetto Religiosity 2000…” the chapter, “Jesus in Da Hood”) If I can’t get any residuals at least give a nigga a shout-out!

Now this Lil Boosie fellow. Here's his bullshit interview on gay people. 7-minutes of pure fuckery!

Why do we continue to allow rappers to air stupid-ass opinions? I know! So Internet sites can get ratings and views and bloggers like me can have something to write about. Indeed, writing is my Raison d'être (French for the most important reason or purpose for existing). Negroes like Boosie gives writers plenty of material and like rats to cheese, we fall for the trap every time!

Negroes of the Boosie variety have learned well from the oppressive nature of white people. With a straight face, a historically ig-nant Boosie will say, “I don’t hate gay people at all! I know plenty gay people.” This is simply the homophobic version of when white people used to (and some still do) say, “I don’t hate black people! Some of my best friends are black.” Both the racist white person and the homophobe get the Side-eye from me. And then Boosie goes on to say he’d kick his child’s ass if he were gay—and if he couldn’t beat the gay out of his child he’d find (and I quote) “some crazy-ass way to deal with it.” Anyone who thinks like this is HOMOPHOBIC and it DOES NOT mean you're AFRAID or FEAR gay people! "Phobia" also means "an aversion to," "distaste," "dislike," "irrational," "loathing," "detestation," "revulsion," and "antipathy." Now you know, so if I hear one mo' person say, "I ain't afraid of gay people" I hope somebody slaps you with a book of synonyms upside your stupid head! Prison learnt Boosie nothing! He is dumb as a rock giving ghetto answers to a complex subject, homosexuality. 

What makes Boosie think that any gay son will allow him to even have a relationship with him when he knows his daddy is a rabid homophobe? This nigga Boosie don’ gone to the pokey (prison) ig-nant as fuck and came home ig-nant as fuck! Ain’t read nann book on homosexuality or human sexuality! He might beat up one of his gay sons, but a day will come when that gay son will strike back and beat the fucking breaks off his daddy!

It doesn’t matter how many THOTS, squeezers, and skanks Boosie brings around his kids! Gay is born, not made. Only heterosexuals debate this subject. Yet, with a straight face, they say they were born straight. (Come get this backhand!)

Instead of Boosie being ignorantly appalled about all the “gay shit” (his words) on TV—be appalled about the incarceration rate of African American men such as yourself! Instead of worrying about all the dick swinging sword fighting on TV—be appalled that black men are going to prison in record numbers and that America is in the business of building industrial complexes (prisons) to warehouse black men! Fuck if TV is out to use gay people to make a buck! Kanye West said it best;"If you can’t be used, you’re useless!" Worry less about gay imagery on TV and worry more about the Prison Industrial Complex who makes hella dollars off ignorant black lives! Worry about black men going to the Trap House (drug spot) and not college! Boosie being surrounded by all those black men in prison and the only rage he can muster up is about a few gay characters on TV and in cartoons (according to him). Prison didn't elevate him at all! If TV is using gays for “monetary gain” (as Boosie suggests), what the fuck do you think building prisons instead of colleges and sending Boosie’s black ass and thousands of other black asses to jail is about? Why does Boosie purport to see so clearly the manipulation of gay people by TV execs, but doesn’t see how he was manipulated into going to prison? Help me out here!

Boosie wants to talk “Monetary Gain?” I’ll tell you what doing shit for monetary gain is; when a nigga (Boosie) finds out he has kidney cancer and announces it to the world with a song and video! That’s using shit for monetary gain. Kidney cancer ain’t even that serious! I had kidney cancer! Took my right kidney away 9-years ago and I’m fine. Pee like a racehorse when it’s time to pee, but other than that, a person can live on half of one kidney! My 80-year old uncle lives with me and he has no kidneys! Dialysis only. Cut it out Boosie! The world is all about a dollar. What are you trying to be? Captain Save-A-Ho(mo)? Are gay people not intelligent enough to know when their sexuality is being used to make a dollar? Is that really such a bad thingy? We're all being pimped by forces seen and unseen! 

Here Boosie is pimping kidney cancer (monetary gain). Nigga, you ain't gonna die from kidney cancer! I'm the fucking proof! And stop asking God why! That's His answer! You think you're exempt from disease? We all gonna die from something!

These niggas (Boosie and the like) are false-flaggin’—pseudo-philosophizing on what ails black America—talking about “What the Fuck!” when he came home (from prison). How about, “What the fuck am I doing in prison?” How ‘bout dat?

What really makes me cringe is Boosie’s term, “The gays.” Nigga, where you get that shit from? Oh, I know. Again, and just like Southern white folk of a few generations ago when they referred to black people as “The Coloreds” or “The Negroes.” Yo Boosie! It ain’t “The Gays,” “The Negroes” or “The Orientals” you ignoramus! It’s gay people, black people and Asian people! Fuck outta here—the gays! SMH.

Lastly, how and why does Boosie know so much about cartoons? Ain’t he supposed to be a grown-ass man? Like, I’m 56 years old. I grew up watching The Jetsons and The Flintstones and my kids grew up on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I can’t seem to remember seeing any of those cartoon characters (men) kissing. I guess I’m just not a connoisseur of cartoon tomfoolery, but evidently Boosie is. Boosie knows all about the cartoon world and its gay characters, but hasn't heard about the Afrika Bambaataa scandal? By a show of hands, who thinks Boosie is lying and being disingenuous because, like VladTV and so many other hip-hop sites who won't touch this subject with a 10 foot pole out of "respek" for Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation? Lil Boosie is a motherfucking lie! He's heard! And after hearing Vlad speak on Bambaataa he gave a half-hearted chicken-shit response, talumbout, "Awww man, it's crazy man! It's crazy man!" 

Listen up people! If your knowledge on human sexuality boils down to children watching cartoons of gay characters—which, in turn, causes them to be gay—In the words of that Asian store clerk in Menace II Society, “I feel sorry for your mother” but more than that, “I feel sorry for your children!” Yo’! Boosie! The next time you rap “Walk It Out”—walk those juvenile and asinine thoughts about sexuality OUT of your head—and tell 3-Stacks I ain’t forgot! Can I get that?

Khalil Amani, old-head, raconteur for DJ Kay Slay's, Straight Stuntin Magazine, and any website that wants to pilfers his words. IG @Khalil_amani, FB, Twitter @khalilamani

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