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Boosie’s Sympathetic Cancer or That Monster?

                                     Boosie’s Sympathetic Cancer or That Monster?

                                                                by Khalil Amani

Indeed! Cancer is a muthafucka! My mother died at 42 from all sorts of cancers. I was only 19 years old. It started in her breast where she had a mastectomy and later on metastasized to the rest of her body. I understand cancer and how devastating the disease can be.

I too, had cancer. In fact, I had the same kind of cancer that Lil Boosie says he has/had—kidney cancer.

At age 46 cancer creeped into my life. I wasn’t even surprised when I got the news. I was rather more surprised that cancer waited this long to present itself. (I am every bit my mother’s child, so I assumed I’d die of cancer at a young age as she had).

I remember the day I was diagnosed. I had no symptoms. I didn’t go to the doctor for any such cancer testing. On that day I was off from work and decided to go to my job for a party because it was “National Laboratory Week” at the hospital/lab that I worked for. No way was I gonna miss out on ice cream & cake and sub sandwiches & drinks! So I made the 18 mile trek to my job to celebrate. While at the party, a person from the x-ray department came to the lab and asked if someone would like to volunteer their body to test out a new ultrasound machine.

Since I wasn’t on the clock, I volunteered after snagging up a chunk of cake and away we went. I was put on a table and the new machine began to do its thingy, surveying my body while technicians looked on and an engineer talked about its bells & whistles. They scanned my belly and lower back for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, I went back to the party and thought no more about the matter.

By the time I got home there was a message on my answering machine from some x-ray doctor. He told me to call as soon as got this message, so I did. (This was circa 2006 when we had landlines & answering machines). Cutting to the chase, doc told me I had kidney cancer over the phone! I would say, “Wow!” but really, it was more like, “Really?” Like I said earlier, I had long thought I was gonna die of cancer like my mother so I wasn’t the least surprised, shocked or even upset. I remember smiling and thinking, “Okay, let’s do the damned thang.” I remember being totally at peace with this cancerous news of what seemed like a death sentence.

The doctor asked me had I had any problem urinating? No. Any problem with achieving an erection? No. I was told that I had a large encapsulated cancer on my right kidney and I needed surgery right away to remove it. Straightway, a few days later I went under the knife and my right kidney was removed, leaving me with three (3) bullet hole-looking incisions in my belly. My cancer was gone and 10 years later here I am!

After telling this story, people tend to think this was an act of God—Divine Intervention owing to the fact that I had no symptoms of cancer, had never had an ultrasound, didn’t have to go to my job that day and certainly didn’t have to volunteer my body to fire up the new equipment. Whatever the case, thanks Big Guy!

Enter Lil Boosie aka Bossie Badass

So when I heard that Boosie had kidney cancer I was thinking, “Why is this even newsworthy?” As long as the cancer is encapsulated he just has to give up a kidney and keep it moving. You don’t need two kidneys to live! In fact, you can live off of a half of one kidney and if that kidney shuts down, there’s always dialysis like what my 80 year old uncle gets three times a week.

Seems to me that Boosie is on some “much ado about nothing” is. His “shit-uation” ain’t that serious! He don’ even made a video/song called, “Cancer” questioning God as to why he got cancer. He seems to be milking the sympathetic shit out of this easily curable type of cancer. I’m starting to get the distinct impression that there’s something far more sinister going on inside his body by the way he’s riding this wave of sympathy! I just hope he ain’t playing the “cancer card” to hide the fact that he has “That Monster”—you know—HIV Positive!

I ain’t saying he has HIV, so don’t go spreading bullshit rumors. I’m simply saying that kidney cancer, unless caught in its late stages ain’t that serious.

If it’s just kidney cancer, he’ll live. Having one less kidney only means that when it’s time to pee, it’s time to pee. And all this morbid, “Why me God?” rapping and sympathy baiting only makes me think Boosie ain’t telling us the while story.

Rappers aren’t immune from the diseases of us common folk and the fact that rappers relish in lifestyles that involve drugs, alcohol and many sex partners makes them prime candidates for catching cancers or even worse. A rapper’s claim that “they grindin’” and “don’t sleep” adds fuel to the fire. Rappers have some of the worst health habits! And then you wanna be surprised that your body invited outside hosts to infiltrate and destroy? Just keep on burning the midnight oil—keep on sippin’ on that lean—screwing all those chicks and not resting! Keep on smoking all that weed! Ya better study some anatomy & physiology and study the Krebs Cycle!

To Boosie—you ain’t gotta ask God nathan! The Universe doesn’t care who you are! Live right! Eat right! Party in moderation and “walk this shit out” called life!

Khalil Amani, cancer survivor.

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