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Eminem: Definition of a *Fag!

By Khalil Amani

There’s no denying Eminem’s greatness within the rap musical genre. He’s been labeled the greatest rapper by hip-hop purists. His rap acumen is impeccable! But Eminem aka Slim Shady has been pulling “bitch moves” for a minute. Eminem is on some fag shit! Not “fag,” as in a homophobic slur, but rather fag, as in hip-hop’s definition of a weak-minded, sorry-ass, spineless person. Why do I say that? Because he attacks people who are no match for his lyrical onslaught.

(Eminem in a homoerotic pose)

In his most recent bully-bitch-move he attacks Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber rapping “Tell Lady GaGa she can quit her job at the post office. She’s still a [mail] male lady” while muttering some other incoherent gibberish about the Beeb. Here’s this lily-white boy and Lady GaGa—superstars in other genres of music being attacked by the best rapper on the planet! It’s almost child-molestation to insult that kid and spousal abuse on GaGa! Somebody needs to check the “Great One” (Em) and ask why he feels the need to “go in” on people who don’t have a bone to pick with him. This is some faggot shit I tell ya! Some bully shit! Some Deebo shit!

(Lady Gaga, pop icon and gay-friendly superstar)

A gay rapper named Dutchboy pulled Eminem’s hoe-card when he rapped, “They say a fag is a feminine actin’ dude, but to me it’s anybody got somethin’ to hide… Eminem is a faggot for braggin’ on beatin’ his wife. Every fake-ass rapper is just a fag with a mic. Always lookin’ for the lesser-one to fuck with. That’s a bitch move! You just another spoiled rich dude!”


Look at Eminem’s victims! His ex-wife Kim, Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon. And now he’s attacking Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber? The fuck! Lil ol’ cutie-pie Justin Bieber? Really?

In the words of Ed Lover, “C’mon son!”

Instead of responding to gay rapper Dutchboy, he’d rather go at innocent people who are famous to help him sell records. He’d rather not bring a gay rapper to mainstream consciousness. That would be too progressive to “big-up” a gay rapper, so, instead, he duets with Elton John to hide his homophobia.

Eminem looses cool points for continually going after people who are no threat to his meal ticket—rap music. It’s like he’s afraid to go after some of these (black) rappers that have dissed him or people in his circle.

When Ray Benzino was going at that ass (no homo), your response was lukewarm at best. When white-boy rapper Haystak was giving you the smack-down, you ain’t say shit Em! These guys were gunning for a fight! But I know what you want us to believe—you didn’t want to blow these guys’ careers up, but since Bieber and GaGa are already paid like a mofo—dissing them can only enhance your career.

Canibus stayed chin-checkin’ your ass, but again, you dilly-dallied your way out of what could’ve been a great war-of-words between two exceptional lyricists. That would’ve been great for hip-hop!

Where was Eminem when his protégé 50 Cent was taking a lyrical ass-whipping from Rick Ross? I’ll tell you where! That wigga got ghost like a motherfucker! You would’ve thought Em was deaf, dumb and blind! You stood mute Slim Shady! That was your fight Em! You could’ve jumped in and buried Rick Ross. Instead, you refrained from soiling your trailer-park-trash-nouveau-riche-hands and let Fiddy do his own bidding.

Now you’re taking shots at pop stars? You’re dissing millions of teenage and gay fans by slam-dunking on a teen idol and a gay-friendly pop diva? Is that where your heart is? Is there nothing better to rap about? Have you stooped into the cesspool of attention getting? Are you going for shameless promotion?

Eminem seems to have a fixation with trannies transgendered people. This isn’t the first time he’s rapped about transsexuals. Back in the day Em rapped, “Whether you’re a fag or lez or homosex, hermaph or trans-a-vest. Pants or dress—hate fags? The answer is yes!” Now he’s curious about what’s between Lady GaGa’s legs, insinuating that she’s has a dick between her legs transgendered (really a man).

With the revelation that New York Hot 97 DJ Mr. Cee likes trannies—the alleged tranny lover LL Cool J—Eminem is starting to raise eyebrows about his own sexuality. This whole “gay thing” has been part of his rap repertoire his entire career. Perhaps, it is to come out of the closet and address your tranny fantasies instead of dissing people whom you suspect to be transgendered.

Somebody tell Eminem that you don’t get a “ghetto pass”—that you don’t gain black love by dissing white people, especially helpless white people who are loved by black people. Don’t you just hate it when some white people (especially white girls) try to “act black” (you know what the fuck I mean!) If I’m gonna date a white bitch, I wanna date Marcia Brady—an all-American-not-knowing-a-damned-thing-about-black-culture white girl! I want "that Becky!" (and some head too!) I don’t want a white girl that hates white people! Neither do I want my white rapper of the self-hating variety.

Somebody tell Eminem to beef with a real lyricist and cut out the promotion. And by all means, tell him to explore the transgender part of his sexuality.

(*Fag… for the record, I don’t use this word. I use it for my simpleton hip-hop audience.)

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