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Katt Williams: Jackin’-Off in Jamie’s Bedroom...

Katt Williams: Jackin’-Off in Jamie’s Bedroom...

By Khalil Amani


When Bill Cosby questioned Eddie Murphy’s supposedly gratuitous use of profanity in his stand-up comedy routines, Richard Pryor counseled Eddie to tell Bill to “Have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up!” Beef between comedians was nearly nonexistent.


But this Katt Williams fellow—a little man with a Napoleonic Complex seems to be making his comic punch-lines on the backs of other comedians. First, by pulling a gun on fellow comedian Faizon Love and now Jamie Foxx.


Katt Williams is smoking those funny cigarettes Animal Cookies! He has gone so far as to insinuate that his comedy career supersedes Richard Pryor's, Bill Cosby's, Eddie Murphy's and Martin Lawrence's! (Side-eye with a “Nigga Please" moment)


This Katt Williams might be beyond comedic redemption. Pulling guns on fellow comedians, slapping fire out of store employees, going to jail for the umpteenth time—I can hardly believe niggas are still taking their hard-earned money to hear this coon tell NON-jokes!


His latest foray at telling “jokes” comes at the expense of Jamie Foxx. Instead of this little imp telling jokes, once again he rode the offensive train with a homophobic rant aimed at Mr. Foxx. He has lost all of his comedic timing and has run out of material.



If Katt didn’t look so funny, he’d hardly get any laughs! It’s no coincidence that he wears his hair like The Wizard of Oz. Nigga’s lookin’ for a shtick!



Katt claims to know for a fact that Jamie Foxx is gay. He goes a step further and tells his audience who Jamie is supposedly gay with—name droppin’—industry snitchin’! Like, how does a supposed comedian—instead of preparing material to make his audience fall out in stitches—prepare a monologue about where another man’s penis is? How does Katt presume to know where Jamie’s dick has been? Katt! What are you doin’ in Jamie’s bedroom and why is it so important to you who he’s fucking? A faggot-ass nigga jackin’ off under another man’s bed! Listen to him talk about Jaime Foxx being gay.


And moreover, is Katt’s indictment supposed to derail Jamie’s acting career?—his comedy career?—his music career? I think not! Jamie Foxx is a triple-threat, multi-talented, Oscar-winning, A-Lister. Katt Williams is nowhere in Jamie’s league—and that includes comedy! Can Katt do impressions? Hell no! Can Katt really act? Nadda!


So all this talk about Jamie being gay—nigga, is that the best you’ve got? I'd put my money on Foxx in a comedy battle any day of the week. I’ll also put my money on Foxx in a street fight! Katt will get that work! Like Tupac, something tells me that Littleman Katt is on this thug comedic shit because he's ridin' with Suge Knight. I guess Katt forgot that Suge got that work got beat the fuck up by a dude half his size--The Barbershop Man.



If I can speak for Jamie Foxx--"Nigga, get you an Oscar, a movie deal, a TV sitcom, a radio show and a hit record while you're checkin' for my cock!"


Katt Williams claims he turned down the script to Foxx’s movie, “DJango Unchained”—more proof that he’s suckin’ on the Devil’s dick (doing heavy drugs). I don’t believe for a minute that he was gonna be in that movie. I think he tried to get in the movie and found out Foxx got the part he wanted and thus, the homosexual hating allegations. What other reason to all-of-a-sudden start shitting on someone?


So, who’s really the homosexual here? Foxx for making great movies, raising his daughter and trying to keep niggas out of his personal life or Katt for asking the whereabouts of Foxx’s phallus? You do the maff! In da mean time, any of you Negroes associated with Katt Williams, sit his ass down and make his watch Richard Pryor's, "Jo-Jo Dancer: Your Life is Calling."


Khalil Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin Magazine. Follow Khalil Amani on Facebook & Twitter @khalilamani.

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