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Katt Williams: Before I Self-Destruct!

By Khalil Amani

The first time I saw Katt Williams perform—Denver 2000/2001—before he was famous. He was calling himself “Katt in the Hat” back then. (I guess the good folks at Dr. Seuss had something to say about a nigga jacking the name, eh?) From that first performance I knew this dude was a train wreck waiting to happen. He got off to a good start, telling his jokes and all, but as soon as the heckling came he was unnerved, taken off his game and he became a belligerent little bastard—how ever entertaining! That night he was sporting a red two-piece thingy—a quasi smoking jacket/pajama top, which he claimed was some designer shit—Gucci (or some other over-priced piece of garbage made in the sweat shops of China)—a real fashion misstep faux pas. At that show, Katt ended his set early because some jerk was raggin’ on his fashion sensibilities (and rightly so! That “shirt” was a horrendous eye-fucking-sore!)


After the show, I made my way backstage to give “Katt in the Hat” one of my books (“Ghetto Religiosity 2000”) (I was on that educate a celebrity back then.) We exchanged pleasantries and he accepted my book after I’d autographed it for him.


Later, I would see him star in movies like Ice Cube’s “Friday After Next,” “Norbit,” “Ganked,” and “First Sunday.” His career had taken off! His comedy was sharp, his wit—cutting-edge and his timing—impeccable. I thought I read or heard that he was a single father raising a bunch of “Bebe kids” too. That made me root for him even more!


But look at this Negro now!

Do some celebrities think that we, the general public don’t see their downward spiral? Does money make them think they are above the law? Do they think they are immune from public scrutiny and condemnation? We all have drug addicts in our family, so we know when they’re on that bullshit—sucking the Devil’s Dick (doing crack) or popping Mollies and Ecstasy. Like, do they think their coonery, buffoonery, and negroic ways are to be tolerated?


Katt Williams is on that bullshit!


Katt Williams! Katt Williams! Katt Williams! You’ve gone from being one funny motherfucker to a self-destructive little imp! C’mon son! Is anybody in your camp NOT a brown-noser sycophant? Somebody needs to sit your little narrow ass down somewhere and give you an old-fashioned extension cord ass-whipping—and then put you in a drug intervention program! My gawd! My nigga! You’re self-destructing before our eyes! I’m airing you out in hopes that you will get the help and treatment you need, because that monkey is fucking your back up!


Just look at this coon! He's in Target harassing a white dude who makes minumum wage! It never occurs to him that this guy might be a minor. Gonna get jailed and sued! Just a damned fool!

All your shit-talking—your cancelled shows—your club “fights”—your Target bitch-slappings! Didn’t someone slap the dog-shit out of you a few years back in a Detroit nightclub? If memory serves me right, you went on radio and admitted to taking that “L.” But lately? You’ve become the “Suge Knight” of the comedy world—pulling guns on comedians and shit—bullying people by daring audience members to meet you outside for an old-fashioned fisticuffs match. Home-slice! You’re too light in the ass to be selling wolf-tickets and slapping mofos! Don’t you realize that you are on a dead-on collision-course to receive the greatest ass-whipping your little body can handle? Oh! It’s coming!


Having a little man's Napoleonic Complex coupled with a bad drug habit is a deadly combination, my dude. Take away your bodyguards, your yes-men, and weed carriers and what do you really have to prop you up little man? What are you, like 5’4” 130lbs. soaking wet? You ain’t kicking nobody’s ass and if that Target employee had just an ounce of heart (or a little ratchetness) in his body—he would’ve used you as the mop to keep them aisles dirt-free!


But I’ve seen niggas like you in the ‘hood and in the industry. You don’t hear me though… I’m just trying to shock the ignorance out of you before you self-destruct and leave them Bebe Kids fatherless. Get your mind right son! Get help! Get treatment! Get your "Richard Pryor" on and flush them drugs down the toilet! One.

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Comment by Khalil Amani on December 4, 2012 at 12:28pm
no he isn't, but you can still send posts to his page, which I did! I also sit this blog to FAIZON LOVE (from the movie FRIDAY as BIG WORM), the comedian who says Katt pulled a gun on him recently. FAIZON LOVE RETWEETED this blog to his 20,000 followers! Good look!
Comment by Lisabeth on December 2, 2012 at 3:25pm

is Katt one or your followers at Twitter?
i sure hope and hope he sees this heeding the wise counsel.

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