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A Hip-Hop First! T-Pain, Paul Wall, Mike Jones & Yayo Do Video with Gay Rapper!

A Hip-Hop First!
Chopper, T-Pain, Paul Wall Mike Jones, & Yayo Do Video with Gay Rapper!

By Khalil Amani

Y’all already know I’m “Ya Gay Friend’s Favorite Straight Friend!” ( Some of y’all know that I write for DJ Kayslay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine—advocating for gay and lesbian rap artists, as well as women in hip-hop. I’ve been blogging and writing about that inevitable day when a gay rapper crosses the straight mainstream rap threshold and enters into the annals of hip-hop history. Well that day is upon us!

The lines between straight hip-hop and gay hip-hop are blurring everyday! With rappers doing more and more collaborations, one never knows what strange bedfellows will come together to make that hit record and video.

This was the case with newly out/gay rapper Verbal Science a.k.a. VS—a New York bred Central Florida transplant who’s been raising hell in the South for a minute. For years, he kept his homosexuality on the “down low” and then, in late 2009 came out has a gay rapper. Who knew?

(Newly openly gay rapper Verbal Science aka VS)

Some might think, “How did we not know he was gay?” Or “He doesn’t ‘look’ gay?” In our narrow view, we think all gay men have a particular “look” and can be clocked a mile away. Not so with VS and many gay men who, by all appearances, don’t fit the mold of the stereotypical effeminate gay male.

Verbal Science was a “Trojan Horse”—infiltrating the enemy’s music (rap) and coming out slaying with hot sixteens! Verbal Science is the future of hip-hop—straight and gay dudes rhyming and making the best music possible.

Verbal Science, the gay rapper has garnered enough attention that a few of hip-hop’s brightest stars made a cameo appearance in his video Whatchu Ridin On? Yes! T-Pain, Paul Wall, Mike Jones and Tony Yayo are seen lip-syncing “Whatchu ridin’ on?” The song features none other than Chopper (from Diddy’s Making Da Band). Granted, I don’t think they knew that Verbal Science was gay—or maybe they did.

Verbal Science gives a gay hip-hop site an Interview where he reveals that he is gay and what caused him to “come out of the closet.” His video Whatchu Ridin On? is on his Myspace page at

Can somebody get at T-Pain, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Jacob The Jeweler, Chopper and Yayo for a response? GGGGG G-UNIT! Inquiring minds wanna know if they knew they were big-upping a gay rapper. Lol!

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Comment by Khalil Amani on March 11, 2010 at 11:10am
How ironic for Verbal Science to name his song WHATCU RIDIN ON? a double entandre fo' sho! lol! Hey hardcore mainstream rappers... What are you really riding on?
Comment by Khalil Amani on March 7, 2010 at 10:43pm
see (Features section) for Verbal Science interview and for video featuring Paul Wall, T-Pain

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