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Hassan Campbell: Black Folks’ Honorary Coon!

Hassan Campbell: Black Folks’ Honorary Coon!

By Khalil Amani

I've already addressed Kanye West's coonery for saying, "Slavery was a choice." Here's the complete blog. Read it or listen to it on YouTube. "Kanye West: Cooning in the Name of Free-Thought!" on The Khalil Amani Reader:

Hassan “Poppy” Campbell, the second (2nd) victim to come forward and tell us that Afrika Bambaataa likes young prepubescent boys and that he was a victim of Bambaataa’s pedophilia and pederasty. That’s whom I’m tallumbout! He’s become a pretty good YouTuber, with 25,000 followers. Juxtapose that with my paltry 1,050 YouTube followers, but I ain’t trying to be a “YouTuber.” My channel is for those who like to read—because I’m a writer. But don’t be flattered by Hassan’s YouTube numbers! My grandchildren are diehard YouTube fans of a little white girl and her little brother’s YouTube channel called, “Sis vs. Bro” who have 4,563,119 followers—4.5 million subscribers! Can you dig that? So what’s a measly 25,000 subscribers Hassan?

With the recent wild ranting of Kanye West referring, inferring and thinking that, “Slavery was a choice,” Hassan don’ got on his high-horse again and started a campaign to cosign Kanye, and in the process, disrespect the legacy of Africans in the Diaspora—the slaves—as “cowards.”

This is what happens when you’re not really black—but a Puerto Rican (aye poppi!) who just so happened to be raised amongst black people and have appropriated black cultural aesthetics, but when dealing with race, your other-than-black mentality comes to the fore. Hassan is “throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” but I’m here to correct his felonious and revisionist look at black history.

Hassan has admitted that he doesn’t read history—a jab at me after reading my blog and me asking the question, “Has not Kanye studied and read history?” Hassan would retort, “When y’all sit up there and y’all talk about history! You need to learn your history! I don't wanna read history! I don’t wanna learn history! …Whatever happened in the past, there’s no turning back! I don’t wanna read history!”

Ah ha! So that explains it! We’re listening to the lunatic rantings of a man who is devoid of history! Got it? This is the man that 25,000 people listen to—and many, follow! A man who speaks with authority on subjects which he is no authority on! Some Internet cult shit!

Hassan’s summation of slavery is that—and I quote—“We [Africans] took the coward route out!”

For these statements, we black folk should allow Hassan to be our “Honorary Coon!” I say, “Honorary”—because knowing and understanding American history, the word “coon” was placed on the backs of African slaves as one more demoralizing term, because, evidently, white folk thought we looked like raccoons. But since Hassan is not black, but rather Puerto Rican—in the strictest sense of the word “coon”—he could never be a real—bona fide, official “coon”—but only an “Honorary Coon”—by association—by adopting black aesthetics—by being a “Culture Vulture” and ingratiating himself amongst the worst of black Americana—choosing (there goes that word CHOICE!) to join a sex cult (the Zulu Nation) and choosing to have his ashy thighs chaffed----by the up and down motion of a grown man’s penis. Hassan made lexicon history by inserting a word into our culture—“Thighing.”

You know this Puerto Rican dude ain’t black because he calls blacks, ”Afro-Americans!” Where dey do dat at? We ain’t been “Afro-Americans” since Malcolm X! And then he tries to convince us that he’s black, saying, “My mother’s black! My father’s black!” No they ain’t!

Yes! Hassan “Poppy” Campbell is our (Black people’s) “Honorary Coon!” Welcome!

We know that this word “coon” offends Hassan because he so vehemently wants us to know that calling him a “coon” does not bother him (yeah, right!) Hassan says, “Where I come from, in the streets, with the thugs and the goons, we don't use that word! Y’all just so happen to be Internet fools—using that Internet terminology. Where I come from, we don’t used that word coon. …We way more disrespectful where I come from for those of you that like to use the word coon! We don't even respect y’all.”

Newflash! Hey Hassan! Fuck where you come from! You come from Bronx River Projects where men molest—where men are quiet about children being molested—where women prostitute their sons and daughters for rent money—where 12 and 13 year old boys “choose” to be molested for a “Quarter Water and a bag of chips!” We don’t want to be respected by you or your Bronx River Projects whores! Fuck you tallumbout, “Where I come from?” How can you be so proud to be from a place where so many boys took fingers and dicks up their asses—where the word “Thighing” (when a man puts his schlong penis in between a boy’s thighs. You get the picture!) —where “Thighing” entered our linguistic conversation—where pedophilia and pederasty were as common as stray dogs and pissy elevators? Again, fuck where you come from and fuck the thugs and goons who you ran with! As you say, “All disrespect intended!”

“Where I come from!” Hassan really thinks that we are enamored with his pissy Project living past life!

Hassan says that the slaves were “cowards,” but then tells us about the Haitian Revolution and how those Africans, known as the “Maroons” fought back and won their freedom. What he doesn’t tell you (because he doesn’t read!) is that the African/Haitian Maroons were part of the same people that would be brought to America—that the African/Haitian Maroons who fought so bravely were Africans who had not yet been “broken.” For Haiti (Hispaniola), Jamaica—those islands were used as “breaking grounds” where the African was broken and the slave was born. Of course they had more fight than Africans in America, because they had not yet been broken stoopid! Couple that with the fact that Haiti was a small island! Haiti is five times smaller than the state of Florida and Florida is the twenty-third (23rd) smallest state of these fifty (50) United States! Haiti was a teenie weenie island where it didn’t take a lot of chutzpah to overthrow!

Added to this dynamic is the fact that there were approximately 450,000 Africans on this Haitian island—being made into slaves by 30,000 slave traders. It was an easy win on a small island.

But the greater point is that Haitians were Africans that had not yet been broken and made slaves, so Hassan trying to make distinctions without proper historical analysis is a faux pas (misstep) that nonreaders make and again, Hassan says that he doesn’t read history.

Brazil actually took in more African captives (slaves) than America. Slave revolts/rebellions were lead by the Quilombo—fugitive and freeborn Africans—and the Muslim slave revolt in 1835. Those Brazilians practiced CAPOEIRA—an African-Brazilian martial arts that combines dance, acrobatics and music. They had been practicing this since the 16th century. Martial Arts disguised as dance—martial arts created to get free of slavery!

(Pictured on right is my long-time friend Dennis Newsome, a Grand Master in Capoeira in America! He's also an expert in "Jailhouse Rock" aka "52 Blocks.")

(Me and my long-time friend Dennis Newsome, Grand Master of Capoeira!)

Slavery was challenged in the Western hemisphere! Don’t let an ignoramus like Hassan Campbell make you think that African captives in America sat on their asses and were cowardly! This would be a total misreading and misrepresentation of the most heinous act in the annals of human history! Hassan and Kanye are no historians and Hassan is no reader of history, by his own admission. Again, Hassan said, “I don't wanna read history! I don’t wanna learn history!”

Hassan (and Kanye) say that slavery was a “choice.” He speaks as though he’s never heard of Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, white John Brown and his black militia men at Harper’s Ferry, Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad, the Gullah Wars (1739-1859), Gabriel Prosser, David Walker, and Frederick Douglass! Rebellion was not just physical, but the reshaping of the European mind! There were actually some 300 slave revolts that were documented during slavery! Cowards Hassan? You don’ let Black Panther’s fictional character Killmonger create your slavery narrative—Killmonger said, “Nah! Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped from the ships, because they knew death was better than bondage.” Really? This whole “coward” narrative—this suicidal narrative is based and built on a mythical Alpha-Male-patriarchal-a-coward-dies-a-thousand-deaths belief that men should die rather than deal with servitude. A case can be made that suicide is a cowardly act. A case can be made that jumping into the sea is more cowardly than staying the course and strategizing on how to get free. A case can be made that the man who walks away from a fight lives to fight another day! And alas! A case can be made that part of the human condition is being cowardly—that being a coward simply means that a person has not the intestinal fortitude to confront physical harm. This does not make them any less human or any less worthy of life.

Speak yo' speech sista! Hassan don't know what the fuck he tallumbout!

As it turns out, Killmonger's wanting to jump into the sea because he was an egotistical, uber-macho broken warrior who wanted to take the easy route out of a precarious “shit-uation”—a cowardly act conjured up from the recesses of his defeatist mentality! How ‘bout dat Hassan? Shit don’t sound so slick now, does it? You’re fucking with Khalil Amani. I see through the hyperbole of fictional characters!

Look at black people today! Look at where we came from in few short years! Only 150 years up from slavery and a black man has ascended to the highest office in the country—the fucking presidency! (Shout-out to Barack Obama!) Look at our influence in American and around the world! Say what you may about black people, but we are strong, inventive, talented, freethinking, progressive and alla dat! Fuck Killmonger’s admonishment to jump in the sea! Jumping in the sea doesn’t make you tough, brave, strong or prideful! It makes you a testosterone-filled, suicidal-thinking, giving up on self, family and nation coward! How ‘bout dat Hassan? Fuck your macho posturing to the contrary!

Africans in the New World were no cowards—and I still say that being a coward is part of the human condition, nothing to be ashamed of. In psychology they talk about “Fight or Flight.” This is the condition whereby we either fight the opposition or run from opposition. It is a normal physical response to keep us out of harm's way—to keep us alive, so you being a coward is simply a response the mind takes to stay alive.

Hassan’s narrative is all over the place! YouTube has him leapfrogging from one subject to the next without any formal education on any given subject. This guy’s a high school dropout who has taken ZERO college courses in Black Studies or history and by his own admission, for the umpteenth redundant time has said, “I don't wanna read history! I don’t wanna learn history!” I only address him for the sake of the 25,000 possible suicidal “Killmongers" under his spell on YouTube.

Hassan and Kanye say that the slaves had a “choice” in their captivity. And so, since we’re all about having choices—even in times of duress, YouTuber, Elder Rahson asks Hassan about his “choice” to become a victim of Afrika Bambaataa’s pedophilia. Was it a “choice” to be thighed or was it not? Age aside, did Hassan have a choice in his sexual molestation? Was he a coward for allowing himself to be molested or did he deserve every cum-shot Bambaataa had to give him? Hassan was under duress, not for life or limp, but for being allowed to schmooze with hip-hop personalities. To not allow Bambaataa to “thigh” him meant being banished from the circle of hip-hop personalities and “Quarter Waters & potato chips!” Hassan’s “choice” was to allow himself to be thighed. Hassan’s choice was to be a coward. Not once, but on many occasions over several years! Children are smart and children have discernment of choice! Hassan was no teen Killmonger. Hassan bowed to his slave master, Afrika Bambaataa—as a child, through sexual molestation and as a man—through allowing Bambaataa to manipulate him into possibly hurting and/or killing the young Spanish man who had stabbed Bambaataa—and whatever other criminality that Bam had ordered him to do even before the stabbing incident! We can safely assume that the orders to "hit" the Spanish man was not the first time Hassan "put in work" (did criminality) for Bambaataa.

Take a moment and listen to Elder Rahson speak to Hassan about his "choices."

Do you see how this thingy works? Choice? If all of the adult African slaves rebelled and were killed, who would take care of the African slave children? Africans didn’t go “Killmonger” for this exact reason! But Hassan and Kanye West says slavery was all about choice!

Slavery can NEVER be a choice! “Choice," under duress is not choice at all! "Choice," at the point of a gun barrel is no choice at all! "Choice," at the cost of seeing a loved one sold away or a wife raped or a brother hung from a tree is no choice at all! “Choice," is, “Do I want steak or a hotdog?” Anytime threats of violence are part of the equation of "choice," then "choice" becomes diminished and then it becomes not so much of a choice. Anybody claiming that slavery was a "choice," claiming what they would've done if they were in slavery and faced with losing a loved one or seeing their wife go into Massa's bedroom or faced with being lynched themselves—anybody claiming they know how they would've handled these "shit-uations" is full of shit! “Choice," under duress is no choice at all!

And so, Hassan and Kanye and the rest of you conscious community motherfuckers who are cosigning Kanye, your consciousness is unconscious! Hassan turns out to be black folks’ honorary coon for spouting his super-mumbo jumbo and trying to tie this thingy with that thingy! Fuck Hassan Campbell’s non-black ass!

Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult"(2010) and The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013). Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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