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Emotionalism: Hassan’s Hypothetical ‘Heavy’ Hypersensitivity!

Emotionalism: Hassan’s Hypothetical ‘Heavy’ Hypersensitivity!

(And Hatred For Black Women!)

By Khalil Amani

I’ve tried to stay out of Hassan “Poppy” Campbell’s business. Lawd knows that I don’ literarily and grammatically split this nigga’s wig down to the white meat! I’ve taken a backseat to his fuckery. I’ve even given him props for his raconteur (storytelling) skills. Even though he’s called me a “faggot” and a “faggot lover” and tried to get me fired from my hip-hop writing gig—DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine (but it didn’t work!)—Even though I have every right to go “Israel Doctrine” on his ass—“I have long time holden my peace; and been still, and refrained myself. Now will I cry like a travailing woman!” (That’s Isaiah 42:14)

Three (3) things about me before we get started. #1. If you don’t know, I’m the first media personage to “out” Afrika Bambaataa for date-raping a Spanish dude and getting shanked (stabbed) for his efforts on April 1, 2013, as evidenced by my article, "Afrika Bambaataa—Gay—and Date-Raping?" (See Time Stamp) on The Khalil Amani Reader:

#2. I’m a gay rapper/gay rights advocate since 2007 and I’ve been writing for and Straight Stuntin Magazine for eight (8) years and running. #3. I was once a witness against cult leader Yahweh ben Yahweh where I became a government informant and joined the Federal Witness Protection Program. Two books and four national TV shows later, here I stand. (Wait for my movie!) I make no apologies for my past in helping bring down a murderous and pedophile cult, so fuck anybody who thinks my actions were snitch-de-fide! Emotional fucks!

Yes! Our (Hassan & I) paths crossed because I was the first to “out” Afrika Bambaataa and Hassan has never liked me because of my gay rights advocacy. He even denies my claim of being the “first” media person to speak on Bambaataa’s pedophilia, but’s writer, Dave Wedge got it right in his article when he wrote:

"Author and blogger Khalil Amani, a writer for DJ Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin Magazine, was the first to publicly allege sexual misconduct by Bambaataa. Amani, the author of a book about homophobia and homosexuality in the rap industry, wrote an article in April 2013 claiming that Bambaataa was stabbed by a man he had allegedly sexually assaulted. The story, which was picked up by the Drop and other hip-hop sites, claimed that Bambaataa had drugged a man and performed oral sex on him without his consent. According to Amani's report, the man woke up, realized what was happening, and stabbed Bambaataa. A top Zulu member, reportedly with Bambaataa at the time, was also allegedly cut with the knife.”

Click here for full article. Afrika Bambaataa Allegedly Molested Young Men For Decades. Why Are the Accusations Only Coming out Now?

Enough about me though…

I don’t subscribe to the idea that men can’t and shouldn’t be “emotional.” I say NOT being able to show your emotions is a weak emotion! We, humans—both man and woman are made and created with an “emotional” switch, which gives us the ability to laugh, cry, be happy, be somber, be melancholy, be super-elated and/or—be angry. The human mind has a vast array of emotions that come to the fore, based on a given situation. Being “emotional” is NOT a “female trait” as many ignorant men assert. Where in the fuck did they get that? I guess it comes from that bullshit childhood belief that, “Boys don’t cry.”

Emotionalism can be a great thingy—a cathartic feeling and a lifting of weight off one’s shoulders. Being emotional allows us to vent, yea, get some shit off our chests, but woe (trouble) when being emotional takes a wrong turn down a back alley! Such is the emotional train wreck, that is Hassan “Poppy” Campbell—a man who has zero filter because he’s a “real" (street) nigga. As child molestation victims goes—Hassan is on some other—some next level fuckery and craziness.

Hassan “Poppy” Campbell is like no other child molestation victim we’ve ever encountered! For indeed! Hassan is to child molestation advocacy what Donald Trump is to the Office of the Presidency—a wacked-out, ignorant, unfamiliar-with-the-subject-matter, marching-to-his-own-drum-beat, an out-of-the-loop renegade who is the antithesis of child molestation advocacy! Hassan is the Donald Trump of child advocacy.

Hassan’s biggest problem is that—like these hood Negroes say—being emotional is a “female trait.” Hassan is emotional beyond all reason and his emotionalism spits in the face of all that he claims to stand for—protecting children from being sexually abused/molested. Hassan’s emotionalism allows him to reach back into the cesspool of his mind and say the most venomous and vile and despicable and loathsome and debasing and hurtful and uncivilized shit against children—hypothetically or not! Hassan’s emotionalism takes centerstage when confronting any of his perceived foes. Hassan’s emotionalism cancels out all of his supposed work to help the children. There is never a time, hypothetical or not whereby a man should put on the shoes of a pedophile to make a point about another man’s children! Never! What am I tallumbout? Check it!

Hassan, in a diss towards YouTuber Kev Gillz recently said, “Well I’ll tell you what! Let me find your muthafuckin’ son. Let me find your son or your daughter! Let me catch them at 12 years old! And when I stick heavy dick—that little 12, 13 year old little bitch! Just understand, she ain’t a victim! When I fuck your 12 year old son… and then, run through your family and fuck all the other children! …How does that sound to you? Me gettin' some oral sex from Lil Kev Gillz? How that sound? Me fuckin’ Lil Kev? I got some Vaseline! It ain’t a problem!”

Peep the audio!

Borrowed from YouTuber ShameTv East Watch. Go subscribe! Great commentary!

What does Hassan mean by “Heavy dick?” Is “Heavy dick” literally heavy dick—as though he’s put his pecker on an Ohaus Triple Beam (coke) Scale and weighed it? Is “Heavy dick” like his dick is smart—like, “Dude, you’re a heavy thinker!” Or “Heavy dick” as in that stage of penile arousal between soft and erect? Or “Heavy dick” as in a lot of penis? May I surmise that any adult male’s dick would be “heavy” to a child! Having seen a full grown man’s penis as a child myself, I can say that a man’s dick is a monstrosity to the eyes of a child. Who would or could even think about putting their male member (cock) inside the anus or vagina of a child? Moreover, there has to be an “arousal phase” for a man to go from flaccid (limp) to erect. There is nothing attractive about a prepubescent vagina or male anus that would ever cause my penis to become aroused!

Hassan went on to delete the video and say that he was speaking “hypothetical.” His outrage and disdain towards Kev Gillz and his children was meant to show Kev Gillz how it feels to be a taunted victim of child molestation—meaning himself! This was Hassan’s justification and rationalization for putting on the shoes of a pedophile/rapist and spewing the most unthinkable venom against children!

Cali-based YouTuber Kev Gillz, whose children were verbally victimized by Hassan.

Again, as the streets say, Hassan has “female traits” (being emotional)—a bitch mentality. Every YouTuber should’ve taken Hassan to task over his words against Kev Gillz's children, but instead, most stood mute (quiet) or either concocted some bullshit-ism where they stated that they wouldn’t have said those things against children, but understood Hassan’s outburst. (Shout-out to Israel Doctrine, Kev Gillz, Young Pharaoh, Brother Polight, Lacquer Black, Soul Alchemy and ShameTv—all who addressed Hassan’s nasty commentary on pedophilia/raping of children.)

At the sake of being super-redundant—there is never, ever—never ever? Never, ever, ever a time in which a man should put on the hightop sneakers of a child molester and wear them shits well!!!!!! Hassan laced them bitched up to the top! Fuck speaking hypothetical! I don’t care what my enemy says about me! I would never utter words against that person’s children! Ever! And trust me! Y’all know this ex-government informant/gay rights advocate has his share of detractors, foes and enemies! As Redman would say, “I’ll be dat!” (But never the children!)

How can Hassan claim to be a child molestation advocate and "hypothetically" speak about fucking another man’s chirr’ren? Some things should never be uttered—no matter how much you want to exact revenge on your enemy! By taking that nasty video of himself talking about raping another man’s children down means that he knows he was out of order—out of bounds—dead-ass wrong!

Hassan Campbell claims that we should be focusing on Afrika Bambaataa and not talking about him, but he won’t let us. Hassan thinks that we are giving Bambaataa a pass, but that's simply not the case! Hassan is not the only supposed victim of Bambaataa. What about Ronald Savage, the first victim to come forward? No one is going in on him. We believe and support him, but Hassan? Like many say about President Trump—“He’s not my President!” Why do we say that? Because Trump does not exemplify our Presidential standard—and so it is with Hassan “Poppy” Campbell who does not exemplify our child advocacy standard. Like President Trump, Hassan’s own words condemn him. 

But alas! Victims of child molestation—victims of religious and secular cults need counseling, psychological help and therapy. Without these powerful tools, victims who would put themselves out as advocates can do more damage than good. The child molestation advocate must have a clear and concise understanding of human sexuality in all of its variant expressions; for this is more than simply a matter of heterosexuality vs. homosexuality—with heterosexuality being normative and all other sexual expressions as abnormal, aberrant and deviant.

As Hassan claims that he helps victims of child abuse, Khalil Amani helps victims of homophobia—gay, lesbian and trans people who are victims of their own family’s warped understanding of unconditional love. If Hassan truly wants to be a legitimate advocate for the sexually molested, he’s gotta stop thinking about molestation from a Biblically—Quranic—conscious community—Hebrew Israelite—or Muslim point of view. Child molestation is a social problem, not a religious problem.

As a gay rights advocate, I came at Hassan for trying to suggest that homosexuality leads to pedophilia—and by inference, homosexuals should be killed as pedophiles should be killed. That is my beef with Hassan. Being a victim of child molestation doesn’t give Hassan the right to blame gay people—20% of the world’s population for the fuckery of a pedophile named Afrika Bambaataa. Hassan will never be a bona fide advocate for child molestation as a homophobe. A child advocate must be without bias towards sexual preference.

Hassan has or have had beefs issues with so many people on YouTube besides myself, including, but not limited to—Israel Doctrine, Kev Gillz, Michael Edwards, Sa Neter, Soul Alchemy, Born Divine God Allah, Young Pharaoh, Sara Suten Seti, Lacquer Black, Brother Polight, Javen Bullets, Tommy Sotomayor, Minister Farrakhan, Ben X, Michael Jackson, Prince, President Obama, Dick Gregory, Mysonne, Cardi B, Alpo, Smack, WorldStarQ, Tekashi 69, gay people and his own transgender daughter.

Hassan is a homophobe and a misogynist. He does not like gay people. We know this. He does not like women—especially dark-skint women! We know this by his commentary on Sista Soul Alchemy, who, in my estimation is a classically beautiful melanin-filled (dark) African woman of the Diaspora. Instead of addressing her concerns, Hassan dove headlong into some kindergarten obfuscation (unintelligible gibberish) with name-calling. Clearly playing on the Dark-Skint-Light-Skint-Field-Nigger-House-Nigger mentality, Hassan claimed that she was ugly—by inference because she is dark skinned—and he and his family are beautiful—again, by extrapolation, because they are light-skinned. Hassan isn’t even black. He is a light-skint Puerto Rican who has adopted black ghetto aesthetics. What I find amazing is that Hassan’s 21,000 followers, whom I would assume are mostly black people, are blinded by his outdated attack on black skin!

(The beautiful YouTuber Soul Alchemy! Those lips tho! Mmmmm!)

But ah! Soul Alchemy is not the first black woman Hassan has attacked! He once attacked the curvaceous and gorgeous Melanin Sutek because she has curves—a real BBW—Big, beautiful woman! They say, “Real (black) men like curves!” and Sutek is a thick drink of chocolate milk! What’s wrong with Hassan’s taste in women? Has Afrika Bambaataa fucked him up so much that he doesn’t know beauty—whether it be some dark chocolate or a BBW when he sees one?

(The beautiful Melanin Sutek!)

Hassan said, “All the men in the chat room. Would y’all fuck Melanin Sutek? Press two (2) if you wouldn’t fuck that fat nasty bitch! …allegedly Tommy Sotomayor and Sa Neter ran a train on her [Sutek] with the whole House of Konsciousness… Sa Neter told Young Pharaoh it’s your time to hit this fat nasty bitch and he left the House of Konsciousness! Young Pharaoh looked at that bitch and said, ‘I’d rather hit Afrika Bambaataa’!” (Note* Young Pharaoh never said these things. Hassan was storytelling and trying to make jokes with his “beard” in the background. The video is still up.)

We need to start a petition to make Hassan show us his beard wife! How ‘bout dat?

How ironic it is then, that Hassan would allow Afrika Bambaataa—a dark-skint black man to sexually abuse him! He claims that he is not homosexual and he is UN-attracted to dark skin.

Again, Hassan hates women. We have not seen his “wife.” We’ve only heard a woman’s voice off camera. She might very well be his “beard” (A person who carries out a transaction for someone else in order to conceal the other’s identity. A gay man who uses a woman as his "girlfriend" to conceal his gayness). Have you heard how Hassan speaks to his wife on camera? So disrespectful when she jumps in and tries to give commentary. He tells his wife—his queen—his rib—his better half to “shut up!” in our faces! (And she shuts up! I didn’t think they made those kinds of women anymore. I was wrong!) We have never seen this woman. We have never seen a loving, martial exchange betwixt the two of them. Why won’t he allow her to show her face? Like Conscious Speculation and Javen Bullets, Hassan’s wife is a phantom voice—a faceless orator. Never would my wife allow me to tell her to “shut up”—on camera or off camera! I tell ya! Hassan hates women! He can’t even feign to be in a loving relationship on camera. He is aggressive as fuck towards that woman on camera with no fucks given how he comes across over the World Wide Web.

Married though I am, to some beautiful brown sugar, a chocolate, melanin-based, dark skinned woman like Soul Alchemy has always been my cup of tea—even darker than she! I have always been attracted to those jet-black sistas, so what the fuck is Hassan tallumbout? A single Khalil? Soul Alchemy could get it—all day and all night!

Hassan’s emotionalism got him looking hella crazy out here in these YouTube streets. It is my wish that this brother shuts down his YouTube channel and get some therapy. The tough-guy schtick is wearing thin. Let this be a lesson to those who have “common sense.” Never lace up the boots of a pedophile! Never allow your enemy to take you to that, “Sunken Place” where you wish to harm someone’s children. Emotionalism! Hassan is emotional, even hyper-emotional, allowing people to take him off his square and steal his joy. He will talk about digging people's mothers up from the grave and peeing on their corpse and he will talk about raping children. Hassan is a fragile and damaged soul, who after saying the most damnable things will come back and say he was just thinking out loud. Never play with "hypotheticals" when it comes to children and sex! Never! Your pain is never greater than the children you fantasize about raping! And lastly, Hassan! Get help because you suffer from "Hypothetical ‘Heavy’ [Dick] Hypersensitivity." Peace.

When you have a beautiful black woman... The newest arrivals in Wakanda! LOL! 

And when you have a beautiful BLACK WOMAN you make more BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN like my beautiful daughters, each of them a different hue---Light, brown and dark skinned! 

My wife is 6 years older than me, but has no gray hair (anywhere!) and all of her teeth and never had a cavity! 

Niggas on these internets afraid to show their wives! LOL! Hassan! Show us your wife!

Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult"(2010) and The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013). Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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