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Aubrey is not Hassan's Transgender Daughter.

Aubrey Banks is not Hassan's Transgender Daughter.

By Khalil Amani

There has been much speculation that a certain transgender YouTuber—Aubrey Banks is, in fact, Hassan “Papi” Campbell’s transgender child—a male to female transgender child—and since Hassan cares not to clear up the matter, I guess it’s left up to me. Yes Hassan! I’ve reached out via Facebook to a couple of your family members to find your daughter. They’ve chosen not to speak with me and that’s cool. It really matters not. Your daughter will be found—and why do you think that she’d wanna beat me up? I’ve never disrespected “her.” Oh, you think “she’d” fire off on me simply because we’re beefing. You think her loyalty to you is just that strong, eh?

Transgender YouTuber, Aubrey Banks. (Supposedly Hassan's son? Not!)

I’m the only person on YouTube calling your child by her rightful sexual designation—she, her, and woman! You think she’d fight me because we‘ve been having a war of words? I think not! I’ve been Hassan’s transgender daughter’s biggest defender and most vocal proponent of living in her truth! The fuck would she wanna fight me for? It has been Hassan who has been the most disrespectful towards his daughter! Has she not heard him call her a “fruitcake?”—and she “has big titties”— and “he better not come to his house dressed like a woman?” Has not the former Hassan Campbell Jr. (Yeah! That's Hassan Sr's. son's name... HASSAN JR.) not heard his father spew these homophobic things—even intimating, suggesting and outright preaching that homosexuality leads to pedophilia? I’m “Ya gay friend’s favorite straight friend!” I am a gay rights advocate! Why would the former Hassan Campbell Jr.—Hassan’s transgender daughter wanna square off with me for? I support her right to be! If Hassan's trans child wants to know what Khalil Amani said about her, it's all right here on YouTube! A very well-written and carefully crafted construction! "The Ether: Hassan's Hurting Trans-Daughter (Part 4)"

Notice I use the words, “she,” “her,” and “daughter.” You see, the thingy with everybody is that they choose to identify themselves by whatever they choose to be. Some people call themselves “Hebrew” or “Israelite” or “Moor” or “Indigenous” and will get downright indignant if you call them “black.” Yet, these same folk will disrespectfully label a transgender person by their biological sex—even after they’ve transitioned to the opposite sex. They are indignant and steadfast and philosophically and biologically committed to using the pronoun that a person was born with—they remain male even when their innards tell them that they are trapped in a body that doesn’t fit their mind.

Can they prove biologically and genetically that they are the original Hebrews/Israelites of the Bible?

Can they use modern DNA testing to prove that they are not black or African? What will a DNA test say about the person who claims kinship to Israel and very UN-African? DNA testing will attach the Hebrew, the Israelite, the Moor and the Indigenous/Aboriginal to Mother Africa!

They can claim kinship to something that DNA rejects, yet the transgender person—the male to female or the female to male has to stay in their biological place? “Wakanda” hypocritical self-determination shit is this? Is not the beauty of a Free & First-World Society the ability to invoke self-determination; to be whom and what you want to be?

And so, people have been incorrectly speculating that YouTuber Aubrey Banks is Hassan Campbell’s transgender son turned daughter. Nope! Sorry! Kev Gillz and those who think this, have not done their homework, but being that I’m the new (and real) “Gatekeeper to the Afrika Bambaataa Narrative” (Gimme that back!)—I’ll set the record straight! Listen to this person, transgender YouTuber Aubrey Banks, as she tells us when her birthday is. Listen and remember the date!

January 19th—Capricorn gang (as she says).

Now check out this post from Hassan Campbell’s mother—Miss Wanda Davidson Campbell’s Facebook page. She tells us not only Hassan’s son’s name, but his birthdate as well. Men lie, YouTubers lie, but time-stamps & grandmama don’t!

So there you have it! Hassan Campbell Jr. (I’m sure she goes by a female name today since she’s had gender reassignment surgery according to daddy-dearest Hassan Sr.’s “big titties” report.)—her birthday is July 17th. Today she would be 24 years old—and YouTuber Aubrey Banks’ birthday is January 19th. Now stop putting out false information.

And to the Arkansas YouTuber, rather than do a whole new blog about his now defunct “What Happened To That Boy” movementI’ll just post the survey in which he did and let that stand and speak for itself. Sixty-eight percent (68%) say it’s a rap—done—over—finished—kaput—defunct—terminated. If the survey is flawed, it's his survey! Is that a fat lady I hear singing? 

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