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Revisiting Hassan & Giovanni: Homo-Thugs in Conflict?

Revisiting Hassan & Giovanni: Homo-Thugs in Conflict?

By Khalil Amani

The following article, written by Khalil Amani a few years ago, and currently reposted, is just a reminder and confirmation that YouTuber, Hassan Campbell has had a longstanding non-consensual consensual sexual relationship (ALLEGEDLY) with iconic hip-hop rapper, the "Godfather of Hip-Hop".... Afrika Bambaataa. 

Hassan Campbell has made every excuse as to why he will not take advantage of New York state's "Child Victims Act" and haul Bambaataa into court for sexually molesting him during his prepubescent and teenage years, leading up to adulthood. No lawsuit. What is Hassan really afraid of? The truth coming out that in fact, he and Bambaataa had a consensual relationship, even though Hassan was a minor? 

All things seem to point in this direction, especially since a man recently came forward on YouTube and claimed that Hassan offered him oral sex in a park on one drunken stupor night, where Hassan got punched in his face and ran off into the night air after his sexual advance was met with a haymaker overhand right upside his head! This guy shows the world his address via his driver's license and puts his sexual story on the lives of his children and that this near-sexual tryst actually happened and he ain't "clout-chasing" or lying on Hassan. This guy goes so far as to challenge Hassan to take a lie-detector test and put up $100,000! Now either this guy is indeed the biggest clout-chaser ever or Hassan is guilty of "said" would-be sexual act. According to this guy, Hassan had his channel removed for violating some YouTube code. Again, I've said this on numerous occasions, you can't drop the F-BOMB (faggot) without YouTube ramifications... and this guy was guilty of doing just that! Smarten up people!

Yes! This guys claim that Hassan offered him oral sex is totally in line with what's written here, which portrays Hassan as a "homo thug"... too in-love with Bambaataa to get some payback through the streets or court of law! 

And so, let the revisit begin! This is the cogently literary breakdown of Hassan Campbell.

As many of you know, it was Khalil Amani (via a written blog in 2013), along with Troi “Star” Torain (via his YouTube channel) who first reported on the alleged stabbing of Afrika Bambaataa by a young Spanish man for supposedly trying to date-rape him. That has been the narrative peddled for the last seven years. 

I have been privy to information provided to me from Star and Zulu Nation members—some, who want to remain anonymous and some, who just want to set the record straight. But along the way and throughout these past four years, people like YouTuber and Afrika Bambaataa molestation victim, Hassan “Poppy” Campbell and Ronald "Bee Stinger" Savage have been secondary sources for understanding the inner-workings of the Zulu Nation—and more specifically, what happened on that fateful night on April 1, 2013—when Afrika Bambaataa was stabbed.

Many of us have been sympathetic towards the young Spanish man who stabbed Afrika Bambaataa after waking up to Bambaataa performing oral sex on him. We knew very little of this fellow, but now we know that he has absolutely been identified by his name, “Giovanni” and that he is alive & well and staying out of the YouTube limelight, to the dismay of many; some, who are asking for his whereabouts and confirmation that he is alive & well. What these nincompoops don't understand about molestation or men who have been taken advantage of is, that most of the time, they care not to put that information out for public consumption. Quite frankly, it's embarrassing! This is why they don't come forward, you stupid YouTubers and subscribers! I'm talking to those of you who want Giovanni to make an appearance in these Social Media/YouTube streets! 

The narrative put forth by myself and many others is that Giovanni was a helpless victim of sexual molestation, a possible minor/teenager who was drugged and date-raped by Afrika Bambaataa—who supposedly stuck a finger up his ass, while sucking him off.

But a clearer picture has arisen.

The "date-rape" scenario is a dead one. To the dismay of some, who are stuck on 2013 information, let me say it again. The "date-rape" scenario is a dead one! Giovanni was never date-raped! That story, which I published on April 2, 2013 via information from DJ Kay Slay simply came about as the result of hood speculation, but like Hassan "Poppy" Campbell, the second victim of Afrika Bambaataa's pedophilia to "officially" come out has stated on several occasions, "I've never known Bam to do drugs and never seen him with drugs. Drugs was not Bam's thing." Tru' dat! There were no Mollys or Roofies or Spanish Fly! This was not a pills & poontang Bill Cosby "shit-uation!" Both parties, Afrika Bambaataa and Giovanni were in that room for the get-down (sex) and Giovanni was a grown-ass man! 

Meanwhile, Bambaataa's roommate and longtime sycophant (flunky), Ahmad Henderson was just a few feet away, in the kitchen, fixin' himself a pastrami & cheese sammich on rye bread, while ear-hustling (listening) between a four-way conference call and listening in on sloppy-toppy noises from Bambaataa playing "Battleship" with Giovanni, where Giovanni lay down and Bambaataa blew him to smithereens! 

It is unclear whether or not Ahmad Henderson ever joined in on some gay tag-team action with Bambaataa and Giovanni, but what is clear is that Ahmad's a lying rat-bastard of a miscreant for once telling Star that he didn't know if Bambaataa was gay! "Wakanda" man doesn't know his man's sexual preference? "Wakanda" longtime friend and roommate can't vouch that his best friend likes pussy or dick? Ahmad might've very well been on some voyeuristic "Chester the Molester" type shit, who enjoyed watching Bambaataa blow dudes' backs out, while breathing in the unpleasant and foul and stank and stench-filled and odoriferous and pungent and Pepe Le Pew smelling air in a room that reeked of ass! Not "budussy" (butt, dick & pussy). No! That room smelled of "Buick!" Not the car maker! I'm tallumbout butt & dick! "Bu-ick!" 

When Star pointedly asked Ahmad if Bambaataa is gay and Ahmad retorted, "I don't know," he told us that, in fact, Bambaataa is gay! For what man and friend leaves his man's sexuality as a mystery, like freshly washed sheets on a clothes line, blowing in the wind? Ahmad not being able to vouch for Bambaataa's heterosexuality is an open indictment & admission that, indeed, Bambaataa is gay! Ahmad, as we now know, is no more than Bambaataa's #1 sycophant (ass-kissing, brown-noser) and "clean-up" man. When Bambaataa gets in trouble, it is Ahmad who comes before us and does some shotty P.R. (Public Relations) work to try to repair Bambaataa's image... and his appearance on Star's YouTube show is proof-positive of Ahmad's shotty P.R. work! He actually hurt Bambaataa's reputation more than he helped Bambaataa's reputation by not confirming that Bam is a fully heterosexual straight black man. He left Bam's sexuality out here for public speculation. 

(A young Ahmad Henderson ca. 1994)

Yes! We painted Giovanni as this helpless & defenseless victim, who summoned up the courage to go “vigilante” on Bambaataa’s ass by grabbing a sharp object—or, as it’s been stated by Troi “Star” Torain, (who says he has intimate knowledge about the weapon in question) a pair of scissors—and made Mincemeat of Afrika Bambaataa and his roomie, Ahmad Henderson—stabbing both these dudes about the chest, arms and stomach. The cover-story came out that Afrika Bambaataa had been admitted to the hospital for chest pains. We thought he was lying, but indeed, on a previous occasion, Bambaataa had gone to the hospital for chest pains—perhaps just weeks before the stabbing. And so, Afrika Bambaataa used this past hospital visit as a cover for his most recent hospital visit, in which he was stabbed. Too many people have confirmed the stabbing—from Eric B to DJ Kay Slay to Hassan “Poppy” Campbell to Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage to Troi “Star” Torain to Canadian journalist, Dave Wedge to yours truly, Khalil Amani—and then, there were a hundred Zulu Nation members at the hospital (Jacobi Medical Center to be exact!) the night of the stabbing, according to Hassan Campbell. Star tells us that the Nation of Islam security was also at the hospital that night, but when informed as to the nature of Bambaataa's stabbing, hastily beat it up out of there! 

The story of the young Spanish man who stabbed Afrika Bambaataa has been shrouded in secrecy & mystery. Up until now, most of what we knew about the young Spanish man came from the mouth of Hassan “Poppy” Campbell—who painted him as a “younger version of himself”—a man who was no street dude, but perhaps, out of fear and/or courage, stabbed Afrika Bambaataa and his mans (Ahmad Henderson) and fled the scene like the biblical story of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus fleeing from King Herod—scared as shit!

We know from Hassan Campbell's own mouth that he went to the hospital the night Bambaataa was stabbed, as one of the hundred or so people milling around the emergency room, waiting for updates on Bambaataa's condition. Hassan recently (in 2020!) told us that he thought Bam's stabbing was the result of a robbery gone awry, but this new scenario seems quite contrived and even a bit of lying speculation on the part of Hassan, because he once told us on Star's YouTube show that when he arrived at the hospital, a Zulu Nation member named Saladin told him and another Zulu guy named Jerry, "Yo Poppy! I'm tellin' you right now! If you get involve in this shit, you're going to hell! Allah is not going to accept you gettin' involved in this bullshit!" And then Star pointedly asked Hassan what did this cryptic comment from Saladin mean, to which Hassan said, "He means, the shit don't sound right! He was fuckin' that little boy!" So this new narrative that Hassan puts forth that he thought that Bambaataa was the victim of a robbery is some new-jack 2020 fabrication stuff that he pulled out of his ass while drinking a 40 oz can of liquid courage (beer)! Hassan knew and had a feeling that Bambaataa's stabbing was on some sexual molestation stuff back in 2013, based on Saladin's stern admonishment to steer clear of Bambaataa's sexual fuckery. Why would Hassan change the Bambaataa stabbing narrative to an alleged "robbery" in 2020? But let's move on...

Was the young Spanish man, Giovanni really a pacifist who stabbed Afrika Bambaataa out of fear? Let me ask the question again. Was the young Spanish man, Giovanni really a pacifist who stabbed Afrika Bambaataa out of fear?

Well, what if I told you that everything we think we know about the young Spanish man who stabbed Afrika Bambaata is ass-backwards? What if I told you that the guy who stabbed Afrika Bambaataa—Giovanni—was a gangster in his own right? What if I told you that Giovanni—the stabber—ain’t dead or in hiding, but is still walking the streets of The Bronx on some, “I wish a nigga would!” (try me) type shit—and that Hassan “Poppy” Campbell’s story of going to see about Giovanni is part bullshit and fabrication? What if I told you that the official Zulu Nation stance on Bambaataa’s victim—Giovanni—was to “stand down”—that there was never an order to “hit” (kill) the young Spanish man? What if I told you that, if indeed, Hassan “Poppy” Campbell was given a picture to go “hit” (kill) this young Spanish man (as he claims)—Giovanni—it was a secret mission betwixt him & Bambaataa after Hassan confronted Bambaataa about his new lover and not necessarily—and only because he had stabbed Bambaataa—but that this was a lover’s quarrel/spat betwixt homo-thugs—the two men whose uncanny resemblance—Hassan & Giovanni—had them fighting for the attention and affection and adoration of Afrika Bambaataa? Sounds far-fetched? Let's continue.

Have we ever asked the question, “Why Hassan? Why was Hassan tasked with executing Giovanni?” It stands to reason that if, in fact, Bambaataa commissioned Hassan to kill Giovanni, then it is reasonable to assume that Hassan had performed other acts of criminality for Bambaataa in the past. That's an easy extrapolation. Why else would Bambaataa give Hassan a picture to murk (kill) a man and he had never done such a thing in the past? For indeed, Hassan recently told us that Bambaataa was the get-away driver in a murder once upon a time, so yes! Bambaataa & Hassan were bosom buddies in bullshit, bedfellows in gang-bangin' and cohorts in criminality! This is why Bambaataa was so quick to give Hassan that picture of Giovanni to go kill; because Hassan had killed someone a long time ago and Bambaataa had been the get-away driver! Their bloody hands bound them together.

In one interview, Hassan says he was, “One of the soldiers that was supposed to hit [kill]” Giovanni—yet, in another interview, Hassan makes out to be the lone assassin of Giovanni, saying, “I was going to be the one to execute him, no alleged! I was going to be the one to kill him! No alleged!” If so, why didn’t Hassan follow through with executing/killing Giovanni? Why was Hassan derelict in his duty to follow the order to kill Giovanni for Afrika Bambaataa? And why have we not, or ever heard Hassan speak on the conversation he had with Bambaataa, as to why he failed in his mission to kill Giovanni? What was that conversation like? As a Zulu Nation “hitman,” Hassan’s actions to not carry out the killing of Giovanni would’ve been akin to military insubordination. As we have it, Hassan simply tells us that because the Spanish man was a “younger version of himself”—he couldn’t bring himself to kill the man. How well did that sit with Bambaataa though? Hassan is mute (quiet) on Bambaataa’s response to his change of heart—from allegedly having killed three (3) other people while being part of the Zulu Nation to not having the courage and heart to exterminate the man that poked his mans with a pair of scissors—whom Hassan regarded as his father.

Sources say that had Hassan’s "superhero”—a guy named "B.O." been alive (but, according to Hassan, was murdered by the gang, "Sex, Money, Murder")—Giovanni would’ve been dead within days of stabbing Bambaataa, partly because B.O. was "that dude" in these streets, the "Illest, Realest, Killa From Da River" (Bronx River, that is!) and partly because, as Hassan once put B.O.'s sexual business in these YouTube streets, Bambaataa & B.O. had shared a bit of sexual intimacy too. According to Hassan, B.O., the biggest and the baddest street dude had become Bambaataa’s sexual property—where Hassan tells us that Ahmad Henderson told him that he walked in on Bambaataa blowing (performing oral sex on) B.O. Bambaataa would suck-off this one-time gangster B.O. and Bambaataa would suck-off and "thigh" B.O.'s "Mini Me," Baby B.O. aka Hassan Campbell.

Hassan's "Superhero" B.O. ca. 1994. (R.I.P.) 

Hassan tells us that he didn’t kill Giovanni, because the young man looked eerily similar to himself and couldn’t muster up the nerve to kill this guy. Why haven’t we ever heard this conversation between Hassan & Bambaataa—and that Bambaataa was cool with Hassan not seeking revenge for being stabbed? Are we to believe that Bambaataa told Hassan, “Don’t worry about it! I understand. Let’s let the kid have this one.” Is that what Bam told Hassan? 

Perhaps there was never an order to kill Giovanni—that Hassan made this shit up? New sources say just that! That the order from top Zulu Nation officials were to “stand down” and not attack Giovanni. Is Hassan fibbing or are the streets lying?

Why was Hassan, a man who, in 2013 was thirty-six (36) years old and had four or five (or was it eight or nine) beautiful babies to raise—a man who had everything to live for—so willing to flush his whole life down the toilet to do Bambaataa’s bidding, by killing Giovanni and possibly catching a fourth murder case? Why, after being warned by Saladin that Allah would send him straight to hell for getting in Bambaataa's sexual business... why was Hassan's love and loyalty and dedication so strong towards Bambaataa that he would risk loosing his family and risk going to jail and/or hell? Saladin's warning couldn't make Hassan stand down! Allah's hellfire warning couldn't make Hassan stand down and those beautiful babies at home couldn't make Hassan stand down! 

In 2013, at thirty-six (36), Hassan was still playing gangster and still willing to roll the dice on his freedom. Why? Was it strictly a Zulu Nation payback thing or have we been lied to about the relationship and/or connection betwixt Hassan & Giovanni? What vested interest did Hassan really have in killing Giovanni? Was this just business or was this personal? Was Hassan defending his “father” or fighting for his “lover”—Bambaataa who’d been stabbed? What was Hassan’s primary motive? What dog did Hassan have in this fight? Why was revenging the stabbing of Bambaataa more important than staying out of the pokey (prison), raising his family and abiding by the tenets of Allah?

Looking deeper into this “shit-uation”—this thingy between Afrika Bambaataa, Hassan “Poppy” Campbell and Giovanni—it’s deeper than a stabbing, “deeper than rap” and deeper than payback! This tale of a stabbing may very well be a Zulu Nation mé·nage à trois (a threesome!), whereby two super homo thugs, Hassan & Giovanni were positioning themselves in the hierarchy and/or pantheon of the Zulu Nation/Afrika Bambaataa’s sex cult in a sexual game of one-upmanship; who was more loyal and thuggish in Bambaataa’s eyes? Don't discount the mé·nage à trois theory, because, as recently as March 2020, Hassan went on YouTube and said that, indeed, he, Bambaataa and his ex-friend Tawfiyq's little brother Ali Baba, the alleged cousins of Bambaataa had a "threesome!" Hassan actually said he had a "threesome" with two dudes who were cousins! An incestuous familial mé·nage à trois! Facts! Hassan had been down for the get-down (gay sex). From ages 12 or 13, Hassan said Bambaataa was molesting him, according to his Queenzflip interview. In another interview, Hassan put his molestation starting at 15 or 16 and it went on until he went to prison at eighteen (18). My goodness! Fifteen or sixteen is still a minor, but I can very vividly remember being that age. I was fucking chicks in the neighborhood, long-dick style (well, maybe not so long-dick-style, as, I still had some growing to do, but damn if I wasn't eating vagina by sixteen! Hell yeah I was!) At that age, t'ain't no way a man could've sexed me! Folks! We're talking "willing participant" here, even if Hassan was underage. Hassan liked it (the "thighing") and went back! He liked it and went back! He liked it and went back, so much so, that he eventually moved in with Bambaataa!

Truly, Hassan was the quintessential "Bebe kid" who was molested by Afrika Bambaataa, because, according to him, his pain pill popping mama used to beat his ass for sport & play! By extrapolation of Hassan's words, he'd rather deal with Bambaataa "thighing" him than his mother disciplining him. Never once does Hassan insulate his mother from the charge of being a child abuser and never once does he say he deserved some of those ass-whippings! Nope! Hassan places his childhood parental abuse squarely on the shoulders of mommy-dearest! And sadly, Hassan's mother had to go on Facebook and pen an open letter to refute her son's abuse claim. Just sad...

Yes! Hassan would paint the picture of his childhood as a male "Cinderella" of sorts. He doesn't mention if his siblings were getting the extension cord ass-whipping treatment. Only himself, and then he, as a male "Cinderella" was rescued, not by a "Princess Charming"-- a real woman Princess, but by a hip-hop ghetto "Prince Charming" of sorts; Afrika Bambaataa and instead of giving him a pair of glass slippers, kept Hassan outfitted in the latest Jordans, Pelle Pelle jackets and later on, money in his jail commissary, herbs when he got sick and money to take his dogs to the vet.  


Sources say that indeed, Giovanni was no random dude who got taken advantage of; that he and Bambaataa had a falling out and Giovanni might've wanted to extort Bam about his homosexual acts on minors, which led to a fight and subsequent stabbing on the night of April 1, 2013. Others have said that Bambaataa tried to "press" (strong-arm) Giovanni for some dick that night and Giovanni wasn't having it. He was "about the shits" when Bam called himself trying to "press" him. The fight was on!  Furthermore, it is believed that Hassan entered the fracas between Bambaataa & Giovanni on the strength of winning over Bambaataa’s affections—a goddamned homo-thug Royal Rumble! Was Hassan’s beef with Giovanni simply over the stabbing or was there something more sinister and personal at work?

Let's keep it all the way real! Do you really think that the young Spanish man, Giovanni, was some unsuspecting kid that didn’t know that Afrika Bambaataa was a sexual deviant? Do you think that Giovanni naively walked into a sexual “shit-uation,” unbeknownst to him? (If so, I’ve got some beachfront property for sale in Nebraska—if you believe that bullshit!) For 40 years, the rumors of Afrika Bambaataa being gay and liking underaged dudes circulated throughout New York. Was Giovanni the only person in New York who hadn’t heard about Bambaataa’s proclivities for shagging (sexing) young guys? The rumor mill, the grapevine and hood-speak told us tales of Bambaataa sexing teenage guys. Bambaataa was gay, but not regular ol’ adult consensual sex gay! He was pedophile gay! He had his preference. He liked hardcore, thug, gang-banger types. He was into all things masculine. The soft, effeminate, androgynous, fruity & flamboyant gay man was a detestation to Afrika Bambaataa’s soul. Anything remotely resembling the feminine essence—a woman, he eschewed (hated).

What am I saying? Giovanni, like Hassan, went to Bambaataa’s crib with the full knowledge of Bambaataa’s intentions to “thigh” him, blow him and/or fuck him; that Giovanni, at whatever age he might’ve been (even though sources say he was a grown-ass man) was at Bam’s crib as a homo-thug—there to get busy (have sex), before they had an argument, which led to a fight and subsequent stabbing. That this young Spanish man was not some soft, tutti-fruiti and effeminate gay dude who aimlessly stumbled upon a sex predator. Hell no! Giovanni was a gay gangster who was "about the shits," "about that action"—about that fisticuffs game—about that scissor game—and about that murder game and the fact that he dared fight Afrika Bambaataa and his "Black Belt Jones" Karate-trained roommate, Ahmad Henderson is proof-positive that this wasn’t some scared kid who—in a moment of “Fight or Flight” reacted in violence to save his asshole! No! This guy Giovanni was “about that life!”—about that action! This guy Giovanni was a homo-thug! Indeed, Giovanni was a “Banjee Boy”—a young gay Latino man who dressed thuggish—who—at first glance would never be clocked as homosexual, but best believe—mano-a-mano---man-to-man--he would fight you as well as fuck you! Yes! Giovanni was about that action and on the night of April 1, 2013, this Banjee Boy Giovanni argued with Bambaataa—and then commenced to moving furniture! (fighting & stabbing)

Let's examine Giovanni's actions for a moment. The old narrative of Giovanni as a teenage boy who was put in the precarious position of having been molested does not jive with his actions. Unlike the New Testament's tale of John, the "Beloved Disciple" of the Jesus narrative, who, when confronted with the enemy, broke camp and ran out of his clothes, running "bucket-naked" through the streets and leaving Jesus to fend for himself. Giovanni was not of this spineless ilk. "Fight or Flight?" Giovanni stood his ground when clearly, he could've escaped! The fact that he sliced & diced & poked both Bambaataa & Ahmad with a pair of scissors is proof-positive that the 2013 narrative that I put out was wholly incorrect, but yet, enough to get the Afrika Bambaataa ball rolling headlong down the hill of public consumption.

Giovanni stood his ground and fought back! Dare I say that the average "teenager" would've taken flight like the Bible's "Beloved Disciple?" The average teenager, when faced with the possibility of having to fight (or fuck) two men, a 300+ lb. big, burly, beard-wearing behemoth like Afrika Bambaataa and a "Bruce-Leroy-karate-man-bruise-on-the-inside" fellow like Ahmad Henderson would've ran out of that house, possibly leaving his drawhs, pants, shirt and shoes... like Jesus's Beloved Disciple and run bucket-naked through the streets of The Bronx, screaming for his life! Giovanni's actions are not that of a scary cowardly kid! (*The Bruce Leroy/"Karate man bruise on the inside" are references to the movies, The Last Dragon and Eddie Murphy's, Trading Places.)

No! Giovanni didn't run out of Bambaataa's apartment stark naked! That nigga got up off that bed, zipped up his trousers, buckled his belt nice and tight so his jeans wouldn't sag, tied his Jordan 11 shoestrings nice and tight and put on his Polo shirt before entering the kitchen, where he spied a pair of scissors on the counter.

Where was Ahmad Henderson during the stabbing? He was in the apartment, in the kitchen, on a conference call. Giovanni must've slipped in and slipped out of that kitchen so fast, as he grabbed a pair of scissors and went back to confront Bambaataa.

Four independent sources say that Ahmad was on a four-way conference call when the commotion in Bambaataa's room jumped off. From California to the East Coast, the four callers could hear the scuffle in the background. They could hear hollering and screaming; Afrika Bambaataa's shrills in the distance. Straightway, Ahmad abruptly ended the conference call and made a beeline to Bambaataa's bedroom where he encountered Giovanni putting in some mean scissor-work on Bambaataa and then turned his attention towards Ahmad after being grabbed about the arms. Stab! Stab! Stab! Ahmad took a few defensive scissor pokes for his troubles. All of that "G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu Grip" shit went out the window! No sensei (karate teacher) had prepared him for this day! Ahmad didn't even have time to get into a horse-stance... or a praying mantis pose before those scissors came raining down upon him! All of his karate belts, from white belt to black belt and all of his many trophies that Hassan said Ahmad won in tournaments didn't help him. He got what Bambaataa got! Stabbed the fuck up! 

The streets actually say that after Giovanni stabbed Afrika Bambaataa & Ahmad Henderson, he barked on them! "Fuck you muthafuckas! Come get some! You got me fucked up! I'll see you again Bam! I'm-a gangsta!" Instead of running out of the house, Giovanni took his time leaving, talking hella reckless—talking hella shit—daring them niggas to do something—on some chest-beating goon type shit and that if Giovanni had that, “Wild Thang” (gun) on him, he would’ve split them niggas wigs—lit that apartment up like the 4th of July! Frfr! We’ve got Giovanni all fucked-up! The streets say he ain’t hiding and that it is Hassan “Poppy” Campbell who’s laying low—that it is Hassan who doesn’t want that “smoke” with Giovanni! Damn.

Giovanni, underaged though he may or may not have been, was no saint. Giovanni, underaged as he may or may not have been was a fighter, a scissor-wielding gangster and a gunslinger—a street dude like Hassan who may have been sexing Bambaataa for reasons unknown to us, but like Hassan—a willing participant in Bambaataa’s sex ring. The narrative of Giovanni as young innocent victim of Afrika Bambaataa is the result of limited information, until the present time. Enough people have come forward and painted a far realer and clearer picture of this young man, Giovanni.

We were so worried about Giovanni’s well-being—and thinking that he was some soft and frail kid that Bambaataa had violated that we couldn’t picture him as a homo-thug—even when Hassan gave us hints & clues, by telling us that Giovanni went to jail and was stabbing motherfuckers left & right! Soft niggas don't act like this! Civilian niggas don't act like this! (Remember now?) Does this sound like the handiwork of a civilian? Hell no! And just how would Hassan know about Giovanni's actions; that he was in jail stabbing people? How would Hassan know this? The only way that Hassan would know what Giovanni was up to, after the stabbing, was that Hassan was stalking Giovanni, keeping tabs on Giovanni's whereabouts & movements, doing reconnaissance missions, keeping his ear to the street out of fear or retribution. For indeed! Hassan tells us that he was given a picture of Giovanni and that he actually walked the streets of New York in search of Giovanni and ran into Giovanni's brother, who explained to Hassan that his brother, Giovanni, was only protecting himself from Bambaataa's sexual advances. 

Giovanni didn’t go crazy, as Hassan suggested, because Bambaataa molested him—anymore than Hassan’s son became a transgender woman as the result of being molested! That’s that Simple-Simon understanding of human sexuality that Hassan randomly pulls out of his ass. Giovanni was a homo-thug who had been a bad-boy long before Bambaataa ever touched him! With major redundancy, Giovanni was about that action!

According to Hassan, he took that picture of Giovanni from Afrika Bambaataa and sought out Giovanni for termination and extermination! Hassan's action, in and of itself, by legalese, was a clear case of conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree! His words are self-incriminating. Afrika Bambaataa giving Hassan Giovanni's picture and Hassan accepting the picture from Afrika Bambaataa is conspiracy to commit murder! They had a binding contract; the giving and taking of the picture! How crazy that one alleged victim of Afrika Bambaataa's sexual abuse (Hassan) wants to kill another victim of Afrika Bambaataa's sexual abuse (Giovanni)! How crazy is that? If this doesn't sound like a lover's triangle... like two chicks fighting over a dude, or, in this case, two dudes fighting over another dude...

With the information that is leaking out—and demanding that Hassan and Ronald, “Take It To The Feds!” or, as of late, bring forth New York's Child Victims Act—we will soon find out that the pity-party for the young Spanish man, based on Hassan “Poppy” Campbell’s telling of the story turns out to be no more than a super homo-thug mé·nage à trois—a “circle of three”— a main chick/side chick quarrel for the love and affection of Afrika Bambaataa—some street shit of “gayalithic” proportions!

It is becoming evident that indeed, the Zulu Nation was no more than Afrika Bambaataa’s sex cult wherein he’d groom prepubescent & teenage boys from Bronx River Housing Projects to be his sexual property—breaking them in with porn—and then masturbation—and then oral sex & “thighing” and alas! Making them pose nude for Bam’s nasty black book of naked boys. Once in the book, you were an extortion candidate. The black book is how Bambaataa maintained order amongst these young sexual savages. Hassan Campbell has been naming names lately. Victims of Bambaataa includes his ex-childhood friend, Tawfiyq, his younger brother, Ali Baba and Kip.

Who "outs" child molestation victims? Hassan, that's who! What a fuckin' creep!

And speaking of Hassan's ex-friend, Tawfiyq, Hassan has steadfastly maintained that, on at least two occasions, Queenzflip Episode #29 being one of them, that he was given a picture to murder Giovanni (the man who stabbed Bambaataa), but now, in a recent YouTube rant, Hassan has lain the attempted murder of Giovanni at the feet of Tawfiyq! Hassan stated that Tawfiyq told him, "It's my job to clean it up!" (Meaning, kill Giovanni for Bambaataa) What a new revelation after four years of saying he was the one commissioned to do the hit on Giovanni! Now he implicates Tawfiyq in the murder conspiracy to kill Giovanni? Hassan's vacillation is epic! 

On this seventh anniversary of Afrika Bambaataa getting stabbed by Giovanni, Hassan Campbell has finally claimed that he will be stepping up to the plate and taking advantage of New York's Child Victims Act by taking Afrika Bambaataa to court and suing him for his molestation. He has until August 14, 2020 to file papers. Finally! Hassan claims he's going to do the right thing, thanks to YouTuber Sa Neter, who baited him in a game of YouTube chess when he interviewed his former friend, Tawfiyq. That video was more than Hassan could bear!

But hold on and slow your roll! Hassan is not suing Afrika Bambaataa because it's the right thing to do! No! He is not being an advocate for the molested on some altruistic and philanthropic and hero-like stuff! It is all self-serving! Hassan is suing Bambaataa because Tawfiyq bruised his ego! He is suing because Sa Neter pushed his fragile mental button with a YouTube video! Hassan is simply making a mockery of New York's Child Victims Act, a governmental statute that was a decade in the making by tallumbout he's buying a new BMW with his lawsuit money. He gives no fucks about doing real advocacy work and doing something constructive for child molestation victims! This shit is purely a game to Hassan. This is why Khalil Amani refuses to jump on the Hassanian hobo train! Khalil knows about court proceedings and defense attorneys and prosecutors and state & federal law enforcement and witnesses and testifying and pointing people out on the stand... and even witness protection! Been there, done that! This is serious business and I don't think Hassan's heart is in the right place. Neither does Hassan have the temperament for civil jurisprudence. Simply put, Hassan's motives aren't pure. They are self-serving. He is not about helping victims of child molestation! He's looking for a come-up!

With all that Hassan has said in these YouTube streets about other people's children and wives and dead mothers, coupled with his past criminal history, if Afrika Bambaataa's attorney brings his A-game to court, he will annihilate Hassan and his lawsuit. There will be no new BMW for Hassan. And if Afrika Bambaataa admits to being gay and casts Hassan as a spurned & dejected ex-lover with a vendetta over not receiving a music contract back in the day... it's a rap! 

The problem with Hassan's civil suit... the problem with Hassan's molestation is that his "facts" are wishy-washy, skewed, muddled, inconsistent and contradictory! What do I mean? I'll tell you what I mean! Hassan tells us that Afrika Bambaataa was not the first person to molest him. In his Queenzflip #29 interview, Hassan says, "Before Bambaataa came along I was already being molested. The first one to molest me was a girl and I'll never forget." And then, many months later, while sitting in his car mad at his mama and older brother, Hassan, in one of his pity-party moments says, "...Since you like to gossip, you bitch-ass nigga, I protected you! You bitch-ass nigga! I protected you! Being that you like to gossip, Wayne, you can tell everybody that you was the first muthafucka that molested me! My big brother!" So who really molested Hassan first, a girl or his big brother, Wayne? Bambaataa's lawyer gonna make mincemeat out of Hassan's contradictions! 

Compounding Hassan's "who molested me first problem" is the fact that Hassan has given us two accounts of when Bambaataa allegedly started molesting him. One time he says, "12 or 13" and another time he says "15 or 16." There's a huge difference between being "12 or 13" and being "15 or 16"; from speaking in a high-pitched falsetto in pre-puberty to baritone as a teenager; from having no hair around your genitalia (sex organs) to having pubic hair and facial hair! Hassan has a helluva story to fix! 

A good attorney is going to ask Hassan why hasn't he sued the girl whom he claims first molested him on Queenzflip's show or why hasn't he sued his older brother, whom he claims first molested him (in a car rant?) A good lawyer is going to grill Hassan on this grave contradiction and make him choose whom really first molested him and then call him a liar on the witness stand! A good attorney is going to paint Hassan as gravy-train riding, looking for a come-up fame fool who is only suing Afrika Bambaataa because he is famous and worth an estimated five million bucks! Bambaataa's attorney will argue that Hassan was never molested and use the April 1, 2013 stabbing by Giovanni as proof-positive of this fact! Why would a supposed "molestation victim" (Hassan) seek to kill another supposed "molestation victim" (Giovanni)?  

Hassan may have been a victim of Afrika Bambaataa, but today, he stands as YouTube's greatest victimizer! No one who has ever been a victim of child molestation should ever, under no circumstance, "out" other victims of child molestation, but look at Hassan! He's "outed" other alleged child molestation victims like Tawfiyq, Ali Baba, B.O. and Kip. Hassan is a victimizer! No grown-ass man who claims he's been sexually abused as a child should speak ill of children, but look at Hassan! From threatening/wishing he could "stick heavy dick" in Kev Gillz's son and daughter to calling Brother Polight's, Sa Neter's and Derrick C. Williams' daughters ugly or tallumbout one of them having "a cup of hair." Notice that all three of these young girls are highly melanated (dark skinned). He has called three black girls ugly and three black women ugly; Sa Neter's wife, Lacquer Black and Soul Alchemy. What do all six (6) of these females have in common? They are all dark-skinned, highly melanated! 

Hassan Campbell is a victimizer!

But this is your mans! People like GullyTV making apologies to Hassan. Hassan talked mad shit about Farrakhan and Gully didn't like that shit! Hassan went further and said he wanted to knuckle up with Gully! But now, since they have some mutual acquaintances, the beef is squashed. And people like Queenzflip, justifying Hassan's actions with some ghetto psychology that insinuates that we should be empathetic and understanding towards Hassan because of his molestation. Meanwhile, this fuck-nigga, Hassan is verbally molesting other's children, yet not once, have we heard Kev Gillz, Brother Polight or Sa Neter clap back at Hassan's children on some, "Yo' children goofy and retarded as fuck!" lowlifed-ness, which they have every right to do so! Yes! This is the muthafucka (Hassan) that has finally decided to sue Bambaataa and we are supposed to forget what he said about the children and jump on his bandwagon! Fuck that! 

Hassan Campbell is a victimizer!

A man who hates his family by once calling his sister a "monkey bitch," his brother Wayne a "bitch-ass nigga" and a child molester and threatening that if his mother dies, he would enlist "50 goons" to go to the funeral and tip over the wheelchairs of his elderly and disabled relatives! This is the nigga that soiled his mother's panties (i.e. reputation) by casting her as a pain pill popping junky with an appetite for child abuse! Truth be told, Hassan doesn't deserve a mother! And yes! Even though Tupac once rapped, "and even as crack fiend, mama, you always was a black queen, mama. I finally understand..." Have we ever heard Hassan say one nice thing about ma-duke? Hell no! Tupac understood the trials & tribulations of single black motherhood, but here's Hassan, at forty-three (44) still playing the "Blame-Game." How they say? "Yo' mama did the best she could," now get off her fucking back! Even if your mother wasn't the best mother, stop snitching on her Hassan! She was the first "god" you ever knew! Before alla dat jailhouse Allah shit you beez tallumbout! She was your god first, and then Afrika Bambaataa!

And then, going further, Hassan has turned into a bona fide snitch and rat by implicating Bambaataa & Ahmad in a murder back-in-the-day. He told us that they were there when the murder went down and Bambaataa was the get-away driver. This ain't "dry snitching!" This is straight-up snitching! The depths to which these YouTube streets have taken Hassan! Astounding!

If you had half an ear to the streets of New York, as a New Yorker, you knew that going around Afrika Bambaataa alone could be a precarious and sticky "shit-uation." Giovanni knew this and now you know this! Wasn't no damned date-raping! These niggas were homo-thugs! Hassan & Giovanni. "Birds of a feather! Flocking together..." like a muthafucka!

And just think! These are the origins of what became known as hip-hop.

Author, poet, essayist, blogger, troll, satirist, journalist, cultural critic, freethinker, father, grandfather, husband & C.O.O.N (Consciously Optimistic, Overtly, Nihilistic), Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who wrote for and DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Miami New Times, Miami Herald, Denver Post, Thump/Vice/, Forward, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, Sa NeterTV, CBS's, "West 57th Street" (1988), The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult" (2010), The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013) and 2018's, ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel in conjunction with People Magazine "Cults." In February 2019 Amani appeared on Oxygen Channel and in a special edition of People Magazine on cults.

Amani is the author of six books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes...” ( ’07). Khalil was the first media person to write about the allegations surrounding Afrika Bambaataa allegedly getting stabbed for date-raping a young man in 2013 and is in the upcoming documentary on the Afrika Bambaataa allegations, Trapped in a Culture. Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

In January 2020 Amani appeared on the CW Channel's, The Mel Robbins Show recounting his cult story.

Khalil Amani's cult story is well-documented on six national TV shows, magazines & newspapers, court records and his story is told with pictures in two-time Pulitzer Prize winning writer and journalist, Sydney P. Freedberg's book, Brother Love: Murder, Money and a Messiah (Pantheon Books 1994) along with Amani's 370 page autobiography, My Id: Ignant & Dissfunkshunal! Life in the Yahweh Cult and the Witness Protection Program ( 2007). 

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