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On King James Side-Eyeing Afrika Bambaataa

On King James Side-Eyeing Afrika Bambaataa

By Khalil Amani

When it comes to this Afrika Bambaataa thingy, everybody prefaces their words with “allegedly”—as though they have something worth being sued over. I won’t be saying, “allegedly” because hauling me into court is a waste of time. I’m just a regular Joe working a regular job who happens to be a hip-hop blogger who stumbled upon this Bambaataa pederast (a man who fucks boys) fuckery in 2013 where I blogged that Bambaataa got shanked up over date-raping a man. I would actually relish the chance of being sued by Afrika Bambaataa! I would simply subpoena Ronald Savage, Poppy, Troy, Brother T, Shamsideen Shariyf Ali Bey and the other accusers into court to give graphic testimony for me. Bam doesn’t really want that, so all you media folk stop with the “allegedlys” and cover the story or get the hell out of the way!

Hip-hop’s foundings are gay! That’s not a bad thing. It’s just the truth! The bad thing is that one of the founding fathers is a pederast (pedophile). All this time hip-hop has been fronting like gay people were an unwelcomed anathema to a supremely uber-macho genre of music call rap. 40 years later an openly gay rapper has yet to chart a hit on anything related to rap music.

Old school rappers like Lord Jamar would argue that rap ain’t for “the gays” (his words). Rap is street. Rap is hard. Rap is the voice of the urban Bantustan. Rap was created to keep warring gangs from killing each other. While these things may be somewhat true—rap evolved, metamorphosed, changed and soon we got The Fat Boys, the Beasties Boys, Kwame, The Fresh Prince, Salt & Pepa, Humptie, etc., etc. who were no models of this uber-masculinity and gang life that Lord Jamar romantically attributes to rap. Hell, even the earliest practitioners of rap—Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were no more than ghetto ripoffs of The Village People when it came to their fashion sensibilities—and we all know that The Village People were openly guy dudes!

The '70's The Village People known for "YMCA" and "Macho Man" (on Left), Afrika Bambaataa & Co. (on right) and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five (bottom left). Hip-hop's gay beginnings.

Hip-hop’s founding are gay!

It has been said that King James, the man who authorized the Bible to be translated was a homosexual. Kemetic thinkers, black muslims, Pan Africanists, Hebrew Israelites and other so-called black “conscious” groups have made these claims—a claim that is debated and disputed depending on whom you’re reading as a source of authority.

Making King James a homosexual leads them to the conclusion that the Bible is tainted and tampered with and by extrapolation—the religion, Christianity is flawed. This homophobic idea that America and the world has bought into means that anything that was/is gay is flawed and wrong.

Some would like to distance hip-hop from Afrika Bambaataa’s pederasty—and rightly so, but some (like Lord Jamar) are trying to distance Bambaataa’s homosexuality from hip-hop as well. I’m calling bullshit! Why? For the same reasons that these anti-Bible, anti-Christian black consciousness thinkers attack the Bible and Christianity with claims that a white boy named King James was a homosexual! They will tell you straight-up, “Christianity and the Bible was cosigned by a faggot named King James!” Oh, but when it comes to hip-hop and a homosexual Afrika Bambaataa Negroes wanna spout hip-hop’s rough, rugged and raw street beginnings. Yet Bambaataa’s accusers have upended hip-hop’s good ol’ boys club of machismo.

Right about now Ol' King James is giving Afrika Bambaataa a mean side-eye!

Are these men lying on Afrika Bambaataa? Fuck no! You may walk on eggshells and be politically correct, but you know they ain’t lying! Like really! What (straight) man wants to say he sucked a dick when he was a child? Nobody's asked for money from Bam or the Zulu Nation.

As some of you know, I’m gay hip-hop’s straight advocate (since 2007). I used to write blogs advocating for gay rappers for a site called I was “Ya Gay Friend’s Favorite Straight Friend!” In 2008 I ended up penning an essay entitled, “Why Gay Hip-Hop/Rap?” and put it on MySpace where it caught the attention of DJ Kay Slay who took exception to my article—and, in on-going emails Kay Slay debated me that gays didn’t belong in hip-hop.

Eventually, we spoke over the phone where Slay seemed to have a change of heart. I was stunned and perplexed by this change of heart. It was at this time (2008) that he revealed to me that there had been street rumblings about Afrika Bambaataa liking teenage boys. Mind you, he did not confirm this to be true, but said the grapevine, the streets had been whispering that Bam was gay and liked young dudes. Again, this was 2008. I’ve never written about it and didn’t know if this rumor was true. Not Afrika Bambaataa, I thought! It was because of what Kay Slay had been hearing (and maybe witnessed back in the day as a Zulu/Black Spade?) that caused this shift in his thinking towards gays in hip-hop.

Kay Slay reasoned that if Bambaataa was really gay, yet his street-cred and contributions to hip-hop are great, who was he to say that a gay rapper couldn’t be part of rap music. And so, he asked me and I allowed Kay Slay to publish my essay, “Why Gay Hip-Hop/Rap” for his upstart magazine, “Straight Stuntin Magazine” in 2008.

I’m not from New York. It has been widely circulated and known for many years that Afrika Bambaataa was gay and a pederast. In 2013 Bambaataa was stabbed behind date-raping a dude where he performed fellatio (dick sucking) on him and the guy woke up. Bam was taken to the hospital and they covered up the stabbing by saying Bam had heart palpitations. I was the first and only blogger to break that story. Days later, Star of touched on it, but it seemed so far-fetched that it was summarily dismissed as “hate.” The Zulu Nation issued a statement mentioning my name and calling me a liar.

My full 2013 story. "Afrika Bambaataa—Gay—and Date-Raping?" The Khalil Amani Reader:

The Zulu Nation's International Spokesman, someone named Minister El Kamonzi Heru Bey shot back at me writing:

"A ‘so called’ Hip Hop writer named Khalil Amani claims to have heard the rumors from ‘reliable sources’ and then help spread the ugly rumor via the internet. The fact that Khalil Amani would assume these sources as reliable indicates an ulterior- motive. Khalil Amani should have truly investigated his so-called sources and he would have found it to be a completely untrue rumor.  Afrika Bambaataa regards women and children as sacred and the essential building blocks of any community."

These Zulu Negroes could've easily dispelled the ugly rumor by having Afrika Bambaataa take a picture of his chest and back with a dated newspaper as proof that  I lied, but instead, they want you, the general public to take them at their word that I am a liar. F.O.H.! And now, others have come forward confirming the 2013 stabbing (for date-raping & sucking cock), which makes Minister Bey and the Zulu Nation liars!

And here we are today… We’ve gone from me, the “liar” in 2013 to Star the “government agent provocateur” to Afrika Bambaataa/Zulu Nation’s denials to Bam having to step down as a Zulu rep. Now if only we can get Bambaataa to finally ‘fess up! On that day we can begin rewriting hip-hop’s history—that indeed, gayness was at the forefront of the Movement. King James was not the only gay dude that was at the infancy of a Movement. 

Khalil Amani, a so-called "Hip-Hop Blogger" Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani, IG @ khalil_amani

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