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Orlando & Our Christian Hypocrisy & Complicity

Orlando & Our Christian Hypocrisy & Complicity

By Khalil Amani

When that white boy (Dylann Roof) went into an all-black church (Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church) in Charleston, S.C. and gunned down those 9 black people we were sympathetic—and outraged! We talked about how the police handled the shooter with kid gloves, even taking him to Burger King before taking him to jail. Oh, we were appalled! The only people that lauded the church shooting were Redneck crackas who just got done fucking their sisters—backwoods white people of no account. For the most part, the nation grieved the killing of these black Christian folk.

But these supposed gay folk getting killed in Orlando offered up a mixed response. The media and most right-minded people felt the hurt, but then there were those that felt like being gay—they had it coming. It was God’s wrath to the sinner. Smh. (But they conveniently forgot about the 9 black Christians shot in church! Was this God's wrath too? I'm jus' sayin'!)

One would think that some tragedies warrant a nation’s full support and sympathy. One would think that a tragedy such as that of 49 people being massacred (and another 53 wounded) in Orlando would have a monolithic gut-wrenching affect on every American, regardless of race, religion—or sexual orientation. But sadly, that is not the case. While most of us right-thinking Americans do feel a sense of loss—a sense of sadness and a sense of anger, there are some US citizens who find justification in these tragic murders. Just listen to this motherfucking CHRISTIAN PREACHER speaking on the Orlando Massacre! And Christian motherfuckers are amen-ing him! He claims to be amongst the "normal people." Listen!!!!!!

Shut the fuck up! Sodomites are not pedophiles and never have been in history! Sodomites were a religion. In any other case, a nation grieves together, but in this recent Orlando massacre, some have withheld grieving for the victims and families. Why? Because it is assumed that all that were killed were homosexual—gay! But why should sexual orientation matter? It shouldn’t! They were tax-paying citizens of these United States of America—folk who contributed to our society as much as any straight person. They just happened to be in a gay nightclub when a gunman’s wrath came a-calling.

As a straight man who advocates for gay rights and more specifically, a gay rapper advocate for mainstream inclusion, I’ve been in several gay clubs—Atlanta, Denver, San Diego and Los Angeles doing (hip-hop) business. I actually find gay clubs rather refreshing. The same (straight) music is played. The same over-priced drinks are served and the same bullshit goes down. Having been a ballet dancer for many years I am quite comfortable around gay men (because, in my experience, most male ballet dancers were gay). Like, they don’t make me question my manhood, masculinity or my sexuality. They are just people. I say that I have been in gay clubs to say that it should not be assumed that all people in gay clubs are gay or that all of the victims were gay. It really shouldn’t matter their sexual orientation, but let us not assume that this was the case. Let’s just say that this club catered to a gay audience with the understanding that gay people have straight friends—and that some straight people frequent gay clubs with their gay friends—or to do business, as in my case.

But because the victims were gay people, Social Media has had some cruel things to say about gay people getting killed. As you can imagine, the homophobia is religious in nature.

What should we really expect from Social Media though? Social Media is the scourge of humanity’s inhumanity—the electronic equivalent of that bully we all knew from around the way growing up. For behind the comfy confines of a computer screen lies Debo X10! We murder the murdered a second time with our ignorant and profanely grotesque keystrokes! That’s Social Media. And then there are so-called men of God—preachers who dress up bigotry and homophobia in the raiment of the saints and call it “God’s Word.”

Can you believe that there are Christian preachers out here openly preaching that the 49 (gay) people killed had it coming and deserved to die? Yes indeed! Christian preachers! Not all. Not even the majority, but a smidgen of Christian preachers and Christians believe that these gay people deserved to die. Other Christians who are appalled at their fellow Christian brothers and sisters for thinking this can say, “They ain’t Christian!” but that’s a crock of shit! Indeed, they are Christian—as much Christian as any Christian!

Christianity is not monolithic (one-minded). Christianity has hundreds of sects, denominations and cults. One Christian cannot—I repeat—cannot tell another Christian that he or she is not a Christian because they differ on the fine points of being a Christian.

Indeed! The Southern white Christian who favored slavery in the Antebellum South (before the Civil War) was as much Christian as his Northern counterpart who preached against the evils of slavery. In the Bible they saw two different meanings for God’s love, yet, both being Christian. And so it is today, in the wake of the Orlando killings—most right-minded Christians believe that this was a terrible and tragic thing, but then there are Christians who see this as God’s punishment for being homosexual, but there is a great unspoken hypocrisy, even by the good Christian who believes these gay people did not deserve to die. Yes! The Christian, in all of his “God loves the sinner and hates the sin” has some complicity in these murders. I'll explain.

The Christian's first mistake is labeling homosexuality "Sin." This gives the homophobe and the terrorist the moral high-ground to eliminate said "sinner." The Christian just loaded the gunman's Uzi/AK-47/AR-15 with moral ammunition! The Christian, without doing one bit of EXEGESIS  (What's dat? Critical explanation or textual interpretation of scripture) reads a few spurious scriptures that seem to be condemning homosexuality and "go in" on gay people; in church, at home and on Social Media you can find these pseudo-wannabe religious scholars copying & pasting Levitical law, which they think is about same-sex attraction. The Christian knows jack-shit about Ancient Near Eastern religious practices! They don't know that the ONLY REASON any laws were written addressing so-called homosexuality was because the Jews themselves, in their nomadic, freebooting and wandering in the wilderness state came into contact with other nations who, from Time Immemorial had used sex (gay & straight!) as the ultimate show of worship & devotion to the Deity (God). The Christian mind doesn't know the history of the Feminine Principle, the Divine Goddess, the holy (but stingy) Sodomite cults that proliferated 3,000 years ago. 

For there is NO CONDEMNATION of homosexuality in the Bible! There is not even a word for homosexuality in the Bible! Every polemic & pogrom (Look the word up, lest you, in your finite vocabulary think I misspelled the word.) in the Bible was written to upset, destroy and eliminate the Goddess. Goddess religions used sex as worship and you, in your 21st century bullshit morality cannot judge another nation's religious understandings. Don't even go there!

With major redundancy, the Bible was simply attempting to stop Israel from leaving the confines of the Mosaic Law for a more appealing (and advanced) religion that incorporated some ass, dick & pussy into its ritual. (The Goddess religions) No scripture in the Bible, whether we're talking Old Testament or New Testament is about same-sex attraction (i.e. homosexuality). It is merely those Old Testament fuckers trying to sway Israel AWAY from practicing sex-based religions. That's biblical history fo' yo' ass! 

The Levites (those ig-nant men who wrote laws and said, "God said...") of the Old Testament and that fuck-boy-snake-in-the-grass-Uncle-Tom-lackey-puppet-quisling Paul of the New Testament NEVER wrestled with homosexuality! They gave no fucks about men screwing men or women bumpin' uglies! And the proof is that there is no law in the Old Testament condemning lesbianism! None! Nadda! Zero! Zilch! The Bible wrestled with Goddess worship; what these new-jack ethnocentric dickhead scholars call "Cultic Prostitution" even though these Goddess women were not prostitutes and known in their own language as the "Qadishtu" or "Holy/Sanctified Women." (Read "When God Was a Woman" by Merlin Stone and get a clue!) How the fuck's the Bible gonna makes them whores just 'cause they give up the stank-box to the Creatress of Heaven? Fuck outta here! If you really want the particulars on why the Bible talks about supposed homosexuality, read my book, "Hip-Hop Homophobes: Origin & Attitudes Towards Gays in Hip-Hop; As Perpetuated By Rappers, Thugs, Athletes, Raggae Rastas & Religionists; Essays on the 3,000 Year Old Polemic Against Homosexuality; A Religious Hoax!", 2007 ISBN 978-0-595-47541-4, 147 pages $15.95) 

Hey! It's my fucking blog! I can promote my work! 

The Christian doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about because Rev. Chickenfoot, their Jack-leg preacher doesn't know religious history. So, they can be gnawing on a greasy pork sammich (no typo!), which is also against the Bible's law while calling out a gay person for being gay. This, they do with a straight face! (We won't even discuss the fact that God said rest on the Sabbath 7th day [Saturday] and Christians say, "Fuck Saturday and the 4th Commandment! We resting & worshiping on Sunday, the 1st day of the week! So says our Catholic whore mama!") 

There is always a doctrine that fuels the wrath of the fanatic who would dare play judge & jury to a group of people. The following are not my words, but the words of someone on Social Media who summed up the complicity of the Christian: “You weren’t the gunman, but you didn’t want to see gay people kissing in public. You weren’t the gunman, but you don’t like gay characters on TV. You weren’t the gunman, but you think gay people are sinful and need saving. You weren’t the gunman, but you were upset when gay people gained the right to marry. You weren’t the gunman, but you use slurs for gay people. You weren’t the gunman, but you would vote against legal protections for gay people. You weren’t the gunman, but you’re the culture that built him. You’re the bullets in his gun.”

Yes! These “bullets in the gun” are your homophobic rhetoric—quoting archaic biblical scriptures that you believe condemn homosexuals to death on Social Media—being part of a religion that teaches that homosexuals have no place in God’s Kingdom. Indeed! You are the bullets, be you Christian or Muslim that subscribes to these things! Hypocrisy is your friend! The saying is, “Don’t throw rocks and then hide your hand.” The Christian understanding and teaching on homosexuality has given you ammunition, yea, the AK-47s to take out the homosexual. You may fix your lips and say “We are all God’s chillun,” but your teaching against the homosexuals makes you complicit in any murder of a homosexual! From your mouth runs the blood of a killer and from your hands drips the blood of terrorists! The Christian and his teaching and condemnation of the homosexual are like the whore of Proverbs 30:20, which says, “Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness.”

You teach against homosexuality and wipe your mouth and then when a person such as myself shines the complicit light of truth in your face you say, “I have done no wickedness!”  Oh yes you have! You don’t understand how you set the tone for the murder of a gay person by quoting those archaic and spurious Old Testament scriptures. You are like a young Louis Farrakhan who would write that Malcolm X deserved to die and when the deed is carried out you throw your hands in the air and say, “I didn’t kill Brother Malcolm!”  "The pen is mightier than the sword!" Tru' spit! Every time you get on Facebook quoting anti-gay shit you're complicit in the murder of the next victims! You are not the shooter! You are the bullets! 

Religious (Islamic & Christian) homophobia—and cultural homophobia is the immoral pretext that murdered 49 gay people in Orlando! The picture is always bigger than the shooter—in this case, some sand-nigger wrestling with his sexuality. (Yeah, I'm feeling hella racist right about now, but it's just writing emotion and fodder, but fuck how you feel! I'm downloading my anger!) 

Though I speak to my Christian family about their homophobia and complicity in the murder of gay people, there are other belief systems that are extremely homophobic and wish death upon gay people. Muslims, Moors, Hebrew Israelites, Kemetic/Egyptian thinkers and most of the so-called "Conscious Community"; those Afrocentric motherfuckers who walk around burning incense while drinking libations and funking up a room 'cause they stopped wearing deodorant! I see you Back to Africa coons! Fuck you for saying fuck gay people and see me when you see me! 

Orlando was not just an attack on “people” as some Christians would like to suggest. Homosexual people were targeted for extinction, which makes this a terroristic hate crime. They wanna play the “All Lives Matter” card and act like “Black Lives Matter” had no credence—like “We don’t care that they were gay lives, they were people.” NO! They were gay people just like that white boy targeted black people in that church! In both cases they had a “Target Audience”—blacks & gays.

The next time you feel the need to quote scripture concerning gay people on Social Media (Facebook, etc.) or say anything remotely homophobic—know that you are fueling the vicious fires of murder and terrorism. You don’t have to be the shooter! You are the bullets!

Khalil Amani is gay hip-hop's "Straight Advocate." He writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, The Biography Channel. Author of six books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani.

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