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A Lil' Smoke For Hassan!

By Khalil Amani

Let’s get right to it fuck-nigga! I got time today to address you, Hassan “Poppy" Campbell. For the last two months I’ve been minding my business by keeping your name out of my mouf. I was over here railing against Israel Doctrine (which I don’t even mention his name anymore! It’s just played out!), while deconstructing the Bible. I even unsubscribed from your channels Hassan just so I’m not tempted to write about the fuck-shit you spew! And so, recently, I understand that you addressed me on YouTube and had some very unflattering things to say about me. Are you so starved for YouTube content that you would invoke a nigga’s name like mine for some clicks & views? I only have 2,400 subscribers. Very few people on your channel even know my name or story! Are you covertly trying to help my starving channel’s numbers grow? I’m jus’ sayin’.

Off the rip, whoever told you that those big-ass stunna shades, sunglasses, wielding goggles were cute on you? On a bitch, they're fire, but on a light-skint nigga like you, not so much! Those aren't it my nigga! And take all of those stickers off your fitted, my nigga! This is 2019! Not 2009! You're looking hella Bozo-ish!


You’re telling people not to support Miss Leila Wills’s upcoming documentary, Trapped In A Culture—because I’m in it? And your rationale is that because I was once a government informant? Have you really fallen to this level of the "Sunken Place" of depravity? You would undermine the efforts of Miss Wills’s years of commitment to bring forth a story that highlights your supposed molestation by Afrika Bambaataa? Really? More and more, I’m getting the distinct impression that you’re still “in bed” (pun or no pun intended!) with Afrika Bambaataa. After all, you did allow Bambaataa to show up at S.O.B.’s and you wouldn’t even show up with a picket sign and let your voice be heard. I mean, after all, they’ve passed the Child Victim’s Act and you refuse to haul Afrika Bambaataa into court and get some reparations. You’ve done nothing that remotely suggests that you want justice for yourself and other victims of Afrika Bambaataa! And now you even want off the documentary? Are you sure that you and Afrika Bambaataa haven’t made up? Are you back in bed with Bam?

Hassan Campbell. Instead of letting a fuck-nigga like Michael Edwards taint your fragile mind with information about Sa Neter when the two of you were feuding—how about putting some context on that “shit-uation?” Why would you allow a guy like Michael Edwards—an admitted government informant like myself to uproot the peace between you and Sa Neter? You and Sa Neter had a nasty beef and I’m sure that both of you did and said things that were out of order—so what? They say, “All’s fair in love and war” and whatever tactics Sa Neter might’ve employed against you were as justified as the tactics you employed against Sa Neter. Shit was ugly all the way around the board and because Michael Fedwards might’ve shown you a few “receipts” on how Sa Neter was trying to get at you—you are somehow surprised—and appalled? Michael Fedwards is manipulating you son! Can’t you see that? Michael Fedwards is not your friend son! Michael Fedwards is simply using you to get back at Sa Neter because Sa Neter has been blasting him over the Bible. Michael Fedwards is mad because Khalil Amani has replaced him in these YouTube streets as a Bible scholar of choice. Michael is butt-hurt over this. Just go look at his YouTube channel and see just how hurt he is. He’s turned into an "Israel Doctrine 2.0!" Remember how Izzy did all those videos on you Hassan? Well, Michael is doing the same thing to Sa Neter and myself—all over this Bible thingy. Sad.

You would stop and impede the progress of Miss Wills’s documentary because Khalil Amani—35+ years ago dealt with the FBI to save himself and his family and his city from a notorious murderer and child molester? Is that your story Hassan? Yet, you would get in bed with another known—and admitted government informant named Michael Edwards—and believe his report? Oh, you didn’t know that Michael Edwards once worked for the FBI? Michael once said on YouTube (AND I QUOTE!) “I wanna inform you that I have contacted the FBI—in my state—I’ve contacted IC3—You should know what that is—you doing Internet terrorism, you should know! And I have also contacted the local authorities. I’ve taken measures and steps with YouTube and my lawyer…. all of y’all are going to go to prison! …The FBI are gonna contact Omar Goodall…"

Do I need to bring the receipts? Do I need to play the audio of Michael Edwards saying this Hassan? I can! It's on YouTube! 

This scary-ass, cowardly-ass Negro, Michael Edwards ran straight into the arms of the FBI over YouTube beef once upon a time, but faults Khalil Amani for going to the FBI over a man responsible for killing 14 people? Now who's the real coward? A man dealing with an organization with a proven track record of murder or a man snitching to the FBI over simple YouTube banter? Michael Edwards is coward! 

Hassan! So this is who’s giving you information? Michael FED-wards? Righttttt! Shout-out to Taharka Bey for exposing Michael Edwards as a real government FBI informant! You had that nigga begging you to take down your video! LOL. It's still up! Moving right along….

Hassan! You wanna know how I contacted your brother? Easy! Simple! Social Media! Stop acting like I’m some government spy with great resources at my beck & call! I simply went to Facebook and scrolled down your mother’s page—("Wanda Campbell Davidson" right? You can thank that fuck-nigga, Michael Edwards for putting your mother’s business in these YouTube streets with her letter! This is who you're listening to now?) I found your brother “Q” on Facebook through your mother's page—who apparently is your mother’s “favorite” child. I found it curious that he seems to be the only sibling showing your mother love on her birthday and Mother’s Day and routinely interacting with her. I found it curious that you, Hassan, were nowhere to be found on your own mother’s Facebook page! The fuck is that all about?

Anywhoo… I reached out to your brother in hopes of contacting your trans child (as you know!). I received no answer for months—and then, on a random Saturday, your brother “Q” said he wanted to speak with me—and we spoke over the phone where, after correcting his conversation concerning your mother, which he was claiming that I had disrespected her, because, apparently he had me mistaken with other YouTubers who may have spoken ill about your mother—we had a very respectful conversation. “Q” let it be known that he was riding with you, Hassan, right or wrong—and I let him know that I’m riding for the truth—that I don’t stand by people, even if they are family when they are wrong. How “Q” can stand by you Hassan when you talk reckless about your own family—how you publicly called your sister a “monkey bitch”—how you threatened to tip over the wheelchairs of elderly relatives at your mother’s funeral—how you recently said that your brother has the “ugliest name ever” (were you referring to “Q” aka “Quizeem”? I think that’s a pretty cool name!) At any rate, my conversation with your brother was respectful and I appreciated his words. 

I never have disrespected your mother Hassan, even as we all heard you disrespect other's mothers, most recently disrespecting DJ Bandana Black's mother, thinking that she's some fat, overweight "Klump." If your mother was on her deathbed... if you cried on camera over your mother's condition... why would you disrespect someone else's mother, especially in light of the fact that your mother is sickly? Do you believe in Karma? I do!

Hassan! Stop with all the hyperbole about Khalil Amani! I used Social Media to contact your brother. There’s no government shit going on. Stop with conspiracy theory rhetoric! You, Hassan, are not that important.

Hassan! When you tell your audience about Khalil Amani being a government informant 35 years ago and give my story no context, you are being disingenuous, even deceitful and misleading. Never once do you say that Khalil Amani’s actions of working with the FBI is because a cult leader was responsible for having 14 people murdered—by ear-removal, stabbing, shooting and decapitation—many of the victims black people! Never once do you tell your audience that, like Afrika Bambaataa, Yahweh Ben Yahweh was a pedophile as well! Do you think these two little unstated details/facts would change the tenor of your rant against Khalil Amani? Of course they would and this is why you purposefully never state why Khalil Amani had FBI dealings, you insincere bastard! You’d rather, like the fuck-nigga and government rat himself—Michael Edwards—have people think that I’m the enemy of black people for a selfish gain.

What many of us want to know now is who are those two prepubescent boys you’re running around with on YouTube? You once said that people shouldn’t trust you around their children, because oftentimes victims of child molestation become child molesters themselves. You said that Hassan! Who are these two boys? Do their parents know that they are hanging out with you? Do their parents know that they are at your house—in the backseat of your car? Even more alarming—do their parents know that you, Hassan, are broaching grown-folk conversations about sexuality and sexual orientation with these boys? These boys, who appear to be around 11 or 12—maybe 13 at the most—have no business being exposed to sexual conversations—especially as spewed by Hassan Campbell! What would make Hassan want to even broach a subject of a sexual nature to these naive and young minds? He said to them, “Neither one of you ain’t got no plans to be a cross-dresser right? If these little boys had titties, they wouldn’t be sitting in the back of my car! I don’t play with little boys with titties! We don’t raise little boys to be transgenders!”

Where are the alarms? Where’s the YouTube police? Where are their parents? If you know these boys' parents, please let them know what kind of language and conversation Hassan uses while speaking to them. One of the boy's (THE ONE WITH THE BLOND STREAK) YouTube channel is "JaTv."

Again! Where are these little boys' parents? Who gave Hassan the authority and permission to talk to these kids about sexual identity issues? At 11, 12, 13—these boys may just be starting to explore their sexuality through masturbation—and maybe Internet porn. Who’s to say if one of those boys isn’t already gay and already knows that they are attracted to the same sex? And here’s Hassan—talking the most reckless—and stupid—and dumb stuff to children who may or may not even be thinking about sex—in any form or fashion! They may very well still look at girls as having “cooties” and here is Hassan talking about transgenderism! Clearly, these kids are sitting in the back seat of Hassan’s car, uncomfortable as fuck, listening to this sexually-charged ignorant rant! At the sake of being redundant, where are these kids' parents?

These little boys are simply enamored and fascinated and enthralled and star-struck with Hassan Campbell’s “Big YouTuba” status. They are trying “come-up” off the back of Hassan’s popularity. In another video, you can see the glee and excitement on their little unsuspecting faces as Hassan implored people to go subscribe to their struggling YouTube channels—both boys having about 1,200 subs. But it’s not simply a matter of these two boys using Hassan Campbell. Hassan is “using” them as well, as he puts them on camera for YouTube views and has them broaching serious subjects like the death of a famous actor (Cameron Boyce)—and a short “film” where the boys discuss a father not being in his son’s life and smelling like weed when he comes home—and, of course, having the boys on camera for his sexually-charged rant against gays and transgenders.

Hassan is straightway snatching the innocence from these boys' childhoods! They should be making videos about sports and playing games and movies—and regular ol’ kid stuff! 

Don't worried about whether Khalil Amani is in the documentary, Trapped In A Culture! Shame on you Hassan for telling people not to support the film! Just shame, shame, shame! And even more shameful than this? Infecting young, feeble, naive minds with rabid homophobia, simply because you once had Afrika Bambaataa's cock between your thighs and as a result of being a dead-beat dad, allowed another man to molest your child who turned out to be your transgender daughter. 

If anything can be extrapolated by Hassan Campbell's sex-talk with these 11, 12, 13 year old boys is that they might fully understand their own sexuality... and if they can, how come Hassan couldn't? How come he continued to allow Afrika Bambaataa to ejaculate on his stomach, chest and face up unto the age of 17 or 18? How come, Hassan?

Now call my name again! I got more smoke fo' ya!

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