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The Ether: Khalil's Hassanian Clapback!

The Ether: Khalil's Hassanian Clapback! (Part 1)

By Khalil Amani


Hassan needs jokes and roasts and off-the-cuff remarks and outright lies to get at Khalil Amani, but his roast is no more than an infantile bromide (a trite and unoriginal idea or remark), devoid of any substantive comical rigor. What he say? I said, "The nigga ain't that funny!"

Hassan once said this to Khalil Amani on his little YouTube channel, “I don’t want no smoke with you! You’s a bad mamma-jama! I don’t want no smoke with you! I don’t want no beef with you! You! I’m officially scared of you!”

In my best Samuel L. Jackson voice, “YES YOU DO! YOU YES YOU DO! YOU WANT THAT SMOKE!” Hassan! You started the beef with Khalil Amani you ol’ throwin’ rocks and hidin’ yo’ hands ass-Negro! I’ll prove it right cheah and right now! Grab a snack and a drink and be entertained!

I'm about to drag Hassan "Poppy" Campbell down these YouTube streets until he has road-rash! I was trying to leave Hassan alone! I was done writing about his crazy ass and then he went and spent a good ten minutes disrespecting Khalil Amani on his YouTube show and then a so-called “Roast Session...” and then lying about my story on Sa Neter's YouTube channel. Hassan has touched on all of the obligatory disses—I’m gay because I rep for my LGBTQ family—I’m a “certified rat” because I cooperated with the FBI to rid Miami of a pedophile and murderer named Yahweh Ben Yahweh—and—I’m incestuous—yadda, yadda, yadda, while trying to convince himself and his audience that I wanted to fuck my mother in childhood, based on an excerpt from my YouTube book—a classic case of taking shit out of context and coming to an erroneous conclusion.

Never, in the history of YouTube Niggerdom has one man (Hassan Campbell) so grossly distorted every narrative that he touches! (Mama! There go that man again!) In one YouTube show Hassan addressed me saying, “Khalil Amani. The dude that nobody wants to watch. The journalist that came out in 2013 on Afrika Bambaataa. Nobody wants to watch! Nobody cares about your story! Where did you and me—where along the lines did I become your enemy?”

Great question Hassan!

Before we answer how I became your “enemy,” let me first dispel your warped notion that “Nobody cares about my story.” You’ve said this on several occasions. Let me answer you. I guess Hassan bases his conclusions on the premise that having lots of YouTube subscribers means your voice is being heard. Maybe so. I only have 535 and Hassan has 180,000+. This is the litmus test whereby Hassan judges someone’s importance. Unlike Hassan, Khalil is not fixated with YouTube subscribers. (I YouTube for posterity.)

What is “my story?” You mean the Afrika Bambaataa story and how I came to play a part in exposing him? That story? Let’s start with the fact that it was DJ Kay Slay who gave Khalil Amani the scoop on Afrika Bambaataa getting stabbed for supposedly date-raping a man and me writing the first article regarding that matter on April 2, 2013 and republishing it on April 17, 2013. (Refer to Exhibit #1 "Afrika Bambaataa—Gay—and Date-Raping?")

This is where my story begins. Matter of fact, this is where the public unraveling of Afrika Bambaataa's pedophile story begins! Let’s talk about how Khalil Amani started a firestorm of controversy with that article, published three years before Hassan came crawling, yea, kicking and screaming out of his cesspool of obscurity and made to unwillingly address Afrika Bambaataa. Let’s talk about how that article caused the highest ranking Zulu Nation members to address Khalil Amani via All this happened pre-Hassan! Khalil Amani was holding court with the Zulu Nation hierarchy way before Hassan went on a drunken stupor and decided to air Bambaataa out on Facebook two years later!

Some guy named Minister El Kamonzi Heru Bey, the International Spokesman for the Universal Zulu Nation wrote this: "A ‘so called’ Hip Hop writer named Khalil Amani claims to have heard the rumors from ‘reliable sources’ and then help spread the ugly rumor via the internet. The fact that Khalil Amani would assume these sources as reliable indicates an ulterior-motive. Khalil Amani should have truly investigated his so-called sources and he would have found it to be a completely untrue rumor." (Exhibit #2. From, "Hip-Hop Rumors: The Afrika Bambaataa Rumors May Not Cease, Kerry Rhodes OUTTED!" April 20, 2013)

While all of this was going on, Hassan had not yet surfaced. While Khalil Amani was receiving death threats in 2013 from the Zulu Nation for exposing Afrika Bambaataa—what was Hassan doing somewhere around April 1, 2013? We now know that Hassan was enlisted to kill the young Spanish man that had stabbed Bambaataa. We now know that Hassan was mulling over a picture of the young Spanish man and contemplating on whether or not to kill the young Spanish man at Bambaataa’s request. When Afrika Bambambaata was stabbed—even though Hassan had been molested—and raped—and “thighed”—and sucked—and fucked by Bam for years—Hassan was still wholly invested in committing criminality at the behest of Afrika Bambaataa. Hassan was Afrika Bambaataa’s flunky, quisling, satrap, puppet, “do-boy” and fuck-nigga—manipulating Hassan in the bedroom as well as in the streets! As Khalil was exposing Bambaataa in 2013, Hassan was protecting Bambaataa in 2013! As Khalil was writing article after article after the 2013 stabbing, exposing Bambaataa, Hassan was schmoozing with and cozying up and flicking it up with Bambaataa! Facts! Look at this shit right here! All post-2013 Bambaataa stabbing photos! Is Hassan so star-struck that even after feeling another man's "heavy dick" betwixt his thighs, he still wanted photo ops? 

These four pictures of Hassan and Afrika Bambaataa/Zulu Nation were taken post 2013----after 2013! After Bambaataa was stabbed for finger-popping the young Spanish man! Does this look like the actions of a man who was supposedly molested by Afrika Bambaataa? Hassan tells us that in 2013 he found out why Afrika Bambaataa got stabbed--for date-raping & sucking a young Spanish man! Even after years of being statutory raped---I say, "statutory raped," because after Hassan's initial molestation, he became a willing participant, giving himself over sexually to Bambaataa after getting over the "monster in the closet." Here Hassan is, post-2013, still kickin' it with his so-called molester--ready to defend Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation against all negativity! 

While Khalil was re-upping on his gun collection, based on DJ Kay Slay telling him that the Zulu Nation wanted to get at him (beat or kill him), here's Hassan, ready to do Bambaataa's bidding if necessary. Truth be told, it could very well be Hassan that was enlisted to "hit" Khalil back in 2013 for outing Afrika Bambaataa! 

Hassan would say on several occasions that, "Only a victim can expose a pedophile." Evidently, Hassan doesn't have a TV and has never watched Chris Hansen's, "To Catch A Predator" where he EXPOSES child predators on national TV! Hassan would challenge the veracity of Khalil's claim to have been the first to expose Afrika Bambaataa on the premise that he wasn't a victim of Afrika Bambaataa. Stupid logic! Tell that to the Zulu Nation who wanted to "touch" Khalil Amani in 2013 in the worst way, either by a beat-down or by killing me.

Hassan can never slight my involvement in exposing Afrika Bambaataa! When the death threats came my way, I knew no one in the Zulu Nation, save (except) DJ Kay Slay, a former Zulu and Black Spades member, but it was he, who gave me the intelligence on Afrika Bambaataa and it was he, who fielded the death threats on my life and warned me of the climate in which I was thrust. DJ Kay Slay forcefully told me to take my blog off these Internets once it reached the eyes and ears of the Zulu Nation. Initially I did, but once it had grown wings and taken flight, I reposted it on April 17, 2013.

DJ Kay Slay, the "Drama King,"-----------"The Gatekeeper of All Things Hip-Hop!"

The one thing that Hassan got right; that is, Khalil Amani was a federal government informant who helped take down Yahweh ben Yahweh. Hassan calls Khalil Amani a "certified rat" and a snitch. In hypocritical fashion, Hassan says it's not ratting and snitching when civilians cooperate with law enforcement against pedophiles. Yahweh Ben Yahweh was a pedophile (and a murderer), so how could Khalil possibly be a "certified rat" and a snitch? Conveniently, Hassan fails to tell his audience that Khalil cooperated with the FBI against a pedophile and a murderer. All the facts of the Yahweh case are detailed in two books, five national TV shows, many newspapers and court records that are open to the public.

Khalil wears his cooperation with the FBI as a badge of honor & courage. There are no regrets for having been a government informant, even having to shed his former self and enter the Federal Witness Protection Program. There are no regrets! For indeed! Khalil did what Hassan couldn't do; that is, bring down a murderer and pedophile! 

Hassan can scream, "Khalil is a certified RAT (government informant!)" all he wants! I gave YouTube that information! You didn't dig that shit up! I "Eminem-ed" y'all! What are you gonna say about Khalil Amani that he hasn't already said about himself? Maybe if Hassan turned "certified rat"--government informant, he could put Bambaataa away, but that nigga is more invested in what the streets think about his reputation.

Is Khalil still actively on the FBI payroll as Hassan suggests? Was Khalil dropped off in these YouTube streets on a reconnaissance mission for the government? If that were truly the case, you would not know of my presence, but for those of the conspiracy mindset, believe what thou wilt. I will say this! I stood next to Nebraska senator Ernie Chambers (a black man) and Kwame Toure' aka Stokely Carmichael when I was a government informant and in the Witness Protection Program and they knew not whom I was! I've been in the matrix, out of the matrix, erased off the grid and rebirthed! I've been places in America that aren't even known to the public! Once you've dealt with the FBI and the United States Marshal Service-------------------ain't no, "Blood in blood out!"

Hassan likes to entertain us with his little war stories---big bad B.O., Tafiq and Pistol Pete---like all gangsterism started with Bronx River---like the baddest motherfuckers walking come from New York---like the Zulu Nation are the toughest of the tough, because, as Hassan like to say, "They get busy!" Well let me tell something Mr. Man! The Zulu Nation, Afrika Bambaataa, B.O., Tafiq and the rest of them Zulu niggas wasn't shit compared to the criminality and fuckery and gangsterism and murder-game that the Yahweh cult---my cult put down in the 1980's! Were there 14 murders associated with the Zulu Nation? Fuck no! There were 14 murders connected to the Yahweh cult! Were the Zulu Nation cutting off people's heads and ears? Fuck no! The Yahweh cult were cutting off people's heads and ears! Did the Zulu Nation ever face a R.I.C.O. (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations) Act? Hell no! The Yahweh cult faced a R.I.C.O. Act! I don't give a fuck how bad Hassan says the Zulu nation was, were, are or is! The very fact that ONE MAN, Hassan Campbell can claim that he's "going to war" with the Zulu Nation says everything I need to know about the gangsterism of the Zulu Nation. They ain't that bad! Why do I say that? Because no ONE MAN was gonna "go to war" with the Yahweh cult in the 80's! No one man was gonna walk the streets of Miami and go up against the Yahweh cult and live free! Thus, it became incumbent upon Khalil to use every tool at his disposal to help rid Miami of a murderous and pedophile cult leader. The local police, the FBI, the US Marshal Service, a concealed weapon permit and alas! The fucking Federal Witness Protection Program! Don't talk to me about woulda, coulda, shoulda---government snitches and rats and all of that make-believe pseudo street-code bullshit! Yahweh Ben Yahweh went to prison for touching children and murdering people! Afrika Bambaataa still walks the streets because the one person (Hassan) who could put him away is steeped in street mythology and bullshit loyalty!  

I've given Hassan the keys to taking down Afrika Bambaataa, but it's going to require more than just "heavy dick!" He's gonna need "big balls," something that, apparently he doesn't have.   

Hassan says,”Nobody wants to hear your (Khalil’s) story!” The beauty of Khalil Amani’s story is that he doesn’t have to go on YouTuber’s Star’s show—or YouTuber’s Sa Neter’s show—or YouTuber’s Queenzflip’s show to be heard! Khalil is a writer par excellence who needs nothing more than his whet (sharp) pen to write his own story! The one thing that most YouTubers have not is the ability to cogently let the written word fly! What a grave mistake Hassan makes thinking that Khalil's clapback, yea, his etherization will be some out-of-control live YouTube rant. Nope! Khalil is equipped to cogently deconstruct Hassan's lies with literary rigor unparalleled in these YouTube streets! 

Hassan only has YouTube to spew his lies. Shut that shit down and he's assed out! Khalil has his own website to tell his story! Khalil has YouTube to tell his story! Khalil has other YouTubers like Israel Doctrine to tell his story! Khalil has to tell his story! Khalil has Straight Stuntin Magazine to tell his story! Khalil has The Opperman Report to tell his story! Khalil has national TV (Investigation Discovery and The Biography Channel!) to tell his story! Has Hassan ever been on national TV for talking about Afrika Bambaataa? Not one time or two times or even three times? Khalil has four national TV appearances under his belt! Fuck is Hassan tallumbout, "Nobody wants to hear your story?" Catch up to what's really going on!

Where has Hassan walked on these Internet streets that Khalil Amani has not treaded? Hassan was on Sa Neter’s show. Khalil was on Sa Neter’s show! Hassan was on Israel Doctrine’s show. Khalil was on Israel Doctrine’s show! Hassan was in Dave Wedge’s article. Khalil was in Dave Wedge’s article! Hassan was on Star’s show. Khalil was interviewed for Star’s show (albeit, Star never aired the interviewed and took the credit as the first to “out” Afrika Bambaataa). Hassan will be in the documentary, “Trapped in a Culture.” Khalil will be in the documentary, “Trapped in a Culture.” The only place Khalil has not gone is on Queenzflip—and that’s simply because he’s 2,000 miles away from New York, but the next time Khalil's in New York, perhaps a call to DJ Kay Slay will make that Queenzflip interview happen. Truth be told, Khalil has more media pull in Hassan’s city, New York, than Hassan does! Whether Hassan is in The Bronx, Brooklyn, or Harlem—every time he walks into a store or bodega and spies a Straight Stuntin Magazine—the minute he cracks it open to lust after those beautiful women (of course, that’s if he’s truly hetero!)—he will run smack-dab into a Khalil Amani article! 

“Nobody wants to hear Khalil’s story?” Really? Hassan! Khalil Amani was interviewed about his cult experience and Afrika Bambaataa on The Opperman Report—a white YouTube investigative show that Hassan has not been on! (See Exhibit #3)

“Nobody wants to hear Khalil’s story?” Really? Hassan! Khalil was just on national TV (June 2018) on the ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel with People Magazine! (See Exhibit#4)

The very fact that Hassan makes videos and addresses Khalil Amani is proof-positive that indeed, Khalil’s pen-game is whet as fuck! Don’t worry about how many YouTube subs and views Khalil has! The litmus test for “Nobody wants to hear Khalil’s story” is not relegated to YouTube and YouTube subscriptions and YouTube views! Like The Bronx River Housing Projects that raised—and “razed” (completely destroyed!) Hassan—and shaped Hassan’s worldview, YouTube is his only measuring-stick as to one’s popularity and getting one’s message out.

Hassan's children, from a back room listen to daddy-dearest cursing and tallumbout laying "heavy dick" on other children on YouTube! They hear their daddy talk about doing nasty, ugly things to the deceased and making fun of people's looks, men and women. What a great father this douche is! Meanwhile, Khalil's children and grandchildren watch their father/grandfather on national TV, tallumbout his story in a very articulate way, free of profanity.

Hassan ain't showed us a book yet on YouTube! He'd rather show us his fish and dogs, but never once have we seen him with a book in his hands, reading to his children. Conversely, Khalil writes books and has his children and grandchildren reading his work. Fuck YouTube! What is Hassan leaving for his babies besides YouTube videos filled with profanity-laden tirades? 

Oh how Hassan wants to believe that Khalil Amani was/is a non-factor in the Afrika Bambaataa “shit-uation!” Here I am with a measly 1,200 YouTube subscribers being talked about on a YouTuber’s channel with over 50,000 subscribers! If no one truly wants to hear Khalil’s story, why is Hassan speaking Khalil’s name? Hassan contradicts his own beliefs on Khalil by mentioning him to a potential 50,000 viewers! LOL!

Ronald Savage and Khalil Amani are writers--published authors! We're leaving a legacy for our children! What is Hassan's legacy thus far? A bunch of fucking YouTube videos! 

“No Man is an Island” Hassan!

Factoid. Hassan got his YouTube start and major push as the result of being on Star’s YouTube platform, which introduced him to Star’s 70,000+ subscribers. Hassan then went on Sa Neter’s YouTube platform where he was introduced to many, many thousands more! Hassan did Doggie DiamondsTv which expose him to 100,000+ people. Hassan did Queenzflip’s podcast twice, which further introduced him to Queenzflip's 100,000+ audience. Lastly, Hassan went on Tommy Sotomayor's YouTube channel where another 100,000 people were introduced to this Internet thug. “I’m just keepin’ it funky” (as you like to say). Hassan was passed around these YouTube streets like a like a renegade prostitute, ever looking for a new pimp! His burgeoning YouTube channel didn’t happen organically—by his own merits! Hassan's 50,000 YouTube subscribers came to him as the result of Star, Sa Neter, Doggie Diamonds, Queenzflip and Tommy Sotomayor—five huge YouTube platforms that gave him face-time!

The saying is; “No man is an island!” and you, Hassan, are no exception to the rule! Your YouTube fame comes from piggybacking off the platforms that made you! You ain't special or charismatic! 

As Hassan like to say, “Let’s keep it funky!” Other than the aforementioned YouTubers, Hassan hasn’t really had lots of folks beating down his door for interviews. Ronald Savage actually has had more press coverage than Hassan; for Ronald Savage has done all the YouTube channels that Hassan has done (except Queenzflip's, which he turned down) and been on New York’s radio Power 105 and the “Most Dangerous Site”—and the NY Daily News where he was the focal point and Hassan, a blip in the story, not to mention writing a book where he deals with this subject.

Now! Back to Hassan’s question, “When did we become enemies?”

It all started the day I interviewed on your arch-nemesis, Israel Doctrine’s YouTube channel. I had no clue that Hassan and Israel Doctrine were beefing. I simply came on his show to tell my story of how I became affiliated with the Bambaataa story. Straightway, as soon as Hassan caught wind of this guy (Khalil) proclaiming to be the first person in the media to “out” Afrika Bambaataa he went ape-shit crazy! On one of his YouTube shows, this is what he first said about Khalil Amani in a live stream. The first time Hassan called my name, this is what he said


“Amani, Khalil. I’m address you one time. Right now on this live and one time only—for the last time! Your situation with Afrika Bambaataa—there was never no situation! You being the first one to expose Bambaataa is bullshit! You know why? Because, for one, you’re not a victim! So all you did was hear about a situation, which made it gossip! You didn’t have no facts on it and you gossiped! So what you did was give celebrity gossip. You’re not a victim! You cannot break down nothing about Afrika Bambaataa. or what he does or how he does it. So your purpose of making videos about me? Oh I understand. I insulted the gay community and you just so happen to suck dick. My apologies. I did not mean to offend you. I have no problem with you sucking dick. I’m sorry. You can take every piece of cock up your ass that you want to. My apologies.”

Hassan did not want to accept my claim as "thee first" to "out" Afrika Bambaataa and relegated my little blog on Bambaataa getting stabbed to the realm of "Celebrity Gossip." He did not like that I'm an LGBTQ advocate, so straightway, this half-a-fag called me gay and said I like sucking dick. Without provocation, Hassan went in on me! Does that refresh your memory fuck-boy?

Hassan! This is when we became enemies! In November of 2017—when you spewed this bullshit! Your mouf is so loose that you don’t even remember the disrespectful shit you say! You called me gay and said I suck dick! You got all in your feelings because of my association with Israel Doctrine! And yet, still, if you go back and read my YouTube vlogs, you still won’t find me disrespecting you because I understood your pain. I didn’t shoot back at you calling you names! Hassan saw that I was verifying Israel Doctrine’s account of the Bambaataa narrative and made me his natural enemy. Khalil was never Hassan’s enemy. To add insult unto Hassan's injury and warped understanding of the word "expose," because, as he tries to redefine what it means to "expose" someone, respected author and journalist, Dave Wedge blows Hassan's dismissal of Khalil's claim as the "first" to "expose" Afrika Bambaataa right out of the water, writing, "Author and blogger Khalil Amani, a Colorado-based writer for DJ Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin Magazine, was the first to publicly allege sexual misconduct by Bambaataa."

Here’s the complete article: Afrika Bambaataa Allegedly Molested Young Men For Decades. Why Are the Accusations Only Coming out Now?

On Khalil’s Mother’s Vagina and Hassan’s "Thighing"—The difference!

Since Hassan wants to bastardized and mis-contextualize the story of a 10 year old boy seeing his mother having sex and dealing with those feelings and emotions, as only a 10 year old boy can—by exploring the mindset of this young boy (me!) and coming to grips with sex, sexuality and what sex actually feels like—as a writer, Khalil is very descriptive and transparent. The video is on my YouTube page. It’s called, “Chapter 2: Mr. Robert’s Big Black Phallus!” Hassan lied and said I took it down. Why the fuck would I do that? I’m not ashamed of what I wrote!

Hassan told two big fat lies in the earlier video. #1. He said that I took the video off YouTube where I'm talking about my mother having sex. LIE! #2. He said that me and my mother and her boyfriend were all watching porn. LIE! This nigga is so Trump-esque! You can go to my YouTube channel and find this video and listen to it in its entirety and see what the fuck I was tallumbout or you can believe a fuck-nigga like Hassan! Speaking of taking videos down, where's Hassan's "Heavy Dick" video? That faggot took it down! Here's the video in question.

Hassan took a big fat "L" posting that quick clip of my book. Why do I say this? He played that clip three times I believe. I looked in the chat to see the response to me saying, "I wondered what it felt like to be in my mother... they really fucked up a 10-year old's head that day!"---and guess what? NOT EVEN ONE COMMENT or RESPONSE! LOL! Nobody said anything about the clip, because, even though it was meant to be taken out of context, even Hassan's dummy subscribers got it! What did they get? They understood that this was a "shit-uation" that happened to a fucking 10 year old boy! As much and as hard as Hassan tried, he was unable and unsuccessful at convincing his audience that a grown Khalil Amani still harbored these same feelings in adulthood. That was a Hassanian fail. Now hold this "L" Hassan. 

All 50+ times Hassan called my name on his little "roast" and screamed that I was an FBI Informant, guess what? Again! Not even one, single, solitary comment in the chat! My name was not mention by anyone in the chat! Not even once! You know what that tells me? That even Hassan's subscribers have done enough homework to know that Yahweh Ben Yahweh needed to be snitched on and i did the right thing in cooperating with the government. Another "L" Hassan! 

Yes! I wrote my memoir (book) where I talked about seeing my mother having sex at 10 years old with a man who was not my father. Yes! I explored the idea of sex to a 10 year old boy and what sex feels like. Yes! I wrote about being fixated with sex and thinking about sex incessantly at ten years old. Yes! I talked about that man’s ginormous penis and what it must’ve felt like as he buried it into my mother’s vagina. Yes! I revealed to the reader that I started masturbating at 10 years old and thinking about the teenage girl who had fondled me when I was seven—and my mother and her lover having sex. And lastly, I talked about the Incubus nightmares that followed after seeing my mother fucking and having to be rushed to the hospital because I could not be awoken from "said" nightmares. That would be the proper context in which Hassan tries to paint me as an incestuous child who wanted to fuck his mother. Shame on this so-called victim of Afrika Bambaataa for making fun of a 10 year old kid who walked in on a sexual situation and the mind-fuck that came from that experience! Indeed, this is a brilliant piece of writing, reminiscent of Maya Angelou's"I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings," but when niggas don't read the entire work, in proper context, they become as little children, who, like the first time they say a curse word and giggle at their naughtiness, such is the case of the Hassanian mind.

Khalil knows firsthand about sexual molestation. Khalil was touched three times before he was ready for sex; at 7 by a white teenage girl, at 12 by a white man on the back of a city bus and at 16 by a black English teacher (a man).

The first time Afrika Bambaataa “thighed”—touched—had sex with Hassan—that was child molestation—the first time! The second time Afrika Bambaataa had sex with Hassan—given the fact that Hassan did not live with Bambaataa, but walked his fast-ass over or rode his Schwinn bike to Bam’s house—well—it gets a little sketchy. Was this molestation or was this consensual sex? I think it's safe to call it "Statutory Rape," because, even though Afrika Bambaataa was a grown-ass man and Hassan wasn't, it is clear that Hassan, of his own volition, carried on a homosexual "relationship" with Bambaataa. Not once did Bambaataa force Hassan to have sex with him. Not by knife, gun, threats or any of the things that makes victims victims. Bambaataa was not responsible for the welfare of this child---Hassan's food, clothing and shelter. Hassan simply gave himself over to the sexual desires of Bambaataa.

By American law, we say that minors cannot consent to having sex with adults, but what was Hassan’s thinking? Did he know that having sex with Bambaataa was a crime against himself back then or is this something he became aware of later on in life?

Again, as Hassan loves to say, "Let's keep it funky!" America is not the moral authority on human sexual interaction. Having said that, there are many, many more countries that have "Age of Consent" laws ranging from 11 years old to 17 years old. Countries like Italy, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Sweden, France, China, Japan and Cuba have age of consent laws which would allow children to fuck adults. Hassan is only a victim of child molestation in America, but by the sexual standards of the aforementioned countries, Hassan would be doing some consensual fucking and sucking when it comes to Afrika Bambaataa! Hassan would not have a platform in these countries! He would be considered GAY! Hassan's alleged molestation is a case-study in "Blurred Lines" (No pun intended).

So Hassan went back to Bambaataa’s house—not once, twice, thrice or even four times! Hassan would wake up betimes (early) and take his montronky-ass over to Bam’s house, knowing full-well that his thighs were in for a chaffing! Hassan went back to Bambataa’s house on numerous occasions for the expressed purpose of letting Afrika Bambaataa do nasty, filthy things to his young tender body! Having been a victim himself of child molestation—Khalil knew the very minute that a white man fondled him at the tender age of twelve that this feeling did not sit well with him. After this encounter, Khalil swore he would never let a man touch him in this manner! But Hassan? Afrika Bambaata would “do the nasty” with Hassan on so many occasions that Hassan cannot count them.

There’s nothing funny about child molestation, but since Hassan has made fun of Khaili’s sexual “shit-uation” when he was 10 years old—let’s talk about Hassan’s sexual "shit-uation." Let's explore what he must’ve endured being molested by Afrika Bambaataa. Let’s be extremely graphic for a paragraph or so, okay? If Hassan can singe our ears with the graphicness of laying “heavy dick” on another man’s son and daughter—then surely, Khalil can describe the not-so-hypothetical molestation and statutory rape of Hassan.

Ronald Savage, the real first victim of Afrika Bambaataa to come out—Ronald tells us how after being molested on a few occasions—how Bambaataa performed oral sex on him and Ron reciprocated by performing oral sex on Bam—that Bambaataa made him perform oral sex on his sister’s boyfriend—that after a few times of being sexually violated, he did not like what was happening to him and would hide at his house—would not answer Bam's phone calls—would avoid Bambaataa at all cost until Bambaataa got the message that Ron was not going to continue this homosexual tryst just to be “down” with Bambaataa. Ronald Savage is very candid and transparent about his sexual “shit-uation”—even admitting that he performed oral sex on Bambaataa as well as receiving oral sex from Bambaataa.

But Hassan? As descriptive as he can be—making us visualize him having sex with a YouTuber’s underage son and daughter with his “heavy dick”—other than the “thighing” that he claims Afrika Bambaataa did to him over the years, he is vague—and non-descriptive—and elusive about the real particulars of their sexual encounters. On his Queenzflip episode #29 you can hear the frustration from Queenzflip and his sidekick as they try to get to the particulars of Hassan’s sexual stuff with Bambaataa, but are left waning and wanting. Hassan wants us to believe that unlike Ronald Savage, he was only the receiver of Bambaataa’s dick—through “thighing” and never gave up his mouf or a hand-job or his ass, but I’m gonna give you a hypothetical situation that seems most likely, even as Hassan recently maintains that he did not suck Bam's dick.

After Ronald Savage performed oral sex on Afrika Bambaataa in a car, according to Ronald Savage, “Bam told me to go down on him.” This statement proves that Afrika Bambaata likes oral sex. This statement proves that Afrika Bambaataa demands reciprocity. This statement proves that if Afrika Bambaataa performs oral sex on a man, he expects that he will get his dick sucked as well. If Afrika Bambaataa plays “Battleship”—you lay down and he blows you to smithereens!—he’s gonna fully expect you to play “Battleship”—he lays down and you blow him to smithereens!

This is where Hassan’s Bambaataa story deviates from Ronald’s Bambaataa story, which leads me to believe that someone's telling a non-truth—not being forthcoming with the particulars—lying! Hassan claims that he never sucked Bambaataa’s cock—that it was Bambaataa doing all of the sucking and, I guess, Hassan doing all of the cumming in Bam’s mouth. Now stop right there!

In all my sexual days, there’s only been a chick or two that was reluctant to "slob on my nob" (perform oral sex on me) after I ate that cat (vagina) like “90 gone west!” But I assure you! She got down betwixt my thighs and did what was necessary to keep a nigga happy and content and in every case, realized that giving brain (oral sex) was not a bad thingy at all! Like really! Ain’t no man gonna eat pussy and not expect at some point to be reciprocated! Ain’t no woman gonna suck dick and not expect at some point to have her nappy-dugout—(excuse me—I forgot that these women today like to shave the box and look like prepubescent girls between the legs.) She is not gonna suck dick and not expect her man to eat her snatch! Sex is reciprocal! You lick me, I lick you! You lick my ass, I lick your ass! That’s just what it is!

Now back to Hassan…

Hassan claims that he never sucked Bambaataa’s dick, even though Ronald Savage confirmed that Bambaataa required of him a blow-job after giving Ronald a blow-job. You mean to tell us that during all those years of sexual molestation, Bambaataa never required of Hassan, lip service? You mean to tell us that every sexual tryst was just “thighing” and Bambaataa sucking Hassan’s cock? After all those years, they never mixed it up and did something different? Bambaataa, the one who was in a position of power over this boy Hassan could not manipulate him into a blow-job? Is this what Hassan wants us to believe? Right—and there’s beachfront property for sale in Nebraska!

Hassan is lying to us about not sucking Afrika Bambaataa’s penis! There was a lot of dick-sucking going on! Even Hassan’s mentor and hero, some dead dude named B.O. was getting his cock sucked by Bambaataa! Bad-ass Tafiq, the dude who had Hassan shook on 125 Street in Harlem got sucked off by Bambaataa! Let Hassan tell it, Bambaataa was the only one sucking cock, but that just doesn’t make sense—and Ronald Savage’s claim that Bambaataa made him suck his cock proves that Bambaataa not only gave head; but he received head as well!

If I may take a page out of the “Michael Edwards Book of Hassanian Disses”—Hassan, albeit and minor—an underage yoot—a 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 year old kid--and then as a legally grown-ass man—instead of staying his ass at home and taking those hellacious asswhippings from his pain pill popping mama—would rather lay on Bam’s couch in nothing but a “T-shirt & panties” and some little girl "Mexican Bobby Socks" and spoon with Bambaataa, while watching the Phil Donahue Show. All those years and Hassan wants us to believe that it was the same old oral sex being performed on him by Bambaataa. Afrika Bambaataa was older, bigger, stronger, wealthier, famous and the leader of the Zulu Nation. If Bam could get this kid Hassan to drop his trousers and expose his skid-marked drawhs—if Bambaataa could make Hassan lay on his back and grease his thighs up and stick his dick in between Hassan’s thighs—Bambaataa’s cock & balls rubbing against Hassan’s cock & balls---Bam's kinky, nappy nine (9) Ether pubic hairs rubbing up against Hassan's silky straight one (1) Ether Puerto Rican pubes—and then—and then—and then Bambaataa erupting in a rapturous, climatic, orgasmic explosion—cumming all over Hassan’s stomach—and chest—and the occasion “Pearl Neckless” (when a man shoots his sperm on a woman's neck) and face shot!—then surely, Afrika Bambaataa could make this kid Hassan drop to his knees and suck some dick!

Why can’t Hassan be as transparent as Ronald Savage? You were a child! If a grown-ass man made you suck dick, then that’s what it is! Stop lying to us about the extent of Bam’s sexual play. He sucked your dick Hassan and you sucked his dick! Bambaataa “thighed” you on many occasions. He came all over you. He sucked your dick so good that he made you cum and he swallowed your babies! Vaseline, baby wipes and a dirty-ass wash rag lay over Bam’s headboard.

We know that Bambaataa treated you like his boyfriend. And then Hassan grew up with this faux, pseudo, hyper-masculinity—some overcompensation for being groomed to be homosexual with Bambaataa and uber-heterosexual outside of the confines of Bambaataa’s presence—to mask the demons of same-sex attraction.

You know this nigga Hassan is not a real black person! What black man do you know in America that says, "women" when he's trying to say, "woman?" It's either he's a Latino who  misappropriates black cultural aesthetics or he doesn't know the singular and plural pronunciations/forms of "woman" and "women." You know this nigga Hassan has homo/gay tendencies! Why would he diss the beautiful Za Za Ali, a black woman that is beautiful by any nationality's beauty standards! Za Za Ali is the kind of black beauty that'll make a rapper like Biggie rap, "You look so good! I'll suck your daddy's dick!" LOL. Fuck's wrong with this bitch-made, bitch-de-died, no father in your life havin', fakin' da (hetero) funk Latino? Oh! How you gonna hate on Za Za Ali? A black man can only hope to find a black woman as fine and as aesthetically pleasing as Za Za Ali and hope that her freak-nastiness matches her outer beauty and intelligence! And her name is pronounced "ZAH ZAH", not "ZAY ZAY" you dumb-ass muthafucka! Again, more proof that this nigga Hassan ain't black with his ol' cultural interloping self! Hassan does not like women! He's a beard hunter!     


The Ether: Hassan's Hurting Trans-Daughter (Final Part 4)

By Khalil Amani

This motherfucker, Hassan "Poppy" Campbell has a transgender daughter who's living out her truth! Hassan acts like he's the first parent in ghetto history to have to deal with a gay son and a transgender daughter! Ex-NBA basketball player, Reggie Bullock had a transgender sister that was murdered in Baltimore. Bullock had a great relationship with his trans sister. Ex-NBA Basketball great, Ervin "Magic" Johnson has a flamboyant, feminine-acting gay son whom he fully embraces and allows to live his truth! Magic Johnson doesn't give a fuck about what people think about his son! He will fuck you up over his gay son! Unlike Hassan, who said he wouldn't play basketball with his transgender daughter, Magic Johnson will play his gay son in a game of one-on-one pickup basketball! Cher has a transgender son, Chaz. His transgenderism doesn't keep Cher from loving her son and having a relationship with him! The Kardashians have a transgender matriarch, Caitlyn Jenner. None of the Kardashian clan calls Caitlyn a "cupcake" and has put her outside of the family! Fuck is wrong with this backwards-assed thinking, archaic and antiquated mentality who calls himself a "father?" I'm tallubout Hassan! "Wakanda" father is this?

Hassan is the most disrespectful person towards his transgender daughter; ol' fucking homophobic hypocrite! He comes before us and calls his daughter a "cupcake." How parentally irresponsible can one parent be? Calling your child a "cupcake" is demeaning, demoralizing, dehumanizing and debasing, but I'm here to deconstruct.   

This motherfucker, Hassan Campbell, a man who, in times past sucked a bag full of cocks and got "thighed" so much that he prolly has chaff marks betwixt his thighs has the nerve, the gumption, the unmitigated gall to grow up and become a rabid homophobe! I ain't sayin' you're "afraid" of your daughter either! Stop with the kindergarten definition of "phobia." "Phobia" is not relegated to just "fear." Phobia is an aversion to, a detestation! Step ya grammar game up! 

Hassan says he vomited when he first saw his transgender daughter, new breasteses and all. Hassan was repulsed that his once boy had turned out to be a beautiful young lady. My question is, "Did Hassan vomit when Bambaataa was playing tonsil hockey with him? Did Hassan vomit when Bambaataa was shoving 'heavy dick' down his throat? Did Hassan vomit when Bambaataa was playing 'Ghetto Gaggers' with him? Did Hassan vomit when Bambaataa told him to swallow his babies?" You sitting on Queenzflip's couch tallumbout your child! And you wonder why she turnt your ass around at the hospital! "No! I don't wanna see that man!" Hassan was the worst kind of child and even a "worser" young man, running the streets, while robbing and killing people and then has the fucking nerve to toot his nose up at his transgender daughter's way of life! All she's trying to do is live her best life and live in her own unique truth! Hassan says he love his child, but she best not show up on his doorstep looking like J Lo.!

I'm officially removing the umbrella of "Child Molestation Advocate" from Hassan's name. Hassan is disqualified from child molestation advocacy for being a rabid homophobe, for imagining to lay "heavy dick" on children, for describing, in great detail the little girl performing oral sex and comparing the size of her vagina to the circumference of the Disney cup he wraps his soup-coolers around, for wanting to hurt or kill two victims of Afrika Bambaataa's perverse ways; for being the hit-man to kill the young Spanish man and for wanting to "split Ronald Savage's head to the white meat," for putting bomb threats in the New York atmosphere at the Sa NeterTv Awards where the elderly, women and children will congregate, for using your platform and suggesting you'll take Superchat money to have another YouTuber killed, for wanting to collect money for bows & arrows to play Ninja and kill a YouTuber and for calling your bruised and molested transgender daughter a "cupcake" and for all the women and the deceased that you've violated with your filthy mouf! Hassan has been disqualified from advocating and saying he's a victim of Afrika Bambaataa's nastiness! Do you hear me nigga? You are officially disqualified as a child molestation advocate! And whoever said you have a "heavy dick?" Afrika Bambaataa? Is your dick heavier and bigger than Bambaataa's? Surely, Hassan would know.

You, Hassan Campbell are, "The Molester That Molestation Produced!" Putting your transgender daughter's life on blast is akin to some very disturbing and sexually incestuous and perverted voyeurism. Calling your transgender daughter a "cupcake" is some verbal incestuous molestation! Hassan calls his transgender daughter a "cupcake," never taking responsibility for the fact that this child was predisposed from birth to being gay because her father, Hassan is gay; that in the Deoxyribonucleic acid--the fucking DNA of that child resides the homosexual pathology of her father. We can debate "Nature vs. Nurture" until the cows come home, but one thing is of a certainty; that is, that Hassan was not fully invested in being a father and allowed this trans child to be put in harm's way and allegedly molested due to Hassan's absentee parenting. Hassan was more invested in being a "real nigga" in these streets and blamed the woes of street-life and a fucked-up baby mama on why he was unable to fulfill his parental duties to his firstborn. Hassan's behavior predisposed his trans child to whatever life that she lives today, yet all we get from Hassan is a man who sits on YouTube--on hip-hop couches in all of his vainglorious-ness (at having 50,000+ subs on YouTube), arrogance and snootiness and repugnancy and non-contriteness and disrespectfulness and talks about his transgender daughter's "big titties" and calls her a "cupcake!" Hassan's not a good father no matter how much he fancies himself "daddy." He can't even get his youngest daughter to say that he's her "favor person," but instead, his pretty little daughter says, "Cookie and her classmates" are her favorite people and then this dipshit says it's because Cookie gives her junk food. Does her classmates also give her junk food?

I don't give a fuck how well Hassan treats his other spawns! Jesus said it best! "What you do to the least of these, you've done it unto me also!" The way Hassan treats his transgender daughter, he's dead-ass wrong! The first thing Hassan has to do is stop calling his child "he" and start calling his child "she." That's why "she" didn't wanna see your ass in the hospital! You're a fucked-up father Hassan! It would be different had Hassan led a pious and righteous life; a life filled with good deeds; a man who had graduated from high school and college and had a career or profession, but instead, he led a reckless life, getting arrested for murder three times and in betwixt those times, playing "Battleship" with Afrika Bambaataa! Hassan is in no moral position to judge the life in which his transgender daughter came to live! He's a hypocrite extraordinaire! 

The so-called Conscious Community may side with Hassan when it comes to his transgender daughter; you know, the religious and black power homophobia and all. They may not give a fuck about Hassan's transgender daughter, but I do! I genuinely care about the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of his child. I want nothing more than for his daughter to live in her truth, free of bigotry and homophobia, free to live her best life, free to grow and thrive in our multicultural society and free to find true happiness and love in our First-World society. As I am the spiritual and hip-hop father to many LGBTQ rappers/children, I can and will be the spiritual father to Hassan's daughter.

In case you think I'm bullshittin', Khalil Amani really does advocate for LGBTQ rappers! Here I am with a gay rapper and three transgender rappers/manager.

I'm not new to this! I'm true to this! (Since 2007) That's right! I'm the "STRAIGHT" gay rapper advocate! You heard me right! The straight advocate, but I live for your disbelief! I live for your questioning my sexuality! I live for your side-eye! I live for your wonderment! I'm known in the straight hip-hop world and the gay hip-hop world, as evidenced by my affiliation with, DJ Kay Slay and Straight Stuntin Magazine! Just wait until I finally run into your daughter Hassan! Gonna help her write a best seller book! If you think I'm bullshittin', here I am in New York City with DJ Kay Slay and five GAY RAPPERS on Kay Slay's Sirius Satellite Streetsweeper XM Radio Show! I fucking do this shit Hassan! (*The dude standing behind me is Kay Slay's producer and the female is an author.) 

Hassan doesn't know who he's fucking with! I'm not just a former/ex-government informant! I've been to the top of the hip-hop mountain! Whether it be Kanye West and his controversial "Slavery was a choice" comment or 50 Cent and his "Get the Strap" phrase or Charlamange Tha God and his child molestation woes-----or  an ex-pimp like Bishop Don Magic Juan (Shout-out to Sinful Tha P!) or an ex-drug dealer like Freeway Ricky Ross or chopping it up on 125th Street in Harlem with ISUPK's Capt. Tazaryach-------I've met them all! They all know OF Khalil Amani, "Gay Hip-Hop's Straight Advocate!" I'm not just in these YouTube streets! I'm really in these streets! Hassan is a peon, clout-chasing through YouTube to be heard by hip-hop notables and rappers. His claim to fame is Afrika Bambaataa and what he did to him.

Those of you reading and/or hearing this essay and are unfamiliar with myself or this alleged victim of child molestation, I say this to you--think not that I am making fun of victims of child molestation, for I was molested too. This person, Hassan "Poppy" Campbell is on some other! He is not your everyday, garden variety child molestation victim. He is a YouTube bully, a man who once said he'd stick his "heavy dick" in children and said he'd dig up a dead woman and shit in her grave and hit her over the head with a shovel; a man arrested for three murders. Child molestation is a crime against children. If you are a victim of child molestation you should speak out, tell someone! 

I'm disrespectful towards Hassan. I'm just giving him the clapback and etherization that he so deserves for fucking with a wordsmith of my caliber. They don't call me Khalil "Whet Pen" Amani for nothing! I really do this writing shit! The minute that I heard that Hassan was going to "roast" me and others, I went into the lab, and as easily as rolling a joint, used my very vivid imagination and have given Hassan a literary roasting of epic proportions! Hassan! Don't be mad! This isn't about me or anybody else hating on you because you have more YouTube subscribers than us. No fucks given on that front. That's the lamest shit ever! This is about your nasty-ass mouf! Now!

Hassan! I'm gonna give you the last word! You better speak some truth for once in your life! Now spit it out fool! Ready! Set! Go!


Khalil Amani is"Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Miami New Times, Miami Herald, Thump/Vice/, Forward, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, Sa NeterTV, The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult" (2010), The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013) and 2018's, ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel in conjunction with People Magazine "Cults." Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes...” ( ’07). Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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