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40 Glocc and the Degangsterization of Gangsterism.

40 Glocc and the Degangsterization of Gangsterism.

By Khalil Amani

The streets and the Internet have spoken! With a resounding, “Fuck are you doin’ 40 Glocc?”—this guy is trying to rewrite the rules of gangersterism; thereby opening the door to every would-be gangster who got beat the fuck up caught a bad one on video and was embarrassed by the “L.” 40 Glocc is currently suing rapper The Game, because, as he tells it, it’s not so much that he got his ass handed to him, but because The Game “edited” the footage to make him look like a weeny coward and profited off of his misfortune. (When your records ain't selling and 50 Cent ain't effin' with you no mo', what's gangster to do, eh?) 

(40 Glocc)

This is the era of the degangsterization of gangsterism! Since when do gangbangers use civil jurisprudence to settle street shit? Am I missing something here? Far from a street nigga, but even my college educated ass knows a little about street warfare!

Does 40 Glocc care about his street cred, rap legacy/”career” or people’s perception of him in this hip-hop game? Evidently, he’s willing to throw all of his chips on a 6-figure payday against The Game. This newjack suing move just sucks the wind out of gangsterism! The whole Crip Nation should be appalled and offended by someone claiming to be a Crip taking a Blood to court over a simple asswhipping that didn’t even result in a black eye! The only thing bruised on 40 Glocc was his ego & reputation, something a Band-Aid can’t cover.

(The Game)

But this is where we are at in hip-hop history—the era of weirdo rappers—Young Thug claiming that a great percentage of his ‘drobe are women’s clothes while insisting on calling himself a “thug” and a rapper who's trying to sue the drawhs off of his rapping counterpart jus’ ‘cause he got caught slipping in these streets.

But the hypocrisy is that this same rapper (40 Glocc) made his bones in the game with some weirdo-stalk-a-rapper-type-ish! Remember a few years back when he supposedly stalked Lil Wayne’s caravan in L.A. and had his cameraman on deck to film the beat-down if Lil Wayne or Baby had exited the vehicle? (I’ve heard that they weren’t even in that van!) He stalked those dudes! He straightway was gonna go back to his Project Castle and upload that shit to YouTube and show us how tough he is. Yes he was! But he’s suing The Game?!

Or how about the time he and his band of merry men bum-rushed Plies & Jamie Foxx’s video shoot, no doubt looking to check the gangsterism of Plies. Foxx tells us that Plies tucked his chain and got ghost.

And then there was the time when rapper Compton Menace handed 40 Glocc a nice right-left-uppercut-with-a-biscuit.

The fact is that this “gangster” 40 Glocc has only won one definitive fight on film—a YouTube video I've dubbed, "The Homeless Hoedown in Hollywood."—again, with his band of merry men when they beat up a defenseless homeless man for bragging that his daddy was a cop. Wanna see the footage? 40 renames this video and wants us to believe that this guy is a "fake gangster" to justify his actions, but clearly, something ain't right with this person's speech by the mere fact that a grown man invokes his daddy's name. Here it goes!

W.W.T.D.—what would Tookie do? And what does Monster Kody have to say about this blatant violation of Crip/street justice?

40 Glocc, in addition to suing The Game has supposedly thrown his fitted cap into the “celebrity boxing” game and instead of boxing The Game has taken on 50 Cent's in-house comic, Young Jack Thriller.

Man beats you up and you want a do-over—for money! LOL.

This is what 40 Glocc needs to know from me and hundreds of thousands of hip-hop heads following this fiasco—we don’t care if what you say about the footage being “doctored” is true! We don’t care if Game had ten shooters pointing guns at you! We don’t care about nunna dat! Why? Because you have such a dirty track record in these streets of beating up defenseless homeless people and stalking rappers that we just don’t give two-shits, two fucks or two cents! You’re a dirty, grimy-ass bully and seeing you cower behind that car after taking a few haymakers to your ribs was justice for all the fuckery you’ve unleashed in the name of gangsterism! My satisfaction of seeing you tap-out to Game was only second to seeing Suge Knight getting knocked tha fuck out by “The Barbershop Dude.”

(Down goes Suge Knight! 1,2,3,4,5...)

Just in case you were under a hip-hop rock, here's the footage which prompted 40 Glocc to leave this street shit alone in favor of a more peaceful resolution. Look a "Big Bad 4-0" squealing after those gut punches.

By telling the world that Game had his shooters on deck (while taking a shellacking) is snitching—not even “dry” snitching, but snitching! You have violated on two fronts! Suing & snitching! 40 Glocc has singlehandedly reinvented gangsterism! He has set a precedence and become the template for what future rappers will do when they get beat up on camera.

Yes! We know that The Game has been to court and had to take the stand, because you dragged him there with your frivolous lawsuit! To not take the stand is to stand "In Contempt" of the Court and lose by default! Of course he has to take the stand, but look who put him there! You 40 Cock Glocc!  How do you drag someone to court with a bullshit lawsuit and then call them a "snitch" for trying to protect themselves and their money? Cut it out 40!

In a 21st century kind-of-way, I guess suing is better than fisticuffs or gunplay, so kudos to 40 Glocc for wanting to settle this beef in a court of law (side-eye). Do you my nigga, but after this lawsuit I’m-a need the Crip Nation to revoke your Crip Pass. And understand that you have set in motion the degangsterization of gangsterism—you and Young Thug! And hey, 40! Civilian life ain’t that bad! Maybe you can try your hand at blogging or flipping burgers!

Khalil Amani writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, The Biography Channel. Author of six books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani.

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