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VladTV: I’m Calling Foul on Your Homophobia!

VladTV: I’m Calling Foul on Your Homophobia!

By Khalil Amani

I’m a fan of on these Internets! Its owner, DJ Vlad has a really neat website (I think it’s far better than its rival in terms of information and interviews), but I’m calling foul over this gay thingy! And if DJ Vlad thinks he’s gonna Rick Ross sue me over this blog, somebody better tell him I’m a broke Negro who rides a scooter and makes minimum wage flowering Yard-Bird down at the local Chicken Shack!

DJ Vlad, best known for getting hands put on him beat up by Rick Ross & Company over the correctional officer allegations, which, by the way, proved to be true—Vlad sued the dog-shit out of Ross for an alleged $300,000, thus Ross rapped, “A punch in the face a getcha three hundred k/Ask Vlad/ Now he back to makin’ minimum wage/Another victim of my criminal way.” (From the album Teflon Don, song “Tears of Joy.”) Now you know why you never see or hear any of that great Maybach music/videos on his site! What a fucking travesty!

But fuck alla dat! I’m crying foul over DJ Vlad’s fixation with gays in hip-hop. He’s never stated his personal views on the subject, but it’s quite clear that he ain’t with it. He’s posted a shed-load of videos with Lord Jamar, who has taken on the mantle of the hip-hop homophobic king. (P.S. “PHOBIA” also means “having an aversion to” not just fear! Step ya definition game up!) Lord Jamar is passionate about the exclusion of any gay rap voice in mainstream hip-hop/rap. He believes that black men are becoming effeminized and emasculated by gay culture and that gays are pushing their agenda onto hip-hop.

But I ain’t mad at Jamar! Erry’body’s entitled to their opinion, no matter how outdated and antiquated they are! I’m taking DJ Vlad to task! Why? Because he is one-sided on this debate, discussion/question—the gay question, that is!

Don’t get it twisted! Most mainstream hip-hop sites and publications are guilty of homophobia! Either by avoidance of the issue or downright get-the-fuck-out-of-here-with-that-bullshit! VladTV just happens to be in the line of fire because this site feigns progressive by discussing the gay question in hip-hop, but never airs an opinion outside of the resident Negro’s opinion!

DJ Kay Slay is the only mainstream hip-hop head of note who has said, “Aiight! Tell us why gays deserve to be part of hip-hop?”—by letting me pen an article in Straight Stuntin Magazine six years ago! (Tell that white boy I ain’t new to this shit! I’m just new to him!)

You see a nigga's name on da cover! Don't ack like you don't! (Circa 2008)

Vlad has thrown objectivity out the fucking window! Vlad might think he’s moving the conversation forward, but if the only view and opinion he airs is by the same dude, then what’s the point? Lord Jamar has gone from iconic hip-hop figure to being relegated to in-house resident authority on gays. Like, is Vlad using Lord Jamar to feed and fuel his own homophobia? Why the same nigga spouting the same shit? We know Lord Jamar’s position! He has articulated it umpteen times! Shit!

Where is the voice/s of acceptance and approval for gays in hip-hop? Don’t give us ig-nant rappers with condescending affirmations of “gay mafias” and shit! Don’t interview mainstream rappers that smugly tell us they’ve prolly worked with a gay rapper unwittingly and unbeknownst to them!

I don’ offered up myself as the sacrificial lamb to VladTV and Lord Jamar and his great body of knowledge on this subject, but because I’m a fucking nobody (in Vlad’s eyes)—dude won’t even dignify me with a “Fuck no!" response.

But fuck me! There are some great gay rappers/thinkers, like Juba Kalamka and Tim’m West—both college-educated to the Masters level who made their bones in this hip-hop game in Oakland, that hotbed of social activism and consciousness. Put them on camera with Lord Jamar and watch them thoroughly deconstruct Jamar’s oh-so-weak argument against gays. Can hip-hop see that debate DJ Vlad? Or do you wanna continue the charade that Lord Jamar is invincible?

I call foul on DJ Vlad and his website! You’re pandering that same ol’ hip-hop homophobia, pimping another black man to spew the venom which you harbor in your heart. You’ve hired a black man who seems not to know that black men wore tunics, skirts, robes, dresses (or whatever the fuck your vocabulary can digest) hundreds of years, yea, many millennia before the white man introduced britches (pants) to the black man and had him adjusting and readjusting his nut-sack! (And you wonder why niggas always holdin’ themselves! Perhaps, innately, pants ain’t for a nigga?) I call foul on you DJ Vlad for exploiting another black man! You’ve dressed up a pseudo-revolutionary in the garments of white supremacy! You wrong fo' dat!

If you wanna spit that revolutionary shit, you need to study one of America's most revolutionary minds ever! Chairman Huey P. Newton, founder of the Black Panther Party! The honorable Brother was kickin' that real science waaaaay back in the 60's and you coons today still got the humanity-towards-others game all fucked up! Read what he said about homosexuals!

"I do not remember our ever constituting any value that said a revolutionary must say offensive things towards homosexuals... We have not said much about the homosexual at all, but we must relate to the homosexual movement because it is a real thing! And I know through reading and through my life experiences and observations that homosexuals are not given freedom and liberty by anyone in the society. ...we know that homosexuality is a fact that exists and we must understand it in its purest form; that is, a person should have the freedom to use his body in whatever way  he wants. This is not endorsing things in homosexuality that we wouldn't view as revolutionary. But there is nothing to say that a homosexual cannot also be a revolutionary. ... Quite the contrary. Maybe a homosexual could be the MOST REVOLUTIONARY! We should be careful about using those terms that might turn our friends off. The terms “faggot” and “punk” should be deleted from our vocabulary, and especially we should not attach names normally designed for homosexuals to men who are enemies of the people, such as Nixon or Mitchell. Homosexuals are not enemies of the people. We should try to form a working coalition with the gay liberation and
women’s liberation groups."

DJ Vlad may not read this blog or acknowledge the error of his ways—but I’m standing on the right side of history! I stand with Huey, Martin, Coretta, Sharpton, Dyson, West and President Barack Obama and even your Five Percent Nation brother Jay Z! (all of whom have or would have affirmed gay people) when it comes to our gay countrymen! If hip-hop does not deal kindly on the gay question, she is merely speeding up her demise and people of your ilk (some might consider a “culture vulture”) are helping dig her grave. Stop pandering that same ol’ tired-ass hip-hop homophobic tradition! Make this a righteous debate! And if you’re thinking about suing me, just remember! I work at the Chicken Shack! One.

Khalil Amani is a blogger for AllHipHop. He also writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Instagram @khalil_amani, Youtube @ yahweh 12

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