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Dick is a Hellava Drug!

By Khalil Amani


Do you know someone who’s sprung—dick-whipped—completely overcome beyond all rationale behind a man? (And the same holds true for a man who’s a C.H.U.M.P.—Completely-Hung-Up-on-Mama’s-Pussy.) With a straight face and a sincere heart, they write on Facebook (and other social media) shit like, “I’m moving on! I’m so over him! He’s a dog! I can’t stand a lyin’ man! He cheated on me!” blah, blah, blah--as they tell the world how they’ve gotten their scruples back—how they’re reclaiming their pussy (or dick). Don’t believe them!


There is a difference between being "in-love" and being "dick-whipped" (or pussy-whipped). Being "in-love" means that you are in a beautiful, loving relationship where the feeling of love is mutual and both parties respect each other's autonomy and are in a committed relationship. Being "dick-whipped" is when a man has constantly and consistantly lied to you, cheated on you, brought you home babies and diseases and you still call it a "relationship." No bitch! You're dick-whipped! You love his dirty drawhs and by his actions, he only remotely "likes" your ass. Dick-whipped is making excuses for all of your man's naughty behavior.

These kinds of people put their business on Facebook and then have to “eat crow” when their words witness against them. Funny, yet sad.


Granted, most of us have been there (pussy & dick-whipped) at least once—telling your homeboys or homegirls you’re through with that person or as The O'Jay's song, "Hooks In Me" goes, "I be goin' around tellin' all my friends that I'm leavin', naw! But I ain't never goin' nowhere, naw, naw... I guess, you've got, your HOOKS IN MEEEE!" With conviction in your voice, we are believable the first or second time when we try to leave that person, but at some point, it’s like, “Whateva nigga! You ain’t gotta preach to the choir! Preach to yourself! You ain’t ready! That nigga has your nose wide the fuck open!”


You put your business out there! You want the world to know that you’re no fool. You want sympathy and empathy from family, friends, associates and anyone who happens to stumble across your rants on Social Media. Based on what you tell the world, those who’ve lived a little give their sound advice, most telling you to cut your losses and move the fuck on! You’re young, intelligent and pretty. You relish in this attention.


Oh, but when that dick (or pussy) comes a-callin’! I’m tellin’ ya; "Dick is a hellava drug!"


We can hardly believe that, just yesterday they were singing Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman”—“Reddy” (pun intended) to claim their independence from a no-good, asshole, womanizing, two-timing, baby-on-the-side-making, piece of shit that they called “boyfriend”—and today they are reneging on everything they professed yesterday! I tell ya, "Dick is a hellava drug!" Dick is capable of making a chick go against her instincts and trust that the man she’s fucking will change his ways. Dick will make you turn a deaf ear to friends and family's advice.


"Y’all are just some jealous-ass haters! Me and my boo gonna be all right!" “Everybody makes mistakes! No one is perfect!” These are the kinds of justifications that the "Sprung One" must use to go on in a dissfunkshunal crazy so-called “relationship.”


Well here’s a wake-up call to any and all of you chicks that think you can make a man change his cheating ways. You cannot! I don’t care if you fuck and suck him 365 days a year! You cannot fuck him into change! You cannot give him a baby to make him change! You cannot give him all of your money to make him change—doff!—you cannot give him your very life to make him change!


The problem is that you chicks have convinced yourself that your fuck-game boudoir game is top-notch and no other woman can compete with the way you make love screw him. You hear the way he cums and think, “I got this man! He loves my pussy!” You have no frame of reference for how the next woman puts it down between the sheets, so you blindly let your ego convince you that indeed, you’re the best fuck he’s ever had.


Peep this ladies! Men DO NOT equate sex with love as women do. Sex and love are two mutually exclusive thingys! Most women, by the time they decide to open their legs--has some feeling for a man. Conversely, a man doesn't have to give a shit about you to stick you on the regular and yes, men will lie in the heat of passion and say, "I love you!" Take it from a reformed dog (me!)-- a man who's had his share of pussy. A man knows right away whether the chick he's banging is girlfriend/relationship/marriage material from the first fuck. When the chemistry ain't right, a man will be looking for his socks, drawhs and pants as he's cumming! Ain't no fucking cuddling! At best, he'll put your ass in his weekly rotation of cum-dumpsters. Why? Because your fuck ain't "all that." He's had waaaaay better, but he might like the way you cook. Too many women get dick-whipped because the man is giving them a lil' dick here and there and they interpret that as "love." Wrong!


I bet you’re scared shitless to have a  ménage à trois (a threesome!) You might get a wake-up call that your fuck-game is a C- at best when you see the 3rd wheel taking your man’s cock down her throat balls deep and you can hardly get passed the head! You might have a rude awakening when you see another chick doing some gymnastics on your man’s pecker that you could never do! You might have a reality check when that woman licks balls, ass and swallows your man’s cum and you are repulsed by those things! Never underestimate the next woman’s fuck-game—I don’t care how ugly you think she is or how fat she might be! That’s your biggest problem—underestimating the other woman! Your fucking EGO!


Some say it ain’t the dick. It’s an “emotional attachment.” (Side-eye) Indeed, you are emotionally attached to that person, but it is from countless hours of being made love to—from being fucked into a state of emotional attachment—from letting a man tear the lining out of your ass—from having a man plow that poontang into submission, while whispering sweet-nothings in your ear! Indeed, you become “emotionally attached!"


I taint never known a woman who was "emotionally attached" to a man in a platonic relationship. Sex makes that shit emotional!


Hey Ladies! "If you lay down with dogs you’ll get up with fleas!" In other words, what kinda man are you dating? Is he the nerdy type with a college degree looking to raise a family? Or is he an unrepentant bad-boy who's done a stint in the pokey (jail); tatted up looking like your father's worst nightmare? This is who you brought home to daddy? SMH!


What’s the remedy for someone sprung on that dick or pussy? Only time and time alone will bring this kind of relationship to a close. The Sprung One believes their lover over any family or friend’s advice. They’re ignorant like that! It might take the dick-whipped to catch her man with another woman. It might take the dick-whipped to contract a sexually transmitted disease (and maybe one she can NEVER get rid of!). It might take the dick-whipped to get beat up in the club by the side chick (or are you the side chick?). It might take the dick-whipped to see her man’s newborn child from the side chick (again, maybe you’re the side chick feigning like you’re his #1?). Alas! It might take the dick-whipped to endure an ass-whipping by the man she loves to make the light of reasoning go off in her head.


All we can do is watch and listen. Out of love, we judge, because we can see what they can’t. We don’t want them to suffer heartache, but we recognize that erry’body’s grown up in here. The best thing we can do is not buy into their madness when they make proclamations of “I’m done” only to see them eat their words a day later. When you see them venting on Facebook, start your timers. They will recant their words in 5, 4, 3, 2…


If you’ve been this person, surely you can understand. I understand! I’ve been pussy whipped and because of that, I can, for a certainty say that “Dick (and pussy) is a hellava drug!”


Khalil Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay's Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazine, Amani also writes for Hoodgrown Magazine, Maybach Magazine and Sext Magazine. Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani  

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