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Digging Up Izzy Just To Bury Him Again!

Digging Up Izzy Just To Bury Him Again!

By Khalil Amani 

I wanna first start out by apologizing to Hassan “Poppy” Campbell for the Arkansas YouTuber aka Israel Doctrine for gang-stalking him with over 300 videos. I’m sorry bro! I understand. I actually got tired of going to YouTube everyday and seeing, “Mr. Witsec this and Mr. Witsec that”—so I unsubscribed from this fuck-nigga’s channel just to get some YouTube peace of mind. Sheeshus Khryst! The Arkansas YouTuber’s constant videos on me is like a chick in the projects who puts a half a bag of sugar in her Kool-Aid and forces her diabetic boyfriend to drink. “You tryna kill me, hoe?”

This nigga, Israel Doctrine aka the Arkansas YouTuber aka Izzy must be a zombie—or a werewolf—or a vampire! How do you kill this guy? I know damn well I (grammatically) killed this YouTube pest a few weeks ago, but I can still hear him mumbling in his YouTube grave, so I’m gonna dig him up and kill him again! Just for shits & giggles! This time I’m using a literary cross, stake, a pork chop, some battery acid and my secret weapon—his "Kryptonite"—some soap & water! He’s already half nekkid, coming on camera with no shirt on, so all I’ll have to do is run up on him from behind and pull his pants down and get to applying soap & water to that ass! Ewwwww! You already know that nigga has dingleberries of poo matted in his ass-crack hairs for lack of having toilet tissue in his house, but I’ll be wearing some industrial strength rubber gloves. Hey! Somebody has to do it!

Stand back people! I'm about to dig up Izzy's stench-filled rotting YouTube corpse and give him a Hassanian graveyard pissing! 

In the last two weeks, the Arkansas YouTuber has done at least thirteen (13) YouTube videos with my name in the title (He calls me “Mr. Witsec” because I call him the “Arkansas YouTuber.”)—and countless more videos where I somehow come up in his conversation. My last video, “Did Cum-fidential Ignoramus Carl Albert Take Down Parkin, Arkansas?” really cooked his goose! I took him to another all-time low and snatched what little humanity he had left in his heart and made him speak ill of my deceased mother. I took a break after that. He calls it, “tapping out.” I call it, “What more is there to say?” And, "Nigga! I have a life outside of these fake-ass YouTube streets!" I have full-time wife! A full-time family! A full-time job! And a full-time extracurricular life that doesn't entail sitting up on YouTube every fucking day! 

Izzy says I disrespected his mother. I guess, me saying that his mother should’ve “aborted” him was a low-blow that made his scrotum jump all the way up into his throat (Hey! Lots of women have abortions. Nothing disrespectful about that! Of course, Alabama is on some bullshit though.)—and that sentence about him “eye-fucking teenage girls with perky titties and heart-shaped asses and then going home and watching child porn” was the dagger that caused this nigga to give Khalil Amani a marathon of “Hassanian-esque” YouTube videos. The Arkansas YouTuber has called another man’s name—“Mr. Witsec’s”—in the last two weeks, more than he’s called any one woman’s name in the last year! Yes! I reworked the Arkansas YouTuber’s life’s story—tallumbout how unkept his front yard is and wouldn’t you know it that in a video he recently made, he actually acknowledged that his front yard looks like “Sanford & Son’s” junkyard?

Guys & gals! You ever had a ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend that just wouldn’t leave you alone after the relationship was over? A person that saves all your pictures and text messages? A person that tells all of their friends that they can’t stand you, but always got your name in their moufs? Yeah, that would be the Arkansas YouTuber. From the first, I knew he was recording my every conversation. From the first, I knew that this nigga was as obsessed with me as he is obsessed with Hassan Campbell; for he could hardly believe that sitting in Parkin, Arkansas, he was corresponding with one of hip-hop’s premiere bloggers! He could not believe that he was connected to a man connected to one of hip-hop’s preeminent dee jays, DJ Kay Slay! He could not believe that he was rockin’ with a man who was doing national TV shows and national magazines! He could not believe that he was responsible for bringing an admitted government informant into these YouTube streets—and he could not believe that he had found the guy responsible for exposing Afrika Bambaataa in the media when everybody else was riding Troi “Star” Torain’s bandwagon. Izzy could not believe that he had partnered up with a guy like Khalil Amani who's flicked it up with the likes of Kanye West, Birdman, 50 Cent and a host of other hip-hop notables! He said, “Jackpot!” In his puny mind, he thought he had put Parkin, Arkansas on the map!

Yes! Parkin, Arkansas is a fucking hell-hole! It is the "Sunken Place" of human interaction. In 2016, mayor Willie Patterson (an old Negro who died in 2017) was arrested for contempt of court and in 2019, the old Negro who "kicked the bucket"--his wife became the mayor! Yep! This piece of poor white trailer park trash woman named Diane Patterson was married to a Colored. But get this! She too, like her deceased Negro husband was arrested for slapping the dog-shit out of her nephew for crashing a city truck into someone's porch. Really doe! I shit you not! You heard me right! The husband was the mayor and the wife was the mayor! And both these country-bumpkins were arrested while they were mayors! (Isn't Google just marvelous?) And just to show you how much nepotism (the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends in giving them jobs) was going down in this town, before the dead husband was mayor, his brother was mayor--Charles Patterson. Good-guggly-muggly! 

"Wakanda" nepotistic, Andy Griffith, Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Huckleberry Finn & Tom Sawyer, Gomer Pyle, Jim Nabors, Green Eggs & Ham, Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken-eating, Country Buffet dining, Quick Draw McGraw, This Old House, Going to see a man about a horse, Southern inbred town are they running? What are the odds that a town with only 1,105 citizens would have two mayors that caught cases? LOL! But it doesn't stop there! Remember Izzy, or, shall we say, "Carl Albert" told us that he once ran for mayor of Parkin, Arkansas? ...and then he lost! How many votes do you think he got? Well let me tell ya man! There were seven (7) candidates and Carl Albert came in seventh (7th) place, receiving a whopping (drum roll please!).................. two (2) votes! LOL!!!!!

Parkin's white trash mayor, Diane Patterson who was married to the previous mayor, an old Negro that died. Both were arrested for acktin' a motherfucking fool! Yo! Izzy! She's single now! Why don't you bring her some fruitcake and snatch those rickety drawhs? Get you some pussy man! Hey! If I lived in Parkin with only 1,100 people and the pickings were slim, I'd bring this white bitch some flowers & chocolates and woo the drawhs off that ass! I'd make that old bird put me on Parkin's payroll and sit home and watch Jerry Springer and tax that ass the minute she walks in the door! I'd have one job! Making that hoe sing, "Glory Hallelujah" err' night! In the words of Richard Pryor, "For the first few years, she'd think her name was, 'White Honky-Bitch'," because that's what I'm calling her behind closed doors. My house might smell like mayonnaise and wet dog, but I'd be living my best life, living in Parkin, Arkansas! What do you say, Izzy? Just imagine Izzy! By banging this chick you'd be in charge of Parkin and all those racist wypipo! You'd be like the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain, the unseen hand that sits on the throne! What say you, Izzy? I'm trying to help you get some A/C and heat! Wouldn't you rather eat fried bologna (baloney) sammiches & potato salad with raisins in it (ewwww!) than a quarter water and a bag of chips? C'mon man!  You snooze, you lose! You gon' fuck around and Khalil Amani gonna take up residence in Parkin, of course, with the permission of my wife and Miss Donna (wink!) and I'm gonna be splitting your mayor down to the white meat and having that hoe pay my mortgage and Miss Donna's bills! Keep fucking around Carl! 

I’m the closest thing Izzy's ever gotten to the big leagues—the closest he’s been to the hip-hop industry, being just another failed rapper who decided to exchange spitting bars for YouTubing. Yes! Israel Doctrine is Khalil Amani’s figurative “scorned lover”—my figurative “Boo Thang”—and the proof is these umpteen videos that he keeps making about me—not saying anything new or relevant, but just trying to make me look like a government informant criminal, but as you've seen with my previous vlog, "Correcting the Government Informant Narrative," where I deconstructed civilians being government informants! Civilians are government informants and as many 9900 civilians are in the Witness Protection Program, guilty of nothing more than being related to a criminal.

Israel Doctrine fell so head-over-heels in-love with me, that he began to treat me like a nigga who thinks he don’ put so much dick in a woman, that now—he can abuse her. That nigga never made me cum, but he must’ve thought that his fuck-game had me rapped around his little pinky! (I ain’t gonna say “Pause.” If you don’t understand my analogy & figurative language—go ‘head and play the “Homo Card.”) What do I mean? There came a time when Hassan had this nigga afraid of his own shadow. The Arkansas YouTuber would call me regularly and talk about Hassan’s threats and how he worried about his life—all nervous and shit—and wanted me to call the FBI—and inform them of Hassan’s threats to himself and myself. I mean, this nigga, Izzy was shook! That nigga slept during the day and sat by the front door like a Spook who was spooked with his 1865 musket shotgun and waited on Hassan’s beady eyes to peep through his window, so he could blow his head off.

Yes! the Arkansas YouTuber started talking to me like I was his bitch—real demanding and shit!

Me, having the FBI and the United States Marshal Service on speed dial—the Arkansas YouTuber was hell-bent on making me press that button. Daily, he would call and ask, “Well? Did you call them people yet?” The nigga became downright indignant! “When you gonna call them people? Hassan threatened your life too!” Unlike this bitch-ass nigga, the Arkansas YouTuber—who recorded my every phone call and saved my every text message, I never recorded him and I never saved any of his text messages, because he’s never been important enough that I should have to do so. My mind is clear and my memory is keen and my pen is whet (sharp), so I can easily recall and write about our “relationship.”

Long before Izzy decided he’d jump on Kev Gillz’s stupid conspiracy against Miss Leila Wills, which has landed him in Chicago court—long before he called Miss Leila Wills a “Bitch” on Social Media with his no-black-woman-having-no-pussy-getting-ass—long before I finally cut ties with this miscreant, the rumblings of dissension and that little angel on my shoulder screamed in my ear, “Get the fuck away from Israel Doctrine Khalil! This nigga talking to you like you’re his bitch!”

Izzy is so foolish that he actually posted a screenshot of my text where I politely blasted him for trying to make me call the FBI and trying to tell me what and how to write my blogs. Yeah! Can you believe this fuck-nigga actually thought that he was my superior? Oh, he was annoying the hell out of me to go to the FBI over Hassan. A scared little bitch! I had gone to the FBI 35 years ago over a cult that had actually killed fourteen (14) people by ear removal, stabbing, shooting and decapitation—and here was this scary-ass nigga, the Arkansas YouTuber, all the way in Parkin Arkansas, begging me to hit that speed dial to the FBI and inform on Hassan Campbell!

Yes! I finally got tired of Izzy’s demands and texted him. (Thanks Izzy for saving & screen shotting my private message. Thanks buddy!) I wrote:

“If you really feel threatened you should contact the FBI, even if you have to travel to a major city to see them at their office. When/if I make that call they’re gonna wanna erase me (witsec). Do you understand? Stop trying to direct my steps. CUT OUT THE BOSSY SHIT, LIKE TELLING ME WHAT I FORGOT TO WRITE AND TRYING TO PRESSURE ME TO CALL THE FBI. If I call them I wouldn’t tell you. You don’t have a clue how much goes into dealing with the feds! I’m on ur team, but I’m my own man. I’M FEELING VERY UNCOMFORTABLE WITH YOUR CONVERSATION TOWARDS ME.. This little YouTube shit means nothing… Again, I’m down with you, but WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE. NOBODY DIRECTS ME.”

Here’s the complete text message that I sent Izzy. Notice when he went through his phone and screen shotted my text message. Notice the time. 4:21 A.M.! Who the fuck is up at 4 A.M. scrolling through old text messages, besides a “scorned lover?” Israel Doctrine, that’s who! This text is from Israel Doctrine's cellphone, which he recently posted on his YouTube channel. Nigga was thinking about Khalil Amani at 4 a.m.! Meanwhile, I was spooning my wife in our warm and cozy king size bed, prolly snoring my ass off! 

Like the Arkansas YouTuber has no shame about coming on camera with a booger hanging from his nose—or patches of hair cut from his head—or going shirtless in his mama’s sweaty house—he has no shame about showing us a text message from Khalil Amani that totally makes him look like the scared—afraid—shook little bitch that he is! Or maybe he thought I wouldn’t show my audience how fucked-up he was trying to treat me back then. I mean, like how far removed from reality does one have to be to try and direct, yeah, steer, doff—try and control a man old enough to be your father who has an impressive writing resume’ in this hip-hop game? How arrogant and assertive and stupid that someone like Israel Doctrine would even fix his stinky lips to tell someone like Khalil Amani what he should do? The fucking nerve!

Like a chick with a shoebox full of old love letters from a nigga who broke her heart, never, in the history of stalkdom has one YouTuber—Israel Doctrine—shown a figurative homosexual fixation with another man—Khalil Amani! Up at 4 A.M. going through his Boost Mobile celly shoebox looking for letters (texts), proving that I once loved him. Stop it nigga! You lookin’ hella dick-whipped! You gets no more “dick” from Khalil Amani! “Dick,” as in information, texts, phone calls! I'm slinging "heavy dick" elsewhere!

Niggas like Israel Doctrine—a nigga who looks like he was the prototype for the character “Uncle Rukus”—a character who hates everything about black cultural aesthetics, claiming that his black skin is nothing more than a self-diagnosed form of Vitiligo that he calls “re-vitiligo” where instead of his skin going from black to white—his skin went from white to black. Israel Doctrine will tell you that he’s not black—or African American.

Have you seen this nigga with his shirt off? Indeed, He’s Uncle Rukus revisited! Even though YouTubers like Nature Boy and Young Pharaoh regularly go on camera shirtless, Israel Doctrine says he’s the first to do it. No nigga! You’re the worst to do it! At least Nature Boy and Young Pharaoh are young and healthy looking—strong and muscular with some shoulders, but Israel Doctrine? This nigga without a shirt on looks like the pork chop meal that I defecated this morning—a big brown blob of protoplasm—a shoulder-less man, too weak to do twenty pushups let alone pick a chick up and fuck her up against a wall. What happened to your shoulders, man? Your body looks like it has the dropsies! Your body looks like an under-inflated ballon! Your body looks like a Milk Dud on the sidewalk! Nigga’s shoulders are so rounded, got him looking like he's melting away in that hot-ass house! Now don’t go saying I’m gay for tallumbout your body. That’s a weak retort. I’m tallumbout your body because you decided you were young enough to take of your shirt on camera! I’m talking about your body because—as dim as you tried to make your camera lighting—we can still see that you’re just a “disgusting fat-body”—a big-headed nigga with narrow shoulders. I'm just glad you didn't show us your nipples and areolas! That would be some grotesque shit! Are you sure you're 42 and not 62? 

Yes! I’ve written that Israel Doctrine is a nobody—and he is a nobody! In the grand scheme of anything having to do with Afrika Bambaataa he is a nobody! If it weren’t for the fact that I love writing so much, no one would be talking about him except me and Michael Edwards. We find entertainment in railing him! But he’s a nobody when it comes to Afrika Bambaataa! No one wants to interview him! He can’t get in any newspaper talking about Afrika Bambaataa. No hip-hop Internet website will interview him. He can’t get in the documentary, Trapped in a Culture. No magazine or TV show knows him or wants to talk to him. How then, does he think that when the dust settles—when the smoke clears that his name will be mentioned in the Afrika Bambaataa story? Hell! Israel Doctrine can’t even get a feature in his local Parkin, Arkansas newspapers, The Parkin Free Press or The Parkin Times—and will somebody please tell that white trash mayor of Parkin that after she finishes slapping the dog-shit out of her nephew again—can she please pay Carl Albert aka Israel Doctrine a visit and slap fire out of him for bringing down the property value with his unkept yard and blinds drawn lean-to shack? Tell that nigga to stop taking shits on the side of people's houses and wiping his ass with their flowers! 

Izzy's mama don’ willed him a house and he don’ let it go to shits! No heat in the winter time and no A/C in the summer time. Got that nigga bundled up in a coat and skully in the house in the winter and auditioning for Chippendales or Magic Mike exotic revue in the summer, by showing us his flabby shirtless Milk Dud body!

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu taught—“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Israel Doctrine boasts that his mother left him a house and that I am jealous of his inheritance. So untrue. My mother didn’t will me a house and I’m so glad she didn’t! Lao Tzu’s fish philosophy fits Israel Doctrine to a tee! Instead of his mother and father teaching him how to fish—or, in this case—how to get up off his ass and become a productive member of society and save his money and buy his own house—by giving him a ready-made house, Israel Doctrine has become the man who was given a fish (house), but does not know how to catch his own fish (buy his own house).

As parenting goes, indeed, parents do make mistakes, as I've written in retelling how I walked into my mother's room and caught her sexing another man when I was ten, but no matter what my mother did as a grown woman, she made good and damn sure that a boy Khalil went to elementary school, junior high school and high school and graduated! She and my father did not allow me to drop out of school and grow up to become a no-count loser (like Israel Doctrine), who doesn't know the value of work. My parents gave me a work ethic! My parents instilled in me that I was smart and could do whatever I set my mind to do and even though I chose a misguided path by joining a cult, which lead me into the Federal Witness Protection Program, I was still able to find myself--go back to college and finish my degree, two degrees--and go to a career college and learn how to test blood and other bodily fluids, working as a lab technician/phlebotomist. 

Yes! Leaving children property upon one's death is a beautiful thing, so long as they are productive while you're alive. Leaving property to unproductive children will only stagnant their growth. We can all see this in watching Israel Doctrine. He makes excuses about people not hiring him because of his religious beliefs and his long beard. Such bullshit! If your religion hinders your ability to make a living--get a job, perhaps you need to put your religion in the garbage can. It serves you no purpose and has you in the poor house. Like really! Who goes into a job interview and starts laying down their own rules about when they can and can't work? Of course you ain't getting hired! Fuck you and your religious beliefs are what an employer will be thinking. And wearing a long-ass beard like you're Old Man River? Really? Cut the crap! Israel Doctrine is just one big sorry excuse of a man. If mommy-dearest had not left him a house, then what? Maybe then, he'd have a woman who he could leach off of. The one thing that Israel Doctrine did do right is NOT bring any children into this world! Thank God that he didn't allow himself to bring a sorry sucker into this world! 

I don' done all the exorcizing of Israel Doctrine that I can do. Dug him up just to bury him again. If he comes back from the grave, treat him like the movie, "Bird Box." Whatever you do, don't look at his channel too long. It'll make you mentally dead.

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