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XXXTENTACION & Khalil Amani: Six Degrees of Separation!

XXXTENTACION & Khalil Amani: Six Degrees of Separation!

By Khalil Amani

They say, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” There’s also a saying: “Six Degrees of Separation.” This phrase is defined as, “The idea that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other so that a chain of a ‘friend of a friend’ statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum six steps.”

What is the “Six Degrees of Separation” betwixt XXXTENTACION and Khalil Amani? Keep reading!

There’s lots of scuttlebutt in the Conscious Community surrounding the death of XXXTENTACION and this rapper’s connection (if any) to Awol-YouTuber, Conscious Speculation. They are "speculating" that the rapper and the YouTuber are the same person. Conscious Community YouTubers like Israel Doctrine, Kev Gillz, Michael Edwards, Sa Neter and Red Pill are a few of the YouTubers mulling over XXXTENTACION, his death and possibly being the YouTuber, Conscious Speculation.

If you’ve been following Khalil Amani, you know that he's full of controversy—the first media person to speak/write on the Afrika Bambaataa date-rape allegations—the professed ex-Government Informant—the gay rapper advocate—the hip-hop writer for and DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine--all while being a Conscious Community pariah (outcast).

So what is the connection between Khalil Amani and XXXTENTACION? Before we answer that question, I need you YouTubers to think, for a second, and ask yourself this question, “Did Conscious Speculation ever diss Khalil Amani?” “Did Conscious Speculation ever call Khalil Amani a snitch or any other unflattering names like other Conscious Community folk did?”

Do your own research and you will see that Conscious Speculation never dissed Khalil Amani. Do you find this odd, being that so many other YouTubers went out of their way to disrespect Khalil Amani for being a Government informant? Hold that thought.


The “Six Degrees of Separation” betwixt XXXTENTACION and Khalil Amani is that Khalil Amani has known XXXTENTACION, heretofore known as “Jahseh” (his real name) since he was a snotty-nose kid, growing up in Miami. (You do know that Khalil is from Miami where he was in the Yahweh cult?)

Jahseh (XXX) knew Khalil Amani as “Abba” (Hebrew for “father”—a carryover from Khalil’s Yahweh cult days.)—also “abba” is the name that Khalil’s children and grandchildren know him by. Jahseh’s (XXX’s) best friend was Khalil Amani’s grandson, Khaim. They used to spend hours together playing X-Box and other games. Furthermore, Jahseh’s (XXX’s) Godmother is none other than Khalil Amani’s daughter, Keturah! This is the “Six Degrees of Separation” in which Khalil speaks of! Jahseh (XXX) is extended family to Khalil Amani. Khalil Amani’s daughter was best friends with Jahseh’s mother—for they were both strippers at world famous Miami strip club, King of Diamonds. While Khalil’s daughter and XXXTENTACION’s mother spent long nights in the strip club, their children slept over at each others homes.

Here's a short, graining clip of Khalil Amani's grandson Khaim playing with Jahseh (XXX)

Jahseh aka XXXTENTACION (foreground) with Khalil Amani's grandson Khaim (back).

Khalil Amani's daughter, 3rd from left was a dancer with XXXTENTACION's mother at K.O.D.

Back to Conscious Speculation. Conscious Speculation used the likeness of XXXTENTACION as his YouTube profile picture. Curiously, he stopped YouTubing some months ago, so with the unfortunate death of XXXTENTACION other YouTubers are speculating that YouTuber Conscious Speculation and XXXTENTACION are the same person. A call has been put out for Conscious Speculation to come forward and dispel this notion. Thus far, nothing.

YouTuber Conscious Speculation using XXXTENTACION's likeness.

Are XXXTENTACION and Conscious Speculation the same person? If so, could that have been the reason why Conscious Speculation NEVER dissed Khalil Amani—because Khalil Amani is XXXTENTACION’s Godmother’s—father?—“Six Degrees of Separation!” Could this be the reason why Conscious Speculation never slighted Khalil Amani—because XXXTENTACION’s childhood friend, Khaim is Khalil Amani’s grandfather?

Conscious Speculation may or may not be XXXTENTACION, but for a surety, XXXTENTACION—Jahseh knew Khalil Amani as “abba” and the father of his godmother. If they are the same person this would explain the respect—the hands off—the standing mute—the “Deafening Silence” on Khalil Amani by Conscious Speculation. I mean, really! Would you disrespect your godmother’s father?

Jahseh aka XXXTENTACION—even though his mother and godmother (Khalil’s daughter) were strippers—don’t discount their “consciousness” and write them off as—whatever men like to call female exotic dancers. Don’t get it fucked up! Khalil’s daughter, albeit a stripper, is highly intelligent, smart—a woman who’s read her daddy’s books and has a high level of consciousness! The same can be said for Jahseh’s (XXX’s) mother! Before the Conscious Community! Before Sa Neter TV! Before all of that—Jahseh was being awoken by the writings of Khalil, through his godmother. This is the flashpoint of XXXTENTACION’s consciousness!

If Conscious Speculation was XXXTENTACION—and by extension—most closely aligned with YouTuber Israel Doctrine—who is most closely aligned with Khalil Amani. Do you find this a mere coincidence?

These are the facts! XXXTENTACION’s godmother is Khalil Amani’s daughter. XXXTENACION’s childhood friend was Khalil Amani’s grandson. XXXTENTACION’s mother was besties with Khalil Amani’s daughter. XXXTENTACION aka Jahseh knew Khalil Amani through Khalil’s grandson and daughter and called him “Abba.” All facts!

Khalil Amani and grandson Khaim, childhood friend of XXXTENTACION.

Could this be the reason why Conscious Speculation was curiously quiet about Khalil Amani when he came on the Conscious Community YouTube scene? When everybody else was calling him a snitch and giving him the middle-finger? Jahseh would never disrespect his “Abba” (Khalil).

Indeed! “Six Degrees of Separation”—or, in this case “Two Degrees of Separation”—Khalil Amani’s daughter and grandson bridge the gap between XXXTENTACION and Khalil Amani. Are Conscious Speculation and XXXTENTACION one and the same person? Or is the YouTube community on some bullshit? I might know the answer to your query, but I think I'll sit back and let the "speculation" continue. I’ve given you jewels! Peace!

And don't forget to catch my show on the ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel next Monday night!

Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured inL.A. Times, Miami New Times, Miami Herald, Thump/Vice/, Forward, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult"(2010) andThe Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013). Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…”( ’07). Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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