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Kat Stacks: Phony as a $3 Bill!

By Booqueesha!

I ain’t been to church since I got caught trickin’ off the deacons, but somewhere in da bible it say, “Can a leopard change his spots?” We done flipped it to, “You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.” (Same concept I suppose!) Call me a playa-hater if you want—but Kat Stacks is a dirty lowdown doormat! When is this hoe gonna get a clue? She been lettin’ these rap niggas use and abuse that ass fo’ eva! Now she’s on deez Internetz snitchin’ about how Worldstar Q was handcuffin’ her! Somebody get this b#^*h a clue and a life!

Yeah, this skank fancied herself as Worldstarhiphop’s “queen.” She was supposed to be the face of the site. She claims to be the H.N.I.C.’s (head nigga in charge’s) “bottom b#^*h” and got played the f#*k out! “Q,” the owner of Worldstar must’ve put ample dick up in her for her to think she was gonna be treated like bottom-b#^*h material! (We won’t even think about wifey material!) No b#^*h! You been ran through! Q done made millions! What he look like rollin’ up with you on him? Heffa, you got miles on your stank-box!

Let me count the ways that I f#*ked love thee! (Some white b#^*h named Elizabeth Browning wrote some s#*t like this a hunnid years ago.)

So Kat Stacks says Q didn’t visit her in jail and didn’t much help her or her family, but then the b#**h gets out of the slamma and tattoos a big-ass picture of Worldstar Q on her f#*kin’ back—supposedly to show Q that she was his ride-or-die chick. LOL! And then she claims Q spent $300,000 on her! (Shiiiit! A nigga spend $300 on me and its whateva! I’m a cheap b#^*h like that! If a nigga let me supersize it at McDonald’s he gettin’ this pu#*y every which way, but loose! Imagine a nigga spendin’ 300 racks on a no-self-esteem havin’ b#^*h like me?) She all at the pawnshop tryna flo-sho—pawnin’ the Worldstar chain for a couple hunnid bucks! LOL!

Now, erry’time the next nigga hits that ass from the back he gotta look at Q’s ugly ass tattooed all ova her boney back! I think a lot of niggas gonna lose they hard-on when they doggy-stylin’ that ass! I swear fo’ God if I had a dick and I was f#*kin’ Kat I’d pull my dick out and skeet all over Q’s face! F#*k you lookin’ at Q? lol!

Listen up Worldstar Q! You can’t be handcuffin’ deez hoes! Look at Kay Slay! That nigga stay with a bevy of hawt poonannies, but he lets them fly free. See! You da kinda nigga that neva had no good pu#*y when you was broke and now that you gettin’ those coon-pennies they throwin’ pu#*y at you like runnin’ water! Well come get some of dis pu#*y! I’ll let you raw-dog this pu#*y and fix you a tuna (or spam!) sammich and a tall glass of ice-cold Red Kool-Aid after sex! And… if you wanna keep me in da house, I’ll stay in da house (only because I’m a nobody kinda b#^*h), but these ghetto fabulous b#^*hes—they only gonna stay put for so long. I give no f#*ks if you want side pu#*y. I like side pu#*y too!

You know the rules of dis game; “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game!” It appears that 2-years in prison gave this b#^*h no “Ah ha!” moment, no epiphany and no what-was-I-thinking moment. And writing a book didn’t help either! Tattoo a nigga’s face on your body? Nigga didn’t even Beyoncé you! (Put a ring on it!) Kat! Stop being a dirty doormat fo’ deez niggas girl! Where yo’ family at? Do yo’ mama condone this s#*t? As long as you let niggas use you fo’ a doormat, that’s exactly what you will be! Can a real bish preach?

And why da fuck you lookin’ so scrawny and boney? Is you on crack or do you got that monster? Your life is so fucked right about now! #Fail I’m Booqueesha Johnson! I tell lies and speak truths! Gratuitous ratchetness! Shaking up the industry since yesterday!

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