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Why Hassan Won't "Peace It Up" With Khalil?

Why Hassan Won't "Peace It Up" With Khalil?

By Khalil Amani

This is my last article on Hassan “Poppy” Campbell. I’m done, but before I go, let me address him one last time! Now granted. Hassan says some of the most egregious shit evaaaar, so if a day cometh where my whet pen cannot stomach his words, well, then, I will renege and be on his ass (Pause!) like stink on shit!

Finding one’s “Raison d’être” is what every human should seek! What is “Raison d’être?” A French phrase meaning your “reason for being”—your reason for the existence of something or someone; the sole or ultimate purpose of something or someone—the thing that is most important to someone or something: the reason for which a person or organization exists. You got it? What the fuck are you on this earth for? What’s your purpose in life? Are you just taking up space or are you trying to leave the planet better than you found it? Finding one’s “Raison d’être” is the Holy Grail of personal achievement—what psychologist Abraham Maslow referred to in his “Hierarchy of Needs”—the top rung of the pyramid—Self Actualization.

The new ghettorized slang for one’s “Raison d’être” can be summed up in the phrase, “Live your best life!” Are you living your best life? Khalil Amani is living his "best life" and has "self-actualized" and found his “Raison d’être." Khalil has a great career, advocates for blacks, women and gays, wrote seven books, writes for hip-hop and does national TV shows all while being the patriarch of his family. He only has one more grand feat to accomplish before leaving this earth; doing a movie!

I speak of one’s “Raison d’être” because YouTuber and Afrika Bambaataa child molestation victim, Hassan “Poppy” Campbell, when speaking on Khalil Amani, seems to think that he’s some old-ass struggling YouTuber who gets no views and is looking for a come-up off Hassan’s name. Hassan’s good at creating false narratives on people, but little does he know—he’s fucking with a wordsmith—a raconteur (storyteller) who’s genius with words! So let me set the record straight!

Khalil Amani has been on YouTube since 2012. He has never monetized his videos—tried to get paid from his videos, even though there is nothing wrong with that, but his motivation for being on YouTube is not motivated by financial gain. Khalil’s YouTube channel is about reading and writing! He demands your listening ear and your ability to read and wants to tickle your cognitive abilities. His blogs demand that you listen with an acute ear and process the information. Khalil has never “gone live” and had his mug all up in your face! If Khalil wanted, he could be that YouTuber with a shitload of subscribers! He has the wherewithal and the computer skills to make his YouTube visuals look as good as Sa Neter’s YouTube channel.

They say, “If you wanna hide something from a nigga, put it in a book!” Khalil’s YouTube channel is like a book—a visual book. Does he expect to have a shedload of YouTube subscribers? Fuck no! Smart people subscribe to Khalil Amani’s YouTube channel! Hassan has Khalil Amani twisted when it comes to this YouTube thingy! Khalil puts lots of shit on YouTube—his wife, children, grandchildren, Zumba routines, vacations, club scene events, push up videos, a video book, etc., etc., etc. Khalil’s writings on YouTube are just a small part of what he posts. He posts, not for fame or money or popularity, but for posterity’s (future generations) sake! Whether it be the children or grandchildren of Khalil Amani or researchers trying to decode the divine mind of Khalil Amani—I’m leaving lots of stuff to pilfer through on these YouTube streets! Unlike many YouTubers, Khalil Amani isn't on YouTube (as Hassan suggests) to become a YouTube star! I do this for shits & giggles and because it's fun and because it's easy and because, as a writer, I like to tear the lining out of ignorance. I'm not seeking YouTube notoriety, so stop lying to your audience about Khalil's motives. I just like barking on stupidity! Fuck a "live!" Fuck a "Superchat!" And fuck a "Like!" Khalil has two college degrees under his belt, a great career in the medical field, six published books, four national TV show appearances and a movie in the works! Can you dig that muthafucka? Hassan needs "Likes" and "Superchats" and financial stroking! Khalil doesn't! YouTube is simply recreation!

On Hassan squashing beef.

Hassan likes to say that if a man wants peace, he’ll give it to him—that if a man wants to squash beef, then he’ll accept that man’s olive branch or white flag. Well, that isn’t necessarily true.

YouTuber Born Divine God Allah recently called into Hassan’s show where they turned their beef into peace. Cool. Born Divine had said that Hassan wasn’t molested and knew what the fuck he was doing at 13 years old—going back and forth to Afrika Bambaataa’s house and being “thighed” and whatever else they were doing. The beef got into name-calling and talking about each other’s mothers, yet they squashed the beef! Cool. Hassan didn't have that same energy for a goon an hour away from his front door! He happily peaced it up with Born Divine, even after talking about each other's mamas! Even after Born Divine saying Hassan was gay and liked what Bambaataa was doing to him! 


Hassan deals in selective beef squashing—with dudes like Born Divine God Allah who is a certified street dude just a hop, skip and a jump from Hassan’s from door! (Newark, New Jersey) Did you know that there was an attempt to squash the beef between Hassan and Khalil Amani, but Hassan declined the invitation to make peace with Khalil Amani? Yep! About five months ago I received a call from Sa Neter with the expressed purpose of ending beef with himself, Michael Edwards and Hassan Campbell. Aware of the so-called “Adjustment Bureau” tactics of Sa Neter, I graciously said that I would stop feuding with him and Michael Edwards and I spoke three-way with Michael Edwards where we both apologized for our harsh words and agreed to make peace. Since that time, we three have remained cordial and not spoken negatively of each other. Peace, be still!

Sa Neter went on to ask me about making peace with Hassan Campbell. I said, “Sure! I really like the guy! I was actually a pro-Hassan dude when he came out! Our differences lie in my advocacy for gays, but I’m willing to peace-it-up with the brotha!” Straightway, Sa Neter put me on hold and spoke with Hassan about a peace treaty. With baited-breath, I waited to speak with Hassan and peace this thingy up. Not! Sa Neter came back on the line and told me that Hassan was not ready to peace it up with me. I said, “Ok, Cool.” 

Again. Hassan lies when he says he squashes beef when a man wants peace. Nobody’s kissing Hassan’s ass to make peace, but I really don’t have a beef with him. We simple have differences of opinions about the Bambaataa narrative—the gay agenda—and, I guess, me being a ex-government informant. I guess these things are too much of a burden for Hassan to "peace it up" with Khalil. Talking about his mama, his son's titties, claiming that he wasn't molested and threatening to go see Hassan are the only things that will make him accept another man's peace treaty ala Born Divine God Allah. Khalil never violated Hassan the way Born Divine God Allah did.... 

But Hassan won't "peace it up" with Khalil? In all of Khalil's writings, not even once does he call Hassan out of his name--faggot--or question his molestation! As someone who was once in a cult like Hassan, Khalil understands how the leader can get up all in your cerebellum and have you mentally fucked-up on some Stockholm Syndrome ish. Go back as far as you can on Khalil's YouTube page and all of his writings on Hassan are respectful and answer Hassan's homophobia, his demagoguery,  his narrative claim, his relationship with his transgender daughter and the disrespect he exhibits towards his wife on camera. Khalil's writings on Hassan are deconstructions, critiques, and criticisms. Not once does Khalil call Hassan a faggot, dick-in-the-booty, undercover brotha who was Bambaataa's lover! Check the record! Khalil can't get no love? Khalil can't get no love from Hassan?

You know what it is? Hassan only respects disrespect. That's how and why he can "peace it up" with Michael Edwards and Born Divine God Allah and Sa Neter! He claims Sa Neter tried to have him murked in Harlem! Hassan "peaced it up" with Sa Neter! And most recently, after Hassan went on a drunken stupor, liquid courage-filled YouTube rant, threatening to come up to Harlem and kill Sa Neter (I think his actual words were, "Leave him where he's standing")--the beef has been rekindled. Will they work it out and "peace it up" again? Probably. Meanwhile, the one YouTuber, Khalil Amani who hasn't went in on Hassan with vulgarities, Hassan wants no part of a peace treaty. Why? Because...  

An intellectual deconstruction of Hassan is not to be respected.

It wasn’t my idea to squash the beef with Hassan. I could care less about the peace and he will never be a friend or confidant of Khalil Amani. It was Sa Neter’s idea and I was simply open to the idea of squashing the beef. What I find interesting is—what did Khalil Amani do so bad that Hassan is unable to squash the beef? Hassan even said in one video that he could see himself squashing beef with his #1 arch nemesis, Israel Doctrine! I heard it with my own ears! But Khalil Amani? I become Hassan’s perpetual enemy? Why? If Hassan would’ve peaced it up with Khalil Amani months ago, guess what? Khalil would’ve put his pen in time-out and never written another word about him—just like I ended my war of words with Michael Edwards.

Team Hassan/Khalil.

Does Hassan not realize what a force he could be with Khalil Amani on his side? Does Hassan realize that his and Khalil’s lives are mirrors and uncannily similar—and are intertwined? Khalil wrote the first article addressing Afrika Bambaataa’s date-raping of a Spanish man. Three years later, Hassan cosigns Khalil’s story. Hassan was quoted in Dave Wedge’s article, “Afrika Bambaataa Allegedly Molested Young Men For Decades. Why Are the Accusations Only Coming out Now?” Khalil was quoted in Dave Wedge’s article, “Afrika Bambaataa Allegedly Molested Young Men For Decades. Why Are the Accusations Only Coming out Now?” Hassan is in the documentary, "Trapped in a Culture.” Khalil is in the documentary, “Trapped in a Culture.” Hassan was in a cult—the Zulu Nation sex cult. Khalil was in a cult—the Yahweh cult. Hassan spoke with the FBI and may very well be working with the FBI. Khalil worked with the FBI. Hassan wants to write a book. Khalil has written seven books! Hassan has a transgender child. Khalil is a LGBT advocate. Hassan wants to take his message of child molestation advocacy to the masses. Khalil has been on four national TV shows—1988’s, West 57th Street—2010’s The Biography Channel’s, I Survived a Cult—2013’s, The Biography Channel’s, Escaping Evil: My life in a Cult—and more recently—June 2018’s, The ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel in conjunction with People Magazine’s Cults.

Khalil Amani on 2010 The Biography Channel's "I Survived a Cult."

Khalil Amani 2013 on The Biography Channel! National TV!

Instead of having Khalil on his team, Hassan would rather remain in the cesspool of Internet internecine fighting. Instead of Hassan peacing it up with Khalil, he’d rather wrestle on a dungheap with other YouTubers. Instead of embracing Khalil Amani, Hassan would rather have a dick-swinging contest and war of words that don’t mean shit! Instead of using Khalil Amani to get his media contacts and move his message into mainstream, Hassan can’t get passed Khalil’s advocacy for his transgender daughter and all LGBT folk—can’t align himself with a known ex-FBI government informant—he’d rather wallow in the muck & mire of YouTube politics! The nigga is highly invested in what others think of him.

Imagine how far along Hassan would be if Khalil Amani were on his team? Hassan could use Khalil’s writing abilities to help him write a great book, exposing Afrika Bambaataa! Khalil has written articles for He could have easily put Hassan’s story on this website, which would help bring his message to a hip-hop audience. Khalil writes for iconic DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine—a magazine that is all the rage in the music industry and the penal system (prisons). Khalil could’ve easily gave Hassan a great write-up in this magazine, which would further push his message. Khalil’s even been a guest on Sirius XM Radio twice—a radio provider that has an international audience! Khalil’s been on The Howard Stern Show—and DJ Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper Radio Show. Imagine Khalil using his pull to get Hassan on international radio—The Howard Stern Show and DJ Kay Slay’s show! Imagine how far along Hassan would be with the help of Khalil Amani riding for him?

Khalil Amani with gay rapper Deadlee on The Howard Stern Show in New York

Khalil Amani with 5 gay rappers on DJ Kay Slay's Sirius XM Satellite Streetsweeper radio show in New York.

Khalil Amani was recently on national TV—ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel talking about cults. Hassan could be doing national TV and telling his child abuse story to a national audience, but instead of using Khalil’s contacts and connects—he refuses to even peace it up with the man! Never has one person had so many direct connections to publicity than Hassan Campbell—from famed hip-hop personality, Star aka Troi Torain who gave Hassan his YouTube break—to Sa Neter—who is the unofficial president of the so-called “Conscious Community” who further pushed Hassan’s agenda, but the biggest, brightest, most nationally known persona—Khalil Amani, Hassan has dropped the publicity ball.

Khalil Amani recently on ID Channel for People Magazine show, June 2018.

Hassan told Sa Neter he didn't wanna "peace it up" with Khalil Amani, even though, on several occasions Hassan says he "peaces it up" with those who ask for peace. Hassan is too emotionally invested in the fact that it was an ex-government informant, gay rights advocate who first broke the Bambaataa story. He disses and slights my writing on Bambaataa as "Celebrity gossip" so that the Bambaataa narrative can rest comfortably in the lap of the dude who blew him up on YouTube, Star--even though the most comprehensive story done on this "shit-uation"--by a white Canadian guy named Dave Wedge who wrote, "Author and blogger Khalil Amani, a Colorado-based writer for DJ Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin Magazine, was the first to publicly allege sexual misconduct by Bambaataa." Hassan, putting his foot in his mouf in that same article made Wedge write, "[Hassan] Campbell and Savage both said they too have intimate knowledge of the reported stabbing incident, corroborating [Khalil] Amani's account. Here's the full article.

"Afrika Bambaataa Allegedly Molested Young Men For Decades. Why Are the Accusations Only Coming out Now?

Thank God for Dave Wedge and YouTuber Israel Doctrine for straightening out the Afrika Bambaataa narrative and giving credit where credit is due! The real hero of the Bambaataa story is the young Spanish man who wasn't gonna let Bambaataa "thigh" or fuck him! The focus NEVER should've been on Hassan, but rather, the Spanish man who stabbed Bambaataa! Now "what the fuck happened to that boy?" That is a legitimate question. 


On Hassan's Transgender daughter.

Hassan has a son who became a daughter. He has a transgender daughter. Instead of allowing his trans child to live her truth—Hassan has made his daughter an anathema and a pariah (outcast) in his life. Instead of understanding that transgenderism isn’t a fly-by-night, change-of-heart, I-think-I-want-to-change-my-sex-today decision. The transgender person has felt that they were in the wrong body from their earliest childhood recollections! Hassan tells us that his transgender daughter was raped and/or molested as a child, thus reasoning that his child’s transgenderism is the direct result of being molested/raped. SMDH. No nigga! Your son had feelings of being in the wrong body way before—and way after his alleged child molestation! Your child’s transgenderism has ZERO to do with what may or may not have happened in his childhood! Khalil, as a gay rights advocate understands these things. Again, Hassan would serve himself well by having Khalil as a comrade, but instead, would rather hate his transgender daughter and hate Khalil Amani.

A day cometh when Hassan will have to deal with his transgender daughter—and make peace with her—and come to terms with her truth. On that day, Hassan will be in the subservient position. It will be this child—Hassan’s first-born transgender daughter—the love of his life—his heart—and the “Apple of his Eye”—that will be there to take care of Hassan’s old-ass! It will be this transgender daughter that will be the perfect match for a new kidney or blood typing that Hassan will need to stay alive. This will be karma like Hassan has never seen!

Hassan is repulsed and disgusted that from his loins, he has a transgender child. He would rather blame it on his child being molested. That’s his easy quick fix to the complicated understanding of transgenderism.

Sex, sexuality and gender assignment are not black or white—either or—and the proof is that some children are born with both genitalia—a dick and a pussy—a hermaphrodite. Is the child male or female? This is only the physical manifestation of gender assignment, but the brain, the internal sexual identity process is the unseen. The process by which the physical makeup is male, but the internal process is female and vice versa.

Embrace your transgender daughter Hassan! Do it before it’s too late! For there should be no religious ideology—no social construct—no “what will my friends think”—no YouTube voices—no nothing that should keep you from a relationship with your transgender daughter! Fuck the world and everybody in it should be Hassan’s mentality towards that which sprang from his thigh! For indeed! There is no ism, ideology, religious persuasion or social construct that would keep Khalil Amani from having a relationship with his gay or transgender child! Fuck the world! That’s my baby!

Khalil is someone who’s in New York regularly. Eventually I will cross paths with Hassan. I’m waving the white flag because I’m afraid of Hassan. I’m afraid that Hassan will make me lose my freedom behind his fuckery. I’m afraid that—like a cat pushed into the corner and has no option but to claw his way out—I’m the guy who will hurt Hassan out of fear for my life. I’m under no pretense that I can take Hassan in a street fight, so I already know what I’d have to do to walk away victorious. I'm leaving Hassan alone and I hope he leaves me alone. My life is far more important than this YouTube shit! I'll still be in these YouTube streets, but on a more saner, positive note. Be well!

Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured inL.A. Times, Miami New Times, Miami Herald, Thump/Vice/, Forward, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult"(2010), The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013) and 2018's, ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel in conjunction with People Magazine "Cults." Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…”( ’07). Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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