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Ice-T: This is Waaaaaaay Bigger Than You!

Ice-T: This is Waaaaaaay Bigger Than You!

By Khalil Amani


Lawd knows when the “Coco/AP.9” scandal broke, I was the first blogger to come to Coco’s defense, penning a blog called, “Ice-T: Sometimes a Picture is not Worth a 1,000 Words” (see under “Blogs.”) where I argued that a picture is a snapshot in time, taking two seconds to produce. I further argued that sometimes what a picture captures is not the truth—that it is distorted and taken out of context. I even posted a picture of me being kissed by a hawt chick and told the story and how it came to be. I looked like I was "‘bout it ‘bout it," but in reality, she was a stranger who just walked up on me in a South Beach nightclub and laid the smack down on me and walked away. Yes! I defended Ice-T on some respect for his “OG” status. But I need Ice-T to know; This is Waaaaaaay Bigger Than You! Yes! I defended Ice-T against the bullshit his wife had gotten herself into.


But—I was mistaken in the case of Coco and AP.9. Not only was I wrong, but it’s looking like this rapper AP.9 “shot the club up” (i.e. shot cum up in her vajay-jay) at least three times! Damn the pictures! This nigga was raw-doggin’ that ass!

And now they're reporting that Coco has another dude in Vegas she's been bangin'! (Allegedly)


(Rapper AP.9, Coco and hubby Ice T.)


But before the raw-doggin' the pictures of Coco letting this dude feel her up came out. Check it!


But wait! There's more!


and yet more!


Sorry for being redundant, but there's more!



How about another dude grabbin' that ass!



Coco has let this five & dime no-name Negro get the goodies! And honestly, I don’t blame him because I would’ve tore Coco a new asshole had she stepped to me! (As would most of us men!)


In the following interview all the dirt comes out! Unfucking believable! They say AP.9 is driving an Aston Martin bought by Coco!



But Coco! Dah’lin’—honey bun—sweet cakes—snookums—why? Not only did you defame and disrespect your body—you defamed and disrespected the office of marriage—your wedding bed—your husband, yea, Ice-T’s gangsta/pimp legacy—doff! You disrespected hip-hop! Oh, this is bigger than Ice-T! Waaaaaay bigger than Ice-T! Every player and pimp will be forever judged by the actions of Ice-T. It's time to publicly check a bitch!



Hip-hop gave Coco a ghetto-pass because we thought she was Ice-T’s “ride or die chick.” Ice-T cosigned that ass in the hood. Ice-T put her on the cover of Straight Stuntin Magazine—a magazine that is usually reserved for phat-ass black and Latina females. Coco’s white ass was on that joint!



You got us (hip-hop) fucked up Coco! You were supposed to be the virtuous, chaste housewife—quasi-hip-hop royalty—as the wife of one of the realest Original Gangsters in the business—the god Ice-T, but instead, you have him looking all fooGAYzi, like some limp-dick old man that can’t perform in the sack! You have tainted hip-hop by tainting your husband’s legacy! And Ice-T knows the rules of the pimp-game! The fuck you look like checkin' AP.9? On at least three occasions, Ice’s bitch chose another nigga! You been on that pimp-shit all your life Ice. Do you need a reminder of the game? Watch!



As Pretty Tony suggests, Ice-T, you're starting to look like a "Rest-Haven for Hoes!"


Like a good preacher’s wife—like the “First Lady”—like the wife of royalty—hip-hop is devastated at Coco's whoredom! In the words of Bruce Lee, “You have offended my family [Ice-T] and you have offended a Shaolin Temple! [Hip-hop].”



It’s time for Ice-T to get off the sofa, wash his ass and find the playa that he used to be.


Maybe we don’t know the whole story. Maybe Ice-T has been puttin’ a boot up Coco’s ass off camera (you know, he does subscribe to that pimp shit and all. Just sayin’.) Maybe Coco was gettin’ that preacher-man hard-bottom special work (ala Bishop Thomas Weeks III). Maybe Ice ain’t servin’ that ass right (being 55 years old and all). Maybe, just maybe there’s another side to the story which lead to Coco’s fall from grace.


Ice & Coco can act like it’s none of our business and maybe it isn’t, but there’s a price you pay for fame and that is---we all wanna watch your life play out before our eyes. Right about now, Ice-T is looking very weenie with all the stuff coming out and his only retort is that we (the media) are “trolls.” Smh. Apparently he's checking us like he checked AP.9. We need you to check your bitch! We’re riding for you Ice and like a pussy-whipped man; you are lashing out at the wrong people! Do I need to call Pimpin’ Ken and Bishop Don “Magic” Juan and dem? For Christ's sake Ice, go listen to 50 Cent's "P.I.M.P." or watch "Pimps Up Hoes Down" and get off the self-righteous Hollywood posturing! This is about your legacy, but it's waaaaaaay bigger than you! It's time for Ice-T to man-up! The nigga ran rough-shod over your pussy! The nigga wreaked havoc on that ass! Your only response is the media are "trolls?" Tha fuck?


Ice-T! You think this shit is about you and Coco's relationship? Nah dude! This shit stopped being about you awhile back! This shit is waaaaaaay bigger than you! Don't you realize that every would-be pimp, player, mack-daddy and ladies man is looking to you for guidance and instruction? They all believe AP.9 smashed your wife! If you don't man-up and show them they way, the pimp-game will have been dealt a heavy blow. Nothing you or Coco have said or done suggests this nigga is lyin' about your wife! And now that there are fresh eyes reviewing the evidence, it's becoming more apparent that AP.9 did in fact long dick your woman! It's time for you to show us (hip-hop) who wears the big drawhs! Right about now you're wearing a thong! You need to get back to being the player that you used to be! Do ya need a reminder? Watch!



Bottom-line? Coco has been tainted for all hip-hop eternity! Now is the time to jump ship and find you another “Darlene”—a woman of color who might stay in her place and respect the financial blessings which you bestow upon her.


(Darlene, Ice-T's original "ride or die chick!")


As it stands, you brought this white ghetto-booty chick from obscurity to fame—only to soil your reputation as a pimp, as a man, and as an “OG” in this hip-hop game. It’s time to revoke her ghetto-pass and send her into that great trailer park abyss in rural Wyoming. She’s gotta go! And Ice-T! Just remember... this shit is waaaaaaay bigger than you!


Khalil Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay's Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazine. Follow on Facebook/Twitter at Khalil Amani. On Youtube at yahweh12.

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