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Afrika Bambaataa: On Shaking the Gay Rumors.

Afrika Bambaataa: On Shaking the Gay Rumors.

By Khalil Amani

I came on the hip-hop blogging scene in 2007, writing for an obscure website called “” My steez was I’m “Ya Gay Friend’s Favorite Straight Friend.” I was the only straight dude championing the cause of gay & lesbian rappers entertaining mainstream success. Oh, the hate I received was crazy, but I was built for this job! I was called “faggot,” “punk,” “D/L,” “A.I.D.S Ridden” (by XXL mag’s Bol)—you name it, I was called it!

And in 2016 I’m still advocating for my gay rap countrymen!

One of my hip-hop premises on the advent of rap/hip-hop was that Disco music—a music that was all-the-rage of gay America had morphed its way into rap. Just look at the early pioneers of rap and their accoutrement (clothes/swag). Afrika Bambaataa, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were no more than broke-ass, ghetto rip-offs of the gayest male group ever—Village People—a group of costume-wearing homosexual men who had the ears of America singing such hits as “YMCA” and “Macho Man.”

Indeed, hip-hop borrowed heavily from the 70’s Disco era when it came to appearance, yet hip-hop, in all of its homophobia feigns to be the “Macho Man” of all musical genres—disrespecting the shit out of any semblance of gayness.

Enter Afrika Bambaataa.

It’s been rumored for years that Bam was into teenage boys. Yeah, one of the founders of this homophobic musical genre known as rap. Niggas in New York been whispering behind his back! The ex-Black Spade—the leader of the Zulu Nation—a fag? It’s been rumored that I’m gay, but that’s just niggas trying to make sense of a so-called “straight” man repping for gay rappers. I understand the concept is hard to wrap one’s mind around, but there is NO gay dude that will jump out of my closet and confirm your imagined gayness of me. But Afrika Bambaataa?

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!” “Stray dogs don’t bark at parked cars!”

Have you heard the two-part interview on Shot97 wherein a dude has come forth claiming that Bam is gay. He goes into convincing detail about Bam making this teenage boy “jack him off” and that Bam jacked off and sucked the teenage boy’s pecker on many occasions. Here's "Part 1" of the latest Afrika Bambaataa homosexual scandal.

A few years ago I broke the story of Afrika Bambaataa getting knifed for sucking a man’s dick while that man was passed out. "Afrika Bambaataa—Gay—and Date-Raping?" (April 2013) 

Supposedly, the man woke up and went ape-shit crazy on Bam and cut him up pretty good. The story was told and confirmed to me by several New York street cats/music industry insiders. And! I received a DM on Twitter from a high-ranking Zulu Nation member who I had a phone conversation with who confirmed the stabbing incident and that those Bambaataa-gay-teenage-boy-rumors were true—and that most New York Zulu members are aware of Bam’s proclivities for homo-love. I was the only blogger who reported the stabbing of Bam over nob-slobbin’.

SIDE NOTE. (Coincidentally, Bam was admitted to a hospital on that same day, but it was reported that he had heart palpitations, but of course, HIPAA keeps us from knowing exactly what he was being treated for.)

Straightway, Bam’s Zulu Nation PR tried to dispel the story and cast me as a liar—some no-named blogger looking for a come-up. I was summarily dissed by the Zulu Nation and many in the comment section. Hell, I was even dissed by gay hip-hop media! They told me straight up, “Fuck outta here Khalil! Bam ain’t gay and Bam didn’t get stabbed!”

All Bam had to do was take a picture with his shirt off holding a newspaper on the day in question and post it on these Internets and all speculation would have disappeared. But instead, he sent his Public Relations department out to do damage control.

Niggas got in their feelings. I was threatened by Zulu Nation members and trolls alike for reporting what the (New York) streets were whispering. I’m in middle-America hearing this fuckery, so I know the New York hip-hop media caught wind of this story, but because it is the founder of hip-hop—His Royal Rapness Afrika Bambaataa—they stood mute and let the story die. Indeed, Bam got stabbed for sucking unwanted dick!

I’m just the messenger. You know the saying (Don’t shoot the messenger). Afrika Bambaataa is gay. It’s high-time HIP-HOP comes to grip with its gay roots! Yes! I'm that nigga saying, "I TOLD YOU SO!” I’m that nigga who's been raising the flag of inclusion in rap/hip-hop music because I’ve known for a long time that rap’s homophobia was a sham—a facade—a fake-ass heterosexual good ol’ boys club that was founded on the founder’s gayness. In times past, my blogs only hinted at Afrika Bambaataa’s homosexuality, but no more! Bam is gay! Hip-hop is gay! So what the fuck do you look like telling a gay rapper that he ain’t got no business rapping? It’s time to tell the children of hip-hop that heterosexuality is not exclusive to rap music.

You might think I have a personal vendetta against Afrika Bambaataa, but that’s simply not the case. I have a personal vendetta against homophobia, and whomsoever has to be sacrificed to expose hip-hop’s hypocrisy as it relates to homosexual people—gay rappers in particular—then that’s just what it is! I didn’t write the script or the history of rap music and it’s just time-out for fakin’-da-funk. Homosexuality is as deeply entrenched in rap music as it is in any other musical genre! They say, “keep it real!” Well goddamnit, keep it real! Like Mister Cee, who I defended for having transgender proclivities, yet, being a part of our hip-hop story, it's time for Afrika Bambaataa to live his (gay) truth! You can still be Africa, conscious, kemetic, yea, Zulu and be a same-gender-loving man of color. Live Bam! Live in your truth! Word!

Khalil Amani, old-head. Defender of the Under-dog.

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