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Coach Torain's #1 Draftee Hassan: What A Bust!

Coach Torain's #1 Draftee Hassan: What A Bust!

By Khalil Amani

Welcome to ESPN and this edition of the “2016 Molestation Advocacy Draft!” Who will be drafted first? Could it be Ronald Savage, the first victim of Afrika Bambaataa’s nastiness to come forward? Will he go first in this year’s “Molestation Advocacy Draft?” He’s got outstanding credentials Stu! A former New York State Democratic politician who’s received numerous awards for his community work and a strong advocate for the “Child Victim’s Act.” Ronald Savage was the first victim to officially go on record and call the “Godfather of Hip-Hop”—Afrika Bambaataa a pedophile! He’s got big cojones (balls)!

Or will it be Hassan “Poppy” Campbell—who's this year’s “Hood Heisman Trophy” winner—A miscreant with a colorful background, full of thievery and murder-game-gun-play-war-stories! He was the second victim of Afrika Bambaataa’s sexual molestation to officially come out. His molestation advocacy lacks though, but he has a mean YouTube-game! He has the ears of a lot of people. If popularity means anything, this draft could go either way. It will be a battle betwixt popularity vs. real community activism.

The room is tense. Coach Torain looks down at his computer, examining the stats of these two potential overall first picks in this year’s draft—Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage and Hassan “Poppy” Campbell. Across the room sits Coach Torain’s arch-nemesis—Coach Doctrine—who has the second pick in this year’s draft. Both coaches shoot ice-grill stares at each other in a game of, “You snooze, you lose.” Both coaches are aware that the #1 pick is gonna be the one who carries the Afrika Bambaataa ball for seasons to come. The #1 draft pick will be the face and mouthpiece of the movement to remove Afrika Bambaataa from our hip-hop consciousness.

Okay folks! It’s about to go down! (Shhhhh! Light-skint dude walks to the podium.) The first pick of the “2016 Molestation Advocacy Draft” is about to be announced!

Coach Troi Torain steps to the podium and announces, “The New Jersey Nincompoops take Hassan ‘Poppy’ Campbell from the University of Bronx River Housing Projects—#1 overall!”

“Oh wow! Stu! This is a shock! This is a shock! Hassan beat out Ronald Savage—a shoe-in for the number one spot! How could that happen Stu?” “Nah! Savage’s stats aren’t grimy like Hassan’s. His street-cred lacks and he ain’t neva killed nobody. Coach Torain is a loose cannon that likes that rah-rah street shit! Hassan’s a natural and will fit in great in Coach Torain’s Wildcat murder offense.”

Fast forward… Two years later (2018)…

He’s a bust! He’s a bust! Hassan “Poppy” Campbell, from the University of Bronx River Housing Projects and taken first overall in the “2016 Molestation Advocacy Draft” is awash. Advocating in the pro leagues has proven to be too much for Hassan. He does not have the intelligence, the compassion, the patience—the leadership—the understanding—and the discipline to know what to say—how to say it—and when to say it! Yes! Hassan blew a multimillion dollar contract with a mean tongue-game that he nor his coach, Troi Torain could control. With all of that YouTube notoriety—all those 50,000 YouTube subscribers, Hassan could not hold his tongue or his peace, but, instead allowed other YouTubers—most of whom—who were genuinely concerned about getting the Afrika Bambaataa narrative right—were subjected to the harshest tirades from the mouf of Hassan at any deconstruction of the Bambaataa story or Hassan’s story. This overall first pick of the “2016 Molestation Advocacy Draft” uttered such profanities as digging up deceased people and spitting on their corpse, kicking and slapping women, bomb threats, YouTuber “hits”—and alas!—the most heinous of oratorically profane and perverse commentary—claiming that he would sexually molest children—more specifically—“stick heavy dick” in a boy and a girl and other children. Coach Torain, instead of reprimanding his #1 draft pick remained mum-mouthed—church mouse quiet—mute!

Coach Torain says, “Holy shit! Those niggas is talkin’ so reckless! So reckless! It’s embarrassing! It’s embarrassing!” Embarrassing to who? The only one who should be embarrassed is you Coach Torain, for it is your #1 draft pick, Hassan Campbell who's been making the most egregious remarks against people, more specifically children! It is you Coach Torain who should be thoroughly embarrassed for giving an award to man only for him to turn around and tell the World Wide Web that he'd "stick heavy dick" in a family of children! I'll use your words! "Holy shit! That nigga talkin' so reckless! So reckless!" Coach Torain can't condemn his all-star first round draft pick Hassan because, in times past, he too talked about violating children---doing an "R Kelly" on a little girl! That shit is gonna follow you to your grave! All because a nigga said something about yo' mama! A shock-jock with thin skin. And speaking of "talkin' reckless"--how in thee fuck does Coach Torain fix his lips to utter commentary on inappropriate conversation when this nigga once made fun of R&B singer dying in a plane crash? There is no amount of "shock-jockeying" that radio could pay me to disrespect the dead! This nigga Coach Torain, the atheist that he says he is---God aside, has no moral compass, no moral scruples and no compassion for the dead and grieving families! And then Coach Torain wanna go at another man's child the minute he found himself in a game of "Da Dozens!" How dare he fix his lips and call this Afrika Bambaataa thingy a "debacle!" Your utterances against a child, you ol' "R Kellyphile" and Hassan's utterance to "stick heavy dick" in children makes you two miscreants the WORST duo--a ghetto Batman & Robin with pedophillic sensibilities who have no business being the face of child molestation advocacy in these YouTube streets or in the real world! Don't worry about how reckless we speak! It will never compare to ya'll's recklessness! (Shout-out to YouTuber Tasha k for ripping Star an new asshole! Oratorically bitch-slapped by a woman! Shout-out to YouTuber Michael Edwards! Didja hear that phone conversation he had with Hassan? Damn! Michael sonned the fuck out of him! Talk down to him like he was a child! Shout-out to YouTuber Sinful The P! His commentary on Hassan was some scorched earth rebuking!)

Instead of singling out whom the fuck he’s tallumbout, Coach Torain would rather lump these YouTubers together, never mentioning that his man—his #1 draft pick—Hassan Campbell beats every YouTuber when it comes to shit-talking and disrespecting people! Coach Torain says, “The hater misses nothing!” Did you miss that necrophilic shit Hassan said about a YouTuber’s deceased mother? Didja miss it when Hassan talked about Sa Neter’s wife and claiming that the good brother had AIDS? Didja miss it when Hassan said he believes in “domestic violence?” Star! Didja miss the episode where Hassan ranted about sticking “heavy dick” in children? Yeah, you missed it all right—or did you just turn a blind-eye to the fuckery of a supposed victim of child molestation? Dare I say that "The Hater" is missing lots of shit in these Internet streets! How did the Afrika Bambaataa story turn into a “debacle?" Open ya fuckin’ eyes and ears! Ya first-round draft pick, Hassan got this shit all fucked up! You drafted the wrong muthafucka!

Do you hear niggas going in on Ronald Savage? Fuck no! Coach Torain! You drafted a bust!

Coach Torain is left scratching his head at his #1 draftee—Hassan Campbell. Truth be told, Coach Torain is blaming everyone, save Hassan for the state of Afrika Bambaataa and the “debacle” that has arisen. Coach Torain, even though he went over the playbook—ad nauseam with his #1 player, Hassan, instead of running the plays as outlined by Coach Torain—Hassan would get the ball and run in the opposite direction, totally destroying Coach Torain’s play-making.

Again, Coach Torain, the self-described “Objective Hater” likes to say, “The hater misses nothing!” Really? And then, straightway goes on his little YouTube show and asks how the Afrika Bambaataa “shit-uation” turned into a debacle? Feigning ignorant of the recklessness of his #1 draft pick, Hassan Campbell, he’d rather “go in” on YouTubers who deconstruct, critique and criticize Hassan for his vulgarities. He says that the focus has been taken off Afrika Bambaataa. You can thank Hassan for that!

Instead of Coach Torain opting to trade Hassan Campbell—or give him the Colin Kaepernick treatment—take away his contract and let him fend for himself—Coach Torain would rather place the blame for the Afrika Bambaataa narrative becoming a “debacle” on Khalil Amani, Israel Doctrine and any YouTuber criticizing Hassan, but the list of Hassan's accusers is long as fuck! The list of YouTubers who have dragged Hassan down YouTube back alleys and verbally violated him include Young Pharaoh, Brother Ben X, Michael Edwards, Sa Neter, Born Divine God Allah, GullyTV, Troll Hunter, Ismokehiphop, Brother Polight, Homie That Shot Ricky, Conscious Speculation, Tommy Sotomayor, Kev Gillz, Ronald Savage, Lacquer Black, Sin Ful The P, T Bone From Colors, Javen Bullets, Derek Jones, King Noble and others. All this Hassan dragging on YouTube and Coach Torain is baffled as to how and why the Afrika Bambaataa narrative has become a clusterfuck of Hassanian deconstruction! Yes! Coach Torain likes to say, “The hater misses nothing,” but is dumbfounded as to why his #1 draft pick is getting dragged down these YouTube streets—getting road rash—got Hassan’s skid-marked drawhs hanging off his high-yellow ass—exposing, not his alleged, “heavy dick,” but a teeny weenie phallus!

What Donald Trump has become to the Office of the Presidency of the United States—Hassan Campbell has become to the office of the advocacy for victims of child molestation—a reckless, foul-mouthed, ignorant, hateful, homophobic and disrespectful mouthpiece for thousands of hurting souls.

Coach Star’s #1 draft pick, Hassan Campbell is so reckless with his mouf that he even once said that Star himself had taken a Bambaataa payoff and was “sleeping with the enemy!”

Smugly and arrogantly, Coach Torain flicks it up with his #1 draft pick, Hassan Campbell's enemy, Zulu underboss Mickey Bentson and Hassan was hot about it! Accused his boss of getting paid off!

How are you gonna shit on the man (Star) who first gave you (Hassan) your faux-multimillion dollar YouTube contract? I mean, the man—Coach Torain brought you up out of the obscurity from your Division III college—the University of Bronx River Projects and set you on the course to getting all that YouTube money and notoriety and this is how you repay the man? By accusing him of colluding with your former lover, Afrika Bambaataa?

Enter Khalil Amani.

Five years after Khalil Amani first broke the story of Afrika Bambaataa getting stabbed for date-raping a young man—for claiming that Bambaataa was into teenage dudes and was, in fact, gay and a pedophile—Coach Torain is forced to make a conciliatory statement about Khalil Amani’s claim as “thee first” to “out” Afrika Bambaataa, saying, “KHALIL AMANI That’s the man who wrote a story about Afrika Bambaataa first. I’ve, I’ve gave him credit in the past! …Let me get you up on the show.”

Now stop right there!

Where in thee fuck can we find the audio of Coach Troi “Star” Torain speaking kindly of Khalil Amani? Where in thee fuck can we find the video of Star admitting that Khalil Amani was the first to out Bambaataa prior to this most recent statement? In the words of Israel Doctrine, who put it so succinctly, “LIE!” Star gave no fucks about Khalil Amani. In fact, Coach Torain ranted against Khalil Amani (and others) once upon a time, screaming, “You’re weirdoes! You’re weirdoes! You’re confusing the story! You’re now talking about who said what, yadda, yadda, yadda first… I didn’t think that grown men would one day try and make that a focal point, but it’s not about you! Muthafuck who wrote what first! Muthafuck who wrote what first!”

And now you’re lying to your audience that you “gave me credit” as the first to speak on Bambaataa? In times past, Coach Torain went out of his way to let people know that he gave Afrika Bambaataa to the Conscious Community! Star’s braggadocio was on some next-level shit! But a little no-named blogger from Denver gets the—“It’s not about you! Muthafuck who wrote what first! Muthafuck who wrote what first!” Khalil Amani didn’t even brag about being the first! It is just a matter of fact and keeping the Bambaataa narrative truthful.

Khalil Amani, on many occasions has said that it was Coach Torain who blew the Afrika Bambaataa story up! Credit given where credit is due. And now—finally—Coach Troi “Star” Torain comes clean and admits where this shit all started—in the face of his #1 draft pick (Hassan) who won’t concede to this same fact. But the ironic beauty in Star calling Khalil’s outing of Bambaataa—“Rumored Writings”—and his #1 draft pick, Hassan “Poppy” Campbell calling Khalil’s blog, “Celebrity Gossip” is that it took a white man—a well-respected journalist named Dave Wedge —a hip-hop researcher par excellence to write, “Author and blogger Khalil Amani, a Colorado-based writer for DJ Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin Magazine, was the first to publicly allege sexual misconduct by Bambaataa.” Star’s concession to Khalil is a “day late and a dollar short!”

After hearing Coach Torain, who extended an olive branch and reached out to Khalil Amani on his YouTube show, wherein Star appealed to my age—as an older gentleman who might have some sense, I reached out to Star. I heard Star say, “Let me get you up on the show.” I was apprehensive about it, because he’s talked reckless about me and I’ve written reckless about him, but after being contacted by YouTubers in Arkansas and New York—telling me to do Star’s show, I agreed and reached out to Star. Star did not want to bring me on his show after all. He wanted to do some behind-the-scenes work, which I told him was a waste of time. Sa Neter had already tried to get me and Hassan to “peace it up,” but Hassan wanted no parts of a peace treaty with Khalil Amani, thus, he continues to get the business from Khalil’s whet pen! An appearance on Star’s platform would’ve been quite damaging for the other side and I think Star realized this once he put his foot in his mouf with the invitation. That’s strike two—an unaired interview in 2016 (or was in 2015?) and then getting blown off (pause) most recently. Aiight!

Where did the Afrika Bambaataa story go left? When did this story become a “debacle?” When Coach Torain and the New Jersey Nincompoops took Hassan “Poppy” Campbell as the #1 overall pick in the “2016 Molestation Advocacy Draft!”—and discarded Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage's story because it wasn’t as colorful.

To be an advocate for child molestation victims—being victimized is not a prerequisite. It is helpful, but not necessary. Advocacy and allies have a long storied history here in America! From those good white folks who became slave Abolitionists—The Grimke sisters, John Brown, William Lloyd Garrison, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony—none of these were slaves or black, but were ADVOCATES for the abolishment of slavery! From Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner (along with black James Chaney)—two Jewish men who were murdered for their advocacy on Civil Rights—right on down to President Barack Obama’s, Khalil Amani’s and Ronald Savage’s advocacy for gay rights/gay marriage. You don’t have to be the thing which you advocate for, but simply a person of high moral standards who wants to see freedom, justice and equality reign supreme.

Advocacy is action! Advocacy is not bloviating on YouTube! Advocacy is having a moral compass—that no matter what others say, be it trolls or foes—you maintain a sense of dignity and self-respect! This is where Coach Torain has the game fucked up! Hassan will never be the face or voice for child molestation victims! Never!

A three-time accused murderer cannot be child molestation advocate anymore than a one-time government informant can be a leader in the conscious community! Simple as that! That’s where you fucked up Coach Torain! You can't have a three-time accused murderer who spews incendiary, egregious and volatile shit as the face and voice of child molestation advocacy! Star! The fuck did you expect? You didn't draft a choirboy! You drafted a motherfucking street dude that came with not just baggage, but a whole goddamned house of furniture on his back! This is your debacle!

There will be no Bust in Canton for Coach Torian and the bust from the Bronx—Hassan Campbell!

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