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Sovereignty: The Stevie J. Jewel

By Khalil Amani


Many of y’all think that Stevie J. of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” is a buffoon, a clown, a ratchet-ass Negro with very little moral scruples—Yea, a new-jack coon, but after this most recent episode I personally have a newfound respect for his mind. I bequeath Stevie J. an honorary C.O.O.N. (Consciously Optimistic, Overtly Nihilistic). WHY? Because he dropped a jewel of megalithic proportions that went over the heads of the majority of the hip-hop populace when he stated (in reference to being married) that he was “Sovereign.”



Sovereign is defined as “a monarch, king, queen, or supreme ruler, independent of outside authority.” Each one of us comes into this word as a “sovereign” entity and it is only when our parents name us and give us a birth certificate and allow us to be numbered (Social Security Card) that we forfeit our right to sovereignty. We become corporations on Wall Street and our names (which are written in ALL CAPITALIZED LETTERS on all legal documents) are proof-positive that we go from flesh & blood entity to "Straw men" and "Straw women." (The Wizard of Oz’s real message.) Interestingly, this ALL CAPITALIZATION of names to become property of the government has been going on since the days of Jesus. Haven’t you ever thought it strange that in the Book of Matthew in the New Testament, chapter one, verse 25 Jesus’s name is in ALL CAPS—JESUS. It is the only time his name is in ALL CAPS and it is because the premise for destroying sovereignty was birthed through religion with Jesus being the first corporation of the Roman Empire. It’s deep man!


We all know that the standard English rule on capitalization of proper names is that only the first letter of each name is to be capitalized. So why is your full name capitalized on your Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Credit Cards, Birth Certificate? It is because this name that you walk around with is your “Straw Man”—your representative—your Corporation! You're a millionaire and the C.E.O. of a corporation bearing your name! Fo' real doe!


Once a citizen has accomplished the fantastic feat of Sovereignty they are no longer required to abide by American law and neither can they be prosecuted by American law. I personally know several (white) guys who are Sovereign. They carry no driver’s license and have no tag on their vehicles.


Is Stevie J. truly Sovereign? If he is, this would explain why baby mama & dem can’t find a legal record of his and Joseline’s marriage and the fact that Stevie told us that he’s sovereign—he’s definitely aware of the Sovereign Movement, which is picking up traction as I write this blog. Stevie J. is married under Sovereign Law and in the eyes of God! Mimi is climbing the wrong effin' tree!



Marriage, biblically defined, is when a man has sex with a woman. She becomes his wife in the sight of God. There is no need for the white man government to issue a “Marriage Certificate.” This is also true of Sovereignty. You become the law by speaking it into existence.


While his baby mama & dem are looking for a legal marriage certificate, Steve J. let those of us who know (about Sovereignty) that he is on some other ish—namely taking back his "being" from corporate America and claiming his divine and inalienable right as a one-man sovereign nation.


You think I’m grasping at straws (no pun intended). Do your fast-food research (Google, Wikipedia, etc.) and get a glimpse at what I’m breaking off to you! We were never meant to be CORPORATIONS! We’ve been hoodwinked from birth! You are worth millions of dollars and U.E.O.N.O. (You ain't even know it!) You never needed a Marriage License, just as you’ve never needed a Driver’s License, because, according to Blacks Law Dictionary, a “driver” is “one employed in conducting a coach, carriage, wagon, or other vehicle, with horses, mules, or other animals, or a bicycle, tricycle, or motor car…” You only need a Driver’s License if you are doing commerce—employed—making money by the use of your vehicle. If you are behind the steering wheel of your hooptie car, going to the store, you are NOT driving, but rather TRAVELLING! There is a qualitative difference!


When we apply for a Driver’s License we are giving up our right to “travel” (in our vehicle). This, they know! And once we give up that right our government can tax that ass at will when you break one of their driving laws. And furthermore, acquiring a Driver’s License means that any vehicle you buy can and must be taxed yearly (insurance, tags, smog inspection). And when the "Omnipotent Administrator" (Eldridge Cleaver’s word for da police) pull you over, they can write you a ticket and continue making money off you, because you gave up your sovereign right to travel.


Here’s a tip when they pull you over. Sign the ticket and write “UCC3-108” under your signature. This code lets the government know that you reserve the right to challenge “said” infraction and that you are signing his paper under duress (threats, constraints and possible violence)—[black people know all about "billy-club therapy" right Ice Cube?] and in some cases, the cop will tear the ticket up in front of you, because, indeed, they know you’re not the average Joe.


Steve J. dropped a bomb with his Sovereignty comment. With that shit-eating sinister grin on his face, Steebie J. confidently told the “knowing” world that he aims to be a free man through sovereignty. Whether Benzino and hip-hop heads acknowledge his words—that was the realest shit ever! Baby Mama Mimi hasn’t a clue about Sovereignty. Say what you will about the man. I’m convinced that he knows more than the average and is merely playing the buffoon for our entertainment. In slavery times they’d call this the “Jack Archetype”—a guy who’s inwardly smart-as-a-whip, but would cut the master’s balls off at the drop of a dime, yet outwardly, as coonish, foot-shuffling and buck-dancing as a house Negro. Dangerous beyond mention! This dude Stevie J. scored major cool points with this C.O.O.N. (ME!) I just hope those people don’t come for him!

Khalil Amani is a blogger for AllHipHop. He also writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Instagram @khalil_amani, Youtube @ yahweh 12

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