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40 Glocc: The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost, Eh?

40 Glocc: The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost, Eh?

By Khalil Amani



Say it ain’t so 40 Glocc! Tell us that you are just joshing with this suing The Game thingy! What part of “the game” is this? (No pun intended) A Crip suing a Blood? Handling beef by civil jurisprudence? By god, the streets have now become civilized! Stanley “Tookie” Williams (R.I.P.) and Monster Kody Scott—two of the realest Crips to ever bang have gotta be scratching their heads at one of their own snitching over a street fight! Damn!

                                                 (Rapper 40 GLocc a.k.a. Big Bad 4-0)


By now we’ve all seen the footage of Big Bad 4-0 aka 40 Glocc gettin’ that work from The Game. He beat the brakes off 40—while holding his cell phone! On its face, 40 got his ass handed to him. Take that “L” my nigga! You’re still alive to fight another day, but this court-lawsuit-snitching thingy is just so UN-gangster! Peep da footage of the beat-down! This nigga 40 gets quite conciliatory as The Game saps the gangsterism out of his heart.


Me and 40 Glocc done had our Twitter Beef words in the past. I’ve called him out for his homophobia and he’s called me “faggot-lover” and “doogler” (his corny word for gay), but, through all of that, I reached down and found some respect for him. I mean, after all, I gotta respect his hustle, being part of 50 Cent’s crew (and most likely Fiddy’s 1st string weed carrier--allegedly!).


But back to this suing The Game for kicking his ass…


If 40 has any chance of redeeming his street credibility he has to do the following: #1. Drop the lawsuit against Game immediately! #2. Make light of the suit, claiming he was just fucking with Game and #3. Start talkin’ that rough, rugged and raw shit again (His Twitter posts, as of late, have bordered on the saintliness of Mother Teresa! A good ass-whipping has a way of giving a person a new perspective on life! I’m jus’ sayin’…) I need the old 40 Glocc back! That nigga who called me a faggot!


But what it looks like—it looks like a case of the “Chickens coming home to roost,” as Malcolm X so eloquently said of America’s own violence towards its own citizens. All of the dirt 40 Glocc has perpetrated on others, The Game whipped the violence out of him—snatched his gangster from him—stole his will to beef—beat the bully out of him! Yes! 40 has been a rap bully! From stepping to Jamie Foxx and Plies to trying to attack Lil Wayne’s entourage to fighting rapper Compton Menace, a fight that by every angle of Internet footage, he lost—to the most disgusting and despicable NON-act of gangsterism aggression—beating on a homeless and defenseless man on Hollywood Blvd. That’s the ONLY documented “fight” that he decisively won! How gangsta is that? LOL. Check out the footage of 40 Glocc & goons beating on a defenseless man. SMH!


All of 40 Glocc’s fights are on the Internet! He put them there, editing the footage and giving color commentary. Now he’s upset that The Game “might’ve” done the same. It is his contention that Game & goons held him at gunpoint while Game “got it in”—a one-piece, two-piece, body blows, and a three-piece with a biscuit—and then 40 hobbles away behind a car, wedged in by some bushes. Da boy was dejected and defeated! 40 claims he didn’t put up his dukes for fear of getting shot, so he took that “L.” But listen to Wack 100, Game's manager and my Straight Stuntin Magazine homie on the West Coast. Dude makes an exceptional case for The Game. Wack says, "Yo' name is 40 Glocc! Where your gun?" LOL. Peep it!


If this be the case, cool! But 40’s been promoting himself as a hardcore gangster rapper—a bona fide Crip gang member! Telling the world (and the courts) that The Game held you at gunpoint is a straight gang culture violation! You’re snitching! Not “dry-snitching,” but snitching!


I mean, I know Game has some loot, but to go after his money over a street fight? C’mon son! You’re looking softer than a dude who advocates for gay rappers (me!). LOL. I know 50 Cent ain’t cosignin’ this! I’m-a need you to find your dignity, doff, your gangsta, yea, your manhood! Suing Game is a straight bitch-move.


40 Glocc’s violence towards other has come full-circle. Getting beat up by The Game is just a case of the “Chickens coming home to roost.”


Khalil Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay's "Originators" and "Straight Stuntin Magazines." Follow @ khalilamani

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