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Dame Dash Sh*ts On the Working-Class!

Dame Dash Sh*ts on the Working-Class! 

By Khalil Amani

Before the “Rule of Law”—when cavemen walked the earth, every man did as he pleased—from plundering & pillaging to raping & murdering. The “Hunter-Gatherer Archetype” fueled the masculine mind. Back in those times, whatever fancied a man—was his for the taking. There was no judge & jury, so if a man wanted to have sex (i.e. rape) with a young girl, he just took the girl! Eventually, women smartened up and several women would join unto one man for protection and thus, polygamy became the norm, not for the freaky sex, mind you, but rather for the protection from testosterone-filled men that would violate them in the worst way.

Conversely, women were relegated to a sedentary (non-migratory) lifestyle—homebodies that cooked, cleaned and took care of the children. (The Amazons were an anomaly!)

Enter Dame Dash—who seems to know what a “real” man is—based on his upbringing in Harlem, U.S.A. From the gitty-up Dame Dash caught some feelings when asked about Jay Z. It didn't help that Charlamange Tha God sported a Jay Z T-shirt & cap for this interview. Dame's hostility was very evident, attacking DJ Envy from the go. He went ape-shit hostile. So fucking what you’ve been asked about Jay Z 20,000 times! You will forever be linked to Jay Z and if you don’t like that stay your monstronky-ass off the radio! To put it bluntly, Dame Dash was a complete asshole.

I think what really got my goat about this interview was the brazen generalizations about the roles of men & women, his shitting on the working-class and Dame Dash’s insolence. So what you’re from Harlem! Dame speaks as if every nigga in Harlem shares his views. If that were indeed the case, there would be no working-class in Harlem! Just a bunch of bosses. And why the tone and tenor of your voice? Is this the same Dame Dash that stood mute when Jim Jones was calling him a faggot and a bitch?—and now you’re in the cozy confines of a studio telling DJ Envy “he don’t wanna do that” (fight)? Why did he feel the need to “act up” on the show?

For a man of his caliber whose traveled the world and had millions of dollars at his disposal you’d think his world-view would be quite expansive, but listening to him on Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” proved otherwise. Besides the fact that he was arrogant, argumentative, rude, crude, verbose, negative, condescending and downright embarrassing to himself and the co-hosts, (more specifically, DJ Envy)—Dame Dash totally disrespected the “Lumpenproletariat”—Karl Marx’s term for the working-class by insisting that working for others—having a “boss” was disrespectful to one’s self and even more, unmanly. He likened and insinuated that having a boss was unmanly, even feminine, because men are testosterone-driven and need to be in control.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be self-employed and self-sufficient. In a Utopian world we would all be our own bosses! But never, in the history of humanity has there been such a thing! There’s always been the working-class; those people who buy the shit that bosses make. Without the working-class you have no bosses! Without the working-class you have no goods & services, yea, no economy! Like every animal in the animal kingdom—there are roles to play and lanes to stay in. Check out the ant and the bee, for example.

Playing on the Hunter/Gatherer/Sedentary lifestyles of early man & woman, Dash drove his fangs deeper into his pseudo argument—arguing that men should have more women around themselves than men, because the men will always envy other men and their position in life—and women won’t. Going religious, Dame asks, “How come there wasn’t no women at the Last Supper?” According to him, Jesus died because he had a bunch of dudes around him and no women—as though a woman wouldn’t stab you in the back. By Dame’s logic, I suspect that right about now Jesus is up in heaven plotting on how to overthrow our male-centric God Yahweh. After all, all that testosterone running through Jesus’ balls—he can’t be an underling!

(As for Dame’s Mickey Mouse version of the “Last Supper”—who says there weren’t any women around? Men gave us the male-chauvinistic version that they wanted us to read and edited out any female voices [Like Mary Magdalene’s] who were as close to Jesus as any of the disciples. Some writers/thinkers suggest that indeed, Mary Magdalene sits at Jesus’ immediate right in Michelangelo’s depiction of the Last Supper.) Chew on that!

I have to assume that Dame Dash thinks about homosexuality quite a bit. Why the fuck does he say “Pause” so god-damned much? You talk about “real men?” Real men don’t have to preface their words or end their sentences with “Pause.” Context dictates that! You’re a 43 year old (supposed to be) man! “Pause” ain’t supposed to be part of your vocabulary! Get those dicks out of your head!

Dame Dash says, “Men don’t listen to Social Media!” Fuck outta here! The hell’s that supposed to mean? Men created Social Media—MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram were all created by men! How does listening to Social Media make a man less man? That shit sounds cool and manly and macho and gangster, but is ignorant on its face! Watching and/or participating in what’s happening on Social Media does not make me or any male less man! That’s just some macho-istic bullshit from the mouf of someone who thinks he can steer current communication trends via his Harlem upbringing. Social Media allows this man (me!) to send my editorial to Dame’s front door (via his Twitter) and tell him just how I feel. Dame thinks gossiping is a female trait. No it isn’t! Gossiping is a human trait! We all do it—even Dame Dash!

The ideal that working a “9 to 5” equals slavery, an idea first introduced by Kanye West and now echoed by Dame Dash is some bullshit of the highest order! Evidently, these guys haven’t read the wretched history of “That Peculiar Institution,” American slavery. We are not the “New Slaves!” How dare Dame think that going to work for someone who’s willing to pay you a decent wage is the same as slavery! It is a disrespectful comparison, bordering on the absurd! Read Blassinggame’s, “The Slave Community,” Franklin’s “From Slavery To Freedom,” or Bennett’s “Before The Mayflower” and get a fucking clue! I’ll tell you what Dame Dash, Kanye West and many of us are: Spoiled little imps, too ignorant & arrogant to know how blessed we are to be living in this age, at this time! I suggest that you take Sheldon & dem’s Time Machine from “The Big Bang Theory” and hop back in time to the year 1805 and tell us what it do! There is nothing about our present day lives that remotely echoes slavery and the “shit-uations” our ancestors had to endure! It offends my historical sensibilities when people use the word slavery about our modern-day existence. Stop it!

And no! I don’t think I will be buying any Dash Cookies from his son. I'm not the least bit impressed with kids brought up with a silver spoon in their moufs and given a financial advantage to success. So the kid came up with cookies? So what!

At the end of the day, those roles that Dame Dash seeks to box men & women in are simply archaic examples of the male-chauvinistic mind. We are not all put on this earth to be so-called “bosses” and there is nothing dishonorable about being a subordinate—a worker bee; for it is the working-class that can build or ruin any economy and civilization! Whatever your lot in life is—do it with vigor and zeal and think not what a capitalistic mind thinks! Dame Dash may shit on the working-class, but not without a tongue-lashing from me. The mogul (boss) and the worker will both return to the soil. 

Khalil Amani writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, The Biography Channel. Author of six books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani.

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