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B.O.I. Sha: Just a Woman at Heart!

By Khalil Amani

Oh man! Did you see lesbian rapper B.O.I. Sha and her (female) lover on The People’s Court with Judge Marilyn Milian? They were on national TV suing some white dude for not holding up his end of the bargain—that is, providing both of them with sperm, so that B.O.I. and lover could get pregnant and be with child.

Sounds easy enough!

(Lesbian rapper B.O.I. Sha, who appear of People's Court Feb. 22, 2010)

But ten minutes into the show, I knew that they were gonna lose their case. I’m rooting for them to win, but my maleness took over when the facts came out. What are the facts? The contract, which was drawn up by B.O.I. and lover stated that this white dude provide sperm. It did not say how many donations were to be made and how long he’d have to donate. Neither did the contract state that he had to continue donating until conception. And the judge, being an expert in jurisprudence (law), pointed that fact out to them, saying. “The contract which you provided to me, he thoroughly fulfilled,” which elicited tears from B.O.I’s lover. As sorry as I felt for her, I felt even sorrier for homeboy, who had to drive 45 minutes (sometimes twice a day) and give two, then four donations—yes four donations of sperm a day!

B.O.I. Sha, you’ve just proved that as butch as you are—as manly as come across—you are every bit a woman in your thinking—a woman by nature.

Now back in my day, I could cum as much as the next man. In fact, I was a gifted bukkaker cummer, like porn star Peter North. I could shoot a large wad across the room! My nuts were long and intense! I could fuck one girl and deposit a nice load and an hour later be at my other girl’s crib depositing another nice load—so-much-so that none of my jump offs “girlfriends” knew that they were getting sloppy seconds, thirds & fourths! It was nothing for me to fuck five chicks in a 24 hour period. Remember! I was a stripper. I lived the all-American male fantasy, the elusive ménage a trois. I lived with two women, whom I was fucking daily. You smell me? I am an expert on sexual repose (limp dickness) and how long it takes between fucks to get it back up. I had bitches throwin’ their panties at me like running water—for real doe!

But if I did five chicks in that amount of time, there does come a point where the sixth sex session turns into a drawn out fuck-a-thon where I may or may not cum. And if I did cum, it would be almost like dust shooting from my johnson—poof! Like having dry heaves. That’s what cumming is like when you are depleted of sperm.

Back to the Epic fail, which is B.O.I. Sha & Lover’s attempt at conception.

This white boy was giving B.O.I. & lover four loads of sperm a day—for some twelve days! Not to mention that he said he had a girlfriend (I would assume he was servicing) who complained about his newfound profession. That shit is “hard” on a dick (No pun intended)! No man—not even Peter North could keep up with the schedule that these chicks had this goofy/doofus white boy on! They put him through his paces so much that he said his dick started hurting! And yes, I can remember that exact feeling of busting too many nuts in a short amount of time.

Not only that—don’t these chicks know that with each ejaculation, the sperm count is lowered—that each nut is smaller than the previous?

The white boy was masturbating four times a day for a $2,000 payoff (which he never received). He did all of that jacking off only to get sued by two (some might argue ungrateful) chicks that didn’t understand male sexuality and reproduction. The white boy didn’t even have the pleasure of digging their backs out screwing them! For heaven sakes! If you really wanna get that sperm up in your poonannies, let the white boy drop it deep up in you two. Fuck a syringe!

Surely, he wanted to get busy the B.O.I. Sha’s lover, a nice little chocolate piece I wouldn’t mind cuttin’ having sex with myself.

Imagine if women had to have an orgasm (like men) as part of the reproductive process. Men have to orgasm to get a woman pregnant (in most cases). Women do not! And according to Dr. Phil, 10-15% of women never have orgasms! If orgasm was a prerequisite for conception, these women would be S.O.L. All a woman has to do is lie on her back and let a man do his “business” and she gets pregnant. He’s gotta sweat, fake like he loves her, whisper sweet-nothings in her ear, stroke her ego by telling her how good the sex is, think about baseball until the appropriate moment and then ejaculate like it’s the best pussy he’s ever had!

Our (men’s) payback comes when it’s time to deliver a baby. Now work it out women.

To my lesbian rapper B.O.I. Sha. I hope that you and your lover have children. The judge suggested adoption. May I suggest that if you really wanna get pregnant, do it the old-fashion way—go fuck some random dude and let him drop-it-like-it’s-hot in you! It may sound icky to have a man touch you, but the end justifies the means. If you two really love each other, a few days and nights with a guy fucking all hell out of you will not/should not make your love for one another fade—especially if the plan is simply to get pregnant. I’d be honored to impregnate your lover Sha—over and over and over and over!

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Comment by Khalil Amani on February 26, 2010 at 10:16am
@Maker... I don't expect people to agree with every blog I write. Yes, I poked fun at her because I think they should've known better. And Yes, I referred to the guy as "white boy" ... because I think (and so does many of the commenters) that there is a racial component that the show didn't deal with. In America, race is ALWAYS a factor when it comes to these issues. I could have written a longer blog about "Why a White Boy?"

I'm sure Juba Kalumka could leave a beautiful recitation on the dichotomy of race relations in hip-hop. I choose to keep it light & funny!

As an advocate for gays.... they deserve respect, but they are not IMMUNE from criticism when they do "bonehead" things such as this. Did you view the entire program? Worldstarhiphop is not responsible for this! They just posted the show. Of course there is misogy. and homophobia over there and these types of demostrations of ignorance only reinforce those things. If I were gay I'd be upset that these people represented us in this fashion. It would be as if somebody black committed some heinous crime and I've gotta go to work and see white folk looking at me like "what the fuck?" lol!

Anyhooo... hope you keep reading and commenting. Respect & peace
Comment by mister on February 26, 2010 at 6:01am
With all due respect Khalil, I found your article really rude ! you showed no respect for B.O.I's feelings.
Dude she's on national T.V taking some one to court for not following through with a deal !
Although i agree the deal was unreasonable with regards to the donor and what i expected from him it's still no reason to slam on B.O.I SHA, i dont blame her for replying in the fashion she did to be honest, this is a gay blog, a place where she should be represented and not mocked, if a "stud" wants a child so be it, this is gayhiphop we are not here to stick to a stereo type of what a stud should or shouldn't do ! I also have a slight problem with you referring to the donor constantly as the "white dude" like there is a problem with that !?
With all due respect (as i said when i started this response) i love reading your work Khalil but you go to know when you messed up, as far as concerned you should be ashamed of this report, you should be supporting her side or at least getting her views before smashing on her like that and refering to the comments on the notoriously misogynistic as a reference ...

Disappointed, SORRY !

Comment by Khalil Amani on February 25, 2010 at 1:33pm
@B.O.I. wow! You really took this blog to heart! It ain't that serious and I'm sorry you took it so hard. Your appearance on The PEOPLE'S COURT was humorous. Of course many things are edited out, but what we did get was two women who USED a white boy to try to get pregnant. Everybody that I let see the show felt the same way! You two were WRONG AS HELL and the JUDGE ruled against you! Get over it! Lord knows I was on your side, but the FACTS suggested that you & your lover were INSENSITIVE to the workings of the male anatomy, thus the title of this blog "B.O.I. SHA: Just a Woman at HEART." NO man would've insisted on giving 4 sperm donations a day, because he's knows the hardship of cumming. lol! Y'all evidently don't!

All of the extra shit you wrote dissing me was unnecessary. I've got love for you and was just poking fun at the situation (however serious it was/is). This is what BLOGGERS do. End of story my sister.

ps. Race is ALWAYS a factor and I'm sure 1,000s of people watching wondered "why a white boy? Are they going for the 'cute'/good hair look?"

pss. I don't want your lover. Have you seen pictures of my wife? NO contest. I was just teasing the two of you. Lighten up!
Comment by Khalil Amani on February 25, 2010 at 1:32pm
Okay! The video footage of this Tom-foolery is at (Feb. 25th entry) Now you don't have to believe Khalil Amani. View it and make your own decision! The FIRST SIGNIFICANT comment was "Why did they get a white man? why dont the black society like there skin color? pathetic."

SO B.OI.... when Deadlee asked the question of race, he was dead on! Check out some more comments left at They are much more vicious than anything I wrote here. I hope you post your rant over there, because they are straight dissing the shit out of you, while you take out your rage on me. LOL! I love you! They don't! They wrote:


"this World is doomed!!!!h*mosexuality and lesbianism is can't bake your cake and eat it"

"these stupid broads don't need any children.!!! They are stupid. And they picked this goofy lookin white dude. WTF!!!"

"at the end the chic say it's a sad situation but i'll tell you what's sad is the two children that have to be raised by them that kid will be damned from the start having to moms no dad growing up confused as fuc will probably end up cross dressing and explore being the opposite sex who knows"




"That guy was a really good guy and it was really big of him to try to help those chics out. Those chics had a lot of nerve suing him when all he did was try to help them and he's the one that ultimately loss something. They need to get over it and try again. They sued him more out of disappointment that they didn't get pregnant, not because he actually did something wrong."

"I knew it was going to be a white man cause sistas are still willie lynch trained i swear I'm gettin smarter by the day before dude opened up the door I said I bet it will be a white man if sistas could have a choice on what man they want to get pregnant with it'll be anybody but black men"

"It's Black Women like these heffas is reason why Black Folks, especially Black Men, don't get any respect or admiration from anybody!!! I don't ate g*ys r Lesbians, I just don't respect them...especially Black g*ys and Lesbians. These heffas are 100% Ghetto Trash. That White boy....nuff said!!"


"Try to find a sperm donor on Craigslist. So ghetto. If you dont got enough money for a clinic, then you shouldn be having kids"

"Damn these some flaw ass hoes. you dumb b****es need a life and listen to what the jugde said think of adoption though you all should not even have the right to have kids."

"she look like a stud ; but she not ! aint no REAL stud finna walk round preqnant . i can say dat first hand ! lol"

"these broads are crazy for real like someone said it the willie lynch syndrome in full effect. they black g*y females who want a mix baby. whatis wrong with our black people. god help us."
Comment by Khalil Amani on February 24, 2010 at 4:00pm
good observation about the mixed seed. I thought about "why a white boy too" but I let it go. Interesting to understand why? Like you, I am all for interracial marriages/kids when two people are truly in-love. If they're just trying to make some cute baby, then that could be a problem.

I don't jave the link. I recorded it on my old (believe it ir not) VCR. LOL! It was hilarious. Maybe Youtube might have it. I'm sure B.O.I. will/can post it for us.
Comment by DEADLEE on February 24, 2010 at 3:46pm
Do you know where to Find the link S.A. for the show - ha ha thats some funny shit - That cumming like dry heaves lol - I have thought of finding a girl to have the Deadlee seed - but than I have worked with so many throw away kids - my advice to BOI Sha and her girl is adopt - I think I am more disturbed that it was a white boi- They want that cute OBAMA mix- but there are plenty of Black kids that need a good home-- PS dont nobody think I got issues with the black white thang - my daddy is half white half black -- just wanted to know the thinking of the girls when they chose this guy--

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