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Answering Poppy’s Inquiry…

By Khalil Amani

If any of you have been following me, you can tell that I’ve pretty much stopped talking about Hassan “Poppy” Campbell. It’s been damn near a month since I’ve written about him. I’ve got my own demons over here that I’m fighting (when I choose to!) in the form of Michael Fedwards. Ever since Sa Neter goaded me as to who was a potential “agent” amongst his ranks—and I said Michael Fedwards, based on his own words that he called the FBI on some YouTubers, dude’s been riding my ass (pause) like the Lone Ranger rides Silver! And now, Poppy and Michael Fedwards don’ got all cozy and cool. Side-eye.

I ain’t talked about Poppy at all! But I could've! I could've made a video asking why he would call the police about the child molestation and not call the police on his Bronx River Project homies for beating that lady up! Why didn't he report them? I could've wrote something centered around this little girl being a stunt for YouTube views! I could've called Poppy a rat, snitch and government informant for cooperating with the police! There are some hood-cats like Cam'ron that say any cooperation with the authorities is snitching! I could've called Poppy out for not going to the authorities on Afrika Bambaataa? I could've, but instead, for the last month, I've held my peace and held my pen. And then!

In one of Poppy’s latest videos entitled, ”They Trying To Set Me Up”—Poppy took a subliminal shot at me saying, “Did I piss somebody off that they hate me so bad, because they feel like I don’t like homosexuality? Inquiring minds wanna know!” (see 31:00 mark) Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see who Poppy is referring to.

I’m not sure what Poppy’s rant was all about, but listening to his show, I guess some people—three people called the police and reported him for having that video of the girl being molested. So, in paranoid fashion, Poppy asks who’s trying to set him up for a child porn case (I guess). He mentions Israel Doctrine, Thewanna Allen—and then the not-so-mysterious third person who might be trying to “set him up” because he doesn’t like homosexuality—a clear subliminal at your’s truly—Khalil Amani—the faggot lover gay rights advocate!

Poppy conveniently doesn’t tell his audience that someone also called the police on Israel Doctrine for having that same video. Is it reasonable to deduce that Israel Doctrine probably didn’t call the police on Poppy, since it was done to him? I think so! Cross him off the list Poppy!

Thewanna Allen? Don’t know much about her other than she once supported Poppy and has become a turncoat in Poppy’s eyes. I guess this make her a suspect. Whatever!

Poppy says, “Inquiring minds wanna know!” Who’s trying to “set you up?”

Poppy! Listen to me! I think you’re halfway smart. I’ve already come forward as someone who once cooperated with the government. You know my story. Some people, like that bitch on your phone who called my name. That heifer—excuse me—a heifer is a young female cow that has not borne a calf. The chick sounds like “In Living Color’s” old-ass Benita Butrell who sits in the window and dials 9-1… and just waits for some shit to jump off! She sounds like she’s two cheeseburgers away from a heart attack, one day away from having her cellphone cut off and ten years removed from her last real relationship! Shut up bitch! She is your classic agent provocateur!

Poppy! What that wannabe Benita Butrell told you was some straight...

Nonsense, rubbish, claptrap, balderdash, blather, moonshine, garbage, hogwash, baloney, bunk, gobbledygook, mumbo jumbo, phooey, malarkey, crapola, verbal diarrhea, talkin’ shit, bullshit, full of shit, bumpin’ gums, sellin’ wolf tickets, oratorical masturbation!

Poppy! Listen to me! Yes! That old bag was right about one thing! I did comment on your video when you called the police. I said, “Kudos to you Poppy! Disgusting!” I meant that. That was some sincere shit, but if you choose to believe this raggedy head troll who, as she says, “I know it for a fact it’s him (Israel Doctrine). I’m willing to be my last on him!”—that I had or have anything to do with calling the police on you, you’re sorely mistaken!

I can only speak for Khalil Amani. I did not call the police on you. Like, why would I? Sure! You can scapegoat me and say, “Well you was a government informant!” 35 years ago! Damn!—some shit thatI readily admit! You can get your “Michael Fedwards” on and blame me if you like, but I didn’t call them people on you! Like, really! That would be so fucking obvious, don’t cha think?

Poppy said, “Inquiring minds wanna know” (who called the police on him?) My answer? It wasn’t Khalil Amani and I don’t know who called the police on you bruh! But let me say this, as an ex-government informant. It’s never the obvious miscreants and enemies and foes who do covert shit! It’s the motherfuckers in your circle who you never suspect of hurting you! “Cointelpro” and history bears witness! Khalil Amani is a known, bona fide ex-government informant! Who am I going to “inform” on now that the cat is out of the bag? If you’re looking at me, surely you're looking at the wrong person!

Poppy! I am not your enemy and neither do I hate you! That’s the narrative you feed to your listeners. You know my issue with you, but for the sake of redundancy I’ll say it one mo’ ghen—I came at you for one reason; That is, your attempt to make homosexuality gateway sex to pedophilia! That’s it! Can you at least be honest with yourself and realize that that’s my only problem with you—your commentary on human sexuality? I don’t hate you because I disagree with you! I am as passionate about gay rights as you are about child molestation! You made gay people part of the conversation on child molestation! Homosexuality has no business in the conversation on pedophilia! You brought a (straight) nigga into the conversation who has been advocating for gay rappers (since 2007)—and by extension—gay people! It’s your dumb luck that the first person in the media to write about Afrika Bambaataa—call it “celebrity gossip” or as Star called it, “rumored writings” was a fucking gay rights advocate named Khalil Amani. That is Dave Wedge's narrative and that will be the documentary's narrative. Anything else is dishonest journalism.

I don’t hate Poppy. I hate his hateful and harmful message/speech/banter against homosexuals! I hate that he, as a victim of child molestation would accost 20% of the world’s population—“The Gays” with felonious demagoguery! I hate the fact that Poppy’s worldview and template for human interaction is straight out of the “Book of Bronx River Projects”—that he believes fisticuffs answers problems. If Poppy does not grow the fuck up (mentally) and curves his bloodlust to put hands on people (like me)—he's gonna find himself in a world of trouble! He says he’ll “catch a case“ to get his hands on one of us—I guess he has me in that “us”—well I’ll say this! I go to New York a few times a year. This old man is not holding that “L”! “A word to the wise is sufficient!” “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight!”

I don’t want no smoke with Poppy. I’m pretty sure he could take me in a street fight, but it won’t be no street fight. When Poppy finally sees Khalil Amani, he should get real introspective—quickly—and ask himself if he’s ready to give up family, children, wife and life? I would rather that he stay on his side of the street and I stay on my side of the street. I will not be the aggressor, so let this blog stand as a testament to my demeanor on that fateful day. Khalil Amani is not Poppy’s enemy—and Khalil Amani did not call the police on Poppy!

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