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Afrika Bambaataa: Stabbed Six Years Ago.

Afrika Bambaataa: Stabbed Six Years Ago.

By Khalil Amani

Every now and again, I’ve gotta run my resume down for these new folks coming over here thinking I’m some novice YouTuber without writing and/or hip-hop credentials. I’m very “Google-able,” but who has time for that, right? Before I became this great writer—a published author of six books—and before the cult and the Witness Protection Program—before all the media shit I’ve been on—from TV’s Investigation Discovery Channel, The Biography Channel, CBS, the Oxygen Channel—and before my appearances in nationally known media platforms such as Newsweek, Foxnews, In Touch Weekly, Spin Magazine, LA Times and People Magazine—before becoming a hip-hop writer for the first (and highly respected) hip-hop Internet website——and before linking up with one of hip-hop’s most iconic dee jays—DJ Kay Slay—and writing for his magazine for 10 years—Straight Stuntin Magazine— before all of these great writing accomplishments I was—and am—a hip-hop head! Don’t let my old age make you think that rap and hip-hop has passed me by. Verily (truly) I say unto you—I was a 19 year old kid when rap hit the airwaves! I’ll die a hip-hop head!

Yes! It’s hip-hop until the def—and as a hip-hop writer who’s had the pleasure and honor of meeting so many famous rappers and hip-hop personalities—from 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Andre 3000, Common, Gunplay, Rick Ross, Nore, DJ Kay Slay, DJ Drama, Birdman, Waka Flocka, Mysonne, Charlamange Da God, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera—I am totally ingratiated in the culture of hip-hop, so the murder of any hip-hop personality touches me to my core!

I never met rapper Nipsey Hussle R.I.P., but his death hurt my soul! I want to acknowledge his contributions to hip hop culture. I am deeply saddened by his senseless death. My condolences go out to his family—his beloved fans—and hip-hop. We lost a young man who was more than just a rapper! For indeed, Nipsey Hussle was a businessman and a humanitarian, philanthropist and an altruistic hip-hop personality who gave back to his community—while at the same time, becoming socially conscious of the ills of society, by associating himself with the likes of Tariq Nasheed and Dr. Sebi. His death rings on a Tupacian scale! Rest in peace young man.

This is the sixth anniversary of Afrika Bambaataa getting stabbed by a younger man who has become known to us by his first name, “Giovanni.” Six years ago—on April 1, 2013, I wrote the first piece exposing Afrika Bambaataa as “gay” and for “liking boys” (as I wrote back then). From my article entitled, “Afrika Bambaataa—Gay & Date-Raping?” a firestorm of controversy ensued where the Zulu Nation covertly threatened my life, while overtly mentioning my name in places like where they painted me as a liar and a government informant and an agent provocateur.

My article aside—it was YouTuber, Troi “Star” Torain who blew the Afrika Bambaataa story up and put this subject on mainstream hip-hop’s dinner table. He was able to interview real victims of Afrika Bambaataa’s alleged pedophilia, including two former Zulu Nation members who had compelling stories of sexual abuse—Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage and Hassan “Poppy” Campbell.

Last year (2018), on the fifth anniversary of Afrika Bambaataa getting stabbed, I put out blog after blog after blog—a total of five very powerful blogs in one day! Rehashing and bringing up the conversation when most others said or did nothing—including the Arkansas YouTuber who let that date go by without so much as church mouse peep! He didn’t say shit on April 1, 2018! It was just another day in Parkin, Arkansas for him. And so, today, the Arkansas YouTuber and his now-defunct movement (of which shall remain nameless) could only muster up a five minute video on Afrika Bambaataa’s stabbing while, at the same time, feigning himself to be the “Gatekeeper of the Afrika Bambaataa Narrative” that I once bestowed upon him and later rescinded—simply because he has nothing more to add to the conversation.

Go to the Arkansas YouTuber’s YouTube page and go to April 1, 2018 and see what he had to say about Afrika Bambaataa—and do the same for Khalil Amani. The results? Khalil Amani posted 5 videos on Bambaataa, Arkansas YouTuber posted 0 videos on Bambaataa! My point is—that the Arkansas YouTuber is a follower of the Afrika Bambaataa narrative, not a leader of the Afrika Bambaataa narrative no matter how much he tries to convince people that he has the figurative “patent” on the Afrika Bambaataa narrative.

It’s crickets from the Arkansas YouTuber on this sixth anniversary! Crickets, I say!

A year ago, we didn’t know the name of the man who stabbed Afrika Bambaataa—“Giovanni!” A year ago, we didn’t know that the man who stabbed Afrika Bambaataa—Giovanni, was a well-respected street dude with a mean fisticuffs and scissor-game—a man who was a gangster in every way who fought off a big, burly, beard-wearing behemoth—Afrika Bambaataa—and his Black Belt Bruce Leroy Karate-trained roommate—Ahmad Henderson—cutting them niggas from they “rooters to they tooters”—all while barking on those niggas on some, “Whatcha gonna do about it?”—on some dick-holding shit-talking!

Indeed, Giovanni was no innocent victim of Afrika Bambaataa’s pederasty, but one of Bambaataa’s young lovers—a homo-thug who got into a skirmish with Bambaataa over unknown reasons, but a lover’s quarrel nonetheless. Even Hassan “Freudian Slips” and tells us that the “word on the street” is that Giovanni later went to jail for stabbing muthafuckas! Niggas in The Bronx, Hassan included, don’t want no smoke with Giovanni! Not then! Not now! Not never! Word on the streets is that Giovanni’s walking around The Bronx holding his dick on some, “I wish a nigga would” type shit!

We didn’t know this about Bambaataa’s stabber, Giovanni, a year ago—and like an old pair of Izzy’s skid-marked, holey drawhs, in which the waistband has lost its elasticity and needs to be thrown in the garbage—the old Afrika Bambaataa narrative of “young innocent boy” being raped by Afrika Bambaataa has been demolished—torn to smithereens—and anybody still peddling that narrative, which I created in 2013 is operating behind the eight-ball.

Today we know more than we knew last year! We know the names of the four people who were on that conference call on the night that Giovanni stabbed Bambaataa. I said, “We know their names!”—four men who can independently verify that a stabbing took place on April 1, 2013. We know their names and in time—when we see fit, we will release those names to add more bite to the story. We’ve also identified others who were/are major players in the Zulu Nation.

Hassan can only verify what he knows, but we don’t need his verification! The Arkansas YouTuber needs Hassan’s verification! I actually have more details about the night in question than Hassan does, but because I’m throwing rocks from across the street, Mr. Arkansas refuses to update his Bambaataa narrative—a narrative that I gave him. He can’t verify the new narrative because to do so means he must dispose of the old narrative—and by extension, his so-called “movement.”

We’re gonna treat the Arkansas YouTuber’s Afrika Bambaataa narrative like an old tumbleweed and let the wind blow it away. We’re gonna treat his narrative like Pharaoh treated Moses and strike his narrative from every wall, tablet and YouTube scroll.

The proof that the Arkansas YouTuber’s narrative is dead is the fact that on today, April, 1 2019—on the 6th anniversary of Bambaataa getting stabbed, he has nothing to share, offer or add to the conversation, only a five minute video challenging Khalil Amani to provide more information.

Let’s get one fucking thing straight from here onward! Khalil Amani and/or Troi “Star” Torain is not responsible for maintaining, reporting, keeping Negroes abreast of or sharing information about Afrika Bambaataa! We just happened to be the two guys who the Afrika Bambaataa story fell into our laps. We are not responsible for keeping the conversation going!

The onus—the responsibility for keeping the Afrika Bambaataa story afloat rests squarely on the shoulders of his victims—more specifically, Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage and Hassan “Poppy” Campbell. They were his alleged victims! The law of the land, yea, the law of the state of New York, in which they reside recently passed the “Child Victims Act”—allowing them to seek punitive damages, even at their present ages, 41 and 54 respectively. Why won’t Ronald and Hassan drag Bambaataa into court and make him prove he didn’t do those horrible things to them? Ronald says he doesn’t want Bambaataa’s money, even though a court case is bigger than any monetary payout. It would mean Ronald having his day in court to face his accused and make Bambaataa scream, “Uncle!” (Admit his guilt)—and get some major closure—and for Hassan—a court case might be the “straw that broke the camel’s back”—a civil case that could be his watershed moment, freeing himself of Afrika Bambaataa’s psychological hold on his mind as a “father-figure” and breaking the spell of his self-prescribed, self-diagnosed “Stockholm Syndrome.”

If only Hassan were not a former street thug and killer who's still so damned conflicted over the street code of "snitching" versus civilian code of "telling." If only Ronald were not so polite and nice and had the killer instincts of a "Mike Tyson" to finish off a wounded opponent, Afrika Bambaataa would be toast! 

But these two men refuse to take that final, ultimate, definitive, action—beyond all the YouTube banter—and interviews—and legislation changes—and bring this story full-circle by hauling Afrika Bambaataa’s ass into a court of law and put an official stamp on all of these allegations. They’ve come to the door, but as of now, refuse to open it, which begs the question, “If they aren’t willing to fight for themselves in a court of law, why should we further fight to keep their message alive?” Hassan and Ronald don't want Bambaataa's money? In my worst Bernie Mac impersonation, "Fuck you! Pay me!"

Where's the Wizard of Oz when you need him? These two men, Hassan & Ronald need some courage—and brains that think and function for the greater good of all of the victims of Afrika Bambaataa. The media—Star & Khalil—and Leila Wills—and many others have lead these two horses to the water, but we can’t make them drink!

The onus is not on Khalil and Star! We need not do anything further regarding Afrika Bambaataa—so anything we might do is just some gravy on Afrika Bambaataa’s pedophile mashed potatoes.

Tell the Arkansas YouTuber to shut-up! Shut-up and sit down and watch and wait, because we are controlling the action! Not he! As for him claiming that he’s going to put out a documentary? Yeah, right! The Arkansas YouTuber—like Hassan Campbell who claims he’s going to write a book—has not the wherewithal to put together a documentary. He can’t even keep his house heated in the winter! How’s he gonna fund a documentary? Let me guess! His documentary will be a slide presentation where people will fall asleep by the sound of his monotone voice.

At the end of the day, today, like last year on this date, the Arkansas YouTuber had nothing to offer or add to the Afrika Bambaataa conversation. Like grandma used to say when she rocked her chair on the front porch—the Arkansas YouTuber is “just-a sittin’ and-a lookin’.”

As for Afrika Bambaataa? He molested the right ones, because had he molested Khalil Amani, I would've been telling and snitching and pointing my finger directly in Bambaataa's face from the witness stand! Yeah, he molested the right ones!

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