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“Flunkmaster” Flex’s Allegiance: Bambaataa or Bee-Stinger?

“Flunkmaster” Flex’s Allegiance: Bambaataa or Bee-Stinger?

By Khalil Amani

Why would “Flunkmaster" Flex (no typo!) aka Funkmaster Flex stand next to Afrika Bambaataa after all of the allegations that have come out—that Afrika Bambaataa molested young prepubescent and teenage boys for decades? Two of Bambaataa’s most vocal accusers—Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage and Hassan “Poppy” Campbell both claim that indeed, Afrika Bambaataa sexually molested them when they were youths in the Zulu Nation! Again, why would “Flunkmaster" Flex roll the dice on his career and take a photo-op with this guy, Afrika Bambaataa? And then boldly post the picture on his Instagram? Does “Flunkmaster" Flex know what a political land-mine he’s stepping in, by boldly telling the hip-hop world, through his actions, “Fuck you! Afrika Bambaataa is the big homie and I’m riding for him on this molestation thingy!” That’s what can be extrapolated from this picture.

As far as I’m concerned, “Flunkmaster" Flex just "flunked" out of the hip-hop world!

It doesn’t end there! “Flunkmaster" Flex taking a recent picture with Afrika Bambaataa is just the tip of the ice berg! He has recently doubled-down on his support for Afrika Bambaataa with a scathing rebuke and name-calling of Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage—a once close hip-hop ally. Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage and Funkmaster Flex have history. Ronald came from Jazzy Jay’s studio, Strong City Records where he worked and aided Strong City’s artists get their records played on the radio and in the clubs, along with Rocky, who was Jazzy Jay’s business partner at Strong City Records. It was during this time that “Bee-Stinger,” as Ronald was known and Funkmaster Flex’s paths crossed. Don’t get it twisted! Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage was known in New York hip-hop/rap music circles—even as Afrika Bambaataa once claimed that he didn’t know Bee-Stinger, only to be proven a bold-faced liar by rapper, Lord Jamar who says that Bambaataa knew Bee-Stinger and had seen both of them in the studio together—and then Bambaataa’s lie was followed up with a flyer where both Afrika Bambaataa’s and Bee-Stinger’s name appear.

If Afrika Bambaataa can so arrogantly assert that he didn’t know Bee-Stinger—and think that no one would fact-check the hip-hop record—and no one who knew both parties would not step forward and call Bambaataa a liar—well, we cannot believe another word out of Bambaataa’s mouf!

And so, most recently, Funkmaster Flex proved why he took the picture with Afrika Bambaataa, by dissing one of Afrika Bambaataa’s alleged victims—Ronald “Bee-Stinger" Savage! More and more, Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage is starting to prove that, indeed, he was heavy in this hip-hop game—that he was totally ingratiated in the business of hip-hop and alas! Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage is hip-hop royalty of sorts! When you’re known by the “Godfather of Hip-Hop,” Afrika Bambaataa and known by iconic DJ Funkmaster Flex and known by Kool DJ Red Alert and known by rapper Lord Jamar and many, many others—you were there in the beginning! Ronald Savage was there in hip-hop’s beginning! He is part of hip-hop's origins! He should be included in the eponymous ancestors of hip-hop pioneers and belongs in the pantheon of behind the scenes movers & shakers. Let the history of hip-hop reflect this fact!

(Funkmaster Flex & Ronald "Bee Stinger" Savage)

Yes! Funkmaster Flex recently went for Ronald "Bee-Stinger" Savage's neck in an interview (or maybe it was some behind the scenes off colored banter?) with Kool DJ Red Alert, saying, “Bee-Stinger, you’re a clown! And I’m-a say it today ‘cause I feel like sayin’ it—’cause if you’re gonna talk about Jazzy Jay’s studio—Bee-Stinger you’re a clown!”

Instantly! Kool DJ Red Alert says to Flex, “That’s not good.”

Flex shoots back, “And I said it!”

Kool DJ Red Alert calmly retorts, “That’s not good.”

And again, Kool DJ Red Alert calmly says, “That’s not good.

And once again, Funk Flex, not convinced that Kool DJ Red Alert was serious says, “I said it!”

But again, Kool DJ Red Alert tells him, “That’s not good.”

Finally, after Kool DJ Red Alert says, “That’s not good”—four times! Funkmaster Flex finally gets the message and cowers down and, in his egotistical way, that can only be described as someone who wants to say, “I’m sorry. My bad! I spoke out of turn! I shouldn’t have disrespected Bee-Stinger, because he’s your family!” Mind you, Funkmaster Flex didn’t says these things, but that’s what can be extrapolated when you hear the audio—again—after Kool DJ Red Alert four times told Flex, “That’s not good.” Flex then says, between Kool DJ Red Alert’s commentary:

“I'm-a change my energy.”

“Im-a change my energy.”

“I'm-a change my energy.”

“I'm-a change my energy.”

“I'm-a change my energy.”

“I'm-a change my energy.”

“I'm-a change my energy.”

“I'm-a change my energy.”

I shit you not! He told DJ Red Alert he was gonna change his "energy" eight times! That nigga Flex got his broken/skipping record on and got stuck in, "Foot In Mouf Land!" Oh, the contrition! Shout-out to Kool DJ Red Alert for taking up for Ronald Savage! (*On a side-note, I once met Kool DJ Red Alert at a DJ Kay Slay birthday party. I went up to him for a picture and he blew me off with some "catch me later conversation." All night, I watched Kool DJ Red Alert and pondered the right time to get my picture, but ended up leaving the party picture-less. I felt like a teenager, wondering if the girl I'm eye-fucking all night will slow dance with me and never finding the courage to re-ask her for a dance, or, in this case, a picture. LOL. I forgive you Kool DJ Red Alert) 

Now listen to the audio of Funkmaster Flex disrespecting Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage! Listen!

Now it’s easy to understand how someone like "Flunkmaster" Flex can pose for pictures with Afrika Bambaataa! He’s down with the Zulu Nation sex cult molestation and its leader! Flex has become so comfortable as a hip-hop DJ at New York’s Hot97—a man who’s done car shows for MTV and has become such a stable in hip-hop that he thinks he can’t fall from grace. He thinks he can violate our molestation sensibilities without backlash! He knows he wrong and the proof is that his picture with Afrika Bambaataa—which he posted on Instagram—he purposefully disabled the comments so that no one could yell PEDOPHILE LOVER on his page! Yes he did! You can like any of his other Instagram pictures, but his picture with Afrika Bambaataa? Untouchable!

Might it now be time to take the good folks over at Hot97 to task over Funkmaster Flex’s continued cosigning of Afrika Bambaataa? I mean, after all, in the eyes of many hip-hop heads, a very concerned Ebro recently threw Kodak Black under the proverbial bus, by bringing up his alleged sexual misconduct, which had lots of people feeling some type of way—especially Kodak Black’s big Miami homie, rapper Trick Daddy. Ebro says that they take sexual molestation allegations seriously, but here is Funkmaster Flex—one of Ebro’s underlings/employees/coworkers—parlaying with the man behind the biggest hip-hop scandal evaaaar—Afrika Bambaataa! Hot97 has yet to even interview Afrika Bambaataa about the sexual molestation allegations—and—have never reached out to the victims of Afrika Bambaataa—mainly Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage and Hassan “Poppy” Campbell! But maybe they did, but I highly doubt it since both of these alleged victims have gone on lesser known platforms to tell their stories. One of the only bright spots over at Hot97 is DJ Kay Slay, who had the balls to reach out to me on April 1, 2013 and inform me of the stabbing of Afrika Bambaataa by a young Spanish man who sought revenge for being date-raped by Bambaataa. Kudos to him for not being part of the machine of silence to hide hip-hop’s criminality!

Again, might it be time for hip-hop to “press” Hot97—and make them show & prove how seriously they take sexual molestation allegations? As it looks—as it stands—Funkmaster Flex “flexing” (taking a picture) with Afrika Bambaataa makes Hot97 look like they’re down with the pedophilia program. They are guilty by association! Ebro! What say you? "Flunkmaster" Flex’s picture taking with alleged pedophile, Afrika Bambaataa spits in the face of his child molestation victims and child molestation victims all around the world! Again! Ebro! That nigga got y’all looking hella crazy! If you don’t address Funkmaster Flex—one of your own familia—you have no grounds to interrogate Kodak Black! I’m jus’ sayin’…

Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Miami New Times, Miami Herald, Thump/Vice/, Forward, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, Sa NeterTV, CBS's, "West 57th Street" (1988), The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult" (2010), The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013) and 2018's, ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel in conjunction with People Magazine "Cults." Look for upcoming feature on Mr. Amani in February 2019 on Oxygen Channel and currently in a special edition of People Magazine on cults. Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes...” ( ’07). Khalil was the first media person to write about the allegations surrounding Afrika Bambaataa allegedly getting stabbed for date-raping a young man in 2013 and is in the upcoming documentary on the Afrika Bambaataa allegations, Trapped in a Culture. Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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