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I’m not one of those so-called “conscious” folk who looks back at ancient religions and cultures and try to point the finger at them for their evolutionary understanding of the Divine. As an ex-Hebrew Israelite myself, I have no problem with Kemetic folk pointing out the seemingly crazy stuff in the Bible—like the Israelites eating their babies during times of famine—or men performing oaths by holding each other’s cocks and swearing—or the fact that lesbianism is not mentioned in the Old Testament—or that rapists have power over the raped in certain situations. For there are Hebrew Israelite groups today that have not evolved from the primitive understanding of the Divine (God) and the primitive understanding of human sexuality. Every Hebrew Israelite group is against same-gender-loving people (the gays!), but after that, it’s a free-for-all on doctrinal interpretation. One group of Hebrew Israelites known as “GMS” (Great Millstone/ Israel United In Christ) says they’re gonna start fucking girls as soon as they get their periods—at age 12 and shit! They openly say they are gonna pedophilia and pederast the shit out of our prepubescent daughters! Think I'm bullshitting? It ain't just some of the Kemetic Muurs (Moors) that are on some aberrant sexual deviancy! Peep this video! 

As a Kemetic thinker, I don’t have a problem with Hebrew Israelites pointing out the seemingly homosexuality of ancient Egypt (Kemet). For there are drawings of grown men holding other grown men’s cocks in ancient Egypt. It just doesn't bother me in the least bit! Why? Because…

As a student of history, mythology and religion, I understand that the past is meant to be studied, not condemned, denigrated, trampled upon, criticized and disrespected! For this is the great crime of today’s conscious community and Hebrew Israelite community. They are both invested in tearing down the other’s religio-cultural-sexual standard, instead of viewing each other through the lens of a nation’s ever-evolving understanding of the Divine (God).

For the umpteenth time—with major redundancy and writing ad nauseam this point; We, 21st century humans cannot and should not presume to judge another culture’s religious understanding of God! It’s so religiously and historically disingenuous to do so! For we have the advantage of hindsight, Monday morning quarterbacking and outright knowledge. Believe it or not, we are much smarter than the people who lived 3,000 years ago. We know that a lobster should be cooked alive. They didn’t! Both Kemetic and Hebrew Israelite traditions are rent with fuckery! And the Moors are included in that fuckery, so pick your poison and rock on!

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