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Hassan Campbell: Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 2.0!

Hassan Campbell: Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 2.0!

By Khalil Amani

In 1973 Jim Croce had a hit record called, “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”—a song about a dude that didn’t take no shit! He was said to be, “Badder than ol' King Kong and meaner than a junkyard dog!” Leroy Brown was gambler who loved fancy clothes, diamond rings and drove a Eldorado and a custom Continental—and carried a 32 gun in his pocket and a razor in his shoe. As the song goes, bad, bad Leroy brown finally learned a lesson when he messed with a jealous man’s wife and got his ass beat! The song says, “Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone.”

Bad, bad Leroy Brown got fucked up!

It’s all but been confirmed that Hassan “Poppy” Campbell is “The Realest Killa From Da Rivah!” If you let Hassan tell it, Bronx River Housing Projects in New York City was a den of gangsterism. The baddest, meanest mofos this side of hell resided and came from Bronx River! Not even, “Bad, bad Leroy Brown—baddest man in the whole damn town! Badder than ol’ King Kong! Meaner than a junkyard dog!”—stood a chance against the gangsters that came out of Bronx River!

Hassan Campbell is our new-jack “Leroy Brown”—2.0. Hassan claims that indeed, he was—“The Realest Killa From Da Rivah”—even though his earlier pictures—(before his synthol-appearance-like arms made him look like the menacing character that we’ve come to know)—he looked like he was a scrawny, light-in-the-ass Puerto Rican kid with a possible mean trigger-finger-game and a limited fisticuffs game. Hassan does not look menacing in his twenties. He looks like the kind of kid that would shoot the shit out of you after getting his ass whipped in a street fight. His swollen ams are nowhere to be found.

Big Daddy Kane towering over Hassan Campbell, pre-big Popeye musckles!

He do got some long-ass middle fingers though!

Hassan says, “I was known as one of the most gangster dudes in New York City! No debatin’!”

I accept that Hassan is who he says he is. Who would dare attach himself to the streets and claim to have put a razor to the throat of notorious gangster, Pistol Pete and threaten to give him a “Buck Fifty?” (a razor across the face) That’s a story fo’ yo’ ass that’ll give a faker a problem in these streets! I accept that Hassan was/is a gangster, because his tales of criminality—like the tales woven by rapper Rick Ross in song—who claims to have ties to multimillion dollar Miami drug cartel boss, Kenneth “Boobie” Williams and the Boobie Boys Gang. Ross once rapped, “When they snatched Black [Boobie] I cried for a hunnid [100] nights. He got a hunnid bodies. Servin' a hunnid lifes!”—even though Ross took on the persona of ex-drug dealer, “Freeway” Ricky Ross—the hoods of Miami would never let a “CB4” movie character get away with claiming affiliation to the Boobie Boys! Them Carol City killas and Opa-Locka goons would’ve checked Ross in the worst way had he been lying about his connection to Boobie Gang! I know, because I’m from Miami and I know that the rapper Rick Ross does have a certain amount of street-cred—correctional officer scandal aside.

"Freeway" Rick Ross & Miami's "Convertible" Bert (Whom rapper Rick Ross shouts out on record)

Yes! I believe Hassan’s war stories! You don’t attach your name to criminality like Hassan does and be fakin’! If Bronx River thuggery is anything like Miami-Carol City thuggery, Hassan would've gotten dealt with for perpetratin’ the fraud of goon, head bussa, hitta, stick-up kid and murderer! And so, when Hassan tells us that he was one of the soldiers that was supposed to “hit” (kill) the young Spanish man for stabbing Afrika Bambaataa for date-raping him—believe him!

Hassan, out of ignorance of the law, might not have understood that he indicted himself on the YouTube show, Queenzflip (Episode #29) when he made this claim. Hassan was bloviating—oratorically masturbating feeling himself—possibly on that, “Liquid Courage” (drinking libations) when he made this faux pas (misstep) in telling his story—but can it be a “faux pas” when he repeats this blunder of being commissioned by Afrika Bambaataa to kill the young Spanish man on other occasions?

Hassan’s bloviating—Hassan’s gum-flapping and big mouf and gibber-jabbering and diarrhea of the mouth and “loose lips that sink ships” has indicted not only himself for accepting the mission to kill the young Spanish man, but also Afrika Bambaataa—for commissioning the act of murder. It doesn’t matter that Hassan may have had a “Change of Heart” (this ain’t no fucking dating show!)—upon looking at the picture of the young Spanish man and seeing himself in this young kid. A couple of facts remain. #1. Hassan accepted the picture from Bambaataa. That, in and of itself, was like signing your name on the dotted line and accepting all of the terms and conditions of the contract. #2. Hassan does not tell us that he rejected Bambaataa’s request—#3.—the most damaging act of the conspiracy to commit murder was—even though Hassan claims to have had a change of heart, because the young Spanish man resembled him, he really didn’t have a change heart after all, because he went searching for the young Spanish man and found his brother and let it be known that he was Afrika Bambaataa’s representative—his agent—and we can assume that Hassan let it be known that he was gonna deal with the young Spanish man when he caught up with him. For Hassan tells us that the young Spanish man’s brother told him that he was only protecting himself from Bambaataa’s sexual assault. And #4.—Hassan did not notify the authorities (da police) that a “hit” was put on a young man’s life. Hassan felt no compunction to tell the police that a young man’s life was in danger.

But let's go further! The very fact that Afrika Bambaataa gave Hassan a picture of the young Spanish man and was comfortable enough to tell Hassan to kill the young man says volumes about their "relationship" outside of the bedroom. It says that Bambaataa trusted Hassan with his very freedom; that he would do the crime and protect the brains behind the crime, Bambaataa. It can also be reasonably deduced and extrapolated that Hassan had done similar crimes for Bambaataa; that this Spanish man would not be the first person that Hassan has beat up or killed for Afrika Bambaataa. I mean, really, how trustworthy Hassan must've been to allow another grown-ass man to send him on a murder mission---and how docile Hassan must've been to accept this mission? Just imagine! All of those beautiful babies that Hassan parades on these YouTube streets----2013 was just five years ago! All of his children were alive five years ago! He was willing to sacrifice his livelihood, his freedom, his fatherhood and his children to do Bambaataa's evil bidding! FIVE YEARS AGO!

“Conspiracy to commit murder” does not mean that a murder must be carried out! It simply means that a person/people were conspiring to commit murder. Taking the picture from Bambaataa and seeking out the young Spanish man for execution is conspiracy by law. And just what was the purpose of Hassan’s visit and running into the Spanish man’s brother? What was the purpose? We can only assume that he was actually in the act of search & destroy! Hassan has never told us any different. He has never said that he went looking for the young man to warn him of Bambaataa’s machinations to have him murdered! And just what would’ve happened had Hassan ran into the Spanish man? Would he have murked him on the spot? Again! What was Hassan’s purpose and reason for going to find the young Spanish man and speaking with his brother? Inquiring minds wanna know! Only two things could’ve taken place: #1. Hassan was there to warn the young man to go into hiding from Bambaataa’s goons or #2. Hassan was actually gonna kill the young man as instructed by Afrika Bambaataa!

Even though the young Spanish man was a splitting image of a younger Hassan (according to Hassan)—his loyalty to Afrika Bambaataa was stronger than his will to reject Bambaataa’s murder assignment and so, based on Hassan’s retelling of the “hit” to kill the young Spanish man—he has incriminated himself, Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation. Hassan has given the government (FBI) a gift-wrapped R.I.C.O. case should they decide to pursue it. For indeed! The retelling of the impending death of the young Spanish man is a case-study in conspiracy and self-snitching.

Hassan Campbell was such a do-boy and peon and sycophant (brown-noser) and fuck-nigga that he took the picture of the young Spanish man and sought to kill the young Spanish man without even having a conversation with Afrika Bambaataa about how and why he got stabbed. Hassan was too afraid to have that conversation with Bambaataa about the stabbing incident for fear of looking like an unloyal and insubordinate soldier who questioned a superior ranking officer. Hassan was willing to kill without even knowing the particulars of his leader’s predicament. Hassan was a classic pitbull. ”Sic ‘em Fido!”—and like an obedient dog, Hassan went into attack mode.

With all of the snitching and name-calling and outing that Hassan has done—pushing victims of Afrika Bambaataa out of the molestation closet who’ve nailed that closet door shut years ago—Tafiq, Ali Baba, Muhammad Stanley-Bell Islam—telling us that fallen Zulu member B.O. got sucked off by Bambaataa (Is that something a dead man would want us to know?)—the one person that Hassan refuses to push out of the molestation closet of Bambaataa’s pederasty is the young Spanish man. Why has Hassan withheld this man’s name and picture and whereabouts from the public? Instead of naming the intended victim of Hassan’s murder-game—the young Spanish man—Hassan sits on Queenzflip’s couch and pompously and rhetorically asks the question, “The dude who stabbed Bam up. Where is he? Where is he? Now, I do know—I was one of the soldiers that was supposed to hit [kill] him!” Really? How come Hassan won’t go into depth about the young Spanish man? Hassan says he didn’t kill him one minute, but then, on Queenzflip, he leaves us with an open-ended question, “Where is he?”—with the intention of leaving us with the impression that indeed, the young Spanish man might’ve actually been murdered!

Hassan has said, “No! I didn’t kill him! No! I don’t know where he at!” Ok. Fair enough

Instead of being mad at YouTuber Israel Doctrine—a YouTuber who’s made umpteen videos about Hassan and started a movement, “PrrrrrrrrrWhatHappenedToThatBoy2013.” Hassan has the power to put this “What Happened To That Boy” story to bed. A simple investigation—a visit to the young man’s house—a letter left at the young man’s house letting him know that he would like to talk to him and clear the air about the incident—or a possible YouTube interview with the young man would put this puppy to bed. But instead, we are left in speculation land and Hassan has not helped the “shit-uation” with his cryptic conversations regarding the young Spanish man.

Can you imagine Hassan being interrogated by the FBI after being arrested for conspiracy to commit murder on the young Spanish man? He will be faced with a dilemma and conundrum that will be the undoing of all those years of “putting in work” for that phantom "street-cred." Does Hassan recant his words when faced with prison time? Does he recant Afrika Bambaataa telling him to kill the young Spanish man and say that he told the story just for Youtube views? Or does he, in fact, admit that Bambaataa commissioned him to kill the young Spanish man? Does he snitch on his mans? Publicly, Hassan has already snitched on Afrika Bambaataa and we have the videos to prove it—and I would supposed that the FBI has the videos to prove it as well.

Hassan goes on to fancy himself as the starting point—the flashpoint of this Afrika Bambaataa story, always quick to say that the first official victim of Bambaataa to come out in the media, Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage was a “square” and that nobody believed Savage. In Hassan’s eyes, Ronald Savage was weak, even effeminate in telling his Bambaataa molestation story. Savage was not charismatic, but a stutterer—slow of speech like a Moses of olden times with Tourette Syndrome, incapable of conveying the child molestation victim message—and as Hassan loves to do, comment on Ronald’s physical aesthetics (looks) as unpleasing to the eyes; that Ronald Savage is ugly, thus no one will watch or listen to him. This is Hassan’s narrative.

And so, through the work of YouTuber Troi “Star” Torain aka “Coach Torain”—this three times accused and one (or two?) times confessed murderer, Hassan Campbell was propped up as the face of hip-hop’s child molestation advocacy. Mr. Tough Guy aka "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown!"

The supporters of this man, Hassan ask, “How can you make fun of a child molestation victim?”—as though Hassan is your everyday, garden variety, child molestation victim. They want to warn those who make fun of Hassan that they are really making fun of all child molestation victims—that victims of child molestation will not come out because of the treatment that Hassan has received for coming out and telling his molestation story. I say, “Those who support Poppy’s poppycock are full of poppycock!”

Victims of child molestation aren’t dim-witted, stupid or slow to comprehend. If anything, the victims of child molestation should be appalled that a three-times accused murderer who once bellowed in these YouTube streets that he’d “stick heavy dick” in another man’s son and daughter (and fuck context!!) is the face of their cause! As a child molestation victim myself, I reject Hassan as my voice of awareness of child molestation! I, like many other child molestation victims understand that Hassan’s words are on the outside of what it means to advocate for child molestation victims—that child molestation victims come in varying sexual persuasions—that there are gay kids who are molested as well as straight kids who are molested and Hassan has adamantly and vehemently proved that he is a respecter of heterosexual persons/children only, while relegating gay and lesbian child molestation victims to the “Sunken Place” of pedophilia. Even though Hassan’s firstborn child, a son who turned out to be a beautiful transgender woman—Hassan has given the middle-finger to “the gays” and his child!

Hassan calls his transgender daughter a "cupcake," never taking responsibility for the fact that this child was predisposed from birth to being gay because her father, Hassan is gay; that in the Deoxyribonucleic acid--the fucking DNA of that child resides the homosexual pathology of her father. We can debate "Nature vs. Nurture" until the cows come home, but one thing is of a certainty; that is, that Hassan was not fully invested in being a father and allowed this trans child to be put in harm's way and allegedly molested due to Hassan's absentee parenting. Hassan was more invested in being a "real nigga" in these streets and blamed the woes of street-life and a fucked-up baby mama on why he was unable to fulfill his parental duties to his firstborn. Hassan's behavior predisposed his trans child to whatever life that she lives today, yet all we get from Hassan is a man who sits on YouTube—on hip-hop couches in all of his vainglorious-ness (at having 50,000+ subs on YouTube), arrogance and snootiness and repugnancy and non-contriteness and disrespectfulness and talks about his transgender daughter's "big titties" and calls her a "cupcake!" Hassan's not a good father no matter how much he fancies himself "daddy."

Not only is Hassan “The Realest Killa From Da Rivah”—he continues with his bully mentality, by going in on our gay babies and making their lifestyle a stopover on the way to pedophilia.

Hassan Campbell—our bad, bad Leroy Brown! “Baddest man in the whole damn town! Badder than ol’ King Kong and meaner than a junkyard dog!” Notice how the only people Hassan seems to wanna fight and badger and molest are YouTuber’s children, the gays and old men like Sa Neter and myself. He recently said, “I bet Sa Neter can’t do ten pushups!” Well, I can and I’m four years old than Sa Neter! I’ve already challenged Hassan to a pushup contest, but he hasn’t responded ‘cause he knows I’d win!

If Hassan’s fate ends like the old Leroy Brown of the 70’s, it will be a sad day for the Campbell family and an “I told you so day” in these YouTube streets. Like Kanye West, Hassan is a train wreck waiting to happen. Thus far, bad, bad Leroy Brown 2.0 is just a YouTube blowhard, but what will happen to him when he is confronted by an immovable object? Until then, bad, bad Leroy Brown is the baddest man in the YouTube town!

Khalil Amani is"Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Miami New Times, Miami Herald, Thump/Vice/, Forward, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, Sa NeterTV, The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult"(2010), The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013) and 2018's, ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel in conjunction with People Magazine "Cults." Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking“Hip-Hop Homophobes...” ( ’07). Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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