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A Man ain’t Nothin’ but a Homo!

A Man Ain’t Nothin’ But a Homo!
Khalil Amani

That’s right! I said it! A man ain’t nothin’ but a Homo! What am I talking about? Listen up. Some heterosexual men love to gay-bash. They call homosexuals fags, booty-bandits, rump-rangers, and brown-towners. Their sexual activity is called goin’ down the dirt road, goin’ to shitty city, living in Brownsville, and traveling the Hershey Highway. Oh how some of us love to gay-bash! But let me tell you something, all of you heterosexual males. You are more "homo" than a homosexual ever could be! What? That’s right! From the time you came out of your mama’s womb you were a "homo." The minute they put those blue booties and that blue blanket and that blue bonnet on your head, you were being conditioned to be "homo." What? Yeah! “Homo-centric” and “Homo-psychic,”—not necessarily homosexual.

“Homo” comes from Latin meaning “man” and “same. Homo means “of the same sex.” Homocentric means having the same center. (i.e. likes, dislikes, surroundings, hobbies, etc.) Homo-psychic is a word I created to describe the same mind-set—the way males think... in general terms.

All of us are considered "Homo Sapiens" and we come from an earlier man, "Homo Erectus." Homo is a part of our make-up. Statistically, between 18%-42% of men have had some type of homosexual experience. (What?) As Jamie Foxx so bravely put it (paraphrasing), “I got issues when I look at Prince!”  Hey! The man was aesthetically beautiful on the eyes! I can admit that, while remaining fully heterosexual.

But I ain’t talkin’ about homosexuality in the literal sense. I’m talking about a "Homo-centric" and a "Homo-psychic" mind that men are bound by, which will not allow them act, live, think, feel, and do that which is contrary to the male-mind, which is tantamount to being homosexual or “soft.” Most heterosexual men are guilty of the "homo-centric" Idea. They are conditioned to be male-centered and they are programmed to do the male-thing. This is what makes them "Homos."

An example of the homocentric mind in the heterosexual male is evident in music. Rap is especially given to the homocentric mind-set of the heterosexual male. There are graphic illusions to homosexuality from so-called hard-core hetero-rappers. Dr. Dre. rapped (in reference to Luke of Two-Live Crew), “Gap teeth in your mouth so my dick’s got ta fit!” What does Dr. Dre. mean by such a homosexual lyric? He would tell you and I that Luke giving him a blow-job is a way of showing disrespect for Luke and his rapping—a diss to his masculinity, his manhood, effeminizing him. He could have said, “I’ll kick your ass in a street fight.” But instead, Dr. Dre chose to play out his fantasy of having Luke suck his dick. What does this say about a man who would let another man perform fellatio on him? Is this not some perverted form of homoeroticism? I think so. A follow-up question would be; If Luke did perform oral sex on Dr. Dre., does Dr. Dre. become aroused by Luke’s fellatio? And, if so, does that make Dr. Dre. homosexual as well as Homo-psychic? I think so. In that same song, Dr. Dre. and Snoop Doggy Dogg rap, “Luke’s bendin’ over so Luke’s gettin’ fucked!... one-eight-seven with my dick in your mouth! ...with my nuts on yo’ tonsils while you’re rappin’ at yo’ whack-ass concert! ...Eazy E can eat a big phat dick, Luke can eat a phat dick!”

In their minds they are doing the ultimate diss by trying to emasculate Luke and Eazy E of their manhood and turn them into effeminate rappers who suck the dicks of the hard-core gangsta rappers, but a “Sigmund Freud” might suggest to us that these rappers have a latent homosexual desire brought on by a severed relationship with their fathers. They may be suffering from some forms of the Oedipus Complex, and Castration Anxiety. Why else would some of these rappers want us to know that they would like to have another man perform oral sex on them or tell us the size of their penises? Snoop claims he’s packin’ ten inches. Hammer showed us in his Pumps and a Bump video that he’s either packin’ or stuffing his G-string. DJ Quik informs us that his “dick’s a size seven but if the bitch is fine it can stretch to a nine...”

The old feud between LL Cool J and Canibus is another example of homocentric thinking. Canibus raps against LL, “Study my rhymes, then you laid your vocals after mine! That’s a bitch move, something a Homo-rapper would do! ...99% of your fans wear heels!” There are a few things that are disturbing about Canibus’ lyrics. His lyrics are paradoxical. I hear homophobia and misogyny (hatred of women) in his lyrics. Out of one side of his mouth his misogynistic ranting is subliminally suggested with the use of the word “bitch,” a derogatory term used to designate the female gender. What is a “bitch move?”...Something a female would do? Out of the other side of his mouth he insinuates that LL Cool J is a “Homo-rapper.” At that time, were there any known “Homo-rappers”? I’d sure like to know! His lyrics suggest that he hates women and homosexuals. If this is true, what does that make Canibus? Perhaps asexual? And, what’s wrong with having the validation of a female audience? Why does Canibus think that rap must be validated by males? Could it be that Homocentric and Homo-psychic mind-set? I think so. When he is performing does he enjoy looking into the eyes of male fans more than female fans? If the answer is yes, this is homoeroticism!

Today, you’ve got a lot of rapper’s questioning each other’s sexuality. It is the ultimate diss.

Niggas are quick to say “No homo!” Even this ridiculous phrase is homo, because every straight hip-hop head and their brother has to say it before prefacing their words! Yes! You are homo—in your thinking! SAME, SAME SAME, SAME! That’s the Latin root of “homo.” SAME!

A man ain’t nothin’ but a Homo! The Freemasons, Shriners and college fraternities thrive on the homocentric idea. Guys-night-out and male bonding is about Homo needs. The new term introduced into American lexicon—“Bromance” (romance/friendship between men) is a thinly veiled walk up to the line on man-on-man relationships.

A man ain’t nothin’ but a Homo! The homocentric idea is everywhere present. This is also true of our various religious beliefs. It doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish, Christian or Muslim. Your religion is homocentric. The representations and symbols of your religion are homocentric. The love you express towards your god is homocentric. Even your god is homocentric! All of your religious heroes/prophets are male-Homo-centric. From your male gods Yahweh, Jehovah, and Allah to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha, we worship from a male-Homo-view of the Deity. James Brown used to sing a song, “This is a man’s, man’s man’s world.”He was right. Your very salvation is in the hands of a male god! Yeah, I hear you trying to argue that God is a spirit. The spirit god is a New Testament invention! Let me be blunt and tell you that that’s theological B/S! If God is a spirit why do you call the Deity, Father, God, He, and Him? Why do you use masculine pronouns/nouns to define “It?” Why don’t you use Mother, Goddess, She or Her? Doesn’t feel comfortable to you does it? The truth of the matter is that the god of the Old Testament is a Man!

The ancient Israelites didn’t see him as a spirit. This is clearly evident by the vivid accounts they give of their meeting with their male god. Have you read the Old Testament lately? He is clearly male-man. Read Daniel 7:9 where God (the Ancient of Days) is described as an old, bearded man. In Exodus 24:9-11, Moses and the elders meet God face-to-face and have dinner with “Him.” That’s just one example. There are many. Even the Adam and Eve story describes God as “walking” in the garden in the cool of the day.

And just what is meant when God says, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness?”A person would have to be devoid of the English language to make the God of the Old Testament a spirit. Howard Eilberg-Schwartz, in his book, God’s Phallus (penis) writes: ...the use of the pronoun “he” cannot be dismissed as meaningless. It indicates that people conceptualize God as masculine (25).Spinoza, in his Theologico-Political Treatise writes: The law of Moses...nowhere prescribes the belief that God is without a body [as in a spirit], or even without form or figure... the Bible clearly implies that God has a form [as in a man]...(59).See? I’m tryin’ to tell you!

(The Eurocentric "white" depiction of God as MAN on Sistine Chapel in Rome)

This male-god that we worship creates all and condemns those who sin. And we males,

homosexual and heterosexual, desire the love of this male god. There are even illusions in the Book of Ezekiel to God having a sexual relationship with Israel (16:8). Israel and Judah are spoken of as an adulterous wife and God as the jealous husband. In the New Testament, the male Christian desires the love of another man. The son—Jesus. Our male-love for the male-son is idealistic of the homocentric idea. The father is male. The son is male. And this male god has given human-males charge over females and all other creatures. This is the order of our paternalistic-sexist-homocentric religion. Not only are men the rulers and “maintainer of women” (as the Holy Qu’ran teaches), men also share the responsibility for the salvation of women and children. Men mostly lead prayers and the family blessing comes through the man. The man is the head of the wife and sits at the head of the table. He “wears the pants” in his house and he is the “king of his castle.” The male god has relegated his female creation to subjugation and second-class citizenship. The male god blames the sins of the world on his lesser creation, the woman (Genesis 3:16, I Timothy 2:9-15). The male god made the male-man first and then from the male, which he created, he made a “wo-man” or a “woe”-(troubled) man. She is a “fe-male” or a “fee”-male. She must pay a “fee” in the form of blood once a month for her sin in the garden. Only a male-god could create some shit like this! The woman, in essence, was created from recycled goods. This is the suggestion offered by being created from the side-rib of Adam. The miracle of the male god and his religion is that women, for centuries have bought into their second-rate existence with that tired-ass cliché', “God did not create the woman from Adam’s back, to be in back of him. Neither did He create the woman from the chest of Adam, to be in front of him. God created Eve from his side to be equal with him." 

Well guess what silly-nillies? God DID NOT create Adam from anything that Eve ever had! ...Front, back, side, rib, womb... nothing! And if Eve, or women are the equal of men, why do men rule everything? It is the homocentric mind-set! From orthodox Judaism where women cannot be priests, elders or rabbis... to the Christian Catholic church where women cannot be priests, bishops, or popes... to Islam where women cannot be imams. How do women convince themselves that they are equal partners in the Kingdom of God? Even the aspired place of Christians, the “King”-dom of God is homocentric. Why not the “Queendom” of God? Again, it is the homocentric idea in full effect. “There is neither Jew nor Greek... male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Yeah, right!

This is a utopian idea from another planet!

The preacher’s upright, elongated, rectangular pulpit is a symbol of the homocentric paradigm. It is a phallic symbol... a male penis. So is the cross—another phallic symbol. The phallic symbol or male penis is to be worshipped. In Japan and other parts of the Orient, you can see phallic worship. There are shrines and temples set up with all sizes and shapes of penises in them. There are huge monuments of erect penises which the people come to and pray for fertility. This is happening today! Whether overtly or covertly, we worship the male penis. The Washington Monument in Washington D.C. is a phallic symbol. It is called an obelisk.

(The original Obelisk/phallic symbol/penis from Africa!)

But in reality it’s just a big dick erected and “erect” that’s indicative of the homocentric paradigm of our Homo-centric-male government ran by mostly (White) men.

This is our phallic worship! (ie. we are a nation of dick worshipers!)

From the time we are born we are placed into categories and given a script to follow. Most males will follow the script to the letter. They will enjoy “male” things. Their psyche will remain Homo (same). Their attitudes about male-homosexuality and femininity will remain Homo. Many will castigate the homosexual for having a Hetero-(different) psyche. The next time you see someone who you perceive as homosexual, think about the Homo in you!

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