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Hassan’s Birthday Present: The UN-Confidential Informant!

Hassan’s Birthday Present: The UN-Confidential Informant!

By Khalil Amani

Welp! It’s another Hassan “Poppy” Campbell blog! On this third day of September we say, “Happy Birthday!” to my wife Mrs. Amani—and—reluctantly, and begrudgingly, we say, “Happy Birthday” to Hassan “Poppy” Campbell? O-kay... Even though Hassan had my picture (along with Sa Neter's and Sin Ful The P’s) on his YouTube channel last night—even though Hassan sent me a big fat, “Fuck Khalil Amani!”—I won’t hold no grudges, but instead, on Hassan’s birthday, I offer him a quick literary “thighing”—now lay on your back and put your figurative legs up in the air Hassan!

I assume that Hassan’s last night’s shenanigans, as he brought in his birthday were another one of his drunken stupors, which was supposed to be a “Part 2” of his roast session—another failed attempt at the roast game. Coming behind Sin Ful The P’s roasting of Hassan, which was epic, made Hassan’s “roasting” look quite amateurish, but the ultimate roasting of Hassan was done by your’s truly, Khalil Amani, in a 4-part vlog on YouTube, entitled “The Ether: Khalil’s Hassanian Clapback.” So I won’t go that route so much.

Hassan “Poppy” Campbell—the second victim of Afrika Bambaataa to officially come out publicly and accuse “The Godfather of Hip-Hop”—Afrika Bambaataa of molesting him when he was a prepubescent and teenage yoot. (youth) As molestation victims goes, no one is more unlikely to have been sexually victimized than Hassan—for Hassan has told us that he was the baddest of the bad on the mean streets of The Bronx—a stick-up kid, head bussa and three times accused murderer who wants the YouTube world to believe that indeed, he killed three people and beat the charges. Not once does Hassan maintain his innocence, but wants us to be in fear of him and his reputation.

Music Break! "It was the 3rd of September!" Sing it with me Hassan!

In Hassan’s warped mind, he can’t understand why we are constantly picking on him—a victim of child molestation. Never once does he juxtapose his “shit-uation” with that of another known child molestation victim—Ronald Savage—who, by and large, has the support of the masses—as we are sympathetic, empathetic and lugubrious (sorrowful) about his circumstance. (Shout-out to Dr. Michael Eric Dyson for one-upping my vocabulary—“Lugubrious!” I love learning new big words with simple meanings!)

No one is picking on Ronald Savage and running his Bambaataa narrative through the mud and meticulously picking apart his words; for he has been forthcoming and transparent in telling us his story—that Afrika Bambaataa molested him—that he and Bambaataa had a homosexual tryst that involved reciprocal oral sex and that he was “thighed” (when a man puts his penis between the thighs of another man and simulates sexual motions) by Bambaataa—that admittedly, Ronald was enamored with the Zulu Nation and Afrika Bambaataa’s burgeoning music star success, who just so happened to be from his same hood—The Bronx—that Ronald just wanted to be “down” with this emerging movement and allowed his young, precocious and impressionable mind to get caught up in the hoopla of hood stardom. It all sounds quite reasonable, logical and normal.

Unlike Hassan, who pump-faked with a Facebook video airing out Bambaataa and then being punked to take it down—and then becoming in-league with the Zulu Nation pedophile ring and coerced into silence through a few material demands—with Ronald Savage, there were no dry runs, practice attempts, testing the waters and peeping from behind the Zulu Nation pedophile ring’s skirt and then recanting his story and colluding with his molester—Afrika Bambaataa. Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage came all the way out and told his story!

This, along with Hassan’s incendiary comments towards women (he believes in domestic violence), Hassan’s desecration of the deceased, Hassan’s hypothetically wanting to “stick heavy dick” in children—boys and girls—as some perverted way to show his ultimate disrespect for people who don’t believe he was molested—his terroristic bomb threats—and his threats of murdering men, women and children disqualifies Hassan from being a true advocate for child molestation victims. He's just a nigger with a YouTube channel that 55,000 people subscribe to for the fuck-fest, including me!

Hassan continues to be deceptive in his conversation regarding Afrika Bambaataa. We just recently found out that Hassan actually took up residence—lived with Bambaataa—slept on his dirty couch and watched as a motley crew of miscreants came and went—a revolving door of young men who came in with ashy elbows and crusty lips and chaffed thighs—and dry hands only to leave with vaseline coated palms and moistened lips and shiny thighs—a stench-filled room where the aroma of stinky, smelly, reeking, foul odors permeated the air—fecal matter (shit)--where Bambaataa had blown out some young man’s back (anal sex)—ass-crack fumes, and cum-shot stains on dirty sheets that had not been changed for weeks. Hassan lived in this Bronx River apartment where all manner of lasciviousness and licentiousness went down—decadent, immoral, degenerate, debauched and naughty behavior orchestrated by Afrika Bambaataa—Hassan lived there—because he didn’t wanna take those hellacious ass-whippings from his supposed pain pill popping mama, which we now know is simply the justification of a wild child who did not want to follow the rules at home, but preferred being statutory raped over parental discipline.

Most, if not all victims of child molestation can remember the first time they were molested. Not Hassan. He remembers being fondled by a family member, but when pressed about the first time that Afrika Bambaataa “molested” him—he gets selective in his long-term memory. Unlike Ronald Savage, who gave us specifics on his first sexual encounter with Afrika Bambaataa—telling us how he ran out of Bam’s apartment crying and being picked up by a woman driving by—Hassan has yet to tell us about the very first time Bambaataa “thighed” him. How is it that Ronald Savage—a man 10 years older than Hassan can remember that far back today—in great detail, the day Bambaataa molested him and Hassan can’t? Even Khalil, who was molested some 48 years ago can very vividly recall being molested on the back of a city bus at the tender age of twelve, yet Hassan can’t remember Afrika Bambaataa first molesting him? Something is awry here!

Moving on…

Most recently, Hassan has been speaking about people dying and being killed behind YouTube beef. He’s recently intimated that women and children could lose their lives behind the words of YouTubers. He’s continued his public persona of three-time murderer who beat all three murder cases. Not once does he say, “I’ve never killed anyone!” For indeed, he’s stated that he’s a killer.

We are told that we must have compassion for Hassan because he was sexually molested by a man. We are told that we should have sympathy and empathy for Hassan because he’s a victim of pedophilia, yet, where is Hassan’s contriteness and sympathy and empathy for the people he’s murdered and their families? Yes! Murdered! Hassan wants us to think of him as a murderer. We want to lump Hassan in with other child molestation victims, but he bears all of the earmarkings of a molester himself! How many other child molestation victims have you ever heard threaten to lay “heavy dick” on other children? How many other child molestation victims have you heard threaten to beat people up, kill people, bomb people, stab people, talk about people’s deceased family members and talk about people’s wives and “fat” children? How many child molestation victims have you ever heard talk about wanting to “split” another child molestation victim's head to the “white meat” for simply coming out and telling their story?

These are the egregious crimes of Hassan, yet some of you dumb motherfuckers want us to sympathize with this ruffian. Would any of you allow Hassan to babysit your children? If the answer is HELL NO!—then you know he’s on some pedophiliac bullshit!

Moving on…

People (including myself) have said that Hassan must be working with “them people”—the Federal Bureau of Investigation—the F.B.I. For Hassan exhibits all of the signs of an Agent Provocateur—a rebel rouser, because he tries to incite people to break the law. He has been a staunch critic of the “No Justice, No Peace” slogan and has even advocated to the youth of Chicago to take up arms against the police.

But I say to you—once and for all! Hassan does not work for “them people”—the FBI—at least, not directly. Having been a Government Informant once upon a time, there’s a few things I know about “informing.” The FBI classification for an informant is label “Confidential Source” or “Confidential Informant.” (CS OR CI) The keyword is “CONFIDENTIAL.” The word “confidential” is defined as, “intended to be kept secret,” “indicating that what one says is private or secret,” strict privacy, entrusted with private affairs.”

Khalil Amani was a Confidential Informant. When I worked for the FBI, no one knew! When I worked for the FBI in bringing down Yahweh ben Yahweh, not even my family knew; for I was sworn to secrecy in building a case against my murderous and pedophile cult. There were no business cards given to me from FBI agents and there was no YouTube 35 years ago to, “Go Tell it on the Mountain” like Hassan. When I was a Confidential Informant, I was living out my days in Omaha, Nebraska via the Federal Witness Protection Program and thoroughly immersed in their black conscious community, so much so, that I was known as one of the more militant elements in Omaha—as the Rabbi of the African Hebrew Israelite congregation—as a fiery orator on the protest scene—as a black man with a cable TV show airing out white people—as an acquaintance of Senator Ernie Chambers, the baddest, most militant senator on the planet!—as a leader at the University of Nebraska’s Black Student Union—and alas! The man given the task to introduce Stokely Carmichael aka Kwame Toure’ to the Omaha community.

Here I am at age 35 on my Omaha, Nebraska cable TV show, Black Powered upped! Confidential Informant upped! Conscious Community upped! Witness Protection Programmed upped! All while "them people" (FBI and the United States Marshal Service watched over me! This was 1995. What was Hassan doing in 1995? Killing & thighing?

My Confidential Informant status was never compromised and not nann (no) nigga in Omaha knew my background, save (except) a black bookstore owner, whom I confided in. Again, the keyword is “confidential.” This is what disqualifies Hassan from working for the FBI as a Confidential Source. The fact that he’s already told us that he was contacted by the FBI and given business cards—the FBI would never take Hassan into their intimacy as a reliable confidential source. They view Hassan as a combustible powder keg—a land mine—a seething cauldron of calamity—a hot head. Hassan is “The Godfather’s” Sonny—a man who acts before he thinks and speaks—the cause of Sonny getting his wig split to the white meat by thousands of rounds of bullets from sub machine guns on a barren highway at a toll booth.

This is why they paid Hassan a visit—to let him know that he’s on their FBI radar and that a dossier (a documents on Hassan’s activities, past & present) has been put together bearing Hassan’s name. The simplicity of Hassan to think that one YouTuber called the Feds on him and they responded is the same simplicity which will one day be his undoing.

No! Hassan is not working for "them people" (da FBI)! Hassan is the UN-Confidential Informant. His big mouf disqualifies him from being a federal snitch. His big threatening mouf has made him a target of the FBI and in due time—as Hassan’s dossier continues to grow—they will bring him in for threats against the United States citizenry—possible R.I.C.O. Act violations, as it relates to Afrika Bambaataa and the conspiracy to kill the young Spanish man on April 1, 2013 and all of Hassan’s YouTube banter against YouTubers and their families. The FBI will treat Hassan as a “Hostile Witness” and seek to give him the maximum prison sentence. Then, and only then, will Hassan be able to use his “Get Out Of Jail Free Card”—or at least apply for a reduced sentence—and that will be to give up the bigger fish—spill the beans on Afrika Bambaataa so that he can get home to those beautiful babies.

Yes! Hassan is the UN-Confidential Informant! At the sake of redundancy, the keyword is “confidential.” The FBI demands confidentiality from its sources and informants—something Hassan has proven unreliable at by going on YouTube and showing us the FBI’s calling cards.

Hassan has no allegiance to anyone! He will not take the advice of his own wife who sits off camera and tries to tell him to stop making a fool of himself in the nicest possible way when he talks reckless about another man’s wife. Indeed, as one commentor pointed out, “A house divided”—a husband and wife with polar opposite views in dealing with adversity. In my best Menace II Society Asian storekeeper voice, “I feel sorry for your wife!”

Hassan is a backbiting snake! A man who’s sat on YouTuber Queenzflip’s couch twice to tell his story, only for Hassan to turn around and dog-out Queenzflip for videoing helping people—for Queenzflip’s altruism—philanthropy—humanity—and giving back to the less fortunate, Hassan said this: “I don’t do what some of these other dudes do [referring to Queenzflip]. They’ll run around and decide that I’m gonna give to the homeless. I’m gonna feed the homeless. I don’t make videos because it looks fraudulent! To take somebody and they pain and what you goin’ through… but this is what people do [like Queenzflip]. That’s sucker shit! That’s some sucker shit right there!”

Dare I say that most people in need aren't worried about being filmed by people trying to do good! Recording acts of kindness and humanity isn't "sucker shit" as Hassan maintains! People record doing good deeds for many reasons, including inspiring others to get involved, to feel good about themselves when they watch it, to present as a record of activism, and lastly, to make us, the viewers feel a sense of kindness, warmth and love. Why does it have to be for self-serving reasons as Hassan suggests? Shout-out to Queenzflip! 

At the end of the day, Hassan will have burned so many bridges that he will have nowhere to turn and nowhere to run. On that day, Witness Protection will be his most viable option! Happy birthday Hassan! See if you can blow out this literary candle!

Khalil Amani is"Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Miami New Times, Miami Herald, Thump/Vice/, Forward, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, Sa NeterTV, The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult"(2010), The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013) and 2018's, ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel in conjunction with People Magazine "Cults." Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking“Hip-Hop Homophobes...” ( ’07). Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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