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March 19, 2020

Kenn O’be` – Astonishing

Old school vibe blends with aggressive stylefrom Southern artist Kenn O’be`

JACKSONVILLE, FL  – When a song from Florida artist Kenn O’be` is heard, his signature sound is undeniable. With his southern drawl and unique rapping, this fast-rising artist is putting his stamp on Hip Hop in a way that cannot be ignored. 

His most recent single, “Astonishing,” is a perfect example of this new wave of sound. Released in December, the song explores the over-hype that comes with so many things in today’s world especially in today’s American culture. 

“The main focus of this song is about doing better than you were yesterday,” he said. “I was noticing within my circle that there were a lot of over-hype to things that didn’t need a lot of attention. The more I looked at the world, the more I became amazed at what people prioritize. So in this song, I use money as a metaphor for that measurement of success and getting ahead. And like with a lot of my music, I get aggressive a lot. People often tell me I remind them of Kevin Gates or Ice Cube. My delivery is definitely something that sets me apart. I put a lot of energy into my music and I have a very distinctive voice. This is definitely one of those songs that if played in the club would pop and everyone would get into it.”

Kenn has been doing music since he was 14 years old and over the years has developed a body of work that has gained him a strong fanbase throughout the South. With his newest releases however, that fan base is beginning to grow into wider circles across the U.S. 

He started his journey into music when his older brother, Rodney Troupe, returned from his four-year service in the military and introduced him to some of the music he’d created while stationed overseas in Germany. 

“He showed me a bunch of videos of him in the club performing and stuff, and I got really interested in that,” Kenn said. “Eventually, we went to the studio together and it became a way for us to get to know each other better. I remember sitting there and talking to each other and connected to each other through the music. I continued to do music until I was 20, but then I cut out of it for a while and worked in factories and stuff to pay the bills. I picked it back up when my daughter was born. She has been a major inspiration for me to get back into music.”

Kenn also credits his mother, Ida Troupe and his fiancée, Carla with pushing him to chase his dream of being a professional musician. He said he’s working on more music to be released later this year. The next thing he said he plans to drop is a song called “Secure the Bag” which he’s collaborating on with Nubux the Rapper. 

To listen to Kenn O’be’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:


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