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Even My Old Ass Could Beat Up Young Thug!

Even My Old Ass Could Beat Up Young Thug!

By Khalil Amani

Smh. In 2012 I wrote a blog called, “Top 10 Rappers I Think I Could Beat Up”-(The Khalil Amani Reader: I left Young Thug off the list because he was a virtual nobody, but now that he’s poppin’ that fight shit—threatening to beat up Charlemagne Tha God over the Birdman interview—I’ve gotta speak on it.

In an Instagram video he claims he's gonna beat up Charlamagne—and then he says “WE” gonna beat up Charlamagne. It must be “WE” because Charlamagne would beat the dog-shit out of Young Thug! Thug ain’t but a-buck-thirty-soak-and-wet!

Have you seen Young Thug’s boxing skills? LOL. Dude throws punches like a bitch (and I don’t mean a girl!) Thug has ZERO squabb with his hands! Dammit! Even my old ass could beat up Young Thug! Bet dat! Look at this fool Young Thug boxing! LOL. Oh hell no!

Fisticuffs aside, Young Thug better have a ground & pound game.

The problem for these rap Negroes like Birdman is that they think they can fuck the world over and we, the press, should not comment on their fuckery! So I say, “Fuck your respeck!” Wayne is your son, yet he has to sue the drawhs off you to be fairly compensated! Birdman is a father that Lil Wayne doesn’t need—the uncle that raped you and put you through college!

Young Thug ain’t got no business threatening Charlamagne. Birdman may be your boss, but you weren’t trying to “pull up” on Tha God prior to The Breakfast Club interview. And if you wanna talk respeck—and disrespect—You and Birdman have been highly disrespectful towards Lil Wayne! You have the nerve to take Lil Wayne’s last name (Carter) and name your album “Tha Carter 6”—plagiarizing not only Wayne’s last name, but his album’s numerical motif as well! Lil Wayne oughta “pull up” on your young, dress-wearing ass and pull up your skirt!

Charlamagne! Keep doing your thang man! If Young Thug really wants to fight you mano-a-mano—smash that ass! That’s an easy win! Hell! My old ass could beat up Young Thug! LOL!

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