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Hassan Campbell: The Wiz’s Cowardly Lion!

Hassan Campbell: The Wiz’s Cowardly Lion!

By Khalil Amani

When I was in college, pledging a Greek fraternity, they made us memorize this. Excuses. “Excuses are the tools of incompetence, which build monuments of nothing and those who specialize in them are seldom good at anything else.” Hassan “Poppy” Campbell personifies "Excuses!"

Remember the childhood movie, “The Wizard of Oz”—or, the black version, starring Michael Jackson and Diana Ross—“The Wiz?” As the story goes, Dorothy needed to see the great and powerful Oz and help her get back to Kansas and the Tin Man needed a heart, the Scarecrow needed a brain and the Cowardly Lion needed some courage. Little ol’ Dorothy was gonna take them to meet the Wizard so she could get back to Kansas and they could get a heart, brain and courage—only to find out that the man behind the curtain—The Wizard or The Wiz—was a fake and a phony—and that what they needed was already inside of them.

Welp! A new Wiz has come on the scene, whose name is Troi “Star” Torain and he has been trying with all of his might to give the Cowardly Lion—Hassan “Poppy” Campbell some courage! Star & Hassan went from “Batman & Robin” to “Coach Star & #1 Draftee Hassan”—and now they’ve morphed into “The Wizard of Oz and the Cowardly Lion!” From the very beginning, The Wiz—Star—the man behind the curtain, or, in this case—the man on the other end of the phone told the Cowardly Lion, Hassan and his bosses that he was not gonna take down Hassan’s confession video, so it behooves Hassan to get some courage and stand up to Afrika Bambaataa, but like the Wizard of Oz of the movies—this new-jack Wiz—Star—had not the power to make Hassan courageous. Hassan enlisted a couple of “Dorothys”—Ahmad & Mickey to fight the Cowardly Lion’s—Hassan’s fight. Hassan remains the Cowardly Lion—all bark and no bite!

Hassan Campbell, our a new-jack Cowardly Lion!

Hassan boasts that he could’ve killed Afrika Bambaataa in a meeting, but instead, let the man live—coming out of the meeting with nothing but empty promises. Not even a cellphone video of the conversation as a “receipt” that indeed, the meeting took place and that Hassan had Bambaataa in his death grip. Where was Hassan’s courage?

Even another victim of Afrika Bambaataa’s pederasty—Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage had the foresight to record his dealings with Zulu Nation officials as receipts that indeed—he did not take a “bag” (a payoff) and let it be known that he wanted Bambaataa to admit to his wrongdoing. Let the record show that the recordings that Hassan played on his YouTube channel of Ronald came to him because, as Ronald explained it to me—Hassan begged Ronald for those recordings as safe-keeping should the Zulu Nation try to kill Ronald; that Hassan wanted those recordings because he claimed to be looking out for the welfare of Ronald in the event that something bad should befall him, but as we now see—Hassan took those recordings and aired them in an attempt to shame Ronald, but failed miserably, because those recordings clearly show Ronald rejecting a bag/payoff/bribe.

And speaking of taking a “bag” (payoff) from Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation—Hassan insists that Ronald took a bag, but excuses the possibility that Star might’ve taken a bag, rationalizing that Star deserved to get paid off for his fine work of exposing Afrika Bambaataa. What warped logic! But then Hassan is mad at Ronald Savage for taking a bag? We know that Ronald did not take a bag from Bambaataa and going a step further—it can be argued that the only person that really took a bag from Bambaataa was Hassan Campbell himself! By his own admission, Hassan states that Bambaataa offered to open up a rec center, get a headstone for B.O. and step down from the Zulu Nation as its leader. Is this not taking a “bag”—getting paid off—receiving reciprocity—payment for silence? Taking a “bag” is not just relegated to accepting money! Hell no! Taking a bag is any type of payment for silence—and Hassan was willing to silence himself if these three demands were made, thus taking a bag from Bambaataa to keep his yap-trap shut and allow the Zulu Nation sex cult to continue in its 40-year old pederasty ring! (Damn that Khalil Amani is cogently deconstructing, looking behind the Wizard’s curtain and peeping up his skirt!)

What is also clear is that Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage meant something to the Zulu Nation to be offered such a bribe as 50 to 100 racks! ($100,000) It is clear from the recordings that—as the voices said, “You’re ours Ron!” and “fuck everybody else” (paraphrasing)—that Ronald was important enough that the Zulu Nation should try and rectify the “shit-uation” before it gets out of control. It is clear now that the Zulu Nation and Afrika Bambaataa never publicly addressed Hassan “Poppy” Campbell because he was a non-factor in the “shit-uation”—not because he was the “Illest, realest killa from da rivah” and they were afraid of him. No! That’s Hassan’s narrative, but the evidence shows otherwise! There is no evidence—recording or otherwise of this supposed meeting between Hassan and Bambaataa where Bambaataa made three conciliatory gestures to Hassan—a rec center for the children, a headstone for fallen Zulu member, B.O. and Bambaataa stepping down as the head of the Zulu Nation. All we have are the words of a man, Hassan who has lied to us ad nauseam about this story! Why did Ronald have the foresight to record his dealings with the Zulu Nation when all of this shit popped off and Hassan didn’t have the foresight to record that infamous meeting with Bambaataa? He brings no receipts to the table!

And why didn’t he record the Star/Mickey Bentson/Ahmad Henderson phone conversation? Again. No receipts! One could argue that Hassan was simply a hanger-on—a roadie—a Stan—a Looky-Lou—and a wannabe affiliate of the Zulu Nation, based on the evidence. Ronald Savage—Hassan can say what he wants about the man, but clearly, Ron is smarter and saw what was coming down the pipe—writing a book about his Zulu experience before officially coming out against Bambaataa—being the first on Star’s platform, recording these miscreant’s bribes and then taking his show on the road to white media! (New York Daily News/Dave Wedge article)—all while seeking psychological help to deal with his childhood molestation and fighting to change the New York statute of limitations laws on child molestation! In the words of Master P, this guy was, “‘Bout it, ‘bout it!” There was no “Cowardly Lion” in Ronald Savage! One could argue that indeed, Ronald Savage was “savage” in dealing with Afrika Bambaataa! (Pun intended!)

And now—supposedly, Afrika Bambaataa is making his triumphant return to New York City at the legendary venue, “Sound of Brazil” aka “S.O.B.’s”

Now’s the time for the Cowardly Lion, Hassan Campbell to strike! Its time for Hassan to do like rapper Saigon did when he snuffed Prodigy in 2007 on S.O.B’s stage! Or like rapper Big Truck did when he shut down Uncle Murda right in the middle of his performance! Its time for Hassan to gather up them little niggas that he claims are “about that life” and bum-rush the stage as soon as Afrika Bambaataa goes into Planet Rock! They say, “Gangstas move in silence!” Now’s the time for Hassan to shut his fuckin’ mouf in these YouTube streets and move on Bambaataa—either before he enters the venue or shut his show down! He claims to have the power to press a button and air New York City out. Well, now's the time to show & prove!

Pump your brakes Khalil!

Hassan doesn’t want that smoke with Bambaataa! He’s such a Cowardly Lion that he won’t even go stand outside with the Wizard of Oz—Star—and peacefully protest with placard signs! Let Hassan tell it, he doesn’t know what might happen if Afrika Bambaataa sees him—or one of Bambaataa’s people eyeballs him the wrong way while the police are standing around. All-of-a-sudden all of that rhetoric about having knife fights with Sa Neter and wanting to bitch-slap Lacquer Black and take the charge for the satisfaction of putting his hands on a female becomes null & void! He doesn’t have that same energy for the man that once made him play “Battleship”—he lay down and Bambaataa blows him to smithereens! He doesn’t have that same energy for the man that once chaffed his thighs and swallowed his babies! No! Hassan becomes a family man and starts telling us about losing his freedom and not being able to be a father to his sweet babies. Ah! So Hassan is not the crazy-ass “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” of YouTube fame! Afrika Bambaataa’s New York presence straightway sobers Hassan up from being the “Illest, realest killa from da rivah!” Bambaataa’s New York presence let’s us know that Hassan is not as wacked-out as his YouTube persona. Bambaataa’s New York presence saps up Hassan’s energy and rings it out like a wet washcloth being hung to dry.

Do you know how satisfying and rewarding it was for Khalil Amani to finally have his day in court and testify against Yahweh Ben Yahweh—a man who had given the green-light to kill at least fourteen (14) people—by beheading, stabbing, ear removal and shooting? A man who had molested countless young girls? A man who had taken Khalil’s wife from him and was fucking the dog-shit out of her in the name of God? A man who held hostage Khalil’s children for two years? A man who had kicked 140 single mothers and children out of their apartments in a single day, killing two tenants who tried to fight against the cult? A man who had a black neighborhood firebombed where a black baby was burned? It was my pleasure, despite having to face fourteen religious thugs and fourteen lawyers who could cross-exam the shit out of me to get on that witness stand and look Yahweh Ben Yahweh in his fucking face and call him a murderer!

Star and Hassan claim that the Afrika Bambaataa show has been canceled, but fuck alla dat! Afrika Bambaataa coming to New York to perform or “host” at S.O.B.’s? This is Hassan’s time to shine! He should be chomping at the bit—salivating at the mouf like “Pavlov’s dog!" Hassan should be trying to get at Bambaataa "by any means necessary!" He should be out front picketing with the Wizard of Oz—Star—and then buy a ticket and go into the venue with his hittas and air that shit out like rappers Big Truck and Saigon once did! But instead, Hassan is getting his “Cowardly Lion” on by making excuses and justifications and obfuscations and talking all sane and shit! Fuck that! We want that, “Illest, Realest Killa From Da Rivah" Hassan! We want that hand-to-hand, knife-to-knife, flashlight-to-flashlight (gun to gun) “Westside Story, Michael Jackson ‘Bad’” video Hassan!

But nope! With Afrika Bambaataa supposedly coming to Hassan’s town—we’re getting the “Cowardly Lion” Hassan—that limp dicked—conciliatory—pacifist—placating—scratching-where-he-don’t-itch—CB4—cogent conversationalist—speaking civility—I-don’t-want-no-smoke-with-Bam—Hassan.

Lil Wayne once rapped, “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna!” Damn that’s a clever line! That’s right! The “G” in the word lasagna is silent!

The “Wizard of Oz”—Star—and the “Cowardly Lion”—Hassan—should’ve moved like real “G’s”—silent like the “G” in lasagna! They should’ve been quiet as church mice when they heard that Bambaataa was coming to S.O..B.’s! Shit! These guys should’ve silently plotted and planned an all-out assault on Afrika Bambaataa, but instead, they opened their big fat moufs and supposedly scared Bambaataa away from performing/hosting at S.O.B.’s! Star’s faux pas (misstep) of calling his police friends put S.O.B.’s and Bambaataa on alert. These guys! I tell ya!


Hassan sits on YouTube and wipes his brow—figuratively sweating profusely. Phew! Thank you Wizard of Oz! Thank you Star for shutting down Afrika Bambaataa from coming to S.O.B.’s because Bambaataa would’ve pulled my “Hoe-Card!” Hassan was not willing to face Afrika Bambaataa! Not by picketing the event with the Wizard of Oz—Star—or getting his gangsta on and bum-rushing the joint and getting some straightening! Hassan wanted to no parts of confronting Bambaataa! That is clear!

Afrika Bambaataa could walk through Hassan’s hood and Hassan wouldn’t do shit to Bambaataa, save peek out the window and grab his FBI business cards—or dial 9-1… and wait for Bam to step on his property to hit that last “1.” He only wants to beat up middle-aged men like Sa Neter and myself and women like Lacquer Black. The next time The Wizard of Oz comes to Broadway, somebody give the Cowardly Lion role to Hassan! He’s built for it!

Hassan! Listen to what courage sounds like you ol' Cowardly Lion!

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