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Bone Intell: A Gay Rapper You Can Listen to!

Bone Intell: A Gay Rapper You Can Listen to!

By Khalil Amani

Would you listen to a gay rapper’s CD? For many straight heads the answer is an emphatic “Hell no!” Our close-mindedness and our homophobia won’t let us think outside the box and see what a gay rapper brings to the hip-hop table. We think we will hear a lot of “let me suck your dick and fuck you in the ass” lyricism, and while it is true that some gay rappers travel that route, it is not what all gay rappers find topical—any more than straight rappers rapping about eating pussy and fucking bitches all day. There is more that goes on in a rapper’s life, whether he be straight or gay than rapping about sex.


But for some strange reason, straight rappers think that’s all a gay rapper can rap about is gay sex! Recently, I was watching an interview on and DJ Vlad asked rapper The Game about gay rappers and out of ignorance, Game suggested that gay rappers are one-dimensional and monolithic and limited in subject material—basically and generally believing that sucking cock and ass-fucking is all a gay rapper can rap about. I would like to have asked Game has he listened to any gay rapper’s music or is he just buying into an unfounded stereotype? Probably the latter.


Enter Bone Intell, a gay rapper who bucks every gay rapper stereotype conceivable! Yes! Bone Intell is an openly gay rapper, who was featured on DJ Kayslay’s Streetsweeper’s Sirius Satellite radio show—who’s put out several mixtapes—whose grind earned him placement in’s video rotation. I’ve personally been on Bone Intell’s dick (pause) for a few years, featuring him in my groundbreaking book “Hip-Hop Homophobes” as well as mentioning him in Straight Stuntin Magazine. Bone Intell is that dude!


On Bone’s latest project, a song called “Body Language” (ft. Kaoz, another gay rapper on the hook) is straight New York hip-hop lyricism. Complete with a video Bone, is killing the game and putting niggas on notice that he ain’t playing. Now stop!Take a look and a listen! I said LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bone Intell is just a breath’s hair away from being a household name. He has all the gifts needed to break through the glass ceiling of hip-hop homophobia. His movement and street cred is real. His swag can’t be denied. All he needs now is just a nudge from some mainstream “mover and shaker” who has the vision and it’s a rap (pun intended). I’m gently trying to get Bone Intell on a track with some well-known and already established rappers on DJ Kayslay’s final mixtape “Rhyme Or Die”—a win-win for all parties involved—Bone Intell, who will make history as the first openly gay rapper on a mainstream mixtape—for DJ Kayslay, The Drama King, who will make history and help cement his legacy as having done something no other DJ would dare do—put a gay rapper on—and most importantly, for hip-hop—who, as of now, has a black-eye in the “humanity towards gays department.”


(Bone Intell in green shirt with DJ Kayslay & Khalil Amani @ Streetsweeper Sirus Satellite Radio New York)


Visit Bone Intell at  

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