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Cop Beats Down Syndrome Kid! (The Fuck?)

Cop Beats Down Syndrome Kid! (The Fuck?)

By Khalil Amani

Few things really piss me off. But blatant police brutality really gets me going. On one hand, a civilized society needs law enforcement to keep the public safe. On the other hand, we, the citizens hold our law enforcement agencies (da police) to a higher standard, because it is their job to “protect and serve.”


Such was not the case this week in South Miami Florida, where a young man named Gilberto Powell, who had just called his mama to say that he was walking home. On the half-a-block walk, a police cruiser spied him and stopped him on “suspicion.” Straightway, Gilberto was roughed up by the cop, leaving him battered and bruised about the face and body. According to the cop, the young man tried to run away when he was being pat down. But the young man denies that he tried to run away and said he followed the officer’s directions. The sad part about this story is that this young man (22) was born with Down Syndrome. (He is retarded for all intents and purposes!)

According to the policeman, he had a “bulge” in his waistband—and indeed, he did! It was a fuckin’ colostomy bag, which catches the doo-doo defecation once it leaves the body that cannot be extracted through the rectum.

The cop beat the breaks off this Down Syndrome young man—going so far as to snatch the colostomy bag off his waist, leaving his stomach open to the elements, which can cause serious infection! This po-po (cop) beat him down to his boxer underwear! That’s how his mama and daddy found him! The fuck?

It goes without saying that this kid was a minority—Afro/Latino.


It doesn’t take a medical doctor to look into a Down Syndrome person’s face to know that he is Down Syndrome or Autistic! It doesn’t take a speech pathologist to know that the way someone speaks is indicative of having a mental disorder. Down Syndrome people have a distinctive look and a distinctive speech pattern! We all know this and certainly a cop should know this!

But this ignorant 5-0 (cop), when confronted that the young man was Down Syndrome retorted, “I’m not a doctor! I don’t know!”  What an effin’ lie!

The family is asking for an apology, but I smell a lawsuit up the wahzoo! This pig overstepped his authority and now the whole police department should have to pay for his dirty deed. I’m hoping that the citizens of Miami rally behind this young man because dirty cops like this need to be exposed and removed from public service. Miami has seen its share of dirty cops. (Remember the Miami River Cops and the Arthur McDuffie Riot?) Miami has a history of cops breaking the law and this case just scratched a wound that is still healing. And you wonder why the hip-hop youth rap, "Fuck the police!"


The link to this story is at (Sept. 20, 2011, Tuesday)

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