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King Jabbar: Fashion On Some Other…

Fashion and hip-hop go together like bacon and eggs. Where there’s fashion, there’s hip-hop. Where there’s hip-hop, there’s fashion. From hip-hop’s first brands Cross Colors and Karl Kani right on down to Coogi, LRG and Rocawear—hip-hop fashion has dressed the world!

Enter King Jabbar, a gay rapper who’s swag is a combination of Andre 3000, Diddy, Fonzworth Bentley and Lady Gaga—a man who’s not afraid to push the fashion envelop beyond the mundane and contrived stylings of most men.

If I were a gay rapper, this is who I’d look like. King Jabbar!

King Jabbar resides in New York, one of the fashion capitals of the world. On several occasions he’s been photographed on the streets for his eclectic and eccentric wardrobe. He has a knack for putting not-so-obvious fashions together, mixing and matching colors, blends and textures.

King Jabbar’s fashion sensibilities are not for gay dudes alone! Nay! I’d wear practically everything I’ve seen him rock (need I mention that I’m a straight dude for the 100th time?).

Clothing is personality. Personality defines people. King Jabbar is light-years ahead of most of us in the personality department. And this personality, which he expresses through fashion, will carry him beyond the limits of the gay hip-hop world. He possesses the look. He’s got that “it” factor. I can see him on the runways of Milan and Paris. I can see him on MTV rapping and introducing the world to his world of fashion! I see him and Lady Gaga touring and making heads go crazy. I can see straight guys and gay guys rockin’ his brand!

Unlike the fashion statements of many rappers and hip-hop heads, King Jabbar gives us what we’ve never seen. He dares to be different. Who would’ve ever thought that a red jacket would go with yellow & black sneakers? That shit is hot! I’ll say it again! If I were a rapper (gay or straight), I’d be King Jabbar-esque.

World! I get the feeling that King Jabbar is gonna be a household name in the near future.

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