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Gay Rappers are Mentally Fucked Up!

I thought that would grab your attention! Lol!

Every day, I’m more astonished by the mental processes (thinking) of some gay rappers. I’m really trying to understand them, so this is no dissing blog, but take it how you take it young simple ones. I am miffed and mummified at their train of thought. Some of them are killing what little “careers” they have before it has a chance to take flight! Really doe! Let me give you some examples.

Lesbian rapper B.O.I. Sha—After I blogged about her numbskull sperm high-jinks we chopped it up on Twitter. She told me there were no hard feelings about the blog and I told her that I really have love for her and was just poking fun at her. Then I said something like, “I got love for you ma!” Sounds complimentary enough right? Wrong! Next, she tells me we’re cool but one thing I gotta tell you and that’s “don’t call me ma.” I’m like “What the fuck?” (To myself) From there, we exchanged words about why she doesn’t want to be called “ma” or any “nouns” or “pronouns” (her exact words). She went on to inform me that she’d correct anybody who called her “ma.” Really? Of course, I’m thinking, “What’s the big deal with a dude calling you ‘ma’?”

(Lesbian rapper B.O.I. Sha)

Some gay rappers affectionately call me “pa” and I’m comfortable enough in my skin to know that they are being affectionate with me and I embrace that! I don’t go off on a tangent—“I’m straight! You don’t call me ‘pa’! That’s some gay talk! I’m Mr. Amani! I’m not your daddy!”

Would B.O.I. have “corrected” Diddy for calling her “ma” if he was about to sign her to Bad Boy Records with a million dollar signing bonus sitting in front of her? Would that be an issue? I think not! In her simplicity, she will rationalize this as the hating of an old-ass nigga—never thinking for a moment that maybe, just maybe this old-ass nigga is trying to help her and possibly save her from putting her foot in her mouth. First impressions are everything! Who wants to work with someone who’s on some self-righteous philosophical bullshit? Certainly not me!

On my job I get called “sonny” or referred to as “colored.” I don’t make it my mission in life to correct 80 year old white ladies who just don’t know any better. They are sweet, but just come from a different era and I understand the context in which they speak. They are not disrespectful. They are just removed from political correctness. I understand that!

In hip-hop vernacular, “ma” is a term of endearment like “nigga.” “Ma” is an affectionate term! Does she have problems with “ma” because she calls herself B.O.I.—an obvious play on the word “boy” (which she refutes)? Is it her longing to be a man that has made the word “ma” an anathema? I mean, we really twitted about this one little ol’ word! Like, she was offended! After we agreed to disagree I kinda felt sorry for her because it is obvious that she doesn’t know when to pick her “fights” and this little faux pas (misstep) might just cost her her career. Her confrontational attitude might well be her undoing! I certainly wouldn’t want to bring this kind of mentality around Kayslay (or any hip-hop head of note) for fear of her embarrassing me with the silliness of a two-letter word! (Especially when someone is trying to be nice to you and you get on your self-righteous horse of indignation and lesbian correctness!) I’ve heard Jay-Z and Kayslay use the word “ma” affectionately. I’m just sayin’… damn! To the rest of you—know when to pick your fights and know when to shut the fuck up! Do your homework and know who can help your career. Find some humility for God’s sake!

So I’m-a leave B.O.I. Sha with my affections—“I gots love for you ma!” If you can’t relate to my affections then you should quit hip-hop and champion the cause of the “N-word” as well as “ma.”

Twizza & Mz Jonz—Two gay rappers whose modus operandi (way to operate) is steeped in hateration. They talk about everybody! Don’t they understand that people like Nicki Minaj and Trina just might cross paths with them and want to help them further their rap careers? These characters burn bridges before they are even built! Maybe they do it because they know deep in their beings that they will never get close to meeting or being on the level of a Nicki Minaj.

Who would you rather smash... male or female...

(Hawt new-comer Bi-rapper Nicki Minaj)

Or... this ashy wombat, lesbian rapper Mz Jonz?

Do they ever stop and think in the quietness of their home that they might meet some of the people they diss? Like, if they are really fans of this genre, don’t they understand that if, by chance, they do reach the status of a Nicki Minaj, they too will be hated on by a bunch of nobodies like themselves—a gender bending thug/queen and an ashy wombat.

And Mz Jonz—who’s got a fear of femininity—claims the world has gotta take her as she is or fuck it! Does she understand that music is not just about music, but about presentation? Say what you want about Nicki Minaj, but she has presentation, pizzazz, stage presence, and charisma! She has an alter-ego (Barbie). And just what do you propose to give us Mz Jonz?

(Charisma personified! The Barbie)

(Butch-bitch hater Mz Jonz with little charisma... or following)

Who wants to see a bald-headed female wannabe dude with Buckwheat eyes and ashy skin prancing across the stage? And you got the nerve to say “Take me as I am!” Hell-to-the-no! We’ll pass! There are literally thousands of dike-bitches in America who look just like you! And in gay hip-hop—pretty much every lesbian rapper is a clone of a pseudo-wannabe dude. I know you wanna argue about sexism and makeup—save that shit for some no-deodorant-wearing-dreadlocked-nationalistic-puritan who’s out of touch with show business! We don’t want to hear it! Makeup is not the enemy! You are your own worst enemy, because you’d rather die in obscurity rather than put on some blush and get money! You call that “selling out” and “not being true to yourself.” I call it philosophical cow manure! This is the ENTERTAINMENT FIELD—a genre where there’s a thin line between reality and fantasy—where beauty is praised and crusty lips and ashy elbows won’t cut it—where dike bitches with dreams of being a rap dude is selling one’s self short—just ask the broke butch “Nicki”—who was eating the cat and metamorphed into the rich vixen/Barbie Nicki Minaj! Cut out the Hateration and get money bitch! Twizza will be doing the same thing five years from now—hating and posting pictures on Twitter, which tells us that he’s got more free time on his hands than the average hood rat.

Pat and Ashy Wombat (Twizza and Jonz)—here’s some truth for your ass! I’m a middle-aged man (old to you!). As hip-hop goes, I’ve left my mark in straight hip-hop and gay hip-hop. My writings, blogs, essays, books, interviews, and associations are well defined and here for all to peruse. I’ve been in Spin Magazine, Straight Stuntin Magazine (regularly!), LA Times, Sirius Radio,, Howard Stern Show, and a shit load of Internet sites! I can go sit in my rocking chair and bask in what I’ve brought to the hip-hop table. I can rest in my laurels! I really can!

("Rapper" Twizza aka Pat, the 30-something one-half of the hating dynamic duo)

But you two have youth on your side! (But something tells me Pat is in his 30’s) The ONUS (burden of responsibility/proof) is on you! When you are damn near 50 years old, how much will you have done in this hip-hop arena? The clock is ticking, so while you’re making old jokes about me—every second, minute, hour, day, month, and years that goes by—we await your grand entrance on the mainstream hip-hop stage. But forget about “when you’re 50!” What will you two coons be doing next year or in the next five years? The ONLY reason you’re on “radio” is because that shit is free—come one, come all! Again, you onerous little ones—the ONUS is on you! I ain’t got shit to prove! You have everything to prove! Show & prove or keep hating—that just might be your area of expertise! Lol!

And here’s on more tidbit of truth—as a blogger, writer, author—there IS NO age in which I’ve gotta hang up my pen! I can blog until I’m 80! Lol! And I assure you I’ll be blogging when your “career” is over—If it ever gets started. Your “window of opportunity” is now until you’re 29-30. It's a "rap" (pun intended) after that! You'll be stocking my books on the shelves at Walmart, madder than a wolf seeing my old ass still getting money. I’ll be the one writing about how you wasted your youth as a professional radio hater and how you never got passed one mixtape because you where somewhere “on the moon” (hating). I’ll be the one writing/shining the light of truth that you never had what it takes to make a hit record! Yes, that 80 year old man will be sonning you if you don’t make it big! Now go find a hit!

(Khalil Amani, 80 yr old blogger still shitting on these fools! Next blog: Where are they now...Twizza & Jonz)

Gay rappers are mentally fucked up I tell you!

This isn’t a Movement! This is a bunch of faggot crabs-in-a-barrel that has no understanding of unity and the struggles of gay people! Straight hip-hop will NEVER respect gay hip-hop because they see the disunity, infighting and hate. I was a naïve outsider when I came on the scene—thinking that gay hip-hop was a monolithic voice, out to bumrush the hip-hop world. Boy was I wrong! These gay rappers don’t really give a fuck about the next gay rapper.

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Comment by Khalil Amani on March 17, 2010 at 10:40am
The name of my site alone tells you it's "self promotion" (if you wanna call it that!). And it's not just about things that are "gay related" and I enjoy every subject I undertake. Some things will be light-hearted and fun and some things will be me "bitching"/"dick-riding" or any way you perceive me.

I am THAT ONE who takes to task the bullshit in hip-hop, whether it be gay or straight hip-hop (see my blogs on Raekwon and others). And when I'm being dissed elsewhere (like the above article) I "go in". This is MY PLATFORM to do as I please! There might be ten negative blogs before I get to something fun! I go with the flow my brotha.

The Khalil Amani Reader is ME tackling subjects that I feel like tackling, but anybody wishing to blog, vent, air can join in the fun. Thank you for being a part of this site and I don't expect that you will like EVERYTHING I post. Shit on what you don't like and enjoy the stuff you do like. Khalil.
Comment by mister on March 17, 2010 at 6:25am
P.S it wasnt just a reflection on this article
Comment by mister on March 17, 2010 at 6:14am
Dude, Was it your intention to use this site as a platform for self promotion and bitching because all i see on your site is dick riding (see below) and disrespecting ! Honestly, i'm just being open with you and am not up for a argument ! When your articles were about fun stuff i had the time, i loved your sneaker game article and i generally like what i read but lately you seem like you got your claws out 24/7. I don't wana fight over this because you have (me too) enough haters. Can we not get back to some fun articles that arnt revengeful or in some was a response to all the 'he say she say' stuff. There must be a more balanced way of getting your point across. Above you said "these gay rappers dont really give a fuck about the next gay rapper" in time you will learn that this is pretty universal in GHH, most people are unemployed and doing it for the confidence kick and self imagery. Yeah hiphop is about expressing yourself and telling it how it is but i think anymore of this negative shit and your gonna lose readers..

Just my point and it's all love at the end of the day


Comment by Khalil Amani on March 14, 2010 at 10:53pm
Boy do I love writing! These coons stay giving me material! Those so-called "bloggers" over at OHH need to come out of their coma! Gay rappers stay saying/doing ig-nant shit! Like, how do you be friends with a dude like Pat who's whole existence is about putting "hate" into the universe? They find simpletons like Jonz to cosign their madness. I used to like that chick, but she's proved that she's a follower... forever cosigning every thought coming from Pat's mouth. So I'm-a keep dissin' them and exposing them everytime I hear some wack shit from their mouths. Somebody tell that ashy wombat Jonz to diss Trick Trick, her hometown homophobic homeboy! Trick Trick rapped about blowing lesbian cruise ships to smithereens! I bet she won't diss him because he's right there in Detroit and might wanna come see her. So instead, let's diss the gay hip-hop advocate (me!) you old spineless cretan!

To Twizza... It's not that I have "time on my hands." This is what I do ignoramous! WRITE! You claim to be a "rapper" yet you still haven't put out a CD/mixtape and your EXCUSE is you have a life outside of music. Yeah, right! You have some 12,000 tweets on your Twitter page. Maybe that's why you can't get to the music, ya think?
Comment by Prince Cat-Eyez on March 12, 2010 at 6:55pm

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