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Hassan Campbell: Going “Ham” Over “Burgers!”

Hassan Campbell: Going “Ham” Over “Burgers?”

By Khalil Amani

Before I begin to drag Hassan “Papi” Campbell down these YouTube streets—again—Let me start out by giving a great big-ol’ shout-out to pretty-much all 3,200 commenters on his video, “Hassan Campbell Exposes Burger King Employee For Discrimination!” They got it right! Granted! I didn’t read all 3,200 comments, but I read enough of them to know that the prevailing thought on this video was that Hassan was out-of-pocket and took a big fat “L!” (Loss) By golly! There is a god in these YouTube heavenly streets! I was beginning to think that all of Hassan’s subscribers were raging sycophants (brown-nosers) who blindly followed his every word—but alas! We “Hassan haters” can finally relish in seeing one of Hassan’s blogs that totally crashed and burned! (And to the 1,200+ ignoramuses that thumbed up Hassan’s video—shame the fuck on you!)

Khalil Amani was trying to be the self-proclaimed, self-described “Bitch-ass Neega” in these YouTube streets, but Hassan “Papi” Campbell—in an attempt at contriving his next YouTube video done usurped Khalil’s “Bitch-ass Neega” status.

The “Deafening Silence” (that’s an oxymoron) of Hassan’s most staunch sycophants—Wax Dawg, the would-be rapist, Derrick Williams and the rest of the motley crew of miscreants that regularly show up in Hassan’s chatroom were M.I.A.—Missing In Action! They knew that their YouTube hero, Hassan Campbell was totally out of order, so instead of commenting—instead of trying to placate the comment section—instead of opening their stinking moufs and swallowing another load of Hassan’s figurative cum—they were curiously silent and mum-mouthed about this video. I didn’t see nann one of them in the comment section trying to defend Hassan’s ignorant and contrived behavior! Instead of defending Hassan, they finally took the advice, which their mothers gave them when they were kids—“If you can’t say nothing nice about a person, don’t say nothing at all!”

The arrogance of Hassan is that he wouldn't even take the video down—even as umpteen of his subscribers that still drink Hassanian Kool-Aid for breakfast, lunch and dinner advised him, implored him, yea, begged him to take the video down! It took his followers and a few rappers to vex his spirit and then finally, he took it down, but the damage has already been done.

Hassan’s comment section clowned him on everything—from eating Burger King’s horse meat—to reminding him of all those conspiracy videos about the government and the foods they give us—to being a Muslim and being drunk—to having his camera locked & fixed on that white girl’s fine ass—to calling Hassan’s rant “feminine energy”—to taking it back to Afrika Bambaataa and saying he should put that same energy into getting at Afrika Bambaataa! This video’s comment section roasted the shit out of Hassan! And some commenters simply commented, “Unsubscribed.”

From the beginning of the video, it was clear that Hassan was not in the hood talking reckless to some sista—some black woman—because a sista—on a Saturday night working at Burger King to make ends meet would’ve grabbed a vat of hot French fry grease and drove the intruder—Hassan Campbell from the establishment betimes! (In a motherfucking hurry!) Hassan was in the suburbs harassing a minimum wage cashier & burger flipper—trying to “turn up” on the most vulnerable person in Burger King—a hard-working Hispanic/Latina woman who graciously waited on Hassan through all of his misogyny (women hating) and racism—and neologism—(that’s fear and dislike for obese [fat] people).

Here Hassan was—going “ham” over “burgers!” I said, going “ham” over “burgers” I tell ya! Drunk! Drunk off the cheap liquor and drunk off of his own hype as a “Big YouTuba” and “conspiracy theorist!” And what in thee fuck is a “large whopper?” (That’s like saying, “Give me a cold ice cream!” The Whopper is their largest sammich, you drunk fuck!) The nigga tells us he had been drinking in the beginning of the video, thus, that “liquid courage” had him on one (drunk), but he wasn’t drunk enough to get jiggy with those Latino guys (or were they Eastern Europeans?) at the counter! I was waiting for a Worldstar moment! I was waiting to see Hassan’s knuckle-game! I was chomping at the bit to see if his dick-beater fisticuffs game matched his big fat mouf! And this lying motherfucker says that the people at the counter were related to the Spanish Burger King employee. So you want us to believe that while you yelled profanities at this woman, their relatives, those guys just stood there and let you name call their family member? You want us to believe that you are that gangsterish and those dudes were wimps? Is that your story Hassan? Bullshit!

There are big "YouTubas" and then there are big "Tuba" players. Hassan is neither!

In Hassan’s drunken stupor he put forth the conspiracy that Burger King was racist—positing himself a real, authentic black man being mishandled by “The Man”—or, in this case, “The Woman”—a Spanish lady. Cut it out my guy! You look Puerto Rican as fuck, thus your nickname is “Papi”—that’s a Latino/Hispanic term of endearment for Latino men, so cut it out! You claimed they tried to lock you out and not serve you! In your drunkenness—and loss of time, you didn’t even realize that after hours ordering of food at Burger King is done two ways—through the drive-through—or through a Kiosk system inside the joint—not at the front counter you drunk motherfucker! We’re watching your video and actually seeing people order food at the kiosk opposite of the front counter! People holding receipts and shit, but Hassan was so drunk and so full of himself as a “Big YouTuba” that he thought he deserved preferential treatment. All those people at the counter and all those people sitting down peacefully eating and here comes this sad sack of shit—drunk-ass Hassan trying to convince us that Burger King done him wrong—that they were all eating free and he’s the only who had to pay for his food! The Spanish lady, trying to accommodate this fuck-nigga Hassan even reopened her register to help this bastard when he should’ve used the Kiosk behind him like everybody else did!

Hassan then goes on to threaten the Spanish Burger King employee, tallumbout, “I’m a big YouTuba!” No he didn’t! Did this Negro just try to play the “Celebrity Card?” Damn. Don’t nobody know you outside of YouTube—especially in the suburbs at the Burger King where you apparently frequent. YouTubing has really gone to Hassan’s head! He really lives for this shit!

And what was all that camera fixation on the white girl ass for? I saw that! I caught that! Indeed, the white girl in the black pleather pants was fine as shit, but ain’t you got a wife Hassan? Looks like some Chester the Molester, old man creep type shit—a “Freudian Slip” of your camera had you dead-ass scoping that ass out! Yes you were Hassan! Had the pink-toes white woman indulged you, you would’ve knocked the bottom out of that ass in that Burger King bathroom, so you could gladly rap, The Humpty Dance’s, “I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom!” Tell the truth Hassan! That alcohol had you horny & hungry! You wanted to beat up one woman—the Burger King lady—and beat up another woman—some white vagina!

Great pic Hassan! Thanks for sharing! 

Alcohol is always at the center of Hassan’s stupidity! It was an alcohol-fueled rant that led Hassan to say he’d “stick heavy dick” in children and it was an alcohol-fueled rant that made him call his sister a “monkey bitch”—and beat up elderly people in wheelchairs. I just wanna know what Hassan drinks—Night Train, MD 20/20, Wild Irish Rose? Alcoholics—some are happy drunks and some are mean drunks and some are sleepy drunks. Hassan is a mean drunk!

At the end of the day—Hassan’s actions were very “Jussie Smollett-ish”—only we saw the video of the “crime” in question with our own eyes. Hassan tried to create a “crime,” which did not exist. Hassan screamed “racism”—which did not exist. Hassan followed up his fuckery with two videos, which are unconvincing. Truly, Hassan is feeling the heat and the backlash from his Burger King bullshit. And so, now he apologizes—not to the many YouTubers who exposed his dirty drawhs—but to his followers, because they have children who follow him. (I would never let my underaged children watch Hassan!) Instead of making an apology video and leaving it there, there Hassan goes—blaming his fuckery on his mama’s health issues. Awwww shut up! We all got problems! We all got family going through shit! We all done buried our mothers & fathers! Hassan! You're a fucking alcoholic! A mad drunk! This is why you acted a fucking ass in Burger King! You're a mean-ass drunk! 

Instead of Hassan recognizing Burger King’s late night, after-hours protocol, which includes locking most doors and allowing the flow of traffic entering and exiting the establishment to flow through one door—instead of recognizing that Burger King shuts down the cash registers during late night operations and serves customers through a drive through and an inside Kiosk system—Hassan, in a drunken stupor, gets out of his car and tries to enter Burger King through a locked door, where upon the lady inside tells him the door is locked—and then Hassan, through his glossy eyes, sees people entering Burger King from another door and runs up and follows them inside.

Hassan takes this as “these are friends of Burger King employees getting some freebee food.” So what does this drunken fool Hassan do? Pull out his phone and start recording what he perceives as racism. It’s just a damn shame that what little footage he showed us is enough to piece together what really happened and that most people watching Hassan’s fuckery got it right. Hassan you were on some fuck-shit that night!

I just have one request Hassan. Please do that fuck-shit in the hood! I wanna see you try that shit with some black people Mr. Big YouTuba—Mr. “King Kong Ain’t Got Shit On Me!” I swear fo’ gawd, you really do have a “Napoleonic Complex”—a small man’s complex! Papi! Mr. Big YouTuba! You ain't important, but, according to you, thanks to Afrika Bambaataa, in my Richard Pryor voice, you are impo-tent! (limp dicked)

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