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Because the Bible Says So!

By Khalil Amani

I just hate it with everything I’ve got when I hear someone defend a position with the Bible, as if the Bible is the definitive moral compass whereby humanity must be governed. I just want to slap somebody silly when I hear the Bible being used as the only authoritative source for human interaction! I just want to puke when I see someone trying to use the Bible to bolster their claim to Divine Right! I fuckin’ can’t stand it when a person acts as though they’ve studied the Bible, when, the reality is that they’ve never studied it (outside of church & Sunday-school & candlelight reading at home), never read it through and through, never took any courses on biblical studies, don’t understand the historicity of the Bible, never studied Bible compilation nor any exegetic studies, but feel like they have enough knowledge to wield it like a two-edged sword—cutting the disbeliever asunder!

(The book that has caused wars, enslaved, annihilated whole nations, dissed women & condemned gays)

I recently read a comment on the Internet dealing with homosexuality where the commenter said, “I’ll never accept homosexuality because the Bible says so!”

I retorted, “But I bet you love a fat, greasy pork chop sandwich!” My point? There are many things the Bible is supposedly against—the eating of pork being one. (Please don’t give me the “Jesus-did-away-with-the-law-so-we-can-eat-doo-doo-if-we-want” argument!)

The Old Testament Bible says nothing about lesbianism! The Old Testament Bible says nothing about incest between a father and daughter! The Old Testament Bible condones polygamy! The Old Testament Bible condones slavery! The Old Testament Bible condemns interracial marriages! The Old Testament Bible teaches “Life for life!” The Old Testament god is prejudiced, racist, and a respecter of persons! The Old Testament Bible condemns the eating of pork, shrimp, lobster and shellfish. The Old Testament Bible “softly” condemns homosexuality on religious grounds, not for moral reasons! (Please don’t give me the “We-don’t-live-under-the-law-anymore-except-for-homosexuality” two-faced contradictory argument!)

Do you want more?

The biggest misconception/misnomer, which Christian-folk are stuck on is that the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, have a lot to say about homosexuality. The truth of the matter is that the Bible has VERY LITTLE to say about homosexuality and the few passages related to man-on-man, woman-on-woman love have absolutely nothing to do with sex for sex’s sake.

Let me enlighten you. Some of us have heard (in our childhood) that masturbation will make you go blind or give your hairy palms. Is this the truth? Hell no! So why did our parents make up such lies? Because they were trying to protect us from sexual experimentation/gratification and didn’t want us to engage in sex before marriage (or at least sex before we were ready), so they took the “Boogie Man” approach and tried to scare us from exploring our sexuality at an early age. As grownups, we know that masturbation is a normal part of human sexuality.

Similarly, when the ancient Jewish/Levitical priests wrote spoke through “Oral Tradition” (the first phase of Bible compilation), “man shall not lie with man” and forged signed God’s signature to lend authenticity to their sentiments, they weren’t speaking these things because sex between two men or two women is bad, nasty and profane, but rather because homosexuality, in ancient times, was rooted in the worship of the Goddess—Asherah—and the cult of the Sodomites, who were an extremely religious bunch, albeit they became stingy, prideful and arrogant. (Am I getting too deep for ya?) Why did the Jewish priest turn their attention to the Goddess religions and Sodomite cult? Because the Jewish people, who were vagabonds, freebooters and wanderers, began to engage in these foreign rites. What else could the Jewish priests do but claim that someone on high (God) had commanded that these types of religious/sexual practices were an anathema? (Hated by God)

Back to the childhood masturbation. The ancients thought—let’s use God (the Boogie Man) to scare our people from engaging in foreign religious practices, which use sex as devotion. Let’s say that “God said it was wrong!”

So this is how you come to your narrow-minded view of homosexuality as “sin”—from the machinations of a bunch conspiring, contriving, ulterior-motive having, backroom-dealing religious shysters who dressed up your homophobia in a holy robe (da Bible) and presented it before the world as “God’s Law!”

This is what you don’t read in the Bible! The why, when, where and who! And most of you don’t care to do the in-depth study on the why, when, where, who—but would rather just blindly believe the Bible (and many preachers) without knowing any context to which things are written. So, it makes it hard to discuss the subject when a person doesn’t have a foundation on which they can debate.

Even in the New Testament—when the apostle Paul was supposedly ripping to shreds the idea of homosexual love, may I say, with a historical certainty that he was preaching against the Goddess cults as well, which used sex as worship—that Paul was arduously trying to wean the new-founded Christians away from the “paganistic” (according to him) practices of their forefathers—that his dissing of same-sex unions was rooted in a religious practice and that if sex were not a form of ritual, he too, would not be writing about “aberrant” forms of sex. I submit to you that the religious polemic (argument) against homosexuality—that the ONLY REASON homosexuality became “sinful” is because homosexuality was linked to a religious practice—not because homosexual love is wrong! The move to attack homosexuality was a move to insure the growth of the Jewish/Mosaic/Levitical Law! The attack on homosexuality was an attack on the Goddess and Sodomite religions, which proliferated in the Ancient Near East—which had been practiced before the Jewish nation became a nation.

Only the ignorant tow-the-line! Only those without the knowledge parrot the indoctrination! You have been indoctrinated by a 3,000 years lie and all you can say is “Because the Bible says so!”

Black people! Did you know that the same Bible, which you shout, “Because the Bible says so!” spoke on your enslavement? Did you know that the Jewish commentaries on the Bible—Hebrew myths and later Christian ministers referred to the Bible as a reference for the enslavement of Africans? Did-ja know this? Did you know that there is a story in Genesis 9, which is the Christian justification for slavery? Did-ja know this? Let me hear you now—“Because the Bible says so!” Did-ja know black person, that according to white Christians (in times past)—you are the cursed son of Ham, who was cursed black for seeing Noah’s nakedness? Did-ja know that this story (commonly called the “Hamitic Myth”) is the religious foundation on which the Transatlantic Slave Trade flourished! Why? “Because the Bible says so!” Did-ja know that your nappy head and “elongated phallus” (big dick!) is the direct result of the curse of Ham, according to ancient Jewish writers? (See the book Hebrew Myths, by Robert Graves & Raphael Patai if you think I’m making this shit up!)

What’s my effin’ point?

A lot of shit is written in the Bible. Some of it was for a purpose, a time, a reason. Some of it was written maliciously to serve the purposes of the Jewish nation. Laws condemning homosexuality were written to eradicate other religious movements—namely the Goddess Movements, which used sex (in any form) as the ultimate, highest form of devotional worship—and you, in all of your 21st Century arrogance piousness, can’t judge another culture’s religious practices. Stop it!

Laws concerning the non-rights of women were written to eradicate other religious movements, where the Goddess—the woman was the center of creation—the center of life! Before men (and women) were saying “God, He, Him, father”—they knew “Goddess, She, Her, Mother.” (Read When God Was a Woman, by Merlin Stone)

Okay hip-hop heads—you’ve just been given a healthy dose of religious history. I challenge you to step your religious thinking up or wallow in the cesspool of ignorance. “Because the Bible says so” will no longer be an acceptable argument after reading this. Now, go my sons & daughters and study! (II Timothy 2:15)

Khalil Amani, spiritual advisor to gay hip-hop, A learned Negro. Heterosexual (if you were wondering) Writer for DJ Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin Magazine. Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani

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Comment by DJ AK on January 28, 2010 at 4:54pm
"Only those without the knowledge parrot the indoctrination!"

I love it!!!!!!!
Comment by Khalil Amani on January 23, 2010 at 7:17pm
Excerpt from my book "Hip-Hop Homophobes," which proves that the polemic (argument) against homosexuality was not a "moral" argument, but a "religious" argument, which proves that the ulterior motive against same-sex unions was rooted in keeping Israel from worshiping other gods. Read!

Deuteronomy 23:17 says, “There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.” Okay, smarty-pants, what does this law mean? Most people would say that this is a prohibition against prostitution and homosexuality. This is God’s law against hoes and faggots right? WRONG! This law has absolutely nothing to do with selling pussy or a man takin’ a dick up his ass! Say what? That’s right! This law is not about prostitution and homosexuality. It’s not about any kind sex act.

The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible says, “The law of Deuteronomy [23:17 whore & Sodomite] prohibits the practice of CULT PROSTITUTION...” (Buttrick et al., Vol. K-Q, p.933). See?! CULT PROSTITUTION! CULT! CULT! CULT! You do know what a cult is, don’t you? The American Heritage Dictionary defines CULT as, “A system or community of religious worship and ritual...” (Berube et al., p.348). How ya gonna call a peoples’ religious beliefs and practices “whores” and “prostitutes” just because they run contrary to your pseudo-morality of the 21st Century?”

But hold on! Even the use of the word "prostitute" is wrong! Merlin stone, author of When God Was a Woman writes: “...the word ‘prostitute’ entirely distorts the very meaning of the ancient custom [of the Sodomites and the Goddess religions]...” (157).

I'm done!
Comment by turii-KETURAH on January 23, 2010 at 7:07pm
"hit 'em wit tha hardcore!"....

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