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Chris Brown: The Pot Calling the Kettle (Black) Gay!

Chris Brown: The Pot Calling the Kettle Black Gay!

By Khalil Amani


Chris Brown! Dude stays doing and saying ig-nant shit—from beating the dog-shit out of Riri (I'm 52 years old and ain't neva had to put hands on a chick, even when one slapped fire out of my ass!)—to grabbing some random chick’s cell phone (who just wanted a fucking picture!)—to tearing up the club in a dick-swinging contest with Riri’s other penis (Drake)—to reppin’ a Blood set—to getting a tattoo of a battered Rihanna woman on his neck (I don’t give a fuck who he says it is! We are not stupid and it’s too close to reality to even have some shit like that on one’s body for public speculation! Where are this nigga’s mama & daddy?)—to tearing up the Green Room after his morning show interview—to verbally fighting with a female comic (Jenny Johnson) on Twitter (this nigga apparently loves arguing and fighting females!)—to smoking three spliffs (marijuana) at one time in Amsterdam—to dressing up like Al-Qaeda/Osama bin Laden; this Negro stay losing in the court of public opinion. Yeah, the nigga’s paid. Yeah, the nigga’s fucking two of the hawtest pieces of ass in the world! (Can I have Karrueche Tran when you're done using her?)


(Chris Brown rockin' a tattoo of a beat-up & battered Riri woman on his neck! How demented?)


That aside, he comes off as a bitch-made nigga from the backwoods of Virginia with a bunch of brown-nosers sycophants in his circle. Fame done fucked-up the little singing & dancing phenom. Face it! Chris Brown is a Peenius Cranius! (a Dick-Head) of the highest order and any critique of his actions are written off as “hateration.”


In Chris’s latest faux pas (misstep), he’s decided to question Kanye West’s fashion sensibilities—Kanye’s skirt-dress-kilt—going on Twitter and calling it “Suspect” (i.e. gay). Maybe he’s right, but Chrissy is not the one who should be saying such things, given his many “suspect” actions.


(Kanye West rockin' a leather skirt-dress-kilt)


First and foremost, one could argue that any man checkin’ for another man’s dress code, swag, fashion or taste in clothes is “suspect.” Like Cam’ron, who also questioned Kanye’s leather skirt, Chris has shined the light on himself by his critique of Kanye’s choice of wardrobe. This, coming from a man who dyes his hair platinum and blond! This fooGAYzi Negro checkin’ for Kanye is truly “the pot calling the kettle black gay!” He’s forgotten about all of the nut-crackin’ skinny jeans he rocks!


(You think this shit is "masculine?" Skinny Jeans, Jeggings... nut-crunchers!)


How about this ensemble? Shit looks "suspect" to a lot of people! Could you see 50 Cent in this? Nigga looks like RuPaul's "down-low" brother!



Chris Brown is a homophobe and a misogynist. Yet, he dresses “gayer” (if there be such a thing) than many of the gay dudes that I know. To get his hair platinum and blond means he’s sat in a beauty-shop and prolly let some gay beautician run his hands all through his hair. (Didja get Goosebumps?) The last R&B dude that rocked the platinum/blond coiffure was the “allegedly” gay “Thong Song” dude—Sisqo.


("Alleged" gay R&B singer Sisqo, the prequel to Chris Breezy)


Both of you niggas (Kanye & Chris Breezy) are fucking bad bitches! So why you gotta question a nigga’s sexuality because he chooses to wear an outrageous outfit? Wearing a skirt might not be your taste, but I bet dying one’s hair platinum/blond is not Kanye’s taste. So, Chris Brown—I’m gonna need you to stand down in 2013 and just make great music. Try hard to stop making a coon and a buffoon of yourself. Attacking Kanye’s sexuality is just stupid—coming at a peer of the same feminine profession—and yes, the arts/music is considered a “feminine” archetype. Step your humanity game up son!


Khalil Amani writes for DJ Kayslay's "Originators" & "Straight Stuntin Magazine." Amani also writes for "Hoodgrown Magazine," "Maybach Magazine," and "Sext Magazine." Follow on Facebook & Twitter @khalilamani.


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