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Hassan & Arkansas YouTuber: Crash Test Dummies

Hassan & Arkansas YouTuber: Crash Test Dummies!

By Khalil Amani

Before we get started, let me say, “Congratulations!” to myself for having reached 2,002 YouTube subscribers and for officially becoming monetized! I can get that "dolla-dolla bill y’all"—from YouTube! I doubt that I’ll make any money, so I’ll just keep my day job. The bad thing about being monetized is that now, I’ll have to use YouTube’s generic copyright-free music in order to get paid, so you won’t be hearing anymore dope background music from familiar artists. That’s okay though. Get the message! Let’s go!

Fresh off a Las Vegas & Miami birthday vacation, ya boy's feeling energized! Yes! I've been watching what these two miscreants, Hassan Campbell & the Arkansas YouTuber have been saying between me acktin' like a goddamned, happy-go-lucky, non-age-conforming, old-ass, swaggerific & drippy fool in these real streets.

How interesting, ironic and coincidental that both of these men, Hassan & the Arkansas YouTuber, sworn enemies, had cars crash into their properties! YouTuber, Michael Edwards has a video comparing these two crash test dummies misfortunes. I don't wish any bad thing on anyone, even a perceived foe, but the irony of these two real life crash test dummies is noteworthy. Cars crashing into their properties are figurative & symbolic omens on how these two cats live their lives. Indeed, they are real crash test dummies! One, Hassan Campbell, who is vainly materialistic with a mouth that has no filter--and the other, the Arkansas YouTuber, who is vainly UN-materialistic to the point of living his life in squalor & filth. 

Let's jump right into their recent YouTube conversations.

I hate admitting that Hassan Campbell is right about anything! Not because I’m just a hater, but because of the way he loves to embellish the truth and exploit feeble minds and play a wannabe Negro Alex Jones, by being overly conspiratorial. Nope! Hassan just does fuck-nigga-shit that waters down and muddies his molestation message—like his drunken stupor Burger King foolery stunt, wherein he cursed out and harassed a Latina woman—or falling prey to another drunken stupor tallumbout his relatives by calling his sister a “monkey bitch” and threatening to tip over the wheelchairs of his elderly relatives with the help of “fifty goons”—or disrespecting his transgender daughter by calling her a “cupcake” with “big titties”—or disrespecting dead people by violating their corpse with urine, feces and a shovel—or trying to make a point about his own molestation by hypothetically telling another YouTuber that he’d “stick heavy dick” in his son and daughter—or talking recklessly about people’s children by calling them “ugly” and "fat" and other unedifying names. Hassan does all this fuck-nigga-shit and then blames his foul mouth on alcohol and his childhood ghetto game of "snapping," "ranking," “signifying” and “Playing Da Dozens.” This is the “fuck-nigga-shit” that muddles Hassan’s molestation efforts. It doesn’t help that the would-be face of child molestation for a hip-hop audience is a three-times accused murderer and an admitted murderer and former stickup kid who has said, “As a child, I touched other children”—boys & girls presumably. Couple all of this with his rabid homophobia and this is hip-hop's molestation advocate; a mentally unstable & unhinged, self-diagnosed Stockholm Syndrome-having, ex-con, killer alcoholic who never received a day of therapy. Hassan “Poppy” Campbell is his name.

At damn near 42 years old, Hassan accredits his bad behavior of name-calling to his childhood game of “Playing Da Dozens.” What he say? “If your mom came to school and she was ugly, we was gonna talk about you! Ya mom’s ugly!” Dude hasn't outgrown his childhood bully games.

I guess you could say that I have a YouTube love/hate relationship with this fellow, Hassan. Being a survivor of child molestation and a survivor of a cult myself—I can empathize with Hassan, because he too was molested and was in a cult like me. His being the Zulu Nation cult and mine being the Nation of Yahweh cult. That’s why, in times past, I’ve written, “Oh, how I wish that Hassan had his head on right!” The possibilities of helping him blow his child molestation story into a mainstream conversation is just behind the door! That’s why I say what I say! Not because, as that stalking YouTuber, Israel Doctrine, whom I affectionately renamed the “Arkansas YouTuber” puts it; because I just wanna be a part of Hassan’s narrative and gain more exposure for myself. (My story is bigger than Hassan's! He's never been on national TV or national magazines! He's stuck in YouTube purgatory!) This is the stupidity from the mouf of the Arkansas YouTuber—a man who hangs on Hassan’s every word and lives for that man to call his name in these YouTube streets. Did you see how excited the Arkansas YouTuber was when Hassan recently called his name? That nigga was more tickled than a sissy in a wiener factory! The Arkansas YouTuber bellowed, “Hassan threw me a bone!” (By calling his name.) Hassan can’t help himself! Why you go call that man’s name? Straightway, the Arkansas YouTuber made a video about Hassan mentioning him, like that shit was newsworthy!

Yes! Part of me would like to help Hassan get his story out to mass media, because, in doing so, it will help draw back the curtain of secrecy surrounding Afrika Bambaataa and may very well cause a firestorm like the unveiling of R. Kelly's story did, once mass media grabs hold of it. Who knows! A full-scale documentary in mainstream media might even include the Arkansas YouTuber's now-defunct, "What Happened To That Movement?" (or is it "boy?") The nigga can't see past Parkin, Arkansas!  

The Arkansas YouTuber saying, “Hassan threw me a bone” implies that Hassan feeds this ruffian—but not really, because what is a bone? Nothing more than collagen & calcium. Where’s the meat? If Hassan calling the Arkansas YouTuber’s name gets his goat, imagine what it must feel like to have national media call your name! Imagine what it must feel like to get flown to Miami, New York, Seattle and Los Angeles and put up in five-star hotels and they pay you to have your story told by The Biography Channel, CBS, Investigation Discovery Channel and Oxygen Channel! Imagine the super-elation of walking in a grocery store and seeing your story and picture in People Magazine! Or going on the World Wide Web and seeing your name over at, and! (Yes! I continue to boast on my own accomplishments for those who don’t know!) Attaching myself to Hassan's story is no come-up for me! The fuck is the Arkansas YouTuber tallumbout? Hassan can only hope to push his story to these heights!

Hassan calling the Arkansas YouTuber’s name is the highlight of his existence! In fact, if it weren’t for “Mr. Big YouTuba”—Hassan Campbell—and a person of Khalil Amani’s media stature talking & writing about the Arkansas YouTuber from time to time—he would be dead in the water—just like that “movement” he claims. Dead! Dead! Dead! Hassan & Khalil are his press-run! Shame on Hassan and myself for mentioning a nigga too sorry to buy toilet tissue, but would rather ask the YouTube world to send him donations to wipe his ass! The Arkansas YouTuber's level of decadency, indecency & shamelessness are unparalleled in these YouTube streets, but in his warped imagination, God is with him and he is with God, even though every indication of God's grace & prosperity says that God is nowhere to be found in this nigga's life! How could God be in this nigga's life and he's pinching pennies off the floor to buy toilet paper, while traveling to & fro to court to deal with a "shit-uation" he created? The Arkansas YouTuber fancies himself a "Poor Righteous Teacher." Poor? Yes! "Righteous teacher?" Fuck no! He's simply an Israelite version of the archetypal "Jackleg Preacher" of the Antebellum South, from an era gone by, who's in these YouTube streets trying to pass off and peddle slothfulness and laziness as the way of God. For God says, "Be fruitful and multiply!" God says, "Have dominion over the earth!" God says, "A man should work by the sweat of his brow!" God says, "Money is a defense!" God says, "If any should not work, neither should he eat!" Of course, there are plenty of scriptures about being poor as well, but when one openly chooses to live a life of complacency & poverty... as some pseudo reverence to God, he is a hypocrite and a deceiver. Even God and Jesus are materialists! Have you not read about all those mansions and "streets paved with gold" and the most materialistic shit ever---an eternity in paradise! Don't let this frail, frigid and frugal fuckboy, the Arkansas YouTuber use the Bible to trick you out of the abundancy of life that God has granted us.

As I’ve written, God has this nigga, the Arkansas YouTuber living like a new-aged John the Baptist—who exchanged eating “locusts and wild honey” for a bag of chips and a quarter water! This guy, the Arkansas YouTuber is a fat, nasty bastard indeed! He once said he’d smear his own feces (shit) on his face and go to war with his imaginary YouTube foes, so you know that nigga would take a shit and look at an empty roll of toilet paper and just say, “Fuck it!” and get up off the toilet without wiping his ass! Nigga coming before us with goobers & dingleberries of poo matted up in his ass-crack hairs. Ewwwwww!!!!!! Alas! The Arkansas YouTuber is the kind of person that’ll stay in a five-star hotel room and go in the bathroom and take a drink out of the *Bidet and think it’s a water fountain! (A *Bidet is a water contraption next to the toilet used to run water up your ass-crack to clean whatever toilet paper missed.) Enough already Khalil!

Yes! I would love to help Hassan get his press-run on—not to get all up in his business like that fuck-nigga, the Arkansas YouTuber says, but because our lives are paralleled—and I’m a writer—and I know his story could be bigger, and help expose Afrika Bambaataa and... and... and! Maybe even get to the truth behind what really happened on April 1, 2013, but at the end of the day, it’s his life and he may ruin it as he sees fit. As you see from my videos on my mainstream media presence and visibility, the Khalil Amani train is still running smoothly, as I jet-set all over the country! Truth be told, I don’t dislike Hassan or the Arkansas YouTuber. Really! This is all some YouTube banter—some writing fodder that I love to do when I have free time. I don't take none of their dissing me to heart. It's those niggas that really live for this YouTube shit!

Moving on.

As it relates to Hassan’s recent conversation regarding Minister Louis Farrakhan, Afrika Bambaataa, Bishop Eddie Long, R. Kelly and pedophilia/child molestation—I’ve gotta say that Hassan is right! Minister Louis Farrakhan had no business sticking his snout in that conversation on some affirmation of Bishop Eddie Long and R. Kelly! No business! (Now before you get it twisted, I’m a fan of Min. Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. I don’t like his dabbling in L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology bullshit and I didn't like his schmoozing with Yahweh Ben Yahweh on stage once upon a time, but hey! Cults attract cults! “Birds of a feather flock together!”)

Historically, we’ve excused pedophilia when it comes to black leaders. Yes we have! If a black leader appears to be helping his people, we can overlook that leader’s shortcomings. This point was made abundantly clear in Spike Lee’s movie, “Malcolm X”—where Malcolm wrestled with the fact that his leader, Elijah Muhammad had had sex and impregnated a couple of teenage girls. Is it fact or fiction—or is it the machinations of our American government who conjured up these allegations of sexual impropriety against “The Messenger”—Elijah Muhammad? In a utopian black nationalist world, we would hope that indeed, the government was on some bullshit in destroying black leaders like Elijah Muhammad with falsehoods, but the reality is that Elijah Muhammad could not keep his little peen in his pants and saw all those pretty little teenage girls as ripened fruit, just waiting to be plucked! And so, when someone like Hassan Campbell comes along and revisits Elijah Muhammad’s pedophilia—it becomes a cause for damage control by the likes of Brother Ben X—YouTube’s Nation of Islam young apologist for anything that the Nation of Islam and Minister Louis Farrakhan might do that gives us cause for a mean “side-eye”— and I must say, Brother Ben X is pretty efficient at his apologetics!

Yes! We give black leaders a pass when it comes to pedophilia. As a people, black folk have never been unified and monolithic in shouting down the pedophile amongst us. The minute that Malcolm X brought it to light that Elijah Muhammad had dealt in pedophilia—speaking with the actual victims—and seeing that indeed, they had children from Elijah Muhammad—that should’ve been the death of the Nation of Islam and the end of Elijah Muhammad as a "messenger of God," but what happened? The narrative quickly shifted and Malcolm X became the “Judas goat”—a “player-hater” (in today’s vernacular)—and the government became the “scapegoat”—responsible for J. Edgar Hoover’s “Counterintelligence Program” aka “Cointel-Pro,” which was America’s legalistic way of eliminating black leaders and organizations that were deemed a threat to the status quo white supremacist era of yesteryear. Black folk had every right to back the Nation of Islam and dismiss Elijah’s pedophilia, simply because America had a track record of sowing discord and discontent amongst black organizations. It was easy for the Nation of Islam to wipe clean Elijah’s pedophilia. After all, Elijah Muhammad positioned himself as “demigod,” “messiah” and “savior” to an impoverished people, starving for salvation, redemption and respite from a people who had been labeled “devils”—white people. What’s a little thingy like pedophilia when a man is raising a nation, eh?

Pedophilia is to religious organizations what apple pie is to America. Normative! From the Catholic Church's grotesque history of fucking boys right on down to Malachi York's, Jim Jones's, Elijah Muhammad's, Bishop Eddie Long's and Yahweh Ben Yahweh's pedophilia.

How could Minister Louis Farrakhan be so dismissive and flippant in dealing with the allegations brought forth—not by "the white man," as he shamelessly tried to shift the blame, but by five young men who were (allegedly) molested by mega-church leader—a black man named Bishop Eddie Long when they were teenagers? Farrakhan went on to say that Bishop Eddie Long was his “friend.” Ah! So that’s why! Looks as though Farrakhan is blinded by friendship. But Minister Farrakhan doesn’t just stop with Bishop Eddie Long—a pedophile who paid out the wahzoo to his victims before his seemingly untimely death. Minister Farrakhan is friends with alleged pedophile, Afrika Bambaataa as well! Surely, Farrakhan has heard the allegations of child molestation/pedophilia brought forth by Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage and Hassan “Poppy” Campbell. Surely, Farrakhan is aware of what’s being said about Afrika Bambaataa, being someone quite familiar with what’s going on in hip-hop, even in his eighties, as evidenced by his eulogizing rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Louis Farrakhan not only rubs elbows with alleged pedophiles Bishop Eddie Long, R. Kelly and  Afrika Bambaataa, but Farrakhan also rubbed elbows with my former teacher—Yahweh Ben Yahweh—another pedophile, by the testimony of many ex-members, including Yahweh Ben Yahweh’s quasi step-daughter, Sarah, whose last words before leaving the cult to her mother, Sister Judith—Yahweh Ben Yahweh’s common-law wife and second-in-command of the Nation of Yahweh were (paraphrasing), “I’m leaving because I’m tired of your man fucking me!” Yahweh Ben Yahweh had been having sex with little Sarah since she was 12-years old! Facts!

I was a full-time, live-in worker for the Yahweh cult for five years with a room just a few doors away from where Yahweh Ben Yahweh slept. I knew at least three teenage girls that he was fucking.

Khalil Amani & Yahweh Ben Yahweh (circa 1981)

And even though Yahweh Ben Yahweh hated Minister Louis Farrakhan (Facts! We'll get into that in my next vlog)—they had a chance meeting in Miami once upon a time where they hugged it out before the people. Again, I’ll be exploring that relationship and dynamic in my next vlog. Just understand that according to Nation of islam sources, Yahweh Ben Yahweh was kicked out of the Nation (Oh! You didn’t know that he’s a Nation of Islam reject?) for “homosexual tendencies” and “other possible battery of minors”—according to Freedberg’s book.

You can read more about Yahweh Ben Yahweh’s pedophilia in Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Sydney P. Freedberg’s book, Brother love: Murder, Money and a Messiah (Pantheon Books 1994)—and my book, My Id: Ignant & Dissfunkshunal! Life in the Yahweh Cult and the Witness Protection Program ( 2007). 

Hassan Campbell, as an alleged victim of child molestation has every right to be offended— even outraged by Farrakhan’s embracing of Bishop Eddie Long and R. Kelly and Afrika Bambaataa! It is an affront to Hassan’s sensibilities that a “man of God” would coddle (treat in an indulgent or overprotective way) men known for fucking children. Farrakhan deserves criticism for standing next to Bishop Eddie Long and R. Kelly and Afrika Bambaataa. For Farrakhan is not above criticism and critic and so, I’m giving it to him while he’s alive. Sometimes we’ve gotta throw all of that black nationalism stuff out the window and stop the bullshit! Sometimes we’ve gotta “call a spade a spade” and stop with the conspiracy shit! Sometimes we’ve gotta stop blaming the white man and see ourselves for what we are—quite learned in the ways of the devil—the white man, if you will. We’ve gotta stop allowing black people—black men in particular, to pimp our negritude—our blackness! Farrakhan’s problem is that he’s too (mentally) black to realize that black men—black leaders—can be as wretched as Yacob’s people—white people. Bishop Eddie Long fucked teenage boys! R. Kelly fucked teenage girls! Yahweh Ben Yahweh fucked teenage girls! Malachi York fucked teenage boys & girls and Afrika Bambaataa fucked prepubescent & teenage boys! Where Hassan fucks up and gets shit twisted is when he tries to steer the conversation into a "homosexuality leads to pedophilia."! No it doesn't! The conversation is strictly about adult sexual deviants who turn children out through material rewards, using their power, fame, influence, charm, charisma and fear.

Shame on Farrakhan for even spreading the seeds of doubt! Farrakhan’s teacher was a pedophile and Farrakhan has gotten in bed with pedophiles, yet, how ironic it is that both Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan have had the title “Honorable” bestowed upon them? None of Minister Louis Farrakhan's peers or contemporaries have taken him to task over his coddling of pedophiles. It is our Social Media  urban Bantustan, our black cultural aesthetics, these hip-hop influenced young people, like YouTubers Hassan Campbell, Ase Divine and Young Pharaoh who dare challenge the minister's sixty-years of service to the black community and tell Farrakhan that he's a muthafuckin' pedo-lover for standing with and next to Bishop Eddie Long, R. Kelly and Afrika Bambaataa. They don't care what you did for the black community when you position yourself next to baby fuckers.

Religious leaders like Louis Farrakhan and Yahweh Ben Yahweh can excuse pedophilia, by asking about a person's "works," as if "works" cancels out a man's pedophiliac and murderous ways. In the case of Yahweh Ben Yahweh, when the FBI got on his ass, he'd quote Jesus: "Many good works have I done. For which of these do you seek to persecute me?"  Likewise, Farrakhan ran with this same train of thought in dealing with his accused pedophile "friend," Bishop Eddie Long--some old-timey reasoning that he got from Elijah Muhammad when Malcolm X exposed Elijah's pedophilia. I say, "Fuck your 'works'!" If you're killing people indiscriminately--if you're sexually molesting children--fuck your "works" and everything you stand for! Hell! Adolph Hitler built the Autobahn, the greatest highway ever constructed, but he's still one of the most sinister & evil & diabolical figures in the annals of human history! So yeah, fuck that "works" argument and those who engage in materialism over human kindness and compassion!  

Louis Farrakhan has been an enabler of pedophiles going back to his teacher, Elijah Muhammad. He sided with the Nation of islam over Malcolm’s revelation that Elijah sexed up under-aged girls—so much so that he wrote vociferously that Malcolm deserved death for his betrayal of Elijah Muhammad. Farrakhan admitted that he "helped create the climate” for the assassination of Malcolm X and even went so far as to boldly rant and roar, “And frankly, it ain't none of your business, Did you teach Malcolm? Did you make Malcolm? Did you clean up Malcolm? Did you put Malcolm out before the world? Was Malcolm your traitor or was he ours? And if we dealt with him like a nation deals with traitors, what the hell business is it of yours?" Wow! Farrakhan would fancy the Nation of Islam a real bona fide nation—as though they were exempt from the laws of this Republic—America. Farrakhan’s argument falls flat when we consider that the Nation of Islam is not a nation or country or even a “District” like Washington D.C. or an American providence like Puerto Rico. The Nation of Islam was and is a cultish religious organization, operating on the fringes of our mainstream society.

Did Malcolm deserve this? Fuck no! And fuck what Farrakhan was tallumbout! 

Malcolm X was an American citizen. So what if the Nation of Islam “cleaned him up?” That gives you no right to use and abuse and murder the man! Malcolm X transcended his Nation of Islam roots. By the time of his assassination, Malcolm had become much more than a "black mooslim preacher;" for Malcolm had become an international spokesman for civil and human rights, going so far as preparing to take his fight to the United Nations! Groups like the Nation of Islam like to take full credit for a man’s evolution—like a parent who wants to remind a child that they gave birth to you and thus, you are forever beholden to their rule and authority. Men like Malcolm X are born, not made. From reading his autobiography, I get the sense that this man would’ve emerged in our socio-religio-consciousness with or without the help of the Nation of Islam. Unlike Minister Louis Farrakhan, who remains a lifelong sycophant of some white guy named Fard Muhammad, the white god replacement of our white god Jesus and his underling, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X was not bound by Nation of Islam doctrine and like his former self, Detroit Red, a street dude who smelled game from a mile away, Malcolm peeped game on Elijah and was hard-pressed to keep his mouth shut. For Malcolm had a mind of his own, which was reinforced after traveling abroad and expanding his religious worldview.  

I can relate to Malcolm X because I too, was the student of an important black leader—Yahweh Ben Yahweh. If Yahweh Ben Yahweh were alive, would he also take credit for raising up a man who became an author of seven books and all this other hip-hop stuff I’ve got my hands in? Would he say that I’m his product and not of my own making? Of course, he and his followers would say so. I hear that sentiment now & again.

Hassan is correct in his deconstruction of Louis Farrakhan. Again, Louis Farrakhan should’ve never opened his yap-trap and spoke affirmatively for Bishop Eddie Long or R. Kelly.

Now here’s where Hassan misses the mark. His failure to see the fight to the end makes Hassan look hypocritical. Afrika Bambaataa, the guy who stood next to Louis Farrakhan—he won’t touch with a ten foot pole! Rehashing Nation of Islam drama is cool. Pointing out Farrakhan’s fondness for known pedophiles is cool, but what should we make of Hassan’s inability to move against Afrika Bambaataa through the newly revamped Child Victim’s Act? The examples of taking leaders to task has been laid out—from Khalil testifying against Yahweh Ben Yahweh—to the victims who testified against pedophile black leader, Malachi Z. York—to the victims of Bishop Eddie Long who put so much pressure on him that he pulled a “Michael Jackson” and gave up hella racks from the church’s coffer—millions of dollars—in a secretive pact to make to his molestation charges go away—to Patrice Griffin, a survivor of rap collective X-Clan’s alleged sexual molestation who, by the way, is suing X-Clan by way of the Child Victim’s Act. Patrice Griffin is a contemporary of Hassan Campbell’s. She’s proving that she’s more man than Hassan will ever be!

Hassan, rehashing Farrakhan’s nastiness without doing something about the nastiness that was done to him makes all of his rants empty & meaningless. Hassan should do a YouTube show outlining why he won’t sue Afrika Bambaataa. We need a cogent explanation! What’s the point of claiming you’re “exposing” Afrika Bambaataa, but won’t do the ultimate exposing—by dragging his ass into a court of law and making him confess to his evil deeds and coming up off some cash that can be given to charity to help other victims? As it stands, Hassan appears to want no part of the fight to make Afrika Bambaataa ‘fess up to his molestation. Although he lent his voice to the upcoming documentary on Bambataa’s pedophilia, Trapped in a Culture—he’s failed to donate a single penny to the film. Hassan went a step further and distanced himself from the film, putting out a disclaimer and warning for people wanting to donate to the film, saying, “Donate at your own risk”—and has trashed Ronald Savage’s Child Victim’s Act. When Afrika Bambaataa came to New York to host at S.O.B.’s—Hassan failed to join the picketers in protest.

At the end of the day, Hassan’s attacks on Farrakhan’s affiliation with pedophiles falls flat, simply because of his inaction to do more than YouTube rant. Hassan’s Farrakhanian Rage: Somewhere Betwixt Hypocrisy & Hope. Hypocrisy, because Hassan won’t do anything to right the wrong of his past life as a victim of Afrika Bambaataa’s sexual molestation, save rant on YouTube—while wanting Minister Louis Farrakhan to step away from Afrika Bambaataa and disassociate himself from Bishop Eddie Long. Hassan wants Farrakhan to do what he won’t do—blast Afrika Bambaataa to the moon! Blasting an old man like Louis Farrakhan over his perceived missteps without taking accountability for your no steps makes Hassan Campbell pretty lame to those of us who understand what true advocacy entails. But we hold out for hope—hope that Hassan will get tired of the street persona and join the civilian chant to take advantage of the Child Victim’s Act and make Afrika Bambaataa pay for his crimes against children. Anything less is total failure.

Author, poet, essayist, blogger, troll, satirist, cultural critic, freethinker, father, grandfather, husband & C.O.O.N (Consciously Optimistic, Overtly, Nihilistic), Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who's written for and DJ Kay Slay’s, Straight Stuntin Magazine. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Miami New Times, Miami Herald, The Denver Post, Thump/Vice/, Forward, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, Star Chamber, Sa NeterTV, CBS's, "West 57th Street" (1988), The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult" (2010), The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013) and 2018's, ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel in conjunction with People Magazine "Cults," on Oxygen Channel's, "Uncovered: The Cult of Yahweh Ben Yahweh" and in a special edition of People Magazine on cults. In 2019 Amani also has interviews at InTouchWeekly, and Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes...” ( ’07). Khalil was the first media person to write about the allegations surrounding Afrika Bambaataa allegedly getting stabbed for date-raping a young man in 2013 and is in the upcoming documentary on the Afrika Bambaataa allegations, Trapped in a Culture. Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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