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Hassan! Kev Gillz Didn’t Snitch to the FBI!

Hassan! Kev Gillz Didn’t Snitch to the FBI!

By Khalil Amani

Some things just don’t add up! As someone who was once an FBI Informant—a C.I. (Confidential Informant/source)—someone whose FBI dossier (file) is thick as fuck—someone who's logged countless hours, interviewing, debriefing and being interrogated by the FBI—someone who once wore a government issued beeper and given the code name “El Indio” (The Indian)—someone who went deep into the belly of the beast by way of the United States Marshal Service’s Witness Security Program aka “Witsec” and taken off the grid/matrix and rebirthed as a phoenix, rising from the ashes of Hades—I know a thing or two about how the FBI operates.

Hassan “Poppy” Campbell claims that the FBI paid him a visit and left their calling cards—their business cards. I’ve listened to his story and its left me scratching my head. Yes! G-men sometimes leave business cards. In my case, I remember my FBI handler initially giving me his business card, but then taking it back and telling me that he didn’t want his card falling into the wrong hands, whereby blowing any subsequent investigation wide open, so instead of giving me his business card, he issued me a beeper—back when only drug dealers, rappers and doctors wore them (circa 1985). They wanted to keep tabs on me and contact me at a moment’s notice.

I was given a beeper because I had agreed to work with the FBI to bring down the Yahweh cult. Hassan was given business cards and for what purpose? Maybe because, if he heard something, he should say something? What was the reason for the FBI’s visit? If you let Hassan tell it, YouTuber Kev Gillz called the FBI on Hassan. This is what Hassan says, but he’s speculating! No! He's lying! The FBI does not operate in this manner! They aren’t going to tell the person they’re interviewing who sent them, so when Hassan says Kev Gillz sent the FBI, he is not telling the truth, but merely creating a narrative based on his own suspicions.

According to Hassan, the FBI inquired about the things he’s said over the Internet—the threats and violence against Kev Gillz’s children and putting a price on Kev’s head via YouTube donations. So Hassan wants us to believe that the FBI came to speak to him about these matters? Why? It doesn’t make sense simply because—he is the target of “said” crimes! As Hassan likes to say, “First and foremost”—this makes no sense! The person they would first want to speak with is Kev Gillz—the victim! Has Kev informed us that he was visited by the FBI? If Hassan is correct in asserting that Kev Gillz did, in fact, call the FBI, then it can be said with 100% certainty that they paid him a visit to get the details of the threats towards him by Hassan.

Again. I had firsthand dealings with the FBI. Something is amiss with Hassan’s FBI encounter! If Hassan was truly paid a visit by “The Bureau”—it bewilders me why he would tell the world—go on YouTube and flash FBI business cards! The FBI! This is some serious shit! The FBI aren’t like the local police who randomly show up on your doorstep because of a little YouTube fracas! When they show up they’ve already built files on all potential lawbreakers.

Blaming Kev Gillz for Hassan’s FBI encounter is super-simplistic! They don’t knock on doors at the request of a single individual. They build dossiers, which are collections of papers or other sources containing detailed information about a particular person or subject. When I started cooperating with the FBI on the Yahweh cult it took years to bring a case! Interviewing Hassan may be the beginning of a case against him in the near future.

In these YouTube streets, you never know who’s watching, listening, recording, taking notes and reporting violations. We see this everyday with the “YouTube Police” who randomly and haphazardly shut down pages, suspend accounts, take away “live” privileges, etc. Mofos in the so-called “conscious community”—in my estimation are the biggest snitches ever, because they will “flag” your page in a New York minute! Flagging pages is no more than Internet snitching!

As far as Hassan’s allegation that Kev Gillz snitched to the Feds—the FBI would never reveal its sources—tell him who’s talking to them! The Feds did not tell Hassan jack-shit as to whom sent them to his door! He is merely throwing shit against the wall and seeing if it will stick! There are many in the YouTube community that might’ve started the ball rolling on investigating Hassan, starting with your’s truly—me! But that would be too obvious, right? Duh!!!

Hassan has hella haters, detractors, enemies and people that hang on his every word. How little-minded of Hassan to think that this FBI threat is coming from a single source—YouTuber Kev Gillz! Hassan’s (perceived) enemies/detractors include, but are not limited to—myself, Israel Doctrine, Born Divine God Allah, GullyTv, Brother Ben X, Brother Polight, Tommy Sotomayor, Lacquer Black, Soul Alchemy, Young Pharaoh, Seti, Bashir, the Zulu Nation, and many in the Nation of Islam—and even Sa Neter! These are just the few that we can openly see! Just imagine the countless others who heard Hassan say that he wanted to have sex with Kev Gillz's son and daughter! Imagine how many thousands heard him say that he was going to take up a YouTube collection and put that money on Kev’s head (i.e. a contract killing!) You can’t talk that rough, rugged and raw shit—make terroristic Internet threats and then come back the next day and say you were speaking, “Hypothetically!” Not a man who’s been arrested for murder on three separate occasions! The Feds believe that Hassan was “About that (murder) life” and may very well still be “About that (murder) life!” Notice that Hassan boasts that he beat three (3) murder cases. He recently told YouTuber GullyTV, “I’ve been in and out of the penitentiary and I ain’t never been locked up for anything less than murder!” See? He never says he was innocent. He wants us to believe that he “caught bodies” (killed people), but was slick enough to beat the system. That’s the message he puts out.

Hassan has built up a pretty impressive FBI dossier (believe dat!). “Them people” don’ pulled all of his arrest records and profiled him. Being a victim of child molestation at the hands of Afrika Bambaataa—and hot-head—and a man who was arrested for murders—and someone who has a history of threatening people on the Internet—someone who’s admitted to liking domestic violence—the Feds see Hassan as a combustible powder keg just waiting to ignite! The Feds know when Hassan eats, sleeps, shits and masturbates! Like myself, he might even have their number on speed dial!

If Hassan is surprised that the FBI paid him a visit—then he’s dumber than he looks! Some might say, “What took them so long?”

What we’d like to know is what did Hassan discuss with the FBI? That was the opportune time to spill his guts about Afrika Bambaataa! That was the perfect time to talk about, “What happened To That Boy?” Speaking to the FBI could’ve been a watershed moment—a cathartic moment—a time to shed his gangsterism and get on some grown man shit. Tell us, Hassan, what did you talk about with the Feds? I mean, if you’re going to show us their calling cards, why not tell us what they asked you? And don’t say Kev Gillz, because they absolutely didn’t mention his name! Remember! You’re talking to an ex-Government !nformant. They don’t roll like that.

Here’s the reality Hassan. If Hassan gave the FBI one piece of information—one smidgen of information—a thumbnail of information—one iota of information…. Guess what? Hassan can now classify himself as a Government Informant—a Confidential Source! He might as well stop looking at Khalil Amani as the only Government Informant in these YouTube streets.

As for the false narrative that Hassan is creating on Kev Gillz? The FBI didn’t tell him shit about that man and neither did they mention Kev's name! The FBI may have visited Kev Gillz, but the file on Hassan is what warranted the visit. But honestly? Can you blame a man for going to the FBI when another man fantasizes about having sex with his children? Can you really blame Kev Gillz? Nope!

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