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40 Glocc: Giving Bloggers Hella Comedy Relief!

40 Glocc: Giving Bloggers Hella Comedy Relief!

By Khalil Amani


I think 40 Glocc and I should start a rapper/blogger comedy act! You know—like Laurel & Hardy, Penn & Teller, Amos & Andy, Abbott & Costello. I done blogged about home-biscuit prolly five or six times over the years. Like, we know each other, even though we’ve never met. Why oh why does this dude continue to give us bloggers hella comedy relief? 40 really needs his own reality show. I just wanna be the Mouse-Pad-Mobster that keeps you informed every time his coonery rears its head.


Now comes 40’s justification for suing The Game for getting the breaks beat off of him. It took some time to come up with, else we would’ve heard about it a long time ago. Talk about hip-hop gymnastics! This Negro somersaulted over all of his past ig-nant deeds and bullying (like running up on Lil Wayne’s caravan, bum-rushing Jamie Foxx and Plies's video shoot, fighting with rapper Compton Menace, beating up on a defenseless/homeless man on Hollywood Blvd. and his supposed thrashing of Game’s manager Taydoe—most of it on Youtube!) and laid his hurt ego at the feet of Game via a lawsuit. Twenty-first century thuggin' never looked so fooGAYzi!


(Rapper40 Glocc. Does this look like the face of a guy who would sue you over a street fight?)


When asked, why he filed a lawsuit, 40 looked up at the ceiling (prolly thinking, “Ah shit! I knew this was coming!) and slowly, carefully and methodically tried to convince DJ Vlad that his lawsuit was valid and had merit. I bet DJ Vlad was thinking, “Nah nigga! You’z a Gangsta! You’re supposed to take that fade for the code of the streets! I, on the other hand, got beat the fuck up by Rick Ross & goons and sued the drawhs off that fat-fuck for a cool $300,000! I ain’t no street wigga! I ain’t bound by any gang culture or street code! You were sayin’…”  I just bet DJ Vlad’s mind was somewhere else listening to this bullshit! LOL!



(I'm sure Vlad bit a hole in his bottom lip to keep from laughing at the lunacy of it all!)


If 40 has any chance of redeeming his street credibility he has to do the following: #1. Drop the lawsuit against Game immediately! #2. Make light of the suit, claiming he was just fucking with Game and #3. Start talkin’ that rough, rugged and raw shit again. (His Twitter posts, as of late, have bordered on the saintliness of Mother Teresa! A good ass-whipping has a way of giving a person a new perspective on life! I’m jus’ sayin’…) I need the old 40 Glocc back! That nigga who called me a faggot!


(Rapper The Game, a Blood who beat up Crip rapper 40 Glocc)


40 Glocc was asked about how he thinks hip-hop will respond to his lawsuit—what “affect” it would have on his street-cred? Oh, this nigger is either a clueless gang banger or is really no gang banger at all! With a straight face, this fooGAYzi-ass gangster rapper shamelessly tried to convince us that Game was the snitch (even though it was he who first said Game & goons held him at gunpoint. Isn’t that called snitching?)—that Game’s video footage was for “entertainment” purposes and 40 needs to get “compensated” for his entertainment. Tha fuck? LOL. In case you missed the beat-down:




The amount of mental gymnastics it takes to convince one’s self that the hip-hop bully (40) has been wronged is just staggering! For 40’s bitchassness, he gets a perfect “10” on the Uneven Bars of raconteuring (story-telling) for coming up with such far-fetched-ness (and guy gymnasts don’t do Uneven Bars! That’s for the girls!)


This is the reason we bloggers are needed in this hip-hop game! Somebody has to articulate the fuckery of these rappers and rappers like 40 Glocc continue to gives us ammunition, yea, fodder for our literary aspirations. Don’t hate!


40 Glocc! There’s such a thing as “Bitchassness” and there’s a “worser” term called “Bitch-de-fied." It is similar to an HIV positive person converting to full-blown AIDS. I’m starting to think that you have that full-blown monster (like Kanye West)—Bitch-de-fied! This lawsuit is the dagger in an already dead rapper's corpse and the oven for 40's cremation. (Career-wise, that is!) Feddicent (50) must’ve cut you off the money-train to throw your street-cred out the window for a payday! The sad part is that if you weren't claiming to be a Colton Crip gang member, suing Game would be justified. I mean, a lowly blogger like myself who makes minimum wage flouring yard-bird at the Chicken Shack while moonlighting for gay rappers--I would love to get beat up by the likes of Game. I'd sue him into Kingdom Come! But you, a gangster rapper and street punk are rewriting the rules and regulations of the streets with this lawsuit!


What if Gunplay would've tried to sue Fiddy & Goons over the ass-whipping they handed him? Shit was caught on video too, but you don't see him tryna get his civilized jurisprudence on! Nay! He took the "L" like a G! And what if Gunplay would've used 50 Cent's video to incriminate him for the theft of his MMG chain? Nay! Gunplay chalked up the monetary loss and kept it moving! Oh, but this 40 Glocc!


Where the fuck is 50 Cent? I know damn well the Southside Jamaica Queens don ain’t cosigning a lawsuit over a street fight—how ever it went down! (I’m sorry Mr. Stanley “Tookie” Williams, R.I.P.—O.G. Crip. We’re living in the days of mammon [greed] over everything!)


You can peep the whole interview right cheah!



Khalil Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay's Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazine. He is ine of the new bloggers at Check for him! Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Youtube @ yahweh 12.


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