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A Kilt is Still—Just a Kilt!

By Khalil Amani


Almost three years ago I wrote a blog on this subject (kilts) when rapper Kid Cudi popped up in one. (See blog: “Sometimes a kilt is Just a Kilt” Hip-hop heads were aghast at a rapper wearing a kilt. DJ Kay Slay said, “No black man should wear a kilt! You ain’t Scottish! That’s their culture nigga!” In classic Kay Slay fashion, he asks, in all sincerity, “Since when does a man have to lift up his skirt to get some pussy and a woman have to pull down her pants to get some dick?”


Of course, I took Kay Slay to task—that cultural-borrowing is nothing new! From the weaves black women wear to the designer clothes we wear to the cars we drive, another people created most of the shit that black people hope to own.


The list of celebrities who’ve worn the Scottish kilt is long—David Duchovny, Kiefer Sutherland, Stone Phillips, Robin Williams, Mel Gibson, Liam Neesom, Vin Diesel, Axl Rose, Mike Myers, Sean Connery, Samuel L. Jackson, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Snoop Dogg, P Diddy, and even the Geico Caveman! There is a certain amount of artistic licensure that comes with being in the limelight. Famous folk can get away with wearing outrageous clothes because it is an assumption that they can buy any kind of clothes they like.


No one said shit when Outkast rapper Andre 3000 wore a kilt in UGK’s video “Int’l Player’s Anthem.” I don’t recall hearing a peep about 3000’s sexuality! Andre is known for his outrageous dress code, so we accepted his kilt without dissing his sexuality. He wore that kilt and owned it!



Now, on 12-12-12, rapper Kanye West donned a kilt at a Hurricane Sandy concert in New York. Like clockwork, others were talking ish.


(Kanye West rockin' a kilt. I think that shit is cool! I love trendsetters!)


This is the same kilt Kanye wore with Jay-Z when they did “Niggas in Paris.” Strangely, I heard no scuttlebutt behind his kilt-wearing until now, when rapper Cam’ron went to Twitter disapprovingly about Kanye’s accoutrement. He tweeted, “Pyrex and a skirt? Sh*t ain't adding up. And if u co-sign this I'm blocking u!! Straight up. Ima have to save us."


(Why now? Kanye been rockin' a kilt with Jay-Z!)


Yeah! Cam’ron Giles—the same rapper who has done some gay foogayzi shit himself—from rockin’ pink furs, pink leather coats, and over-sized earrings in both ears. The same foogayzi Cam’ron who ignorantly told a 60 Minutes reporter that he’d rather move out of his neighborhood than snitch on a known child-molester.


(Rapper Cam'ron rockin' suspect pink... and wearin' it well! LOL)


Cam'ron has threatened to block (on Twitter) anyone cosigning Kanye’s kilt. Well block me ‘cause I’m cosignin’ it like-a-mug! Hell! I done been blocked (on Twitter) by that ugly-ass bish blogger Sandra Rose and that whore among whores Karrine Steffans. Being blocked simply cosigns my truth!


One could argue that commenting on another nigga’s fashion sensibilities (in and of itself) is suspect. (And if we're gonna grade niggas wardrobes, we should prolly start with 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifah & Trinidad James, eh?) If a nigga wanna wear a skirt kilt and let his ding-a-ling breathe—who am I to say no? Like really, what’s the difference between a nigga wearing a dress kilt and a nigga walking around showing us the small of his back, ass and panties? (saggin') Now that’s some fooGAYzi shit!


Cam’ron claims he’s gonna have to save us. Nah nigga! Save your career! You ain’t had a hit since “Horse & Carriage” (or was it “Hey Ma”)? Let's keep it real! This whole kilt thingy is just a nod at one's homophobia. Wearing a kilt somehow questions a man's sexuality here in America. And you, Cam'ron Giles would rather diss a kilt-wearing Kanye than snitch on diss a child-molesting neighbor. How can you possibly save us with this mentality? I'm-a need you to block me A.S.A.P., so we'll both know how fucked-up you really are! But before you hit that "block" button, I need you to understand that indeed, a kilt is just a kilt!


Khalil Amani is an advocate for gay/lesbian rappers and gay hip-hop's straight advisor. Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay's Originators, Straight Stuntin Magazine, Hoodgrown Magazine, Maybach Magazine and Sext Magazine. Follow on Twitter/Facebook @khalilamani.

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